Monday, October 27, 2008

Ted Stevens Found Guilty of Fraud

CNN breaking news. Alaska Governor Ted Stevens found guilty of fraud.

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Brett Favre's family has a Blog Right here on Blogger

His Wife Deanna has a few things to say about the Nasty Media(which i assume is the NY Media as well as the Green Bay Media)


by TJ Rosenthal for Football Reporters Online

The Jets saved their season by pulling out a last minute win against what was on paper, an undermanned KC Chiefs team Sunday.  While former Jet and now Miami Dolphin signal caller Chad Pennington was throwing for 300 yards against the first place Bills, Favre was at times throwing science experiments into the air, just to see what would happen. What happened as a result was a game that was too close for comfort.  None of his three interceptions were as costly as the final one, that was returned 91 yards for a TD and a Chiefs 24-21 lead with under 8 to play. The Jets were driving and in the red zone, looking to go up two scores and essentially put the game away.

Instead the returned interception left the Jets with their backs against the wall, having to play come from behind at home against a 1-5 team without Larry Johnson and their two top QB's Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard. It was a game that for a major part of it, was controlled by the tempo of the Chiefs offense and third string QB Tyler Thigpen (25-36 280 yds 2 tds) whose outstanding game management trumped Favre's for much of yesterday.

This all until the final Jet drive. A 60 yard drive that ended in a Laverneus Coles TD with just over a minute to play. A drive where the Jets were focused and in control.  Now for the Jets to get to the post season, they'll have to stop playing down to the level of their opponents. Or as LB David Bowens said best after the win "We've got to respect everybody. It just seemed like we didn't give them any respect. I don't know if it was their record or what, but whatever it was we just came out flat..We didn't play  the way we practiced. We practiced hard all week." The Jets couldn't get it going in Oakland last week and didn't escape. They did the same thing at home yesterday and barely escaped.

Yet escape they did. To a 4-3 record and a chance to tie the Bills (5-2 and in a first place tie with the Patriots)  when they face them in Orchard Park next Sunday. A loss would have been devastating , emotionally and reaslistically. 3-4 after having come out of a soft part of the schedule would have been too much to overcome the rest of the way. So the Jets buy themselves more time. More time for Brett Fave to get acclimated. More time to find ways to incorporate Leon Washington, who broke away for a big TD out of the backfield, into the offense. More time for this defense to continue to gel as they have, especially against the run.
4-3 and only one game behind the Bills and Pats still leaves the Jets in position to make something of themselves. A franchise notorious for blowing the game BEFORE the big game fought off it's worst historic habit yesterday. They got the W. Now the story moves on to Buffalo.

Senator Jesse Jackson, Jr?

The Chicago Defender, one of the nation's oldest African American publications, posits that should Obama win the White House, IL Governor Blagojevich should appoint Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. as the successor to his Senate seat. Congressman Jackson has a sterling Congressional record and would, among other things, maintain an African American seat in the Senate. He has also worked tirelessly to get Senator Obama elected. For his part, Congressman Jackson says that it's too early to discuss such matters and continues to focus on the race to the White House. If this all goes down as we'd like, however, let's hope that Gov. Blagojevich listens to the Chicago Defender and Congressman Jackson gets a new office in the Senate building.

Joe the plumber endorses Obama!

Unbelievable? Well, I mean, he isn't really a plumber, if you talk license regulations 'n' stuff, and he doesn't actually even work for a plumber (if you judge by licenses, regulations 'n' stuff) but he's a handy guy to know if your toilet's leaking, right? After some research into taxes, health care, & things that matter to small businessmen? Joe the handyman who isn't really a plumber's voting for OBAMA.

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Obama Volunteer's Positive Experience in Nixa, MO - From Listserv

Obama Volunteer Sheree Williams reports from the Obama listserv..

I just got back from Missouri with the Obama Campaign. A group of about 100 people from Arkansas went down to rural Missouri to help Get out the Vote and Canvass for Barack and Joe.

It was the BEST experience I have EVER had in my life!!!! I was able to be a Deputy Field Organizer and Group leader this weekend.

The office in Nixa, MO said due to Arkansan's help we BROKE RECORDS and knocked on OVER 1,400 door in our area alone. There were OVER 3,000 Voluteers FROM 5 STATES went into the State of Missouri this weekend. LITERALLY TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOORS WERE KNOCKED ON.

It was great to work the town on Nixa that voted for Bush in 2004 by a margin of 70%- 30% Kerry and see SO many pro-Obama people. The people in Missour are FIRED UP AND READY TO GO!!! The local Nixa, MO residents were SO kind and welcoming.

They said due to us from Arkansas coming down to work that is also FIRED UP to local Missouri residents. They want us to come back again this weekend to help GOTV(Get out the Vote)!!! THe residents of Missour said if WE could come from Out of State to help TURN Missouri Blue, then THEY WILL WORK HARDER TOO!!!

I meet Nixa, MO residents that were previous republicans, young, older, workin familes and retired GM plant workers.

I am back to report PEOPLE in Missouri are looking for change and MISSOURI WILL GO BLUE IF WE KEEP WORKING HARD!!!!

The Van that I drove was FULL of Amazing people. Black, White, Young, Old, previous veterns, retired workers and college professors. We had a GREAT bonding experience as WE are ALL ready for Change!!!!


Sheree Williams, Little Rock, AR

OBAMA/BIDEN 08..............

McCain's History of Blow-Ups and Erratic Behavior

As we inch closer to election day, we’ve expanded on the many instances of Senator McCain’s erratic temper.

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How To Deal With The Police If You Get Pulled Over

Important info to know.

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Sources: SEC identifies "Steve Jobs heart attack" prankster

The SEC's investigation into a false rumor about Steve Jobs suffering a heart attack isn't over yet, but inside sources say that things are clearing up. The SEC has reportedly identified the person behind the rumor.

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Ex-Bush Official: We should talk to our enemies!

27 year career diplomat agrees with Senator Obama on need for diplomacy, including talking with our enemies.

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SF Proposition H - SF Clean Energy Gal Asks Why PG&E Opposes Clean Energy

Why does PG&E oppose clean energy and Proposition H in San Francisco?  The SF Clean Energy Gal asks that very question.  See the many guises of Mary, the Clean Energy Gal here and support Clean Energy in San Francisco.