Monday, March 31, 2008

Poll: Obama has double digit lead nationally

As Obama quickly picks up much needed momentum, the Clinton's hopes are rapidly deflating.

(CNN)—Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama extended his lead nationally over Sen. Hillary Clinton Monday according to the latest national polls.

The Gallup Poll conducted March 27-29 with a margin of error of 3 percentage points shows the Illinois Senator has a 10 point lead over the New York Senator among Democrats, marking the first time since early February Gallup polls have shown either candidate with a double digit lead. In February, Gallup showed Clinton held an 11 percent advantage over Obama.

Last week’s Pew Poll also confirmed Obama had weathered the media storm surrounding the Reverend Wright controversy and maintained his lead.

Despite pressure from some powerful Obama supporters and being behind nationally in the polls, Clinton said the race should not end before all votes had been cast. "I didn't think we believed that in America. I thought we of all people knew how important it was to give everyone a chance to have their voices heard and their votes counted," she said.

Looking to the critical state of Pennsylvania, Clinton holds a 12 percent lead ahead of the state’s April 22 primary, according to the latest CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released earlier this month.Both candidates continue to campaign heavily in the state of Pennsylvania Monday, where there are 158 pledged delegates up for grabs.

What Is New Media To You? - WISE-SF Panel Intro

Blogs, New Media and You – A WISE Panel Discussion - A panel discussion featuring:

Rebecca Weeks - Real Girls Media
Cathy Brooks - Seesmic, Inc.
Irina Slutsky - Geek Entertainment TV
Christine Kerner - KOFY TV20
Leyla Farah - Cause+Effect PR
Paula Storti - Worldwalk Media
Stephanie Quilao - Back In Skinny Jeans
Patti Mangan -

Zennie Abraham - Sports Business Simulations

Monday, March 31, 2008
5:30pm - 8:30pm
Hotel Kabuki
1625 Post Street
San Francisco, CA

5:30 - 7:00 - Event Reception/Hosted food & beverages
7:00 - 8:00 - Panel Discussion
8:00 - 8:30 - Q & A


The OBJECTIVE: For each audience member to be at least encouraged to start a website or a blog, use their email signature to connect to them, and link it with several social network pages…and understand how to use this assembly, and the value of what they have personally and professionally.

The secondary objective is pure networking. So the event will be one hour of networking followed by one hour of panel discussion. We open our doors to women who are part of the SF Bay Area New Media Industry to come to this event. There will be a raffle for a prize as well.

WISE members are encouraged to bring friends, and as this is an open recruting meeting, we're inviting you to come and become a member of Women In Sports and Events. See

We will take questions from the audience that are relevant to the discussion at the time during the talk, and have a Q and A session for general questions afterward.

1. Topic One: What’s a Blog and Why Should I Have One, Versus a Website?
a. What’s a blog good for? (Marketing yourself, or your firm, etc.)
b. How do I start a blog? (Where does one go? I recommend because it’s free and easy to use; what’s your view? What’s “BlogHer” all about?)
c. But I’m not a writer! (Some think that they have to take part of their day to blog; is that true?)
d. What are some common blogging mistakes and misuse?
e. If I’m starting a blog for my office, what should I avoid doing?
2. Topic Two: Ok. I Have This Blog, And Now I Am To Link It To A Facebook and Linkedin Page? Why? Isn’t That Dangerous?
a. What do I need a Linkedin and Facebook Page For? (Business connections; discovering events of interest.)
b. Do Successful Business People Use Linkedin and Facebook – or MySpace? (What folks like AOL founder Ted Leonsis get out of Facebook and Linkedin,)
c. What are some common ways that people misuse Facebook and Linkedin?
3. I want to start an online community for my office; what do I do?
a. How can I use the work-based online community to help my work?
b. What are common ways that work-based online communities are misused?
4. Topic Three: I’ve Got A Blog, Facebook, and Linkedin Pages and an online community at work – Now I need YouTube? Can It Help Me?
5. Can I Make Money From All Of This? How?
6. OK. I’m set up with all of this, but I’m not getting a lot of traffic. What do I do?
7. What are “Internet Trolls” and what should I do about them?
8. Questions from the audience.

For non-WISE members, the suggested donation is $20. WISE is a non-profit organization.

An Excited Ex-Republican Barack Obama Supporter

There's something about becoming an Obama Supporter than just brings out unbridled passion in some people, and this woman was no exception. She erupted into a fit of joy during an Obama Supporter rally at the California State Democratic Convention, and after explaining that she was a registered Republican who switched to the Democratic Party to vote for and volunteer for Barack Obama.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Congressman Jerry McNerney On Iraq, Presidential Race

At the California State Democratic Convention, Congressman Jerry McNerney took a small bit of time to talk with me about the Iraq War and the Presidential Race. He's an uncommitted Superdelegate and as such I tried to get him to explain who he was leaning to and what his criteria were for selection, but he didn't answer that, preferring to focus instead on his reelection campaign.

Leno Wins Endorsement Floor Fight At Convention

In what one observer called the "nastiest (convention) floor fight they'd ever seen," Assemblyman Mark Leno won the endorsement floor fight today, Sunday, at the California State Democratic Convention. Now, it's Mark Leno as Democrat versus the Republlican Nation for the right to represent San Francisco in the California Senate.

Meanwhile, the ousted Senator Carol Migden left the general hall in disgrace, after her partner issued an 11th-hour motion to block the vote to block a special motion to seat Mark Leno as challenger to Joe Nation, and after Migden's failed initial motion to nix Leno's endorsements.

Got that?

I've got this entire bit of drama on video and will edit and upload it very soon. Right now, the convention staffers are taking down the chair and cleaning up the exhibit hall.

Stay tuned.

Bill Clinton's Speech Brings The House Down

I just survived the mosh pit of people that were rushing to get close to, see, and in some cases hug former President Bill Clinton. I got the entire speech on video, but given its length I'll post it in segments.

I'm not sure it was a good idea to have Kamila Harris speak before Bill Clinton because, well, she can't match his fire-power. The buzz was that Senator Kennedy was going to be here, but that obviously did not happen.

More on this soon.

The convention itself is not over, just the rock-star moment.

Bill Clinton Is Here

Art Torres is introducing Bill Clinton

Met Obama Supporter and Delegate Curtis Walker

I just met and talked with Curtis Walker, who's a massive Obama supporter as precinct captain and national convention delegate candidate. I had been litterally harranging Curtis for some time about starting a blog for himself and the campaign, and he's done it.

But what's great about being here is to meet all of the cool people in the Obama campaign and in California politics in general.

Assm Mark Leno Talks About The Chase For Delegate Signatures - Video

California Democratic Convention Sunday - Debra Bowen's Introduced

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen is introduced and you can tell she's had her coffee: "Good Morning Democrats!" blarred around the hall. Wow. But she's got a great stage presence.

Meanwhile the Clinton people wait for Bill at the left. Still smaller in size than the Obama crowd.

Debra is focusing on voting security, much to the delight of many here like Brent Turner, who are concerned about the lack of transparency in the electronic voting system.

"In short, I'm creating the kind of checks and balance in our voting system that the founding fathers created in our government system."

She gets a standing ovation.

This Place Is Packed As of 10:26. A Scene

This is a hell of a scene. There must be about 15,000 people here in this hall and all are paying rapt attention to Kamela Harris' speech, but also waiting for former President Bill Clinton. But what I'm surprised at his the power of her speech. She represented Barack well.

..But the Big Show's next (Clinton, Bill).

Kamela Harris is Giving A Good Speech

Ok, so she's not Ted Kennedy, but District Attorney Kamela Harris is giving a good speech on behalf of Barack Obama. It's well-received after a kind of rocky start. But now she's found her voice.

On The Floor OF The Convention - Procedures and Waiting

Art Torres is about to introduce District Attorney Kamela Harris to speak on behalf of Senator Barack Obama. She stars by saying that someone asked her what she was doing in taking the stage next to Bill Clinton. Her answer was "it's part of the campaign; the audacity of hope."

There are now a LOT of Obama supporters as Harris speaks.

(Image coming soon.)

California Democratic Convention Sunday - A Looming Floor Fight

As I wrote earlier, there's a looming floor fight today, Sunday at the California Democratic Convention. It's between Mark Leno and Carol Migden. But today, there are some people who I've talked to and who believe that the matter of gaining an endorsement for either person may be totally sacked today, and in the process bring a terrible end to a convention with so much riding on the future of the party, both locally and nationally.

As I write this, about 45 Hillary Clinton supporters have massed near the wall left of me. As Jennifer, with Momocrats pointed out to me, "they're a machine with signs made" whereas the Obama supporters have handmade signs.

Willie Brown Fires Up California Democrats At Cal Dem Convention

Willie Brown set the tone for the convention delegates Saturday with this rousing speech.

Ted Kennedy To Speak for Obama Today At California Democratic Convention

It didn't make the SF Chronicle, perhaps because their reporter didn't get the memo , but Ted Kennedy's the secret surprise guest set to speak for Barack Obama and a perfect counterpoint to the appearance of President Bill Clinton at today's California State Democratic Convention.

His appearance was the buzz of the convention.

Stay tuned.

Migden v. Leno For Endorsements at California Democratic Convention

As I write this and as you sleep, a game came to an end at 11 PM and it's 11:58 PM now.

That game was the hunt for 300 California Democratic delegate signatures on the part of State Senator Carol Migden and termed-out California Assemblyman Mark Leno, and their supporters at the California State Democratic Convention.

As I left the San Jose Convention Center to get home and then get some sleep for tommorrow's fireworks with the visit of former President Clinton and Senator Ted Kennedy, the Leno and Migden teams were racing from room to room, and even from hotel to hotel in search of delegates and signatures.

Basically, Leno -- in trying to oust the incumbent Migden -- has mounted a charge to gain 300 signatures to block the endorsement of Leno by California Treasurer Phil Angelidies. But the Migden forces anticipated this, and had embarked on their own effort to get 300 delegates to sign a petition to thwart the Leno petition, thus assuring that their endorsements remain intact.

Get it?

This is the rough and tumble of Democratic politics in California. It's dirty and at times ugly and slimy. It has other wise good people telling massive lies -- not Leno or Migden -- about who's backing them on fliers passed out at the convention. It has people milling about late at night on a Saturday, but making a fun time of it, with dance parties and cocktail hours.

Some of us -- me -- who had to drive back to Oakland, missed this late night fun stuff. But I'll get an update soon, and be there for what may be a major floor fight if the endorsements are successfully eliminate via signature.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom and Mayor Willie Brown on Delegates

This is part of my coverage of the California Democratic Party Convention in San Jose, Ca.

Sf Mayor Willie Brown's Giving a Rousing Speech At Cal Dem Con

I'm at the California Democratic Convention and sitting at the Press Table in the general session hall at the San Jose Convention Center, listening to former San Francisco Mayor and Speaker of the California Assembly Willie Brown give a passionate and rousing speech on what it means to be a Democrat.

"Democrats are supposed to fight," he said to a standing ovation, "you're not a Democrat if you don't fight."

Brown's taking the assembled state democrats on a kind of "memory lane" but with a message. "We all need to participate in order to beat these Republicans."

Here's that speech:

Hillary Clinton - Get Out Of The Race

I'm going to take issue with my good friend and valued contributor Dave Kaye and ask simply that Senator Clinton get out of the campaign for President. At this point, she can't win and can only cause more damage to the Democratic Party.

All of this rancor could be focused on John McCain, but here we have Hillary throwing rocks at Obama and James Carville's not helping matters with his thugish behavior.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton- Stay In The Race

As the conjecture and acrimony accelerates over the tumultuous and exceedingly contemptuous Democratic contest,many high ranking elites in the party are strongly suggesting for Hillary Clinton to abandon her Presidential aspirations.

While an ardent and enthusiastic Barack Obama supporter, I feel adamant about witnessing the primary season continue. In contrast to the perspective of Senators and Obama supporters Patrick Leahy, Chris Dodd and Bob Casey, the prolong contest has the distinct ability to serve for the betterment of the Democratic party and the eventual nominee.

Even though both formidable contenders are allocating their time castigating and bashing each other, they are still eerily close to John McCain in the majority of polls. Once a nominee is selected and he or she is able to concentrate on the issues facing the country and on what McCain is seeking to offer the American people (a third Bush term), Democrats will finally be united and able to see their poll numbers sky rocket profusely.

Still, it does not serve Mr. Obama well to have several of his most prominent backers yearning for the elimination of New York's junior Senator and contributing negatively to the overwhelming positive and constructive nature of the Obama campaign. There is a significant amount of time for the stalwarts in the party to unify behind Mr. Obama and embark on a quest to defeat John McCain in the general election.

Whether people agree or disagree with the actions of the Clinton's, one certain thing is for sure: Hillary and Bill are persistent and resourceful, thus eradicating their opportunity to forfeit the contest they once had surely wrapped up several months ago.

Newspaper Ad Revenue Drops 10 Percent In One Year

In perhaps the best sign of the impact of New Media on traditional media, "Editor and Publisher" reporter Jennifer Saba tells us that the newspaper industry has experienced the worst drop in ad revenue in a half-century. She wrote:

According to new data released by the Newspaper Association of America, total print advertising revenue in 2007 plunged 9.4% to $42 billion compared to 2006 -- the most severe percent decline since the association started measuring advertising expenditures in 1950.

Meanwhile, online ad revenue now represents 7.5 percent of total newspaper ad revenue, up almost 2 percent from 2006.

What we're seeing, in my view, is the transformation of media from primarily offline to eventually a balance of online and offline. But in this I don't think the nature of jobs in this industry will be the same. My prediction is that the best-paid writers will contribute to different online platforms and not just one, reflecting the fact that one site can't command readership online as consistently as it can offline.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bloomberg Introduces Obama's Economic Speech

So, the dark horse in the 2008 campaign seems to have hitched his fortune's to Obama's momentum - what will it spell in the long run? Is the NYC Mayor now ahead in the VeePstakes? Granted that other luminaries endorsed and commented on the Obama positions, it was Michael Bloomberg there on the podium at Cooper Union. The Senator's entire presentation is available via his web site. This surely comes at a time when voters are worried about the growing storm of foreclosures on main street while troubled about the administrations evident focus on helping out those on Wall St.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign has accused the Obama folks of keeping the Theft of Valor story of her not exactly dodging sniper fire in Tuzla in the news to distract people from the "Wright scandal." Now I know Bill didn't inhale, but what of Hillary's staff? After all, the more people learn about Jeremiah Wright the better it has worked for Obama! The latest polls, taken before the rebukes from military vets would have had much if any negative impact on Clinton's numbers show Obama bouncing back nicely from a slight dip, and the interpretation is that Wright won't be a negative factor while the Tuzla story, which has been lively on the web for 24-48 hours, is still gaining traction in the traditional media and hasn't yet been reflected in polling data.

Is the Clinton campaign hoping that they can resuscitate the Wright story to eclipse the sequence of increasingly tall tales the Senator spun about the risk of sniper fire, or simply mis-speaking yet again? Are the Clinton's Bosnian Chickens coming home to roost?

Sarah Lacy Is A Cool-Ass Chick At Valleywag Happy Hour

Sarah Lacy Is A Cool-Ass Chick At Valleywag Happy Hour

If you read my blog on a regular basis, or if you read Valleywag, or if you attended the Facebook SXSW event, or all of the above, then you've probably heard of Sarah Lacy. You've also undoubtedly formed an opinion about Ms. Lacy without meeting her; a common habit in today's media-driven culture. But you've also certainly not met Sarah Lacy.

Well, I did, and she's one cool chick.

For some background, Sarah Lacy's the person who interviewed Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook at SXSW and got panned for what some said was a "softball" set of questions. Sarah took the entire event in stride.

As a seasoned writer for Businessweek and a tech-finance video reporter for Yahoo!, Sarah's used to mean comments and controversy. She even tossed water on TechCrunch's Michael Arrington. (No kidding.) But you never know who a person really is until you meet them and talk with them, and listen, and get a feel for who they are -- not the whole deal, mind you but a good part of it.

I met Sarah at Owen Thomas' Valleywag Happy Hour event last Friday at what is called, but is soon not to be referred to as, Moose's in Washington Square in San Franciscos' North Beach. Sarah, my friend and business colleague Paula Storti, and I enjoyed oysters, tea (for me), and cocktails and just talked about whatever came up.

That's off the record.

But I can report that Sarah Lacy's fun, smart, opinionated, interesting, and just plain cool.

So the next time you tech-heads go off on her, consider that it may be because she's cooler than you are and you just can't admit it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Overlooked amid the furor over Clinton's lying Theft of Valor in Tuzla, Bosnia

"The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is an outstanding church leader whom I have heard speak a number of times. He has served for decades as a profound voice for justice and inclusion in our society. He has been a vocal critic of the racism, sexism and homophobia which still tarnish the American dream. To evaluate his dynamic ministry on the basis of two or three sound bites does a grave injustice to Dr. Wright, the members of his congregation, and the African-American church which has been the spiritual refuge of a people that has suffered from discrimination, disadvantage, and violence. Dr. Wright, a member of an integrated denomination, has been an agent of racial reconciliation while proclaiming perceptions and truths uncomfortable for some white people to hear. Those of us who are white Americans would do well to listen carefully to Dr. Wright rather than to use a few of his quotes to polarize. This is a critical time in America's history as we seek to repent of our racism. No matter which candidates prevail, let us use this time to listen again to one another and not to distort one another's truth,"
Who said it? Dean J. Snyder, Foundry United Methodist Church
Hillary Clinton's pastor.

Le Bron James | Vogue - Le Bron James, Wake Up To Racial Stereotyping

Hey Le Bron James. You asked "Who cares" in reaction to charges that your appearance on the cover of Vogue playing to fears of Black men.

Well, Le Bron James, I care and I'm a Black Man.

I saw your cover photo in a local store and my first though was "What this hell was he thinking."

But then I realized that given how young you are, you may not have been thinking about anything other than sex and money. Sex in that you're taking a photo where you've got a hot blonde in your arms, and money because you were paid for it. I don't think the fact that Annie Lebowitz was taking the shot meant much to you because you don't understand how huge she is separate from the photo; you're too young to know.

But that's not what I'm writing about.

Dude, you need to wake up. Fast. And before someone else uses you for some racially-insenstive reason. The Vogue cover didn't represent me well because you're a Black Man like me, and because of our minority status in America, all of us are impacted by what a high-profile brother like you does. We're historically seen in America in the same kind of animallstic way you've portrayed and I for one don't like that one bit.

Wake up Le Bron James.

If you're confused over the possible social impact of a magazine shoot in the future, ask me what it could be. I'll tell you. Because its sure as hell obvious that whomever's advising you know doesn't know what the hell they're doing. I'm tired of brothers like you working to keep brothers like me down. I mean that.

It's time for you to take a serious look at your responsibilities in life outside of Basketball. They're bigger than you realize.

John McCain Flip-Flops On The Confederate Flag - Watch

Watch this video that shows Sen. John McCain giving two opposing views on the Confederate Flag within just three days. Where does he stand today? Regardless of the answer, you can be sure it's going to be opposite one of the answers in this video!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hill & Chel's Excellent Bosnian Adventure

Look, the whole ducking evidence of what seemed politically expedient back in the day on NAFTA isn't a big deal, really, although it would make sense for Senator Clinton to simply say she changed her mind rather than live in fear of the flip-flop label it might earn her.

And the taxes? Well, she's busy. I get it. She's the campaigner.

Never mind that there are pictures of Bill with Jeremiah Wright, or both of them with Rezko, I get it, politicians are often sought out by guys like Rezko, and for years everybody thought Wright was a patriotic, Christian ex-Marine, after all. Hell, most still do once they hear his comments in context. (Quick links to the "America's chickens are coming home to roost" story and the use of "Nigger" in comparing Clinton and Obama's background - which pretty much silence all but the most pig-headed of critics.)

But this depraved line she held to about the risks in Bosnia? Is that what we want on Day One in the Oval Office? Is the pre-requisite for a Commander In Chief handling calls at 3 a.m. the willingness to lie for personal aggrandizement and political points? Seriously - do we take our daughters into life-threatening situations? Watch the harrowing arrival in Bosnia, then you make the call.

How did all those reporters miss the sniper fire? Somebody here has just made a serious career-limiting mistake.

Bill Clinton Attacks MTVU Editorial Board On Gay Marriage

Appearing before the MTVU Editorial Board, Former President Bill Clinton went off again, this time on Lilly Lamboy of Smith College and the MTVU Editorial Board. In the video it becaomes clear that Clinton is not only horse in his voice, but prone to becoming testy very quickly.

Will there be more or fewer Gay couples in harrassment if couples can go to Massechusetts and not Utah? That was Clinton's question, but before Lilly could say anything, Bill shot back "Answer the question!" Well, you can see the exchange here, but the result pissed off Andrew Sullivan who stated that Clinton was running away from his record of having more Gays ousted from the Military than at anytime before.

Clinton, incredibly, states that the Defense of Marriage Act, which protects one state from having to recognize a "pro-gay" marriage act, paints the policy of the DOA, which he backed as not being anti-Gay. He then accuses Lilly of trying to re-write history.

Clinton is not helping his legacy. He comes off as an angry old coot who thinks the World and America should just fall down at his feet.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama's letter to Fed Chrmn Bernanke about the sub-prime lending crisis

On Thursday, March 22nd, U.S. Senator Barack Obama's campaign released his letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Paulson urging them to immediately convene a homeownership preservation summit with key stakeholders to fight foreclosures driven by growth in the subprime mortgage market.

It was overshadowed in the mainstream media by continuing dissection of the Phildelphia speech on values and race from Monday, and in the blogosphere by Hillary Clinton's Bosnia hyperbole,

...or did she simply mis-speak? Well, it got everybody to stop talking about her tax returns. But while Senator Clinton wrestles with what may be a career-limiting memory lapse, it's worth noting that Obama hasn't lost sight of the impact this is having all across the U.S. despite the time-consuming nature of campaigning.

Obama for America

DIGG it!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Will Hillary's Bosnia Lie Be Reported By The Media?

Last year in July, I was on CNN's "Roland Martin Debates" and said that YouTube's greatest contribution to politics was that a candidate had to be authentic. That the person had to make statements that were consistent.

I then used the example of presidential candidate, Senator Hillary Clinton, who attacked he rival Senator Barack Obama for stating that he would talk to and meet with our enemies, when just a few months earlier, Senator Clinton herself said she would do the same thing and the evidence of this is captured on YouTube.

Well, it seems that Senator Clinton learned nothing at all from my statements or the fact that YouTube itself exists as a powerful force for recording what people do and say now, and in our history. Senator Clinton's just made a huge error in judgement that could and should be the final flip-flop that damages her campaign.

In a speech held just one day after Senator Obama's historic "A More Perfect Union" presentation, Senator Clinton clamed that she landed in Tulza, Bosnia under "sniper fire," adding: "There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base." Clinton said.

But this YouTube video shows just the opposite: We see first that several newspapers have identified Senator Clinton's lie in what happened. Senator Clinton says in the video that they landed under heavy sniper fire and that there was no ceremony. The video then presents footage showing just the opposite, with Clinton walking with her daughter Chelsea and with a large group of people and being greeted by Bosnian heads of state.

The video says that the movie was created by Clinton campaign strategist Mark Penn. The question is will the mainstream media pick up the story.

The answer on the newspaper level is "yes". The Washington Post presented this story on Sunday March 22, entitled "Sniper Fire and Holes In Clinton's Recollection" and reports that "Far from running to an airport building with their heads down, Clinton and her party were greeted on the tarmac by smiling U.S. and Bosnian officials. An 8-year-old Muslim girl, Emina Bicakcic, read a poem in English. An Associated Press photograph of the greeting ceremony, below, shows a smiling Clinton bending down to receive a kiss."

Sinbad First Points To Clinton Lie The great comedian Sinbad was the first one to report that Senator Clinton was lying months ago, when he said "I think the only 'red phone' moment was 'Do we eat here or at the next place?' "

The Washington Post ends the story by giving Senator Clinton "Four Pinocchios."

I've not as of this writing seen this story reported on CNN or Fox or MSNBC, but what's clear to me this year is that the television news system in America is in shambles and has been taken over by entertainers who are influnced by advertisers and PR hacks.

There's no news anymore.

There are just attempts at influencing American public opinion for the purpose of helping some institution advance in power. The only check and balance system that exists is the online news media.

CNN's still presenting the Rev. Wright sound bites again and again. There's nothing -- and has not been to date -- about this news. And this news is about the person running for President and not someone who never thought of running for president and retired from preaching in the church.

It has to be asked why doesn't CNN or Fox explain who it backs for President, just as newspapers do? At least Americans would know and be able to make an informed choice about where they get their news.

Right now, it's a circus out there and there's no reason to consider television news to be a credible source on matters of business and politics. The only service they seem to "get right" is in the reporting of disasters, where having an "on the scene" person and camera gives those of us who are not there vital information about what's happening.

This was certainly true during 9-11. But disasters happen once in a while; business and politics is an everyday thing.

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2008 NFL Free Agents Chart List

Who are the players on the NFL free agency block this year? Where did they go? To answer that question SBS did some research and went to ESPN and to see who went where, and in some cases why. We present the table first, then some commentary.

2008 NFL Free Agent Chart List

PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Hamza AbdullahSRFA6-22163Broncos
Flozell AdamsOTUFA6-734010CowboysCowboys
Sam AikenWRUFA6-22155BillsPatriots
Ethan AlbrightCUFA6-525713RedskinsRedskins
Stephen AlexanderTEUFA6-425010Broncos
Roc AlexanderCBUFA5-101904Texans
Larry AllenGUFA6-33251449ers
Jared AllenDEFranchised6-62704ChiefsChiefs
Morten AndersenPKUFA6-222525Falcons
Charlie AndersonLBUFA6-42434TexansDolphins
Courtney AndersonTEUFA6-62704FalconsBills
Derek AndersonQBRFA6-62293BrownsBrowns
Tim AndersonDTUFA6-33044FalconsFalcons
Mike AndersonRBReleased6-02308Ravens
Stacy AndrewsOTFranchised6-73424BengalsBengals
Richard AnguloTEUFA6-82664JaguarsJaguars
Tom AshworthOTReleased6-63067Seahawks
Nnamdi AsomughaCBFranchised6-22105RaidersRaiders
Oshiomogho AtogweFSRFA5-112103Rams
Adrian AwasomDEReleased6-52803NY Giants
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Brendon AyanbadejoLBUFA6-12285BearsRavens
Boss BaileyLBUFA6-32355LionsBroncos
Rodney BaileyDEUFA6-33097Cardinals
Billy BajemaTERFA6-4255349ers
Shawn BarberLBReleased6-224010Texans
Marion BarberRBRFA6-02203Cowboys
Idrees BashirDBUFA6-21986Lions
Gary BaxterCBUFA6-22107BrownsBrowns
Anthony BechtTEUFA6-52808BuccaneersRams
Jacob BellOLUFA6-42954TitansRams
Tatum BellRBUFA5-112134LionsLions
Yeremiah BellSUFA6-02004DolphinsDolphins
Kendrell BellLBReleased6-12457Chiefs
Jay BellamySUFA5-1120014Saints
Michael BennettRBUFA5-92077BuccaneersBuccaneers
Kevin BentleyLBUFA6-02386SeahawksTexans
Joe BergerGRFA6-53053Cowboys
Mitch BergerPUFA6-422812Cardinals
Bernard BerrianWRUFA6-11854BearsVikings
Rob BironasPKRFA6-02053Titans
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Darryl BlackstockLBReleased6-32443CardinalsBengals
Dwayne BlakleyTEUFA6-42574FalconsTitans
Chris BoberOTReleased6-53108Chiefs
Rocky BoimanLBUFA6-42366Colts
Michael BoleyLBRFA6-32363Falcons
Marty BookerWRReleased6-02109DolphinsBears
Ryan BoschettiDTUFA6-43114RedskinsRedskins
Michael BoulwareSUFA6-32204TexansVikings
Kyle BradyTEReleased6-628013Patriots
Tyler BraytonDEUFA6-62805RaidersPanthers
Lance BriggsLBUFA6-12405BearsBears
Ruben BrownGUFA6-330013Bears
Troy BrownWRUFA5-1019614Patriots
Ralph BrownCBUFA5-101858Cardinals
Chris BrownRBUFA6-32205TitansTexans
C.C. BrownSRFA6-02083Texans
Josh BrownPKUFA6-02125SeahawksRams
Jason BrownCRFA6-33203Ravens
Milford BrownGUFA6-53306Rams
Elton BrownGRFA6-53323Cardinals
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Isaac BruceWRReleased6-018814Rams49ers
Mark BruenerTEUFA6-426013TexansTexans
Mark BrunellQBUFA6-121715RedskinsSaints
Tedy BruschiLBUFA6-124712PatriotsPatriots
Fernando BryantCBReleased5-111859LionsPatriots
Jerametrius ButlerCBReleased5-101857Bills
James ButlerSRFA6-32153NY Giants
Reche CaldwellWRUFA6-02105Redskins
Chris CantyDERFA6-73003Cowboys
John CarneyPKUFA5-1118518Chiefs
David CarrQBReleased6-32166PanthersNY Giants
Chris CarrCBRFA5-101803Raiders
Drew CarterWRUFA6-32004PanthersRaiders
Jerome CarterSReleased5-112193RamsRams
Kevin CarterDEReleased6-630513BuccaneersBuccaneers
Tim CarterWRUFA6-01876Browns
Dexter CarterRBReleased5-91708Bears
Rock CartwrightRBUFA5-82186RedskinsRedskins
Antoine CashLBReleased6-12232BuccaneersBuccaneers
Aveion CasonRBUFA5-102047LionsLions
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Oliver CelestinFSUFA6-02074Cardinals
Jesse ChatmanRBUFA5-82235DolphinsNY Jets
Antonio ChatmanWRUFA5-81835BengalsBengals
Brandon ChillarLBUFA6-32424RamsPackers
Danny ClarkLBUFA6-22458TexansNY Giants
Anthony ClementOTUFA6-832010NY Jets
Chris ClemonsDEUFA6-32404RaidersEagles
Keary ColbertWRUFA6-12004PanthersBroncos
Ricardo ColcloughCBUFA5-111954BrownsPanthers
Colin ColeDTRFA6-13153Packers
Erik ColemanSUFA5-102004NY JetsFalcons
Rod ColemanDTReleased6-22859Falcons
Todd CollinsQBUFA6-422813RedskinsRedskins
Dustin ColquittPRFA6-32103ChiefsChiefs
Rosevelt ColvinLBReleased6-32509Patriots
Marquis CooperLBUFA6-32134Steelers
Deke CooperSUFA6-22105Panthers
Chris CooperDEReleased6-52806Cardinals
Jarrod CooperDBUFA6-12157Raiders
Terry CousinCBUFA5-918511Jaguars
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Casey CramerTERFA6-22503Titans
Chris CrockerSUFA5-111925Falcons
Alge CrumplerTEReleased6-22627FalconsTitans
Daunte CulpepperQBUFA6-42659Raiders
Donte CurryLBUFA6-12407PanthersPanthers
Karlos DansbyLBFranchised6-42504CardinalsCardinals
Chuck DarbyDTUFA6-02977SeahawksLions
Devard DarlingWRUFA6-12154RavensChiefs
Russell DavisDTUFA6-43159NY Giants
Sammy DavisCBUFA6-11955BuccaneersBuccaneers
Keith DavisSUFA5-112055CowboysDolphins
Chauncey DavisDERFA6-22773Falcons
Andre DavisWRUFA6-11956TexansTexans
Rob DavisCUFA6-328412Packers
Rashied DavisWRRFA5-91873Bears
Ron DayneRBUFA5-102458Texans
Curtis DeloatchCBUFA6-22144Panthers
Will DempsSUFA6-02086TexansTexans
Rick DeMullingGUFA6-43047Redskins
Trent DilferQBReleased6-42471449ers
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Nat DorseyOTUFA6-73354Browns
Mike DossSUFA5-102075Vikings
Marques DouglasDEUFA6-2292749ersBuccaneers
Eddie DrummondWRUFA5-91906Chiefs
T.J. DuckettRBUFA6-02546LionsSeahawks
Jason DunnTEReleased6-627411Chiefs
Warrick DunnRBReleased5-918011FalconsBuccaneers
Tim DwightWRUFA5-818010Raiders
Andre DysonCBReleased5-101837NY Jets
Glenn EarlSUFA6-12154TexansTexans
Nick EasonDEUFA6-33055Steelers
Kalimba EdwardsDEReleased6-62656Lions
Isaiah EkejiubaLBRFA6-42403Raiders
Ebenezer EkubanDEUFA6-32759BroncosBroncos
Jason ElamPKUFA5-1119515BroncosFalcons
Aaron EllingPKUFA6-02014Bengals
John EngelbergerDEUFA6-42608BroncosBroncos
Trai EssexOLRFA6-43243SteelersSteelers
Tim EuhusTEReleased6-52564Cardinals
Jason FabiniOTUFA6-730910Redskins
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Jeff FaineCUFA6-32915SaintsBuccaneers
Alan FanecaOGUFA6-530710SteelersNY Jets
Jonathan FaneneDERFA6-42913BengalsBengals
Justin FargasRBUFA6-12205RaidersRaiders
Heath FarwellLBRFA6-02353Vikings
Christian FauriaTEUFA6-425013Panthers
Jeff FeaglesPUFA6-121520NY GiantsNY Giants
Robert FergusonWRUFA6-12097VikingsVikings
Nick FergusonSUFA5-112018Broncos
Jim FinnRBReleased6-02458NY Giants
Travis FisherCBUFA5-101896LionsLions
Ryan FitzpatrickQBRFA6-22253Bengals
Mike FlanaganCReleased6-530112Texans
Bryan FletcherTERFA6-52303Colts
Drayton FlorenceCBUFA6-01955ChargersJaguars
George FosterOTUFA6-53385LionsLions
DeShaun FosterRBReleased6-02226Panthers49ers
Keyaron FoxLBUFA6-32354ChiefsSteelers
Domonique FoxworthCBRFA5-111803Broncos
Bubba FranksTEReleased6-62658PackersNY Jets
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Simon FraserDEReleased6-63003BrownsFalcons
Andre FrazierDEReleased6-52553SteelersSteelers
Gus FrerotteQBReleased6-323314Rams
Lennie FriedmanGUFA6-32959BrownsBrowns
Derrick FrostPUFA6-42084RedskinsRedskins
Vincent FullerSRFA6-11903Titans
Samkon GadoRBReleased5-102263Dolphins
Jabar GaffneyWRUFA6-12006PatriotsPatriots
Justin GageWRUFA6-42125TitansTitans
Michael GainesTEUFA6-32774BillsLions
Dylan GandyGRFA6-33023Colts
Wayne GandyOTReleased6-530814Falcons
Antonio GarayDTUFA6-43033Bears
Gilbert GardnerLBUFA6-12284Titans
Randall GayCBUFA5-111904PatriotsSaints
Tony GilbertLBUFA6-02445JaguarsJaguars
John GilmoreTEUFA6-52576BearsBuccaneers
Bryan GilmoreWRUFA6-1193749ers
Matt GiordanoSRFA5-112003Colts
David GivensWRReleased6-02156Titans
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Aaron GlennCBUFA5-918314Jaguars
Randall GodfreyLBUFA6-224512Redskins
Ian GoldLBReleased6-02238Broncos
Adam GoldbergOTUFA6-73185RamsRams
Jonathan GoodwinOLUFA6-33186SaintsSaints
Amon GordonDTReleased6-23053RavensRavens
Brandon GorinOTUFA6-63086RamsRams
Martin GramaticaPKUFA5-81758SaintsSaints
Quinn GrayQBUFA6-32464Jaguars
Roderick GreenLBUFA6-2274449ers49ers
Trent GreenQBReleased6-321714DolphinsRams
Cornell GreenOTUFA6-63158RaidersRaiders
Justin GreenRBRFA5-112513RavensRavens
Eric GreenCBRFA5-111943Cardinals
Nick GreisenLBUFA6-12446RavensRavens
Kris GriffinLBRFA6-32453Browns
Boomer GrigsbyFBReleased5-112493ChiefsDolphins
Jordan GrossOTFranchised6-43005PanthersPanthers
Rex GrossmanQBUFA6-12175BearsBears
D.J. HackettWRUFA6-22084SeahawksPanthers
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Rex HadnotCUFA6-23254DolphinsBrowns
Mario HagganLBUFA6-32635Bills
Clark HaggansLBUFA6-42438Steelers
James HallDEReleased6-22808Rams
Bobby HamiltonDEUFA6-528512Browns
Ken HamlinSFranchised6-22095CowboysCowboys
Geoff HangartnerCRFA6-53013PanthersPanthers
Joselio HansonCBRFA5-91853Eagles
Joey HarringtonQBReleased6-42206FalconsFalcons
Kwame HarrisOTUFA6-7322549ersRaiders
Marques HarrisLBRFA6-12453Chargers
Ben HartsockTEUFA6-42654TitansFalcons
Justin HartwigCReleased6-43126PanthersSteelers
Tim HasselbeckQBUFA6-12146Cardinals
Jovan HayeDERFA6-22853Buccaneers
Verron HaynesRBUFA5-102226Steelers
Albert HaynesworthDTFranchised6-63206TitansTitans
Devery HendersonWRUFA5-112004SaintsSaints
Kelly HerndonCBReleased5-101806Titans
Maurice HicksRBUFA5-11205449ersVikings
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Reynaldo HillCBRFA5-111853Titans
Shaun HillQBUFA6-3235649ers49ers
Victor HobsonLBUFA6-02525NY Jets
Nathan HodelCUFA6-22386CardinalsCardinals
Kelly HolcombQBReleased6-221211Vikings
Warrick HoldmanLBReleased6-12359Broncos
Daven HollyCBRFA5-101853Browns
Terrence HoltSReleased6-22045CardinalsPanthers
Brad HooverFBUFA6-02458PanthersPanthers
Von HutchinsDBUFA5-91814TexansFalcons
Chidi IwuomaCBUFA5-91847Titans
Larry IzzoLBUFA5-1022812PatriotsPatriots
Grady JacksonDTUFA6-234511Jaguars
Scott JacksonGRFA6-43003TexansTexans
Darrell JacksonWRReleased5-11206849ers
Nate JacksonTEUFA6-32355BroncosBroncos
William JamesCBUFA6-02007EaglesBills
Jason JeffersonDTRFA6-12953Bills
Leon JoeLBUFA6-12354BillsBuccaneers
Landon JohnsonLBUFA6-22324BengalsPanthers
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Trevor JohnsonDEReleased6-42604Rams
Spencer JohnsonDTUFA6-32864VikingsBills
Eric JohnsonTEUFA6-32527SaintsSaints
Bryant JohnsonWRUFA6-32165Cardinals49ers
Julius JonesRBUFA5-102114CowboysSeahawks
Kevin JonesRBReleased5-112284Lions
Nathan JonesCBUFA5-101924CowboysDolphins
Mark JonesWRUFA5-91854Buccaneers
Dhani JonesLBUFA6-12408BengalsBengals
Bennie JoppruTEUFA6-42555Seahawks
William JosephDTUFA6-53085NY GiantsRaiders
Bhawoh JueSUFA6-02007Cardinals
N.D. KaluDEUFA6-326510TexansTexans
Matt KatulaCRFA6-62723Ravens
Jevon KearseDEReleased6-42659EaglesTitans
Ethan KelleyDTUFA6-23383Browns
Brian KellyCBUFA5-1119310BuccaneersLions
Tommy KellyDEUFA6-63004RaidersRaiders
Chris KemoeatuGRFA6-33443SteelersSteelers
Kenoy KennedySReleased6-12158Lions
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Jimmy KennedyDTUFA6-43255BearsJaguars
Eddie KennisonWRReleased6-120112Chiefs
Kenny KingDTReleased6-42845Ravens
Travis KirschkeDEUFA6-329811SteelersSteelers
Dan KleckoDLUFA5-112755ColtsEagles
Sammy KnightSUFA6-121511JaguarsNY Giants
Michael KoenenPRFA5-111953Falcons
Ross KolodziejDTUFA6-32927Cardinals
Niko KoutouvidesLBUFA6-22384SeahawksBroncos
Brian KozlowskiTEUFA6-326514Redskins
Ryan KrauseTEUFA6-32444Packers
Dan KreiderFBUFA5-112558Steelers
Clint KriewaldtLBReleased6-12489Steelers
Ryan KuehlCUFA6-527611NY Giants
Travis LaBoyDEUFA6-32604TitansCardinals
L.P. LadouceurCRFA6-42553CowboysCowboys
Kyle LarsonPUFA6-12044BengalsBengals
Ty LawCBReleased5-1120013Chiefs
ReShard LeeRBUFA5-102204Raiders
Byron LeftwichQBReleased6-52505Falcons
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Mike LehanCBUFA6-01905DolphinsDolphins
Teddy LehmanLBUFA6-12384LionsBuccaneers
Matt LehrGUFA6-23047Buccaneers
Cory LekkerkerkerOTReleased6-73233Dolphins
Cleo LemonQBUFA6-22154DolphinsJaguars
Jim LeonhardSReleased5-81853Bills
Jamal LewisRBUFA5-112458BrownsBrowns
Damione LewisDTUFA6-23017PanthersPanthers
Michael LewisWRUFA5-8173749ers
Ryan LiljaOGUFA6-22904ColtsColts
Chris LiwienskiGUFA6-53259Dolphins
Brandon LloydWRReleased6-02005RedskinsBears
Sean LocklearGUFA6-43084SeahawksSeahawks
Daniel LoperOLRFA6-63203TitansTitans
Jared LorenzenQBRFA6-42853NY Giants
Omare LoweCBUFA6-11956Falcons
David MacklinCBUFA5-102068RedskinsRams
Anthony MaddoxDTRFA6-12954Texans
Reno MaheRBUFA5-102125Eagles
Marquand ManuelSUFA6-02096PanthersBroncos
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Olindo MarePKReleased5-1119011Saints
Lemar MarshallLBUFA6-22256Bengals
Jamie MartinQBUFA6-220513Saints
Evan MathisOGRFA6-53043PanthersPanthers
Jerome MathisWRReleased5-111913Texans
Keenan McCardellWRUFA6-118815Redskins
Justin McCareinsWRReleased6-22157NY JetsTitans
Andy McCollumCUFA6-430014Rams
Josh McCownQBUFA6-42136RaidersDolphins
Matt McCoyLBReleased5-112303SaintsBuccaneers
Bobby McCrayDEUFA6-62614JaguarsSaints
Marlon McCreeSReleased5-112027ChargersBroncos
Stockar McDougleOTUFA6-63488Jaguars
Jerome McDougleDEUFA6-22645Eagles
Anthony McFarlandDTReleased6-03009Colts
Brandon McGowanSRFA5-112053Bills
Corey McIntyreFBRFA6-02443Falcons
Seth McKinneyCUFA6-33156Browns
Terrence MeltonLBUFA6-12354Panthers
Ahmad MerrittWRRFA5-101954Cardinals
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Billy MillerTEUFA6-32538SaintsSaints
Caleb MillerLBUFA6-32254Bengals
Fred MillerOTReleased6-731412Bears
Hanik MilliganSUFA6-32005Rams
Travis MinorRBUFA5-102037Rams
Mel MitchellSUFA6-12256Patriots
Kawika MitchellLBUFA6-12535NY GiantsBills
Rashad MooreDLReleased6-33254PatriotsFalcons
Mewelde MooreRBUFA5-112094VikingsSteelers
Langston MooreDTRFA6-13053Lions
Kindal MooreheadDTUFA6-22855PanthersFalcons
Aaron MooreheadWRUFA6-32005Colts
Vernand MorencyRBRFA5-102123Packers
Sean MoreyWRReleased5-111936Cardinals
Dan MorganLBReleased6-22457PanthersSaints
Rob MorrisLBReleased6-22438Colts
Randy MossWRUFA6-421010PatriotsPatriots
Eric MouldsWRUFA6-222512Titans
Scott MruczkowskiOGRFA6-53183ChargersChargers
Gene MruczkowskiCUFA6-23054Dolphins
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Muhsin MuhammadWRReleased6-221512BearsPanthers
Matt MurphyTEUFA6-52645BillsBills
Chris MyersCRFA6-42953BroncosTexans
Chris NaeoleOGReleased6-333011Jaguars
Craig NallQBUFA6-32306Packers
Lorenzo NealRBReleased5-1125515Chargers
Ryan NeufeldTEUFA6-42457Bills
Jeremy NewberryCUFA6-531510Raiders
Donnie NickeySUFA6-32105Titans
J.T. O'SullivanQBUFA6-22275Lions49ers
Antwan OdomDEUFA6-52744TitansBengals
Shane OliveaOGReleased6-43124Chargers
Dan OrlovskyQBRFA6-52303Lions
Shantee OrrLBUFA6-02505JaguarsBrowns
John OwensTEUFA6-32705LionsLions
Calvin PaceLBUFA6-42725CardinalsNY Jets
Samie ParkerWRUFA5-111904Chiefs
David PattenWRUFA5-1019011SaintsSaints
Lonie PaxtonCUFA6-22608PatriotsPatriots
Karl PaymahCBRFA6-01953Broncos
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Alvin PearmanRBReleased5-102083Seahawks
Kalvin PearsonSRFA5-102003BuccaneersLions
Tab PerryWRReleased6-32083BengalsDolphins
Stephen PetermanGRFA6-43233Lions
Michael PittmanRBUFA6-022810Buccaneers
Marcus PollardTEUFA6-325513Seahawks
Derrick PopeLBUFA6-02324DolphinsVikings
Jerry PorterWRUFA6-22208RaidersJaguars
Hank PoteatCBUFA5-101957NY Jets
Peerless PriceWRUFA5-111949Bills
Pierson PrioleauSUFA5-111889Redskins
Mike PucilloGUFA6-43066Redskins
Jeb PutzierTEReleased6-42566TexansSeahawks
Tim RattayQBUFA6-02008Cardinals
Chris RedmanQBUFA6-32235FalconsFalcons
J.R. ReedSRFA5-112024EaglesEagles
James ReedDTReleased6-02867Chiefs
Jacques ReevesCBUFA5-111924CowboysTexans
Darrell ReidDTRFA6-22883Colts
Tutan ReyesOLUFA6-33108JaguarsJaguars
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Robert ReynoldsLBUFA6-32474Titans
Tony RichardsonRBUFA6-123813VikingsNY Jets
Chris RobersonCBReleased5-111852Jaguars
Bryan RobinsonDEUFA6-430411Bengals
Jeff RobinsonCUFA6-425014Seahawks
Brett RombergCUFA6-22984RamsRams
Mike RosenthalOTUFA6-73189Dolphins
Oliver RossOTReleased6-43279Cardinals
Allen RossumCBReleased5-817810Steelers49ers
Orpheus RoyeDTReleased6-433012Browns
Mike RuckerDEUFA6-52709Panthers
Sean RyanTEUFA6-52654NY JetsDolphins
Blaine SaipaiaOGReleased6-33154Lions
B.J. SamsDBUFA5-101854Ravens
Asante SamuelCBUFA5-101855PatriotsEagles
Lewis SandersCBReleased6-12108Falcons
Cecil SappRBUFA5-112295BroncosBroncos
Gerome SappDBUFA6-12165Ravens
Benny SappCBUFA5-91904Chiefs
Bo ScaifeTERFA6-32493Titans
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Rich ScanlonLBUFA6-22494Titans
Bo SchobelDEUFA6-52644Cardinals
Lance SchultersSUFA6-220210Dolphins
Josh ScobeyRBUFA6-02206Seahawks
Ian ScottDTUFA6-33025Eagles
Bryan ScottSUFA6-12195BillsBills
Darrion ScottDEUFA6-32894Vikings
Jake ScottGUFA6-52954ColtsTitans
Chad ScottCBUFA6-120511Patriots
Junior SeauLBUFA6-325018Patriots
Mike SeidmanTEUFA6-42615Colts
Gerald SensabaughSRFA6-02183JaguarsJaguars
Adam SewardLBRFA6-22483Panthers
Josh ShawDTRFA6-22904RaidersRaiders
L.J. SheltonOTReleased6-63459Dolphins
Jason SimmonsSUFA5-919810Texans
Brian SimmonsLBReleased6-324410Saints
Mark SimoneauLBUFA6-02458SaintsSaints
Barry SimsOTReleased6-53009Raiders
Justin SmileyGUFA6-3311449ersDolphins
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Justin SmithDEUFA6-42757Bengals49ers
Corey SmithDEUFA6-22505LionsLions
Derek SmithLBReleased6-22371149ersChargers
Dwight SmithSReleased5-102017VikingsLions
Antonio SmithDLRFA6-42804Cardinals
Wade SmithCUFA6-43185NY Jets
Musa SmithRBUFA6-02325Ravens
Raonall SmithLBUFA6-22456Rams
Keith SmithCBUFA5-111924LionsLions
L.J. SmithTEFranchised6-32585EaglesEagles
Isaac SopoagaDTUFA6-2325349ers49ers
Nick SorensenSUFA6-32057BrownsBrowns
Takeo SpikesLBReleased6-224210Eagles
Greg SpiresDEReleased6-126510Buccaneers
Donnie SpraganLBUFA6-32427Dolphins
Brian St. PierreQBUFA6-32305Steelers
Donte' StallworthWRUFA6-02006PatriotsBrowns
Josh StamerLBUFA6-22365Bills
Max StarksOTUFA6-83374Steelers
Randy StarksDTUFA6-33124TitansDolphins
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Aaron SteckerRBUFA5-102138SaintsSaints
Alex StepanovichCUFA6-43004BengalsFalcons
Todd SteussieOTUFA6-631014Rams
Jerramy StevensTEUFA6-72606Buccaneers
David StewartOLRFA6-73183Titans
Matt StewartLBUFA6-32367Browns
Barry StokesOGUFA6-43108Lions
Omar StoutmireSUFA5-1120511Redskins
Donald StricklandCBUFA5-10187549ers49ers
Terrell SuggsLBFranchised6-32605RavensRavens
Will SvitekOTRFA6-63003Chiefs
Joe TafoyaDEUFA6-42586Cardinals
Thomas TapehFBUFA6-12434EaglesVikings
Vinny TestaverdeQBUFA6-523521Panthers
Anthony ThomasRBReleased6-22217Bills
Josh ThomasDEUFA6-52714ColtsColts
Fred ThomasCBUFA5-918512Saints
Dontarrious ThomasLBUFA6-22414Vikings49ers
Zach ThomasLBReleased5-1122812DolphinsCowboys
Kiwaukee ThomasCBReleased5-111888Bills
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Chaun ThompsonLBUFA6-22555BrownsTexans
Tyson ThompsonRBReleased6-12203Cowboys
Travares TillmanSUFA6-12057Dolphins
LaBrandon ToefieldRBUFA5-112325JaguarsPanthers
Reggie TorborLBUFA6-22504NY GiantsDolphins
Keith TraylorDTReleased6-234016Dolphins
Larry TripplettDTReleased6-22936Bills
Jeremiah TrotterLBUFA6-126210Buccaneers
Ben TroupeTEUFA6-42704TitansBuccaneers
Marcus TrufantCBFranchised5-111975SeahawksSeahawks
Ross TuckerOGUFA6-43105Redskins
B.J. TuckerCBReleased5-10188349ers
Marques TuiasosopoQBUFA6-12207NY Jets
Jerame TumanTEReleased6-42539SteelersCardinals
Matt TurkPUFA6-524012TexansTexans
Kyle TurleyOTUFA6-53069Chiefs
Michael TurnerRBUFA5-102374ChargersFalcons
Lawrence TynesPKUFA6-12024NY GiantsNY Giants
Jerheme UrbanWRRFA6-32124Cardinals
Ben UtechtTERFA6-62514ColtsBengals
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Keydrick VincentGUFA6-53257CardinalsPanthers
Billy VolekQBUFA6-22148ChargersChargers
Kimo Von OelhoffenDLUFA6-429914Eagles
Michael WaddellCBReleased5-101804Titans
John WadeCUFA6-529910Buccaneers
Mike WahleGReleased6-630410PanthersSeahawks
Aaron WalkerTEUFA6-62705Rams
Frank WalkerCBUFA5-111965PackersRavens
Darwin WalkerDTReleased6-32948Bears
Javon WalkerWRReleased6-32156BroncosRaiders
Al WallaceDEUFA6-52758Bills
Tyson WalterOGUFA6-43006Packers
Troy WaltersWRUFA5-81718Lions
Derrick WardRBUFA5-112284NY GiantsNY Giants
Matt WareCBUFA6-22144Cardinals
Greg WarrenOLRFA6-32523Steelers
Nate WashingtonWRRFA6-11853Steelers
Ted WashingtonDTUFA6-537517Browns
Kelley WashingtonWRUFA6-32155PatriotsPatriots
Fred WearyGUFA6-43086Texans
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Leonard WeaverRBRFA6-02423Seahawks
Jason WebsterCBUFA5-91878BillsPatriots
Chris WeinkeQBUFA6-4232749ers
John WelbournOTReleased6-53109Chiefs
Dante WesleyCBUFA6-12106PanthersPanthers
Travelle WhartonOLUFA6-43124PanthersPanthers
Tracy WhiteLBUFA6-02345PackersPackers
Jason WhittleGUFA6-42799BillsBills
Casey WiegmannCUFA6-228512ChiefsBroncos
Ernest WilfordWRUFA6-42234JaguarsDolphins
Jimmy WilkersonDEUFA6-22905ChiefsBuccaneers
Marcus WilkinsLBReleased6-22316Falcons
Madieu WilliamsSUFA6-12034BengalsVikings
Tank WilliamsSUFA6-32236VikingsPatriots
Maurice WilliamsOTUFA6-53157JaguarsJaguars
Shaud WilliamsRBReleased5-71934Bills
Corey WilliamsDTFranchised6-43134PackersBrowns
Demorrio WilliamsLBUFA6-02324FalconsChiefs
Eugene WilsonDBUFA5-101955PatriotsBuccaneers
Gibril WilsonSUFA6-02094NY GiantsRaiders
PlayerPos.FA TypeHt.Wt.Exp.2007 Team2008 TeamGrade
Cedrick WilsonWRReleased5-101837Steelers
Stanley WilsonCBRFA5-111893Lions
Kris WilsonTEUFA6-22514Chiefs
Coy WireSReleased6-02206Bills
Floyd WomackOTUFA6-43287Seahawks
Damien WoodyGUFA6-33259LionsNY Jets
Mike WrightDLRFA6-42953PatriotsPatriots
Ellis WymsDTUFA6-32907SeahawksVikings
Renaldo WynnDEUFA6-329611Saints
Dexter WynnCBUFA5-91754Texans
Bryant YoungDEUFA6-33051449ers
Brian YoungDTUFA6-22988SaintsSaints

2008 NFL Free Agent Chart List Commentary

What's interesting is that the Indianapolis Colts did not match an offer for TE Ben Utecht and so the second tight end in the Colts system is off to the Cinncinati Bengals. Some write that this leaves a hole , but in my view, Ben dropped a number of passes that could have meant the difference between the Colts being in the Super Bowl and where they ended up. Additionally, the NFL Draft is deep in quality tight ends, so the Colts may make a move there.

As to quaterbacks, the Oakland Raiders paved the way for the Jamarcus Russell era when they traded QB Josh McCown to the Miami Dolphins. The Browns kept the surprising Derrick Andersen. The Rams released Gus Ferrotte, which may spell the end of his long career.

The big news amoung running backs is that Julius Jones is now a Seahawk rather than a Cowboy. That leaves just Marion Barber at RB for Dallas, while Jones is paired with Shaun Alexander, which doesn't make him happy , but wil light a fire under him.

The biggest WR stories are first that Randy Moss is still a Patriot and that Denver WR Javon Walker was released and picked up by the Oakland Raiders.

The defensive line story is that Bengals DL Justin Smith was gotten by the SF 49ers. Some had him going to the Bucs, but this is a great acquisition for the Niners.

We'll have more updates soon.