Sunday, June 08, 2008

Be part of the solution: I was wise enough to never grow up while fooling most people into believing I had.

Do you know these names?
  • Bob Geldorf
  • Betty Williams
  • Peter Benenson
  • Nelson Mandela

I hope you recognize at least one from that list. In each case, their story is how one person who cares can matter immensely - how one person, moved to act, can change the world. The Nickelback video in this blog may help you understand. They get it.

The problem for Obama and his campaign staff

The primaries are done, and now the fight begins. Now, there is no choice, now he carries the hopes of all the people he met, and the burden of success rests on their shoulders. A special glimpse behind the scenes as Obama visited his campaign HQ on June 6th.Barack & Michelle celebrate: THE fist bump.

With 5 months to go, the heat is ON.

If there was ever any question what the "fierce urgency of now" meant to the staff, the answer is staring them in the face. They've got to make it possible for him to live up to his promises by securing his election. Watch the short video, and digg the story to help other people find it, too.

Michelle Obama's Shocking "Whitey" Video Released Today

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