Wednesday, December 21, 2005

NY TRANSIT STRIKE FLASH: MTA gives $26,315 to each of the 38,000 workers...

Well, it didn't happen, but it does show how much the 1 billion surplus could have helped each of the the transit workers. Even if just 15 percent of that surplus was given to the workers, it would have been $3,947 per transit worker.

That would have been an awesome Christmas bonus for them.

Mayor Bloomberg on The NY Transit Strike - Live now on CNN

Reiterrated that the strike was "unfair" and "illegal" to start today's speech. (But what upsets me about CNN, is they cut away to some press conference about a manhunt for a rapist in Miami. I understand, but the strike impacts millions). Ok, we're back to Bloomberg.

He says it's not as cold as it normal would be, which is good. The New York Blood center can't collect blood and so has declared a state of emergency. "Robery Payne is a health care worker who walked six miles to get to work," he said.

The Mayor plans to warn the transit worker and order them back to work via a restraining order.

CNN just lost the feed, and broke away

I'm not sure that's going to work. Again, the issue is the allocation of a $1 billion surplus, which the workers never got even part of....

Reggie Bush looking for agents - Note to USC's Reggie Bush: pick Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg

Read about it at SBS NFL Football Business Blog with a click on the title of this post.

Reggie Bush looking for agents - Note to USC's Reggie Bush: pick Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg

According to, Reggie Bush is interviewing candidates to be his sports agent, a sure sign he's going to enter the 2006 NFL Draft. reports that "Seven agents met on Monday in Los Angeles with Bush, who is expected to be forego his senior season with the Trojans and enter next year's draft, and with his advisors. The agents were Tom Condon, David Dunn, Todd France, Mitch Frankel, Eugene Parker, Joel Segal and Leigh Steinberg.

On Tuesday, at least three of the agents -- France, Segal and Steinberg -- were apprised by Bush advisors that the field had been winnowed and that they are finalists to represent the star tailback if he indeed goes into the 2006 draft."

Reggie, here's a friendly note: go with Leigh Steinberg of Leigh Steinberg Enterprises. Not just because Leigh's legendary, but also because he's got the best reputation and can not only get you the best NFL deal, he can leverage your celebrity into other areas, like broadcasting. Something the other agents can't do.

Forget his court battle with Athlete's First. Their arguments against him are exagerated greately.

Also one of these agents you're considering has had a recent problem. To learn more about it, read my account of the 2005 NFL Draft by clicking here.

Good luck Reggie.

PG&E's failure: power outage blanks Oakland's Adams Point / Lake Merritt

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