Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Interview with Jets Rookie QB Kellen Clemens

The Interview with NY Jets QB Kellen Clemens
On the second full day of Jets training Camp we got to spend a few minutes
post practice with the Jets second round selection out of the university of Oregon.

FP: Kellen, thanks for taking a few minutes. I know it was hot out there and you probably want to get a shower and eat, so we won't keep you long.

KC: No problem. (smiles)

FP: So Kellen, right off the top, what's different about this experience so far, from your time in college?

KC: Well, the playbook, It's huge. Our playbook at Oregon was big, but there is so much more…(trails off)

FP: We spoke with writer Pat Kirwan at the draft, and he told a group of us that a scout he knew worked out the top ten QB's in this draft class, yourself included, and your workout was impressive. Not only were they impressed, but we were told you had the tightest spiral of any of the Qb's.

KC: All I can say to that is thanks for the compliment. I have been working on my throws since High School. Keeping them tight, that’s important

FP: I got to watch some tape on you myself both before and since the draft. What would you say were your strong points? And weaknesses?

KC: You mentioned my (Throwing the) ball, and my reads. I think I excel at reading the other team.

FP: Coach Mangini said this morning you have a great personality, but because your injury cut your season short last year, your learning curve is a bit steeper. Can you explain?

KC: Well, that's true. It's been a little harder then I thought, but I'm improving each day.

FP: How much help has Chad been to you? How much has he helped you?
KC: He's been a great help. I've been in his hip pocket too. Everything he has to say, I absorb like a sponge.

FP: Ok Kellen, thanks for giving us a few minutes

Generation Jets Fan Fest

Generation Jets Fan Fest-By Annrose Fumai-Chachkes

"What's that?" I asked my husband Bill as we parked the car at Hofstra University
for NY Jets Training Camp. "Oh that’s the Jets Fan Fest" he said. I waited for him to continue, because like most writers, Bill explains everything to death. But he didn't elaborate, so I pressed. " What's a FAN FEST" I wanted to know. He was more concerned with getting our media credentials, but he knew I wouldn't leave him alone, so he explained. "The Jets are trying to reach out to the younger fans and the families, so they set this street fair type of event up in that parking lot, to draw a wider variety of fans to the workouts. They have a Shop Tent, skill events for the Kids, and Bands playing, plus they give stuff away."

Now I was hooked. This was my first day working with Bill. I was in his football writer's world for the first time, but I wanted to know more about this Fan Fest.
"Do we need pictures of any of that?" I asked him as we walked past. "I guess a few shots of the Kids having fun wouldn't hurt" he said "but wait until after we get our tags."

Later on, we needed to kill some time before the actual practice began at 2 pm.
"We have an hour, can we walk over now?" "As long as we come back. I don't want to miss Curtis Martin." So we walked over and looked around. Everywhere people were having fun. Young kids, older kids, and their parents. "Now this is what a family sporting event should be," I said. Bill was back to being his pre-occupied self, answering all the trivia questions from the ESPN van, but under his breath. "Okay Snapshot, back to work, I need more photos."

Anyway, Find a Fan Fest for your favorite football team and go!

Jerry Porter, I Don't Care Who You Are, The Raiders Are A TEAM

Thank you Raiders Head Coach Art Shell. Thank you for bringing things just a touch back into focus. Thank you for returning to the sideline and showing some of these players that not every schmuck who's made a mint in the NFL thinks they write their own rules.

Jerry Porter is a talented wide receiver. He's big. He's fast. He has everything it takes to be star. But, he has never had 1000 yards receiving. He whined that Jon Gruden didn't give him a chance to shine and then merely flickered when Callahan and the Turner tried to ignite him. And now he wants a trade because has to work out with his stinking teammates. Well cry me a salty sweaty stinking river.

Art Shell and receivers coach Fred Belitnikof (ever heard of those guys? Yeah, me too) put their foot down. They told Porter that he could work out in the Raiders off season conditioning program. You know why? Because he's a starting wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders. You know, that team that pays a lot of money to work out everyday and play football? Everyone else on that team is buying in. They love the game, they love the tough love Shell has for the game. They know that if they want to win, following Shell leads to wins. If they love football, they don't need Shell to tell them that chemistry with your teammates starts off the field. It happens in the weight room. It happens on the practice fields when practice is over or hasn't begun.

Porter needs to get his priorities straight. He has the whole off season to chill in Florida. I'm curious, what would happen if I were to walk in to the office and tell my boss that I feel like I deserve to work from home even though all the other guys don't. I'd especially be curious as to her reaction if I said something like that after underperforming for four straight years.

Jerry Porter is up for grabs. The Raiders have set the price at two first round draft picks. They have also moved Doug Gabriel up the depth chart. The high price though, tells me they aren't really wanting to lose Porter. Not a team in the league is going to give up one number one for Porter let alone two of them. I just hope he comes to his senses.

Fidel Castro Steps Down; Puts Brother In Place

I'm not sure the celebration is with merit; Castro's not passed away, and his passing would not necessarily change the state of affairs in Cuba. Sorry to be a kill joy.

Mel Gibson - "Young Turks" Hold Good Conversation On Matter

The "Young Turks" hold a good conversation on the Mel Gibson matter...

Joseph Addai - Impresses Colts In Training Camp

Edgerin, who?


Joseph Addai impressed Colts personnel officials enough while in college to be the team’s first-round draft selection last April.

So far in camp, he has continued impressing.

On Monday, Addai -- a running back from Louisiana State University -- had a long run over the right sideline that was the highlight of the day. On Tuesday, Addai got open down the left sideline and caught a 20-yard out from Colts quarterback Peyton Manning

Indy Colts Suffer Heat Wave In Training Camp -


The heat has taken a toll on the Colts in the first two days of practice.

A few players have left practice because of heat, and there have been times the tempo has been a bit less than Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy might have liked.

Still, Dungy said Tuesday afternoon the first two days have been productive and that Training Camp 2006 is proceeding as planned.

"We got a little sloppy at the end with some fatigue, but all in all, it's been pretty good," Dungy said after a morning practice at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

The temperature reached the high 80s with a heat index near 100 in the morning, and reached 93 and 104 by mid-afternoon, when the Colts held a one-hour special teams only practice.

The Colts practiced in full pads Monday morning, then went in shorts and shells Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Dungy said the Colts follow a schedule during training camp that he has used for many years, with rest and recovery time already planned.

"We'll get them a chance to get their legs back a little bit," Dungy said, "but all in all, we had a good first two days."

In other Colts news Tuesday, safety Mike Doss missed practice with a calf strain and cornerback Kelvin Hayden missed after heat issues Monday.

"We just wanted to make sure he’s recovered," Dungy said.

Also, backup quarterback Jim Sorgi did not practice Tuesday and defensive tackle Montae Reagor missed with a knee injury.

"We're just trying to make sure we don’t overwork his arm,” Dungy said of Sorgi. "I think Jim's going to be fine."

Dungy said he didn't believe Reagor's injury to be serious, but that he might miss a day or two of practice.

Tom Brady - New England QB Back, But Deion Branch Is Still Out -

Brady's back, but the real story is Deion Branch. Ouch! $14,000 a day in fines? Deion Branch should tack the cost of each day he misses camp due to his poor contract to the level of increase he wants. It's only logical. Think about it. Really. The Patroits know he's unhappy with his level of pay, so why take more money away from him? That's stupid.

Brady back at Patriots camp after absence wire reports
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (Aug. 1, 2006) -- Tom Brady returned to the field Tuesday after missing three straight practices with the New England Patriots, but the team didn't say why the quarterback had been absent.

Brady participated in all four practices on Friday and Saturday, the first two days of camp, before sitting out Sunday's single session and both on Monday.

That left No. 2 quarterback Matt Cassel to play a bigger role. He is entering his second season after seeing little playing time at Southern California.

Deion Branch, Brady's top wide receiver, held out for a fifth day on Tuesday. He is in the final season of a five-year contract and wants a new deal. He is subject to a $14,000 fine for each day he misses camp.

Michael Vick's Reported Injury Is False According To

Two years ago, Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick tore his hamstring during a preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. On Tuesday, August 1st, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported a similar accident at this year's training camp, but says the AJC report is overblown. We have both articles here for you to read.


Vick sits with tweaked hamstring
QB might miss two practices after Tuesday injury

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 08/01/06

Flowery Branch -- Falcons quarterback Michael Vick suffered a mild right hamstring strain during Tuesday evening's practice and could be held out of Wednesday's workout and possibly Thursday's drills as a precaution, coach Jim Mora said.

"Mike tweaked his hammy a little," Mora said. "He told me when he was walking off that he felt it [pull] so he pulled up, so that was good. He didn't pull it all the way. This is the third training camp right in a row that he's tweaked his hammy a little bit but I don't think this one is significant at all.

"We'll obviously be careful with it."

Vick suffered the injury while scrambling during team drills. As he approached the sideline, he slowed down and grabbed his hamstring but did not to appear to be in pain.

He walked with a team trainer to an area behind the offensive huddle and was briefly examined by the medical staff. Moments later an ice pack was taped to the back of his right leg and he walked off the field unassisted to the training room during practice. He did not return.

Quarterbacks Matt Schaub, Bryan Randall and D.J. Shockley finished the offensive drills.

The scene was far different than when wide receiver Brian Finneran went down with a knee injury Sunday night, when there was a flurry of activity and widespread panic.

In a side note, shortly after Vick left the field, cornerback DeAngelo Hall pulled up on a play holding his right hamstring but he suffered a mild cramp and was walking around moments later.

Here's's corrective article:


We're hearing from some of our industry connections that the supposed injury suffered by Falcons quarterback Mike Vick is being grossly exaggerated by A. Scott Walton of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Walton reported that Vick injured his knee in a collision with a reserve tight end who had fallen off of his blocking assignment, that Vick was on the ground for a "five-count," and that after Vick got up he shook his head in "momentary dejection."

Said the source: "Vick got nudged, hit the ground, and sat there for maybe one second (five count my ass) and then got up. And he was shaking his head because he was pissed that his own guy ran into him. And the reason Matt [Schaub] took over was because they were rotating the quarterbacks."