Friday, July 07, 2006

San Francisco Pillowfight Staged At The Ferry Building

I found this YouTube video by someone connected with Laughing Squid, an organization I was made aware of at Vloggercon. If you live in San Francisco, can you see yourself in this movie? Maybe one of the flying pillows? Take a look.

Rocketboom - Amanda Congdon's Replacement Annouced!

Rocketboom's found a replacement for the hard-to-replace Amanda Congdon. And by the looks of this video, the real Amanda Congdon has nothing to worry about.

Pirates Of The Carribean - Walt Disney Uses You Tube - Film At A Theater Near You

Walt Disney's become the first company to employ You Tube -- the video distribution website -- to promote it's new movie Pirates of The Carribean. This article in Online Media Daily explains that YouTube's new ad division's fielding calls from a number of companies that wish to use its system for promotions.

I think this development will cause the infamous YouTube copywrite problem to diminish as the very companies that complain of "illegal use of content" finally figure out that they're getting great exposure.