Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pats Cut Wille McGinest; Browns Pick Him Up

Pats Lineman and USC Trojan Willie McGinest was reunited with his old defensive coach Romeo Crenel today. It's a great move for the Browns as he knows the defense the Browns run -- it was the same as that he played within in New England. The Pats, on the other hand, lose a great team leader.

The Browns are on a serious free agency tear. They've got DT Ted Washington, WR Joe Juervicious, to name some of the more famous names. Let's see how this impacts their draft postion. Will they trade down?

Tammy NYP Sex Video, Bukit Batok Video, and The Paris Hilton View - Wow

It seems that we get constant reminders that the first use of the Internet is for the communication of sex. The latest proof of this is in the massive person-hunt for the unseen Bukit Batok Video, which reportedly shows a couple having sex in a park withing that region of Singapore. Before that, it was the Paris Hilton Sex Video, which is all over the Internet.

Look, I'm not interested in watching two people get it on. I'm far more interested in being one of the two and the other's got to be female. You can also leave the video camera at home.

I'm sorry. But I've never been turned on by the standard couple sex in porn movies. It's another way of saying that porn movies don't do a thing for me -- unless it's just the woman. And I mean a full blown adult woman. Someone like Christine Roth, a female bodybuilder.

Ok. The only time I'd watch a video is if it were just the woman. But I told you that.

And beyond all that, I can't show those tapes on this site, anyway!

"Beth's Oscar Party" - A Video Of Our Trip To "The Academy of Friends" Oscar Party in San Francisco For The Academy Awards

My great friend Beth Schnitzer throws the best parties. One of them is an annual gathering of friends to watch the Academy Awards, and where this author has served as ballot scorer and three-time first prize winner (in six years!)

This year, Beth wanted to try something different, and with that decided to arrange for us to attend the San Francisco Academy of Friends Benefit Party. Held at the Concourse Exhibition Center, this emormous event drew an estimated 2,500 people. It features food and drink from 32 San Francisco Restaurants, an auction, and just plain fun all to raise money to attack AIDS.

A good portion of the attendees are Gay (maybe the majority), and so it presents a great slice of San Francisco life. And candidly I write that it's an event everyone should attend at least once and if only to just get over whatever "stuff" they may be dealing with and learn to just plain enjoy people. Everyone's very nice and funny, and if you're a single straight guy like me there's loads of attractive women. But that written, our group was full of beautiful, smart women so there was no real need to go elsewhere.

The video I took (which you can see with a click here or on the title of this post and with the QuickTime application) presents Beth at her best: always with a smile, introducing us not just to anyone, but heavy-hitters, energetic, lively, fun, and yet very professional all at the same time. I keep telling her she should run for office, as I think she'd make an excellent San Francisco Supervisor--or Mayor!

The video is also a celebration of our friends, including the very talkative and expressive Mr. Abraham (that's me). I don't resist a time to get my face in the video as you're going to see. And even when I'm not in the picture, you can hear my voice and that cacaling laugh of mine.

Also, listen for the Oscar picts of our friends. It's interesting to see who picked what and their inflections of confidence that "Brokeback Mountain" was going to take the best picture award.

The flick itself has parts where it seems like the camera's on while being carried in a rush. It is. I started to edit out that part but as I watched it, I felt just like I did at the time when the camcoder was on: in a chaotic, fun rush. I know you'll feel the same way!

Sports Illustrated's Mike Silver Sheds Light on The Edgerrin James Deal Sending Him to Arizona

Mike Silver's got a knack for getting to the real story behind NFL players. He does that here with Edgerrin James, the former Indy Colt who's now running back for the Arizona Cardinals.

But knowing Mike, he may have even hit a bar in South Beach while on the story! (Click on this post's title to read it.)

A Nice Day, But A Mean Guy At The Grove on Chestnut

Today was one of those great days Ice Cube rapped about, but I didn't see the need for an AK. It was nice, even though I was sick for much of it.

I've got a kind of cold bug that will not let go of me for whatever reason. So, I've got Vitamin C, B-6 which is what my late Dad told me to take a lot of, and asprin and zinc. Plus, I've got other medicine, too.

With all that, I tried to work out today, and do webwork too. Ouch.

To get myself in the mood, I drove over to The Grove on Chesnut in SF, and was fortunate to get a good place at one of those tables with the pillow seating and the electric power pluggins. As I did, I sat next to A VERY MEAN MAN.

He was not mean to me, but to some defenseless old woman who -- I don't know what happened -- but he YELLED at her in the cafe, and as others (even the people she was talking to) said nothing to him.

Something about her seemingly not wanting him to sit there. The guy told me he "threw" her umbrella at her -- the one she use to save the table. I don't know.

All I know is he was trying to bully her. He was also buying his weak-ass male friend as they were playing Backgamon. Yelling at him not to make another mistake, and learning forward and pointing his finger in the guy's face.

He was really pissing me off. After holding my mouth, I did tell him he should appologize to the lady. Of course, he objected and explained what she did. I told him he should have taken it up with the manager of the cafe. He agreed.

But after some talking, he fell back into his normal ass-hole mode: "It's not my job to make others happy," he said in response to my call for him to "Make others happy." He seemed to delight in being mean, making snide remarks about the lady to his friend.

I finally left, but not before telling the manager -- who knew of the lady's problem with the man -- that if that guy did that again, I'd send him to jail myself.

So, I came back to Oakland and went to The Alley to sing.