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Dallas Cowboys Offense scoreless for second preseason game

Tony Romo and Miles AustinImage via Wikipedia
Tony Romo and Miles Austin (19) 
For the second time in as many 2010 NFL Preseason games, the Dallas Cowboys go without a touchdown.

The Cowboys have failed to get into the end zone against the Cincinnati Bengals in the Hall of Fame Game Sunday evening, and again against the Oakland Raiders Thursday night. This even as the team's been able to move the ball smartly between the 20s; but once in the red zone, the Cowboys can't pull it together to score.


Because the Dallas Cowboys passing game is sloppy.

That's not blogged for shock value; it's a fact. The Cowboys, regardless of quarterback, coach their passers such that they throw the short flare passes to the backs out of the backfield well, as well as throws to fade patterns.

But when the quarterback's called to read a defense downfield, where the passer has to look to find the open receiver, that's where the Cowboys fall apart. The quarterbacks, and especially Tony Romo, seem to have tunnel vision.

It's as if they're told to wait for a certain receiver the clear a level of the defense before throwing to that person.

That explains the "happy feet" that Romo exhibits during downfield throws calling for him to survey the middle of the field. That's also why the passes are almost always late, or rushed. That is the reason why the Cowboys don't get into the end zone.

Jason Garrett needs to go short

This blogger has never been a fan of Dallas Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett, but was pleased when Garrett exhibited more play design imagination and flexibility in 2009 than ever before.

But variety and cosmetics aside, the basic approach of the Cowboys passing game just isn't sound. The Cowboys must have more timed passes and get out of the habit of "levels" passing. It ends with Tony Romo and Dallas quarterbacks looking as if they've got tunnel vision, when it's all by design.

If the Cowboys don't adjust their passing game, and soon, it's going to be a long year. Their running game might save them, but I doubt it.
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Oakland Raiders finally show timed passing game

Oakland Raiders logo

This blog post was written in the head of this blogger before it was obvious the Oakland Raiders were going to win their first 2010 NFL Preseason game, 17 to 9, against the Dallas Cowboys under the Hue Jackson / Jason Campbell offensive regime. Because, even with dropped and tipped passes, what was most interesting and pleasing about the Oakland Raiders, was the real, timed, precision passing attack.

What was impressive was that from the snap of the football, to the quarterback's footwork, to the quarterback's hitch step, to the throw, to the receiver's routes, the Oakland Raiders quarterbacks are obviously drilled in the classic Bill Walsh fashion, with the objective of getting the ball out of the quarterback's hands and to the receiver as quickly as possible as part of a timed set of movements between passer and catcher.

Yes, Jason Campbell completed 7 of 13 passes. Yes, Darrius Heyward-Bey didn't have a catch. But the passes got out of the quarterback's hands with remarkable quickness, and little wasted movement.

It didn't matter if it was Campbell or Carrie Prejean's husband Kyle Boller at the helm, the passing personality was the same. Once the little things like the kind of pass thrown and how high it's delivered are worked out, the Raiders will be ready for what's going to be a good year.

Jamarcus Russell's not the issue

But the entire difference in the Oakland Raiders offense is that it's the most efficient in the passing game it's been since the John Gruden / Bill Callahan era. It's not that Jamarcus Russell isn't there, because if Russell's head was in the game, as some claim it was not, he too would have been part of this new approach for the Oakland Raiders' offense.

What you will pay attention to is what happens when the ball gets to the receiver; what I'm paying attention to is what happens to cause the ball to get to the receiver; that's the big difference in this 2010 team.

Oakland Raiders fans should be excited for what's to come, because with more practice and a clear offensive game plan (it was preseason) the Raiders' passing game will be so hard to defense, it will be lethal.

Indeed, it already is.
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The Wizard of OZ, San Francisco Sunday Event: Help Is On The Way

Wizard of OZ movie posterImage via Wikipedia
For some reason, these events go together: today's the 71st Anniversary of The Wizard of OZ and on Sunday, August 15th, at 7:30 PM PDT at The Herbst Theater in San Francisco, REAF, The Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation holds its 16th annual presentation of "Help Is On The Way" called Help Is On The Way XVI.

Melissa Manchester
It's hard to believe The Wizard of OZ is a full 71 years young.  In fact, it seems timeless.  Music and songs from The Wizard of OZ are etched into my brain, in part because one of my favorite songs to sing at The Alley in Oakland, is If I Only Had A Brain.

 But it is 71 years yound, so it's important to stop
and consider the impact this awesome musical movie has had on American Culture. It has been translated in 40 languages, and been the basis for scores of reinterpretations, including the popular musical, The Wiz.

Which reminds this blogger why the link with Help Is On The Way XVI was made in my pea brain!

Over it history, REAF's Help Is On The Way has featured performers from plays, movies, and musicals like The Wiz.

Here's a video from 2008's pre-event, which includes an auction. But the real story is of the performers and character that are part of Help Is On The Way:

This year Leanne Borghesi, Carol Channing, Davis Gaines, La Toya London, Carole Cook, James Darren, Paula West, Bruce Vilanch, Kimberley Locke, and Melissa Manchester headline the performers as of this writing. And that list expands as we get closer to Sunday.

You can get tickets for Help Is On The Way XVI at 415-273-1620.

Mitrice Richardson found dead near Malibu by Nikky Raney

Mitrice Richardson went missing nearly a year ago. A skull and bones were found near Malibu and are the remains of Mitrice according to officials.

The 25-year-old's father, Michael Richardson, is displeased with the way the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officials handled his daughter's case.

Mitrice was arrested a year ago after she was unable to pay $89 for her dinner at a restaurant. She was released September 17, 2010 without a car, purse or cell phone. She later went missing, and speculations on her mental health have been made.

Mitrice's mother Latice Sutton along with Michael have filed separate lawsuits against the Sheriff's Department alleging negligence.

Her father is still fighting for her according to LA Times Blog:

"This book is not close. More chapters need to be written. We are going to hold people accountable.… I will continue to fight for her."

The actions taken when releasing Mitrice seem very questionable - only time will tell what happens next.

Governor Paterson's aide Dave Johnson turns himself in by Suzannah B. Troy

Governor Paterson's best friend and aide, oops, now ex-aide was forced or should I say voluntarily turned himself in today.   David  Johnson has been accused of spousal abuse by his girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend Sherr-una Booker but that was quiet a while ago.  She called 911 when he allegedly got physical and he fled the scene.  Of course he denies everything but just for good measure Dave Paterson got involved, got his aides involved who did not know they were being used and manipulated by the accidental governor to in a quiet and gentle way encourage her to shut up and make like it never happened.  How I see it  is Dave Paterson being part of the "rich and or connected. politicos, party -- above the law crowd" was able to remain in office even though many of his aides resigned disgusted with his inappropriate behavior and abuse of power.

In my opinion, Dave Patterson is guiltier than sin for ever so gently and politely  intimidating Sherr-una, the  victim of his long time friend in to silence.  Judge Judy Kayne, sell-out, is part of Misogynist NYC which has too many female club members.  I am stunned that Dave's good friend was even arrested and he and Dave have other scandals they have to wiggle out of including Yankee tickets and an alleged forged check by Johnson signing Dave Paterson's name.  Dave Paterson is rumored have a problem with telling the truth and is alleged to have perjured himself over baseball tickets.   The accidental governor is still in office and he does not belong there.  New Yorkers have just set a very low bar for him and understand he is a screw up and talks the talk but his actions including his intimidation of Booker are proof he does not belong in office.  It is New York so he has lots of company.   Dave Paterson is truly handicapped "ethically" and he can't rise above it because he would have to get honest and take responsibility.   Please see "Paterson Report by The New York Commission on Public Integrity".

Paterson really needs to spend the majority of his time with defense attorneys and he has good ones. He is embattled and Albany has still not balanced it's 9.2 billion dollar deficit due April 1 and it is almost Sept.  which could mean an economic crisis something a kin to a terror attack in terms of hurting NY not that the polticos seem to care.  It is like the State and City of NY are one collosal victim of spousal abuse by politicians ineffectual and unable to serve the public's best interest but excellent at serving their own.

Judge Kayne speaks double talk which could be simply translated she did not have the courage, brains and integrity to do her job and hold Patterson accountable.  Please read this link for more on the story and at the bottom is another link for handling or mishandling of spousal abuse cases. Dave is destined for disaster.   Actually the two Daves are both destined for disaster. 

Same-Sex Marriage Stay Lifted, but marriages delayed to next week

The same Federal Judge who declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional eight days ago, just lifted the stay blocking legal same sex marriages from taking place in California.

Judge Vaughn Walker, U.S. District Judge for The Northern District of California in San Francisco, just lifted the stay minutes ago.

But same-sex marriages can't start until August 18th. That's an adjustment of sorts to California Attorney General Jerry Brown's tweet:

Hoping Judge Walker will allow same-sex couples in CA to marry while the Prop 8 case appeal is pending. We should find out before noon.

The problem, it would seem, is that an appeal can be filed during that gap in time before same sex marriages can commence. Why that gap exists is a mystery, other than that Judge Walker's giving opponents time to file an appeal.

So, this thing's not out of the woods.

Stay tuned.

Sports 2.0? Sports Marketing 2.0 Summit SF? No thanks

Sports 2.0? Sports Marketing 2.0 Summit SF? No thanks.

The slow death of traditional media is chasing a whole group of people to the online space, who have no idea what the hell they're doing. This video-blogger refers to sports marketing workers, that particular breed of person who hawks everything from "We're Number One" giant hands, to whatever kind of hat they can stick a logo on. The vast majority of sports marketing workers are totally out to lunch when it comes to New Media, and the Sports 2.0, Sports Marketing an example.

This all started when this blogger happened upon a tweet about a planned San Francisco sports marketing summit called Sports 2.0 by Sports Marketing 2.0.

The San Francisco event seemed interesting enough to cover, because I wanted to see what they were talking about with respect to New Media. After all, it's good to have one's perspectives challenged.

The view this blogger holds of sports marketing and sports marketers is that it and they are trapped by an outdated culture. Sports marketing is not a tech-dominated profession; it's ruled by sales people, many of which have no understanding of the Internet and are so impatient, they don't seem to want to learn what they're doing wrong. That's my experience with most sports marketers. Maybe Sports 2.0 was different.


There's a rule in New Media; one I created. It goes like this: online, everyone matters at every time. Thus, if you're trying to sell something and happen to be communicating with a blogger, especially on Twitter, you encourage the blogger to blog something positive about your product, because you know that blog post is going to come up under a search for your product or event.

Right? Well, check this out.

First, i inquired about attending the Sports 2.0 after accidentally learning about the event on Twitter, with this tweet:

This was their response:

sports20 - @zennie62 I think we're covered as far as sports media is concerned. Let me know who wants a credential. Needs to be sizable audience.
8:21 AM Aug 9th via web in reply to zennie62
Me - @sports20 Me. I'm at,,, and reach an average of over 60,000 people each day.
sports20 - @zennie62 pardon my ignorance. Is your focus on business side of sports? We are a rather narrow niche...need help pre show, not post
10:20 AM Aug 9th via UberTwitter in reply to zennie62
Me - @sports20 Yes. Attended every NFL Draft as press since 2005.
11:38 AM Aug 9th via web in reply to sports20

(I forgot to mention that my Zennie62 blog network has six sports-related blogs, including our NFL Business Blog.)

So I figured that this was all a no-brainer. I wasn't hyped about going to this deal, but it seemed interesting, that is until things got weird:

sports20 @zennie62 just seems like your audience is much broader (not targeted for what we do). Maybe I'm missing the fit?

My response:

@sports20 Never knew a organization that claimed to be digital marketers to turn away online media; that will make a good blog post.

@sports20 Or to clarify, good luck, but I'm not interested in it after this. But I will blog about it as a "don't do."
August 10, 2010 12:25:33 PM PDT via web in reply to sports20

@sports20 I mean. First you tweet the audience has to be sizable, then when I prove it is, you say "seems audience is broader".. I punt.

So this other guy chimes in, Mike Mahoney, also a sports marketer, more specifically a sports sponsorship sales person, and apparently connected with the event. Out of the blue, Mike Mahoney sends a set of tweets that's telling.

mmahoney13 - Methinks @zennie62 protests too much re: not getting free pass to the @sports20 conference. Someone's trying to make a living. #buyaticket
So. Let me get this straight. This blogger's supposed to pay $250 for some garbage sports summit just because some guy in Indianapolis, Indiana needs the money? Oh, and then I'm supposed to blog and video-blog about it?

No thanks.

Readers of this space know how I've been on a rant against these "panels on pedestals" of people who are presented as if they know more than the people in the audience. In a New Media culture, often the most-informed person's watching the panel either in person, via live stream, or as a video-viewer. Here's my SXSW rant asking why I should attend:

I then followed up with this tweet:

@mmahoney13 Methinks too many "expert" sports marketers just take the patrons money #dontbuyaticket - media should not pay period.

Now, if you're about to respond in the negative, before you do consider that this blog post hit the very keywords that the Sports 2.0 summit is concerned about.

The problem with sports marketers and marketers in general who don't have a digitally-emerced background and practice, is they think they can control their message. Because of this, they miss the number one fact that whatever's written about what they do comes up under the keyword they're involved in.

But what gets me, beyond the lack of knowledge of New Media, is this explosion of conferences on PR, media, and marketing by people who have no demonstrable platform of performance online, yet claim to tell you how to be more effective online.  

It's really disturbing because many people don't know how to evaluate what's presented to them because they know they need to be in the Internet space, and will listen to anyone.  So, that's the climate that allows someone who's New Media expertise is questionable to dare charge $250 per head for a sports marketing "summit."

Moreover, this idea of the expert-on-a-pedestal is not only just ego-stroking but a way to make money off the ill-informed in a bad economy. $250 for a sports marketing summit? That's highway robbery. Pat Coyle, who's formed the Sports 2.0 event, and has the website Sports Marketing, should know better.

One thing this blog post will do is bring attention to his event. It's not the kind of attention he wanted, but then he totally belittled the impact of a blogger.

I didn't think anyone would make that mistake in the year 2010.

Oakland Downtown to pipe-in Muzac at 13th and Broadway?

Aerial photo looking east over downtown Oaklan...Image via Wikipedia
Downtown Oakland, CA 
Apparently, the City of Oakland's going to great lengths, almost neurotic, to alter the street culture of Downtown Oakland, but this bit of news is really disturbing. It rests in a Facebook message I just received, and part of which is posted here:

have you heard about some of the ambitious plans of the Downtown and Lake Merritt Business Improvements District boards? Take a look, they want to pipe in shitty soft country musak 24 hours a day at all the corners of 13th and Broadway to drive away "undesireables"

So a visit to this link reveals a Wikepedia page which reads:

In July 2008, landlords in the district voted a parcel tax upon themselves to fund the "Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt/Uptown Community Benefit Districts" to provide "special security services, cleaning of sidewalks, beautification, marketing and improvement of district identity and organizational services for businesses in the downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt/Uptown neighborhoods." Since early 2009, the districts have provided roving private security “ambassadors” to sweep up litter, help visitors with directions, and provide security support in Oakland’s downtown.[49]
The districts are governed by advisory boards which have discussed plans and desires to displace political demonstrations following the BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant away from Oakland's downtown center of civic life, and an actual change of venue for the murder trial of former BART police officer Johannes Meserle.[50] The board has also discussed plans to spend district treasury funds to erect a permanent memorial for four slain Oakland police officers at 14th and Broadway, and $10,000 dollars per year for a subscription to "round the clock" Muzak to "immediately drive away undesirable people from" three street corners at 13th and Broadway.
The district boards have public relations committees to "feed stories to the press." The committees have recommended "pitching stories to entertainment, business, and real estate journalist (sic), that way crime would not even be part of the scope." The committee also recommended "inviting select reporters to cover the story" of the "Uptown Unveiled" street festival.[50]

OK. "$10,000 dollars per year for a subscription to "round the clock" Muzak to "immediately drive away undesirable people from" three street corners at 13th and Broadway."


That's the idea of a racist. That point of view is that, the "undesirables" are the black teenagers who hang out down there, who, because they're black teenagers can't possible enjoy Muzak, so they would not hang out there.


Some of the Downtown Oakland kids are so creative, they'd sample the Muzak with their iPhones, fuse it with E-40 or Eminem, and create a new Oakland music sound. After a time, that part of Downtown Oakland would be a hip place to hang.

Whoever allowed that idea to get out into the open should be fired. Well, on second thought, they should be made to hang out on the corner overnight. It's not as bad as people think; I catch cabs there frequently.

Rather than "chasing away" so-called undesirables, Oakland should spend time getting to know its talented youth culture.

NFL Preseason Football: Raiders at Cowboys, Seattle hosts Titans

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity since Super Bowl XLIV, the 2010 NFL Football Season is here. The teams this space is watching for this week are the Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, and Tennessee Titans.

(Well, in truth, this space is going to watch them all to some degree.)

The Oakland Raiders come into the 2010 NFL Season a completely new team. Gone is Jamarcus Russell, who was such a promising talent at quarterback, but for a host of reasons, just didn't make it happen.

Instead, we have new Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson, who this blogger's a big fan of. Jackson is an excellent teacher, who's focus on football basics is well-meshed with his understanding of the best passing attacks ever. Hue Jackson may be the best teacher of the passing game, other than Andy Reid in Philadelphia, Mike Martz at Chicago and the Colts Peyton Manning and Tom Moore, in the NFL. It's going to be exciting to see what Jackson does with new Raiders Quarterback Jason Campbell.

In Seattle, former USC Head Coach Pete Carroll steps onto the field to coach the Seattle Seahawks. Say what you will about Coach Carroll, he's a legend, and what he does in the NFL at every facet of the game will be studied.

Mike Martz in Chicago

What will Mike Martz do for the Chicago Bears, is the other question of interest to this blogger. Of late, Martz has become a bit lazy in scheme development. His shifting of the tight end and flanker from one side of the formation to the other is expected. The misdirection routes are nothing new, any more.

But that's to this blogger; will NFL defenses be ready for the routine at Martz level? And has Martz been able to end some of Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler's bad habits, like aiming his long passes to a spot, thus always overthrowing his receivers? We shall see.

NFL Media has provided a great press release of the action to look forward to, starting tonight:



(Here's the rest from the NFL..)



Everybody's playing!

All 32 NFL clubs will hit the field this week as the first full slate of NFL preseason action takes place, bookended by nationally televised games on ESPN on Thursday and Monday nights and five nationally televised games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on NFL Network.

"The preseason is an important time for us to evaluate players," says head coach SEAN PAYTON of the Super Bowl XLIV champion New Orleans Saints. "We have a lot of players that we need to see in live action, so number one is evaluation. The number two thing is that it’s the first chance we get to play a game against another opponent. That carries a lot of weight."

A look at a few of the matchups in Preseason Week 1:

NEW YORK GIANTS AT NEW YORK JETS (Monday, ESPN, 8:00 PM ET): New Meadowlands Stadium will host its first football game when the stadium's two tenants - the New York Giants and New York Jets - face one another on Monday night, August 16, on ESPN.

Covering 13.5 acres, the 82,500-seat stadium is the only current facility to house two NFL teams. It offers an impressive array of amenities, including four massive HD video display boards, wider concourses, a myriad of food and shopping options, and the closest seats to the action in the entire NFL. The exterior of the stadium bowl, comprised of louvers and lights, will have the capability to change colors to reflect the home teams’ colors on gameday.

"With this stadium, we think that those on the field, and in the stands, will have the greatest place to play and watch the game in the country," says Giants President and CEO JOHN MARA. "It will be an extraordinary facility with a stadium design that will reward our fans for their enthusiasm, support and loyalty."

"Every aspect of a Sunday at the stadium will be radically different before fans even step foot inside," says Jets Chairman and CEO WOODY JOHNSON. "Once at the stadium, fans will enjoy enhanced tailgating opportunities and a new plaza filled with activities for fans of all ages."

The Giants and Jets will meet for the 42nd consecutive preseason. Last season, the Jets, who advanced to the AFC Championship Game, defeated the Giants 27-25.

This year's contest will feature the New York debuts of several players from both teams, including the Jets' LA DAINIAN TOMLINSON, SANTONIO HOLMES, ANTONIO CROMARTIE and JASON TAYLOR and the Giants’ ANTREL ROLLE and KEITH BULLUCK.

"I always wanted to live in New York and have the opportunity to play on this wonderful stage," says Tomlinson. "Obviously, now I have the opportunity and I’m excited about it."

CAROLINA at BALTIMORE (Thursday, ESPN, 8:00 PM ET): ESPN’s preseason schedule will kick off on Thursday night, August 12, when the Baltimore Ravens host the Carolina Panthers in a contest featuring two teams that love to pound the ball on the ground.
Last year, the Panthers led the NFC and ranked third in the NFL averaging 156.1 rushing yards per game. Led by running backs JONATHAN STEWART (1,133 yards) and All - Star DE ANGELO WILLIAMS (1,117), the team became the first in NFL history with two 1,100-yard rushers in the same season.

"There are a lot of football teams in the National Football League that would love to have the luxury that we have," says Williams. "Having two guys puts pressure on defenses and keeps them from knowing what to expect. The ability to keep defenses on their heels is something everyone wants."

The Ravens, who finished 9-7 and advanced to the AFC Divisional Playoffs a year ago, have also enjoyed success using multiple running backs. In 2009, Pro Bowl running back RAY RICE rushed for a career-high 1,339 yards and WILLIS MC GAHEE led the club with 12 rushing touchdowns. Led by All-Star fullback LE’RON MC CLAIN’s blocking, the Ravens ranked fifth in the NFL with 137.5 rushing yards per game.

"Willis, Le'Ron and I are not identical runners," says Rice. "We can all do things but we're different. The more good guys you have, the better it is."

NEW ORLEANS at NEW ENGLAND (Thursday, 7:30 PM ET): The New Orleans Saints take the field for the first time as Super Bowl champions when they visit the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Thursday.
"Each year you always look to improve," says Payton about the upcoming 2010 season. "There are benchmarks you look to accomplish and certainly all of us want to win another Super Bowl title. Those are goals that you set. You set those for your team. You also recognize how difficult the challenge is, especially having gone through that experience in the playoffs and Super Bowl. The goal is always to win."

Success has been no stranger to the Patriots, who won the AFC East last year. The club has won 112 regular-season games since 2000, the second-most in the NFL, and leads the league with four Super Bowl berths and three Super Bowl championships in the past decade.

"The Patriots are one of the teams of the decade," says Saints quarterback DREW BREES. "They've won three Super Bowls and they've been to the playoffs just about every year. Some would say they're a dynasty. That’s the type of organization that we're aspiring to be. We want to be a championship contender every year."
BUFFALO AT WASHINGTON (Friday, NFL Network, 7:30 PM ET): Head coach MIKE SHANAHAN and quarterback DONOVAN MC NABB will make their Redskins debuts on Friday night when Washington hosts the Buffalo Bills at FedExField.

"I'm looking forward to getting started, that's for sure." says Shanahan. "After being here for over six months and putting a football team together, you've got the draft, you've got free agency, evaluating your own football team, you're always waiting for the season. And now it's time to go."

For Buffalo, it will mark the first game as a Bill for head coach CHAN GAILEY.

"He's won everywhere he's been, and there's a good chance he'll do it again," says Buffalo general manager BUDDY NIX of Gailey. "This guy is the guy to get us back to winning and get us where we want to go."


TAMPA BAY at MIAMI (Saturday, NFL Network, 7:00 PM ET): DT GERALD MC COY, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2010 draft, will see his first NFL action as part of the Bucs defense, facing off against a Miami offense led by QB CHAD HENNE and WR BRANDON MARSHALL, who was acquired via trade this offseason.

TENNESSEE at SEATTLE (Saturday, NFL Network, 10:00 PM ET): PETE CARROLL returns to the NFL sidelines as Seahawks head coach, hosting QB VINCE YOUNG and the Tennessee Titans, who won eight of their last 10 games to close out the 2009 season.

SAN FRANCISCO at INDIANAPOLIS (Sunday, NFL Network, 1:00 PM ET): MIKE SINGLETARY and JIM CALDWELL begin their sophomore seasons with their respective teams. Singletary's 49ers feature a talented defense including All - Star LB PATRICK WILLIS and rookie S TAYLOR MAYS, while four - time AP NFL MVP QB PEYTON MANNING begins his 13th season with the defending AFC champion Colts.

DENVER at CINCINNATI (Sunday, NFL Network, 7:00 PM ET): Broncos head coach JOSH
MC DANIELS will continue to evaluate his trio of young QBs as KYLE ORTON, BRADY QUINN and rookie TIM TEBOW battle for a starting job against the Bengals defense (fourth in the NFL in 2009).

Kings Inn Hotel San Diego The Waffle House Breakfast before Comic Con Day 2

All I can say is YUMM! I really enjoyed the Kings Inn Hotel San Diego, and The Waffle House Breakfast this blogger had before Comic Con Day 2.

Thanks to Kate, who worked as my waitress and actress for the video. Frankly, Kate's a ham; she only needed a little coaxing to do the video with this blogger.

If you're ever in San Diego, The Kings Inn Hotel San Diego is worth the stay just for the food at The Waffle Spot. Also make sure you have the Waffles Benedict.

And look out for Sir Wafflelot.

SF Transbay Terminal Ground Breaking marks new beginning

If you follow this space, you recall the long process of working to get a final design for the new San Francisco Transbay Terminal.

The old terminal, slated for demolition, was the hub of trains into San Francisco from the East Bay and using the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Bridge. Then, after trains gave way to cars and buses, it was the terminus of AC Transit Bus Service and San Mateo Transit Service for the East Bay and the North Bay. But with all of that, it had still fallen into a state of deterioration such that it became a blight in the South of Market area of downtown San Francisco.

After the establishment of the Redevelopment Plan in 2005 and a competition, a design created by Pelli Clarke Pelli emerged as the unanimous winner. Here's this blogger's video from the competition and the presentation in San Francisco City Hall in 2007:

Ground breaking marks new beginning

The plan is to take shape over the next seven years and be complete in 2017. I'm certain the vast majority of San Franciscans, let alone people in the Bay Area, have no idea what dramatic change is about to take place in what was once the place that was known as the unofficial parking and transit hub for SOMA's nightlife.

It will consist of a large, 1,000 ft skyscraper, 2,600 housing units, and a giant, elevated urban park unlike anything experienced in America. Indeed, the six-acre park is so large given where it's located, it's more like a much smaller version of Golden Gate Park, but for Downtown San Francisco.

The structure that supports the park will also serve to connect various forms of transit, including the planned extension of CalTrain from next to AT&T Park, and become - this space' prediction - the new place for Bay Area teenagers to hang out. (Try taking a cyber walk around to see what I mean.)

Grand Central Station

"Today, in breaking ground on the Transbay Transit Center, we are opening a new chapter in that history of progress," Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. "We are coming together to create jobs and revitalize our economy, and we are laying the first building blocks of a new 'Grand Central Station of the West.'"

Speaker Pelosi's right. The SF Transbay Terminal project will create 48,000 new jobs during its construction phase, but once finished, will transform Downtown San Francisco in a way that perhaps has not been fully considered.

"This is one of the most important and transformational public transportation projects in America. Once the dust has settled, San Francisco’s skyline will be transformed - as will transportation, housing, and employment choices for people across the Bay area and beyond," said United States Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Administration are proud to contribute to the first phase of this effort."

"This is a historic day for San Francisco and for the entire State," said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. "History will write that High-Speed Rail and a new engine for job creation and economic growth in California began today, with the groundbreaking of this project. It is a culmination of decades of planning to fulfill our City's vision of leading the nation as a transit - first City and a hub of a modern High - Speed Rail system."

Jamarcus Russell - former Oakland Raiders QB in court

Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell o...Image via Wikipedia
The sad story of Oakland Raiders 2007 NFL 1st Round Draft Pick Quarterback Jamarcus Russell continues. Jamarcus Russell appeared in court Wednesday, in Mobile, Alabama. According to WKRG via Pro Football Talk, a friend, Marcus Stevenson, tried to take the fall for Russell.

When he did that, Stevenson was arrested on a charge of possession of a controlled substance, as PFT reports. But the WKRG report is more interesting:

Stevenson, when questioned by prosecutors, said he and Russell had partied at clubs the night before and returned home around 7:00 am on July 5th. "We were still hanging out," said Stevenson, who told the judge that Russell took a woman to his bedroom when he went to sleep in the early hours of the morning. The woman was gone before police arrived that afternoon, according to the testimony.

If you're reading that, are you thinking perhaps the woman had something to do with the police bust? Also, it's obvious Jamarcus Russell was in a state of denial about his future, electing to party like a rock star after his ouster by the Oakland Raiders. News

Additionally, Jamarcus Russell seems to have talked one of his friends into taking the fall for him. Jamarcus Russell pleaded not guilty last month to one count of possession of a controlled substance.

And regarding his NFL and pro football career, Russell rejected an offer from the UFL to join a team in that league. Instead, another former Raider Jeff Garcia, will join the UFL.

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American Idol News - Jennifer Lopez out as judge, Asia'h Epperson in jail

In American Idol News, Jennifer Lopez, who was in the running, really a front-runner, to be a judge on American Idol, is out of the picture. According to The New York Daily News, J-Lo's demands became too much for The Fox Television Network to deal with.

And American Idol contestant Asia'h Epperson is in jail as this is written, for allegedly beating up a woman in a club in Hollywood called Colony Club. That's on the heels of Fantasia Barrino, the American Idol winner who suffered from an overdose on Monday.

Jennifer Lopez called Diva

Reportedly, Jennifer Lopez was being too much the bitch diva for Fox, so not wanting to deal with a formula that may have worked for the show, she was written off. A source told People Magazine Her demands got out of hand. Fox had just had enough."

What those "damands" were is not known, but it's too bad. J-Lo would have been fun to watch. But one thing's for sure, American Idol's still in a state of flux that should have sponsors very concerned.

Asia'h Epperson in jail

According to, which broke the story, Asia'h Epperson, who should spend more time on her blog as it showed promise, was the focus of a citizen's arrest at the club by the beating victim.

That's sad news because, in just reading her few blog posts about Google SERP, she's obviously really bright. Whatever happened, it's a sure bet alcohol was involved in it.

Jennifer Freeman - Earl Watson says My Wife and Kids wife bit him

Actress Jennifer Freeman who plays Claire Kyle in the ABC sitcom My Wife and Kids is accused of biting her husband, Indiana Pacers NBA Star Earl Watson, who first said he was going to file for divorce and seek custody of their 10-month-old daughter, but now has a change of heart and is going to try and work out their issues.

But that was after Earl Watson filed papers in LA County Superior Court.

Earl Watson reported, according to TMZ, that the 24-year-old My Wife and Kids star bit him in a rage after he tried to check her cell phone after she received a call at 11 PM. (Er, that reads like a booty call to this blogger.)

Watson said that Jennifer Freeman bit him at night on August 1st.

Jennifer Freeman and Earl Watson got married on May 17, 2009.