Friday, December 31, 2010

Stanford Cardinal Women's Bastball Snaps UCONN Streak; Here Comes Cal

The UCONN Women's Basketball Team enjoyed an amazing run of 90 straight wins, breaking a record set by UCLA under then-Head Coach John Wooten, and that seemed destined to stand for eternity.

Not any more. The Stanford Cardinal Women's Basketball Team snapped UCONN's streak with a dramatic 71 to 59 win.

While it's a certainty many people used their call phones to make videos and photos, finding candids online is a task. But this gem was on YouTube: a video of the on court post game speech by Stanford Head Coach Tara VanDerveer and her players, amid a euphoric crowd at Maples Pavilion last night.

Stanford can celebrate, and keep cheering its incredible night, because then Cal's hosting the Cardinal Sunday, January 2nd at Haas Pavillion in Berkeley.  Game time, 12:20 PST.


Graphic End to 2010 for 99ers - by Bud Meyers

This Graphic End to 2010 for 99ers is brought to you by Bud Meyers of Bud has been doing graphics for the 99er "CAUSE" for me since last March and it is incredible what this man can do from his little condo in Vegas on what he describes as a dinosaur of an outdated PC.

His work is so dead spot on from the point of view many desperate 99ers today. Since joining forces with Bud I have grown to appreciate his dark sense of humor and I have nothing but respect for his great talents in graphics and writing. Bud sends me some crazy, funny items to use and I try to use every one that I can correlate with one of my articles or theme from the various pages on Jobless Unite (my 15 page 99ers website started in April 2010.)

I really LOVED this 99ers Movie poster but was not sure how to incorporate it into an article, so chose instead to showcase it here in my last Zennie62 post 0f 2010.

Bud would hate for me to do this, but when have I ever let that stop me. You see, Bud is one of the hurting 99ers who will be losing the only lifeline remaining to him - his INTERNET access. The cable service (who provides Bud with his TV, phone and internet service) bill is now 3 months over due and if something does not happen fast to save him - the 99er cause will lose a valuable crusader in the fight.

Bud would be the first to tell you he is still one of the luckier 99ers as he still has a roof over his head, for the next month or so anyway. Find out more about Bud, enjoy his great talents as a writer and graphic artist at

Today Bud sent me the 99ers New Years poster for 99ers below. I personally LOVE the "Mooning of Congress" image. Honestly I could not think of a better way to bid you all a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2011. Enjoy!

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Oakland News: Free Cab NYE Rides By Veterans Cab at (800) 281-4488

This Oakland News is too good to be true. According to @Rlarae on Twitter, Berg Injury Lawyers of Alameda, Ca. is picking up your cab ride for New Year's Eve only, and if you are calling within Oakland city limits.

All you have to do is call Veterans Cab at (800) 281-4488 anytime between 10 PM today and 4 AM (yes, 4 in the morning) New Year's Day and say that "Berg Injury Lawyers" is paying for your cab ride, and that's up to a $35 limit.

Unbelievable, huh? Well, I called Berg Injury Lawyers, and the gentleman who answered my call confirmed that news.

I hope Berg can afford the influx of charges they could get as a result of this blog post. Just 100 calls would be $3,500, but 1,000 calls would be a $35,000 charge to Berg.  Yikes!!

Well, maybe there's a tax write off I don't know about.

But I digress.

You know, the Oakland Police should be doing this. Paying for cab rides on New Year's Eve and other selected days, I mean.

At the very least it's a great counterpoint to the DUI stops they're not shy of telling people about from time to time. Moreover, it would give Alameda County Superior Court some advice to fire at DUI suspects in court, saying, "next time, just use the OPD Free Cab Ride Program."

Oh, well. Call em, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!