Monday, March 17, 2008

No Florida Revote - CNN's Wolf Blitzer Insults Florida As Not Having Act Together

This is being explained as "breaking news" as I watch CNN's "The Situation Room". The Florida government and legislature has given up on the idea of having a revote. So the matter of any possible Clinton delegate gain from a Florida revote is officially gone from the Florida perspective.

The Chair of the Democratic Party in Florida said that even if the DNC paid for the revote, it could not be done. Wolf Blitzer just insulted Florida by stating they could not get their act together! The Florida Democratic Party said that it's up to the Obama and Clinton campaigns to settle the matter.

He's said it again, stating that he hopes Michigan can get it's act together.

Gov David Paterson's Swearing-In Speech

This is Governor David Patterson's rousing and historic speech given today after he was sworn in as the new Governor of New York. Patterson takes over for the resigned Eliot Spitzer; he's the first African American and Blind Governor in New York history. In the speech, he sited the problem of the meltdown of Bear Sterns as an economic challenge for New York.

Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor, George Ross, Visits Nassau Community College

From the tumultuous real estate market and negotiating techniques, to strategies for job success and the keys elements to Donald Trump’s entrepreneurial proficiency, George Ross, Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel for the Trump Organization, demonstrated his business prowess and expertise in front of over fifty eager students, professors and invited guests.

Moderated by AAA Spokesperson Robert Sinclair, the event seamlessly combined Mr. Ross’s business intellect and Mr. Sinclair’s outstanding communication skills.

Mr. Ross began the evening by cracking a multitude of jokes, including references to the Celebrity Apprentice and his interactions with Mr. Trump. Ross, senior legal and business advisor to Trump, stressed the importance of speaking to students and how strikingly different the current landscape is from when he grew up. ‘’I really enjoy the opportunity to meet college students. What you’re going through is a lot harder than what I went through. The world has gone up six knots in speed.’’

Mr. Ross placed the blame for the sub prime meltdown squarely on the ‘’greed’’ of hungry banks. Evidently, these individuals felt that it was permissible to take advantage of helpless homeowners and in the end provided them mortgages that they knew could never be paid. ’’Most people are completely ignorant and go somewhere where they feel completely comfortable,’’ said Ross. This, in reference to the fact that consumers went to banks where it was simple and easy, not where they had the most advantageous opportunity to restructure their plans. They trusted the experts in the industry and were severely betrayed.

Surprisingly, Ross asserted that the best negotiators are two-year olds. ‘’It takes time, effort and pre-planning, and if you do that then you’ll do good.’’ Since negotiation is ubiquitous and people are practicing all the time, there are no concrete rules to establish.

Mr. Ross illustrated that it’s essential in a conducive business environment to not become complacent and numb. In 1990, Mr. Trump was $990 million in debt, due in large part to banks providing him endless amounts of financing. Moreover, everything Mr. Trump touched towards the end of the 80’s turned into gold and financial institutions had the willingness and desire to offer him significantly more capital than needed. As a result of both parties foolhardy behavior, Trump was going through an arduous time period that would take years to resolve.

In addition, Mr. Ross, a real estate attorney for more than fifty years and a professor of negotiation at NYU for more than twenty years, was Trump’s first lawyer in New York. Although the budding business man possessed no experience or significant credentials at the age of 27 when he entered the field of real estate, he was equipped with tremendous enthusiasm, passion and persistence. These underlining characteristics instantly attracted Ross to the possibility of representing Trump throughout various real estate deals.

‘’Donald would try to teach me that white was black. When I got through it wasn’t black, it was dark gray. His key is both enthusiasm and perseverance. Also, he does not get into the nitty gritty. He delegates to the next person down the line,‘’ remarked Ross, advisor on the reality television show The Apprentice for several seasons.

The quintessential example of Mr. Trump’s visionary and transformative ideals was when he sought to purchase the Commodore Hotel from the Pennsylvania Railroad Station in an extremely innovative way. In an effort to revolutionize the run down hotel into a bright and prosperous place for guests to stay, he needed to borrow $80 million from the bank, receive the right of imminent domain from the state of New York, and convince the city that in a time of overwhelming pessimism in which hotel occupancy rates were under 30%, his bold idea would succeed and he could provide them the $15 million that they were owed by the Railroad Station. ’’The Donald’’ performed exceedingly well at mastering all these challenges and several years ago sold his share in the hotel for a sizable profit.

Ross equated Trump’s substantial success to the prime fact that he’ll ‘’do something no one else will do. He’ll do it bigger and better.’’ His overriding ability to see the opportunity and seize the opportunity has ultimately turned him into one of the most recognizable and trailblazing entrepreneurs of the 21st century.

In the case of Mr. Ross and Mr. Trump, they both learned very early on that in business being different makes all the difference in one’s attempt to turn their ideas into action.

LAPD Has A Great Police Officer

All I can say is thank God there are cops like this man who represents the Los Angeles Police Department, and is just explaining to the protesters how to issue dissent and enjoy it. He aso reminds us that we're in the greatest country on Earth.

Here's the video:

Florida Lawmakers To Sue DNC Over Florida Primary

The Florida Primary is proving to be a thorn in the side of the Democratic National Committee, which now has to deal with a lawsuit from Florida lawmakers over the matter of the DNC's blocking of seating their delegates because the primary was held on the 29th of January, earlier than party rules pemitted.

I still think the best way is to just split them 50-50. As it stands now, there's so much time - consuming back and forth talk that by the point an agreement is reached on a revote, it will be too late to have a DNC-backed revote.

Ronald Kessler and NY Times Big Obama Pastor Lie

Ronald Kessler's the person behind an example of the most irresponsible example of journalism ever seen. In a Newsmax article, Kessler claimed that Senator Barack Obama was "in the pews" for a "hate America" sermon, but in point of fact, at 1:30 PM EST and 12:30 PM CST Senator Obama was in Miami speaking at the National LaRaza event.

For Senator Obama to make the speech, he would have to leave Chicago at 7 AM CST, making it physically impossible for Obama to be there.

Kessler's been hammered with contrary evidence to his story. But what's his response? Get this one he sent to one Obama supporter:

"Obama did speak to this group at 1:30 p,.m. in Miami on July 22, but with a chartered jet, he had plenty of time to attend church in the morning or later in the day in Chicago and give the speech in Miami. "

In other words, Kessler has no proof, just a guess at what he wants to think Obama did. That's not the basis for a story at all. Then it gets worse and here's where Kessler's caught in a lie. He starts to speculate about time, and states that Obama could have made a 7:30 AM service, which means Kessler has no evidence and is just writing a smear article, which is not responsible.

The problem is that The New York Times has reported Kessler's story and so has made yet another error of credibility.

Falcons DeAngelo Hall May Become Oakland Raider

Personally, I think this move's a sign of the fall of the Atlanta Falcons. DeAngelo Hall may have been hot-headed at points, but his talent was unmistakable. I also think DHall was frustrated with the totally inept way the team was being ran under Bobby Petrino.

Now it seems the Falcons are willing to part with a second round pick for Hall. What Atlanta will do without Hall remains to be seen, but I think they may have been swayed by some of Hall's poor performances in 2008. Yes, he's a great cornerback, but it seemed that his head wasn't in the game and he may have been trying to do everything he could to get Petrino out of there without, you know, getting him out of there.

Still a bad and organizationally immature move.

SF 49ers Release Darrell Jackson After Not Employing Him Properly

The San Francisco 49ers went out and got Darrell Jackson as a free agent from the Seattle Seahawks and with much promise. Jackson is a great possession receiver with great run-after-the-catch speed. He's not going to get past you much but he can do damage and the Seahawks knew this.

The 49ers did not.

The 49ers tried to send Jackson deep and running deep patterns and fly patterns is not what Jackson does well.

Now he's gone.

NewsMax Racist Obama Smear Campaign Misses Mark

NewsMax is an off-the-wall, stupid, fly-by-night, third-rate web-based operation that fakes news stories.

This one regarding Barack Obama is one good example. Apparently bent on using race and racism to form a story, they fraudulently report that Senator Obama was at Trinity Church to hear a "hate America" sermon supposedly given by Pastor Jeremiah Wright.

In point of fact, Ronald Kessler wrote a story that's an outright lie and calls into question their ethics as a publication and his as well. Senator Obama was here on that day, at The National Council of La Raza event.

This is the most irresponsible example of journalism I've ever seen. Barack spoke at 1:30 PM at this event, and at that time it was 12:30 CST. A flight from Chicago to Miami is about 3 hours and that does not include to and from travel time, so we're looking at 5 hours, making it impossible for Ronald's story to occur as Obama would have to leave at 7 AM CST.

Plus, the Trinity Church website reports that:

Anthony Burnette, Jr. gave the 7:30 am service
Otis B. Moss III gave the 11:00am service
Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. gave the 6:00pm service

So Pastor Wright didn't even speak that morning.

Obama was the featured speaker on July 22nd 2007 and not "in the pews" as Kessler put it, and this schedule and video shows it:

Sunday, July 22
11:00 a.m. LATINAS BRUNCH, Una Charla Con Hillary – Hall B
Welcome: Governor Charlie Crist (R-FL)
Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL)
Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY)
Interview led by Monica Lozano, Publisher and CEO, La OpiniĆ³n
1:30 p.m. SPECIAL FORUM: Foro Del Pueblo Con Sen. Obama – Room D128-129
Featured Speaker: Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)
3:30 p.m. Town Hall: Innovative Public-Private Partnerships To Reduce Obesity Among Latinos, presented by the Office of Minority Health – Room B214-218
Moderator: Jackie Guerra, Comedienne/Actress/Author
Dr. Garth N. Graham M.D., M.P.H., Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health, Office of Minority Health, Department of Health and Human Services
Dra. Isabel Gomez-Bassols, Univision Radio
John Govea, JD, MPA, Senior Program Officer, Childhood Obesity Team, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
8:00 p.m. Noche de Concierto – Knight Concert Hall, Carnival Center for the Performing Arts
Luis Fonsi
Fanny Lu
Mariachi Campanas de America

With 70 Percent In Penn and 60 Percent In Rest, Clinton Sill Loses To Obama

That's right. I just used Slates Delegate Counter to see what would happen to the delegate count assuming no revote in Florida and Michigan and Hillary Clinton winning Pennsylvania by 70 percent and all other states by 60 percent. This is what I found:

Barack Obama: 1,610
Hillary Clinton: 1,599

Barack Obama would still have more pledged delegates. Thus, it's impossible for Senator Clinton to catch Senator Obama, and improbable that she would have the kind of performance you're seeing here.

She's in trouble with zero margin for error.