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Chris Henry-related tweets by NY Jets' Jay Feely cause anger

Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chris Henry's death on Thursday of this week took the NFL and sports by surprise and brought out the best thoughts expressed about a man who was clearly on his way to a new and brighter life. From Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis, to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the league communicated its collective sadness to the World.

But what New York Jets' Jay Feely wrote on Twitter about the late Chris Henry has a lot of people in a snit. Before we look at that, lets' read his tweets about Chris Henry.

I placed them below as they appear, latest one first. I highlight in bold the tweets that have caused so much controversy.

Very true RT @bengrix I get what you mean. Hard enough to live a good, clean life. Some past mistakes make it so much harder
3:41 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific in reply to bengrix
My heart still aches for his Mom and sister and I regret I wasn't able to have an impact on him.
3:20 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific
I reached out to him many times, including in jail, to no avail. His death was not a direct result of past problems but part of the pattern
3:18 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific
My cousin died a couple of weeks ago at 27yrs old. He had history of drug and alcohol problems & was in and out of jail.
3:17 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific
@kalifakamaria you said it much better than I did. I didn't mean to reference falling off truck in my metaphor.
2:18 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific in reply to kalifakamaria
RT @kalifakamaria hope people learn from awful situation. Let his death not be in vain. cant change he died but can learn from his life
2:17 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific in reply to kalifakamaria
I pray 4 them 2 RT @kalifakamaria fully understood what u said. And it's true. Actions can have terrible consequences. I pray 4 his fam &
2:15 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific in reply to kalifakamaria
Maybe I did a poor job of expressing my sympathy while trying to look at the bigger picture of why this happened and how to avoid in future
1:24 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific
RT @dibdob93 like you said man, we gotta try and learn from even the worst situations
1:20 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific in reply to dibdob93
I just want people (teammates, etc.) to learn from this tragedy and not put themselves into bad situations. My heart breaks this happened
1:12 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific
I have COMPLETE sympathy for the entire Henry family and all the Bengals players because I know they are heartbroken.
1:10 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific
younger generation needs to learn the lesson that our choices have implications and those implications often entail negative consequences
1:08 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific
Bengals owner Mike Brown on Chris Henry "man who worked hard to better himself." too often, bad choices catches up when u turn for good
1:07 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific
Chris Henry seemed to have turned his life around. But, you can't live on the brink of destruction without inevitably falling off the ledge
12:43 PM Dec 17th from Twitterrific
You hope that these tragic circumstances will wake people to the reality that our actions have real consequences.
7:40 AM Dec 17th from Twitterrific
My sympathies go out to Chris Henry's family and the Bengals organization. Trust me his teammates are crestfallen.
7:37 AM Dec 17th from Twitterrific

Taken as a whole, Feely's tweets are at best insensitive and at worst totally mean.  If you didn't know how Chris Henry died and read Feely's tweets, you'd have thought he committed a crime.  He didn't.  Feely at no point mentions what happened, or bothers to separate Henry's past actions from his present success in life.

Look, Chris Henry fell off a pickup truck.  That was it.  Yes, he should not have ran to jump on the pickup truck's bed, but he did.  To put him down by skipping over his present and digging up his past is not a, well, Christian thing to do.

Jay Feely claims to be Christian.

The reaction to Feely's tweet on "falling off the ledge" caused the greatest anger, with Football News Now writing that Feely put his "foot in his mouth".  And here's a selection of tweets about Feely:

oscarmarroquin i just read a column by mike freeman calling out jay feely for comments made on twitter regarding chris henry and I agree
about 1 hour ago from web

hurwitzmm @OGOchoCinco WAMW jay feely has a twitter acct? What a complete douche!

cmate20 Is it possible to have less class than jets kicker Jay Feely? What an idiot for tweet on Chris Henry's death!
1 day ago from web
Mortgage_Man_X @Adam_Schefter Is Jay Feely the biggest idiot kicker since Mike Vanderjagt?
1 day ago from web

And that's just some of the tweets.

On his Twitter page profile, Feely reports that he has "political aspirations." Well, if he wants to have a successful campaign, he'd better think before he tweets.

Saints vs. Cowboys - Cowboys hang on 24-17, Saints first loss

The Dallas Cowboys beat the New Orleans Saints (and the negative expectations of former Indy Colts Coach now NBC Analyst Tony Dungy) 24-17. The Saints dream of an undefeated season is over. Now, the Indianapolis Colts remain as the NFL's lone unbeaten club at 14 and 0.

Saints vs. Cowboys was a great game to watch. The Cowboys had their best offensive game plan of the season. Credit must be given to Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett for mixing short and "zero" or "smoke" (where the receiver turns and waits for an immediate throw from the quarterback rather than running down field) with his array of mid-range and play-action deep passes. Moreover, the Cowboys really started off on the attack offensively.

The Cowboys threw early and often. The first score was a 60-yard bomb off play-action to their new star pass catcher, Miles Austin. They completed 8 of 15 third-down attempts. Tony Romo was excellent, throwing 32 times, completing 24 for 312 yards and one touchdown. What's more, Tony made great throws, placing the ball especially well on deep passes and crossing routes. He's playing at his best this December.

The Cowboys Defensive success was not due to an elaborate scheme, but pure physical play. In other words, the Cowboys front-four just outmuscled the Saints offensive line, stuffed their running game, and covered their receivers like blankets. And Linebacker Demarcus Ware (who wasn't expected to play after his terrible neck injury against the San Diego Chargers last Sunday) was a force with two sacks and two forced fumbles. His last one ended the Saints final drive and insured the Cowboys' win.

Saints almost came back to tie it

The Saints were down by 21, but then altered their game plan, going to four-wide-receiver sets, and using an unusual three-receiver to one side of the offensive line formation, that the Cowboys failed to play straight-on man for man. With it, the Saints scored 14 points and by the middle of the 4th quarter, it really looked like they could come back and tie it.

That prospect was all the more greater when Cowboys kicker Nick Folk missed what should have been a routine 27-yard field goal try with the Saints down by seven and the Superdown crown going nuts. After his miss, the fans went berserk and the Saints had their chance.

For some reason Saints Head Coach Sean Payton elected to throw a series of crossing routes and not sideline patterns. That's one change over the years I just don't understand: the lost art of the deep sideline pass. Yes, it calls for seven steps, but when you don't have time-outs and need to get downfield in a hurry and stop the clock, it's the perfect strategy. The Oakland Raiders under Head Coach John Madden, Quarterback Ken Stabler, and Wide Receiver Fred Biletnikoff, ran it to perfection.

We just don't see that any more.

What we saw was a Cowboys team clamping down on the Saints deep patterns with a cover-two scheme, rushing four and getting pressure on Saints Quarterback Drew Brees, who came into the game as the NFL's leading passer. But even with the Cowboys' early domination, Brees did make a game of it, and must be wondering what might have been if Saints Wide Receiver Devery Henderson had not dropped a long pass in the end zone in the 3rd quarter.

Tony Romo points to Tony Dungy's comment as motivation

After the game, Tony Romo told the NFL Network's Alex Flanagan that a tape of Tony Dungy saying that the Cowboys had "no chance" was played to motivate the team on NBC's Sunday telecast of Football Night in America. Well, it worked.

The win now has the Cowboys at 9 and 5 and keeping pace with the NFC East division-leading Philadelphia Eagles. If the Eagles beat the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, they will be one game ahead of the Cowboys.

Saints vs. Cowboys - Cowboys up 24-17, Saints back from 24-3

I'm watching what's turned out to be an incredible game. The undefeated New Orleans Saints were down 24 to 3 against the Dallas Cowboys just before the end of the 3rd quarter of this NFL Network-televised game. The Saints, using one of the most creative changes in a game plan I've seen this year, are now down just 24 to 17 with just over three minutes to go.

As I write this, the Cowboys are in scoring position at the Saints' 5 yard line, but did not convert the 3rd down and have to kick a field goal. Making it would give them a 10-point lead with just over 2 minutes to go.

But if there's any team that can make the next two minutes exciting, it's the Saints.

WOW. COWBOYS MISSED the FIELD GOAL. I can't believe it! NFL Network's Matt Millen just said it. "He opened the door" for a Saints come back. New Orleans is out of time-out.

Stay tuned.

San Francisco Filmore Street Fair fight: video revisited

Earlier this year I filmed the above video of an unruly patron standing outside Harry Bar in San Francisco and giving one of the bouncers a real hard time. The idea of making the video was not preconceived.

As I wrote in this space at and at Oakland Focus and San Francisco Focus, it was an accidental happening on the 4th of July, where I turned on my Flip Video Camera (Hey, they should sponsor me!) because the guy was being so mean I figured no one would believe me unless they saw it for themselves.

I had no idea he was going to wind up in a chokehold courtesy of the bouncer.

I also had no idea the video would become a hit. A kind of Rorschach test for our culture that's generated over 200,000 views as of this writing.

The reason for its popularity isn't the actions of the bouncer, but how people in the video reacted to both the patron and the bouncer. The 1,335 YouTube-based comments (as of this writing) are particularly fascinating, that is if one gets past the flames and insults of me and of one commenter to the other.

Basically, the majority of people didn't like the young white gentleman who was trying to get the bouncer to stop his chokehold. Many believed he was interfering with the bouncer, who was perceived as just doing his job. The Bouncer was perceived as a hero as shown by this comment:

Nothings illegal in a street fight.

If your in the shit it goes like this:
Level 1.) Annoyance/Possible threat

Level 2.) Possible Serious threat

Level 3.) Serious threat

Meaning: You never really know whats going to happen. For all you know the dude could have a knife or a weapon. But the bouncer here clearly demonstrates the best way to effectively neutralize someone without great harm. Bravo.

Everyone, both in the video comments, and on the street, have some opinion about each of the people in the video. But I also find that the views of the video differ with respect to profession or "bent": men in law enforcement or who worked as bouncers all support the Bouncer's actions. But people, mostly women, from other walks of life have varying viewpoints both online and on the street.

A couple I was talking to at Pican in Oakland last night said they too supported the Bouncer, but thought the older African American woman who asked "Are you going to kill him" as he was holding the Patron was totally funny. And someone I overheard talking about my video - but not realizing I was nearby - was describing the kind of chokehold the bouncer was using.

I should explain that I didn't start the conversation with the couple; they recognized me from the video. Because of that, I'm able to get great feedback on it, and my work in general.

But me aside, I'm actually still shocked at the video's popularity. It demonstrates the culural power of vlogging. Showing and telling is always better than just telling. A good vlog can serve as a cultural checkpoint: with it we can determine what we like and don't like about our world and work to change it. No, this video didn't cause any new law that I know of, but it did give many a view of how hard a job working the door of a club really is.

On that note, the video was never intended to be a slap against Harry's Bar. Indeed, I wrote and have said the Bouncer who represents Harry's did the righ think. If anything, the video shows the need for faster-reacting security at the 2010 Fillmore Street Fair so that doesn't happen again. Remember, the Bouncer was holding the Patron while waiting for security and the police; he should not have had to wait at all.


by TJ Rosenthal for Football Reporters Online
Watch the You Tube Video Here
With three straight wins against struggling opponents, the 7-6 Jets come back to the Swamp this Sunday to face a once playoff bound team now fighting for its life as well, the 6-7 Atlanta Falcons. Losing starting QB Matt Ryan and one of the NFL's top RBs Michael Turner to injury has not helped. Still, the Falcons have other weapons, can still put up points, and have played some good teams tough. The Jets, once 3-0, will have to prove that their recent turnaround has been about THEM and about simply enjoying the weakest part of their schedule.

The big question in Jet camp is,  will QB Mark Sanchez be playing? Barring any set backs, the NY Post reports that yes, Sanchez will return. It's a huge game for Gang Green in 2009. A win puts the Jets at 8-6 and perhaps ahead of a few of the four teams that remain tied for the last playoff spot in the AFC. The Jets won't however, risk the future of the Sanchise. The coaches will ask Sanchez for an accurate perosanl report on his progress since spraining the MCL in the left knee weeks back.  Head coach Rex Ryan said. “He knows how important this game is to us. He knows that his safety is important to us. I think he’ll definitely be honest with us. He always has been.”

We all know the story that led to this by now right? The Jets brought in Yankee skipper Joe Girardi to teach the rookie how to slide. Days later, the rookie then went on instinct instead, falling head first in Toronto to gain a first down only to injure his other knee for the second straight time in two games. Sanchez didn't travel to Tampa the following week where backup Kellen Clemens threw erratically yet managed to not turn the ball over; a staple for the Jet game plan in 2009. Ground and pound, no interceptions, stifle THEIR offense with a smothering playmaking defense.  

This strategy got the Jets off to a great start. Then Sanchez became interception happy as the Jets plummeted to 4-6. Out came the color coded wristband warning while reminding Sanchez of high risk throws at the wrong time. The interceptions decreased. The injury against the Bills though, left the Jets without their signal caller temporarily. From the looks of Clemens' performance against the horrid Bucs, the Jets will welcome back Sanchez with open arms. Atlanta does have the 29th ranked pass defense but is Clemens the guy who can expose that? From the looks of last week the answer is no.

The Jets will come into the game with the leagues top rushing offense in yards gained and top defense in yards allowed. Stats that certainly were bolstered over the past three weeks against sub par clubs . Carolina's star RB Deangelo Williams was not at full speed during the Jet win. Buffalo  backup turned starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick struck little fear while the Bills rushing D was ranked last in the NFL. Then came 1-11 Tampa Bay.  Wins are win though and the Jets avoided three trap games, a feat in itself for a franchise that too often, gets trapped.

RB Thomas Jones, 4th in the league rushing at 1167 yards, is having an outstanding year. Jones will be called upon again to set the tone. For rookie RB Shonn Greene ball security issue has become a problem for offensive coordinator Brian Shottenheimer. Shotty would probably would love to integrate the big play Greene into the gameplan even more. Greene's yards per carry numbers have been solid each week (6-41 yds last week). . A team like the Jets, that is foundated on defense and no turnovers though, can't  give the keys away to the castle to a guy who is holding them loosely like Greene has been. As for quarterback, if the reigns are handed over to Clemens again, he'll have to be better than he was last wee when he went 11-23 for a mere 111 yards. This while missing some very makable completions. The Jets feel though, that Clemens did what was asked of him “We have confidence in Kellen, I thought he managed the game exactly how we needed it,” Rex Ryan said.

Last week the Jets held the Bucs to zero first downs in the first half. Tampa was 0-14 on the day on third down. Darelle Revis once again shut down a top wideout, holding Antonio Bryant to just 22 yards. Falcons backup QB Chris Redman did not struggle last Sunday the way Bucs QB Josh Freeman did, in throwing for only 83 yards. Redman  was 23-34 303 yds in last weeks loss to the Saints.  Future hall of fame TE Tony Gonzalez (788 yds 5TDs) and WR Roddy White (915 yds 8 TDs) are a Falcon pair,  who pose big threats in the passing game. The Jets will benefit however, if Turner remains sidelined. RBs Jerious Norwood and Jason Snelling though have combined for an average of 3.7 yards per carry, a far cry from Michael Turner's 4.9 a carry. Turner suffered a high ankle sprain and has missed two straight games. His status is day to day. Ryan suffered turf toe weeks back as well and is also day to day.

 At the start of the season Atlanta was looking to grow from their 2008 playoff appearance in QB Ryan's rookie season. The addition of Gonzalez was thought to have been a key addition for a franchise with serious hopes of a deep postseason run in 2009. Once at 4-2 now at 6-7, the Falcons, like the Jets are still alive but need help and can't afford another loss. 

For the Jets, it will get harder after Atlanta.The undefeated Colts and first place Bengals are the final two opponents on the schedule. Or maybe not. The Colts could be resting starters by then. The Bengals may be doing the same should they clinch the AFC North by then. Cincinnati will also be dealing with the sad loss of  WR Chris Henry,  who died this morning after falling out of a pickup truck during a domestic dispute. The Jet Report sends out it's condolences to the Henry family and the Bengals franchise. It will be a sad weekend for the entire league because of the Henry situation. Nonetheless, the games will go on. For the Jets, Sunday has become yet another win or else scenario.

JET DEFENSE FORCING TURNOVERS: If Clemens is back the Jets will  DEFINITELY need some short fields. Sanchez won't be at 100 percent if he  does return, so let's hope those Revis and Kerry Rhodes interceptions keep coming. Three turnovers will go a long way for Gang Green Sunday.
THROW IT SMART, DON'T THROW SCARED:  Clemens or Sanchez need to keep with the color coded wrist band and throw it smart but throw it effectively. Being conservative doesn't mean playing scared. Recently it seems as though both Jet QBs are passing while hoping NOT to get picked off. This pair needs to hit open guys. Leaving convertable plays on the field is not playing it safe. Jet passing yards need to come up as do the completion rates. We want over 50 percent completed and at least 175 to 200 yards in the air. That will seal the deal in a game the Jets have control of.
WATCH WOODHEAD: Danny Woodhead is getting more involved. Did you see the third down grab last week? Tough catch, nice run too. The Wayne Chrebet meets Wes Welker type rookie is a great asset to team with a conservative air attack. On a  cold day, this guy could lineup in the slot or backfield. Look for him to move the chains or make a big play on Sunday as the Jets look to increase his role in December.
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FRO’s Favorite Five” Frankie’s Favorite Fantasy Picks Week 15

“FRO’s Favorite Five”
Frankie’s Favorite Fantasy Picks
Week 15

By Frankie Underwood, Senior Fantasy Writer at Email questions and comments to

Would you believe that I am benching Tom Brady this week in a playoff match up? Would you believe I got his replacement off the waiver wire this week? Believe It! The Washington Redskins are going through their yearly late season run, and QB Jason Campbell is leading the way. Campbell gets the NY Giants and their depleted secondary, with possibly the leagues worst pair of Safeties. Santana Moss has to be licking his chops. I wouldn’t be surprised is Carson Palmer and his Bengal teammates may show up in memory of their fallen WR Chris Henry.

It’s Rookie Running Back Weekend! Since I’m having difficulty narrowing it down I say get both Knowshon Moreno and Beanie Wells in this weekend. Moreno’s Denver Broncos are playing the Leagues 30th ranked Rush defense in the Oakland Raiders. Beanie Wells’ Arizona Cardinals is paired against the 24th ranked Detroit Lions Defense. Last week’s fav Jamal Charles has another great match up so leave him in.

Want a long shot WR? I’m deathly afraid of CB Nnamdi Asomugha, and Denver QB Kyle Orton should be also. Nnamdi will be all over Denver’s stud WR Brandon Marshall, leaving Eddie Royal to try and burn the other corner. Look for Royal to score his first receiving TD this weekend. Remember all of the short, almost screen, passes Marshall racked up last week, Eddie can do that too. I also like Antonio Bryant against Seattle; I just hope Josh Freeman can keep it together.

St. Louis TE Randy McMicheal is the longest shot I’ve taken all year, but I’m throwing it out there. St. Louis will be trying to play catch up with Houston. Houston Struggles against TEs. McMicheal has been targeted by both Kyle Boller and Keith Null over the last few weeks. That’s the best I can do. Bo Scaife and J. Finley also have nice match ups, but the McMicheal call will look better if it hits.

Ironically after choosing McMicheals as my TE, I’m selecting his opponent the Houston Texans as my Defense this week. After Tennessee killed the Rams last week, you can’t help but pick on them. Houston’s pass rush dominate St. Louis especially if Null is the QB again this week. The Arizona Cardinals get the Detroit Lions this week after the 49ers showed them what defenses are supposed to look like Monday night.

Last Weeks Favorite Five

Joe Flacco – 230 yards and one TD, Would have liked 2 TDs but that’ll work.

Jamal Charles – 143 yards, one TD, and 38 receiving yards. That’s what I like to see out of these picks.

Kenny Britt – 75 yards, really needed a TD to make this a worthy pick.

John Carlson – 24 yards and one TD, really wanted at least 70 yards but that’ll do.

Tennessee Titans – one sack, five interceptions, and a Defensive TD. That was a good call!

Extra Fantasy Advice

Nnamdi Asomugh, Darrelle Revis and Champ Bailey are shut down cornerbacks if you have a stud WR against one of these CBs and another seconds teir WR on the bench try this formula to pick your starter. Take your studs average points and half them (22= 11) if that’s less than your bench players average (or within 2 points) go with the bench player. Hard to do, but that’s my advice against these CBs


FANTASY FOOTBALL TALK-By David Ortega for Football Reporters Online

Looking under the hood of Week 13

Brady and Moss not N'sync (yet)....
Even though Tom Brady has passed for more than 300 yards in two of his last four games, over that stretch Moss has not caught more than five passes for more than 67 yards in any one of those games. Even though the two seem to be slightly disconnected, they have managed to hook up 69 times, including nine times for scores this season. With Moss coming off one of his worst games to date, it would be too premature to write off "The Freak." The Patriots are still in the hunt for the post season and will be one of the AFC's more dangerous teams with Moss and Wes Welker (105 receptions this season). Brady and his deep threat may be out of step, but it's just a matter of time before these two again find their rhythm.

Warner and Cards got plucked Monday night....
The Cardinals were expecting to lock up the division on Monday night, but instead they found themselves right in the middle of a buzz-saw. One of the Cardinals short-comings this season has been their struggling ground game and now suddenly it has a case of fumble-itus. On Monday night the backfield coughed up the ball three times and in its last three games has rushed for less than 86 yards. With the unreliable rushing attack, this could be a big indication that the Cardinals will have to turn to Warner and the passing game going forward. Warner has had his struggles, but before the Monday night fiasco he had thrown 14 touchdowns in his previous five starts. Expect Warner to lead the way down the stretch and throughout the post season.

More fantasy Notes

Although the Colts don't appear to have much to play for from this point going forward, don't expect Peyton and company to ease off the gas. This is a team capable of doing as much damage in a single half as most teams do in a full game. That will be the concern of many fantasy owners looking toward Week 15, but one they may not need be so worried about. The Jaguars defense(ranked 26th against the pass) is in shambles with injuries and poor play. This Colts team is lead by Peyton and the passing game and he could easily post winnable fantasy numbers by half, so owners should not consider sitting him this week.

The Cowboys defense struggled terribly against the vertical attack of the San Diego Chargers and remember the Saints are no breeze either. With (WR) Marques Colston and (TE) Jeremy Shockey presenting very easy to find targets with their huge stature, and the Saints very animated about their pursuit to keep winning fantasy owners can bet Brees will be "bringing it" to the Boys on Saturday. The Saints quarterback has turned into a touchdown maker with 13 scoring throws in his last four starts. His (Brees) recent play make Colston, Meachem, and Shockey inviting plays this week too.

The Eagles are facing a tough divisional matchup on Sunday against the Redskins, but don't expect them to wander to far from the formula that is working well. On Sunday night against the Giants, without Brian Westbrook and rookie receiver Jeremy Maclin, McNabb has made the most of what he has and got the most from his best weapon; DeSean Jackson. The Eagles second year receiver has been electric this season with eight touchdowns of 50 yards or more. Jackson leads the club with 947 yards receiving and will undoubtedly be targeted heavily against the Redskins. Fantasy owners can expect Reid to keep the plan simple; put the game in the hands of his playmakers. McNabb has been solid the past five weeks throwing eight touchdowns and averaging 290 yards passing per game.

Singletary Doesn't Play Around

Singletary Doesn't Play Around

By J [The Gambler] Gamble For Football Reporters Online
Mike Singletary doesn’t care what the critics say about his brash tactics. He knows what it takes to win and he plans on embarrassing his team to victory, if he has to.
The Hall of Fame linebacker and ferocious leader of  the 85’ Bears - widely recognized as the NFL’s best modern day defense –took over for Mike Nolan in 08’. Nolan was known for defending his player’s shortcomings. He was also infamous for his 18-37 record in four and a half seasons as 49er’s head coach. Nolan’s tolerance of: losing, juvenile tactics and immature, selfish behavior, wore thin on fans and management.
Singletary’s approach couldn’t be more different. He asserted his leadership and control in unprecedented fashion, publicly berating and then banishing star Vernon Davis to the locker room following a 15-yard penalty for tapping an opposing player’s helmet.  
Generally, players are never openly reprimanded on the side lines, so for Singletary to tell Davis to take the long walk into the locker room in front of thousands of fans was shocking. It also showed Singletary was willing to do anything to get SanFran back on the winning track. I mean, he hit the ground running. In his inaugural game as head coach, Singletary dropped his pants and pointed to his buttocks during halftime of a 34-13 loss to the Seahawks. He was uninspired with his team’s play and graphically let them know. He was blasted in the media for that as well. The most genius part is how he continued to berate them for several minutes with his pants around his ankles. It was surely a sight imprinted in the mind of his players forever.
If Singletary can also imprint his championship pedigree, then these stories will become that of legend. It has been a while since the NFL had an animated coach like a Jerry Glanville, Bill Parcells, Bum Phillips or Buddy Ryan. Singletary’s “man-to man”, iron-fist approach is a refreshing change from the modern–day coaches who allow individual players to run amuck of the rules and team philosophy.  
With his team steadily improving, building an identity, and coming off a 24-9 thrashing of first-place Arizona, Singletary has eased on the shock value. The passion and animated aggression remains. His intelligence, even as a player, has always been his greatest asset.   The 49er defense displayed all of these traits on Sunday, sacking Kurt Warner four times and picking him twice.
The pundits, who called Singletary’s actions inappropriate, have to be rethinking things. Others said the rich, sensitive athletes of today wouldn’t take well to his coaching style, and strict code of accountability. Singletary knew he couldn’t change his team’s current losing culture, unprofessional antics, and lazy work ethic, without getting everyone’s attention. And boy did he ever.
With the verdict still out on Alex Smith, The 49er’s lack a big-time quarterback. They have relied on aggressive defense, shrewd play-calling and the feet of Frank Gore, to show growth at 6-7 with slight playoff hopes. It seems the old warrior knows what he is doing. Why wouldn’t he? During his illustrious career he won Division titles, Pro Bowls and a championship. He was a hands-on defensive signal caller and relentless ball hawk. The rebirth of every franchise begins with a money quarterback, smothering defense and a process of devotion to excellence. The 49ers have two of the three, and a perfect head dude in Singletary.   

Is God watching in Dallas? And if so, is he pissed?

Is God watching in Dallas? And if so, is he pissed?
by Drew Moss for Football Reporters Online

The swoon is in full swing.

The Dallas Cowboys continued their horrendous December efforts under Wade Phillips, falling to 0-2 this December by losing to Norv Turner’s San Diego Chargers 20-17 Sunday at Dallas Stadium.

For America’s team, with their 90,000 pairs of 3-D glasses and egregious video screens – It’s a lot of ugly to behold. And a lot of ugly to stomach. Just ask the twisted wizard behind this obnoxious curtain of silver and blue. “This is a bitter pill to swallow here at home… it’s a setback,” understated Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

At the hands of Turner and the surging Chargers, it’s more like a smackdown.

Lest Jones forget, the media (why is Jerry Jones holding a press conference after a regular season loss by the way?!) was very quick to remind him of Turner’s comeuppance. Even after his Super Bowl winning efforts as an offensive coordinator under Jimmy Johnson, Jones passed Turner over for Wade Phillips after Bill Parcells’ departure in 2007. Phillips is 3-7 in December as Cowboys head coach, and 0-1 in one January playoff appearance. Turner is 11-0 in December with San Diego.

At 8-5, the loss left the Cowboys looking up at the Eagles after Philly’s 45-38 shootout win over the New York Giants (will someone in this division make a tackle please?!) and also left them looking down the barrel at a date with the undefeated New Orleans Saints in New Orleans this upcoming weekend. The Cowboys are still talking semi-tough, but looking over their shoulder as they do it.

Efficient (19 for 30 passing, 249 yards, two TD’s, no picks) but uninspiring Cowboys quarterback expressed just such lukewarm confidence, “We just have to play better football. We can talk about it after it happens, but… we all just need to do it.”

“Doing it” on special teams, the offensive line or the offensive coordinator’s booth might be good places to look first. Start the debacle, with Nick Folk’s hooked 42 yarder early. (It’s Folk’s fifth consecutive game with a missed FG-attempt – his job is now in jeopardy). Add to this the Chargers no-brainer three play goal line stand against the obvious Marion Barber and yo uhave th emakings of a long day – and a long December.

Said Chargers linebacker Tim Dobbins (didn’t we see him in Bull Durham?), the next day in the Dallas Morning News,” In our mind, we knew he wasn’t blocking. He’s not getting paid to block.”

So in a huge spot, Dobbins and the Chargers defense did the only thing you can do in Big D - they followed the money. And in doing so, they stuffed Barber, took the ball back on downs, took the life out of the Cowboys - and maybe took the life out of the Cowboys’ entire season. Right in their own house.

That’s a big house. With a big ol’ hole in the roof. And a big ol’ price tag. And a big ol’ bag of late season woes. And if God is indeed watching as they say he is, he’s got a big ol’ scowl on his/her face.

Through it all, even though he shouldn’t be speaking at all, Jerry Jones is still talking tough.

“We have a team that’s capable of beating any opponent,” Jones asserted. Then after sharing some “personal triumph over credit card debt” rant that he used to inspire his beaten down team in the post-game locker room, through a sea of microphones he re-assured the Dallas faithful, “I know what hard times are like in Texas, and I know we can overcome it.”

How inspiring. Prophetic even. Maybe Jerry Jones knows something - or someone - we don’t. If so, he better check in upstairs. And if not, maybe he should be looking over his shoulder at that hole in the roof, too.