Friday, May 09, 2008

Obama Camp: Problematic if or how to help w/ Hillary's debt

Will Obama pay Hillary's debt?

Many of Obama's grassroots and netroots backers appear to be somewhere between concerned and irate at the thought that the Obama for America campaign might step in to lend a hand to get Clinton out of a financial hole -- and out of the race...And further outraged that skunk Mark Penn would be standing in line with his hand out, as Clinton reportedly owes Penn a very large sum.

From the FEC:

According to an associate of mine who decided to call the FEC for the straight scoop asked their opinion of the situation. Here are the relevant facts, quote from the email I got earlier today:
"I just called the FEC to get some clarification. (Nothing like going to the source.)
  • Obama can only donate $2300 to Hillary's campaign. [Ed: Michelle Obama could, also, bringing the total to $4600 obviously]
  • He can donate money to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and they can donate money; that is limited to $5000.
  • The DNC can pay for a variety of things, such as commercials, out of hand expenses, but that is limited to the general election.
If Obama wants to help Hillary with her debts, he has to do it with a separate funding program."
Now I'll be the first to admit it's not carved in stone since it was a verbal exchange, but it seems to suggest there are some real limits to just how magnanimous Obama can be financially regardless of his willingness to make gestures in the pursuit of party unity.

Bill Clinton Argues With West Virginian Voter Over Health Care - Video

Well, here's Bill Clinton fighting again and this time with a West Virginia voter who turned out to be an Obama supporter and who dared take on the former President at a rally yesterday. Clinton always seems like he's itching for a fight in situations where his speech is interrupted by a heckler, and where Senator Obama just goes right on talking, Bill stops his entire speech to enter a confrontation.

I used to think this was part of some weird strategy but now I think it's just Bill being a meany. See, President Clinton's done a lot for a lot of people and so he has to -- to a degree -- run on his Presidency all over again and almost as if he's running for a third term. In his mind we should remember all that he has done and we should think of Senator Clinton as by extension to his administration. And more to the point, we all should be grateful.

But all are not. Well, it's not so much that as people do remember that Bill and Hillary didn't succeed in passing health care reform and then did kind of give up on it. But Bill's having none of that. Coupled with the face of losing to Senator Obama for the Presidential Race and a drying well of donors -- or more to the point, seeing his wife lose the race and money -- Bill had to lash out at someone. And so he did:

But it's not what they need at this time. Of course, as an Obama supporter myself I watch with glee, but also with some sadness because I thought Senator Clinton would make a great VP choice, but now I'm reconsidering. Not sold on Jim Webb - yet.

The End Is Approaching In The Democratic Race

The transformative and relentless race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton appears to be precipitously narrowing down as the Illinois Senator can finally see the goal he worked tirelessly to achieve turning into reality. Yes, the distinction of becoming the Democratic nominee will undoubtedly be Obama's as the waning weeks of this contentious fight between two highly qualified candidates is quickly ending

As superdelegates continue to flock to Obama and the prospect of winning for Clinton seems bleaker day after day, a firm resolution and closure can be peacefully brought to the Democratic race.

Voters from over forty states have thunderously asserted over the past five months that they are desperately seeking change and unity, and that their candidate to lead them into the future is Barack Obama. It's evident that he's about to be propelled from the goal line to the finish line, while Mrs. Clinton will have to wait and wonder how she butchered up her campaign and quite possibly her future political aspirations.

The Past V. The Future In The Democratic Party

From dangerously failed policies and brutal incompetence, to an immunity to tell the truth and work in the best interest of their constituents, members of Congress have eliminated the hopes and dreams that so many Americans tirelessly worked for.

Unfortunately, the junior Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, has been encapsulated in the failed policies of Washington as an individual who consistently touts her thirty years of experience (marginal at best), and unquestionably deserves to be labeled as the candidate of the past who's overwhelmingly out of touch with the values, opinions, and interests of everyday people.

How can she expect to run a White House when she can't even run her campaign? It's as if a baseball player in Triple AAA continuously batted below .200, but expected to perform exceedingly well once he was promoted to the major leagues. That's not how it works.

As the weeks before Mr. Obama is officially nominated, one component is evident. He's the future of the Democratic Party and the glistening ray of hope that will catapult to victory in the fall against Republican John McCain.

Obama: Proud to be an American

From the lakes of Minnesota
to the hills of Tennessee:

Obama is clearly a patriot who is putting the good of the country ahead of his own personal goals, an inspiring and visionary leader. His impact on our national dialog will last for years regardless of what office he holds. Set to music by Lee Greenwood, this is a stirring portrait of the Senator from Illinois.