Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Draeger Construction Set to Help Haiti

Draeger Construction is going on a big push to let everyone know it's involved in Haiti.  The earthquake damaged country has a problem in that many of its buildings were far less than quake safe.  

Now, faced with what could be the largest private construction project in the World, Haiti needs to remake its country.  That's where Draeger Construction comes in.  

Draeger Construction is a San Francisco Bay Area builder.  The SF Bay Area is one of the World's most active quake zones.   What Draeger Construction will do, with the introduction of something called "The Freedom Builders Initiative" is announce their interest in rebuilding Haiti where they've already been involved for years.

More on Draeger Construction's new Haiti "FBI" effort soon.

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ESPN robs Cal Football on National Signing Day with sloppy work

According to, The University of California had the 11th best recruiting class in America on National Signing Day, but to read ESPN, you'd think Cal did totally nothing.

There's no mention of the switch Keenan Allen, the nation's best defensive back, made from Alabama to Cal. But what's weird about ESPN's post rankinga by Tom Luginbill is that he states "One way to climb in the ranking is to surprisingly land an impact player."

Keenan Allen is just that, which makes ESPN's work on National Signing Day questionable at best. Or maybe just does a better job of giving justifiable data on players signed by colleges.

And they don't make mistakes. Keenan Allen's ranked as the best DB in the USA but ESPN reports Cal did not sign a five-star player. Keenan Allen is just that.

This is an outrage. Rankings on signing day are the way America knows how well college football programs are doing. They help command alumni donor dollars and sell season tickets. What ESPN did was borderline criminal. I wonder if ESPN's Tom Luginbill is punishing Allen and Cal because Allen snubbed Alabama? And if that's the case, why does Luginbill care?

Keenan Allen is a five-star player. and say so; ESPN has no reason to go against them and others and should explain its answers. ESPN has the bigger broadcasting reach so it should handle National Signing Day more responsibly.

This must be explained.

Stay tuned.

Demar Dorsey, snubs Florida State for Michigan on signing day

Star high school players Demar Dorsey and Christian Green go to Michigan and to Florida State on National Signing Day, pushing Florida State to the rank of best recruiting class in the country while being snubbed at the same time.

Coming off a season which saw the loss of legendary Head Coach Bobby Bowden to retirement, Florida State came back strong with Demar Dorsey and Christian Green, but then Dorsey switched today. Demar Dorsey is a Miami Boyd Anderson star defensive back who decided he was more comfortable away from home. But I think there's something more to this unprecedented wave of big school snubs that I will explore later.

Christian Green was penciled in at Georgia, but then dropped the Dawgs for Florida State. And Georgia feels like it's being picked clean: Da'Rick Rogers dumped them for Tennessee and DB Nickell Robey was reportedly headed to USC.

More on this crazy National Signing Day. Stay tuned.

Cal's Tosh Lupoi credited with getting Keenan Allen to Cal from Alabama

Ask how the University of California managed to get the nation's best defensive back Keenan Allen to commit to Cal, when as recently as at the Shrine Game Allen was all set to go to Alabama, and ESPN will point to Tosh Lupoi.

Tosh Lupoi (BearInsider photo)

Lupoi's Cal's second year defensive coach and 2005 Cal graduate, is considered an ace recruiter and has the numbers to prove it. Lupoi's landed six commitments, two of them, including Allen, are five-star players. (The other was defensive end Chris Martin in 2009 who put down Notre Dame for Cal.).

In addition to Allen, Lupoi basically mined the state of North Carolina. Cal landed QB Zach Maynard, Keenan Allen , and Linebacker Chris McCain. All from Greensboro, NC.

As I write this, Coach Tedford's holding his press conference, which you can view live here:

National Signing Day: Cal Football gets Keenan Allen, best defensive back in USA.

Not to be outdone by its San Francisco Bay Area NCAA college football rivals The Stanford Cardinal, the University of California has formed what calls the 11th best recruiting class in America and got the best defensive back in the country.

The star of the class is Keenan Allen, a 6-3 195 lbs defensive back from Greensboro, NC. He' considered the best defensive back in America by and is the fifth best player in the country. Allen runs a 4.56 40 and is described as a tall, rangy athlete with the moves of a jungle cat.

Keenan Allen dropped the Alabama Crimson Tide to sign with Cal. Here' a video on Allen:

More soon on Allen's jump from Alabama to Cal.

National Signing Day 2010: Stanford lands 4th best QB in Nottingham

National Signing Day 2010: the Stanford Cardinal lands the 4th best high school QB in America in Brett Nottingham. In doing so, The Cardinal is in the same conversation as BYU, Alabama, and Texas, all of which secured the top three quarterbacks in the U.S.A according to

Brett Nottingham

Fresh off a 2009 season that saw the Cardinal go to its first bowl game since 2001 and present a Heisman Trophy runner-up in Running Back Toby Gerhart, Stanford is poised to have its best recruiting class in years.

Brett Nottingham is 6-4, 210 lbs and is a local-to-Stanford San Francisco Bay Area product from Monte Vista High School in Danville, CA. Barry Every of compares him to Tim Tebow in size and build. (Let's hope he doesn't cry after big bowl losses!)

Here's a video view of Stanford's newest QB:

Stay tuned.

Will Comcast fire NBC's Jeff Zucker? Ad execs hope so

The word on the street, according to Nikke Finke, is that Comcast will fire NBC NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker "within minutes" of Federal approval of the Comcast takeover of NBC.

That news could not come sooner for advertising executives, who are still really in a snit over Zucker's decision to green-light the failed Jay Leno Show, and the awful way Zucker handled Leno and Conan O'Brien.

On AdAge, the ad industry news publication, negative articles about Zucker are common, the most recent one calling for President Barack Obama to fire Jeff Zucker. And this article has bite:

...the man who engineered this fiasco and the general demise of NBC, Jeff Zucker (president and CEO of NBC Universal), still, bizarrely, has his job. In fact, he doesn't even really seem to fully grasp that he's at fault. When the New York Times, in a page-one, above-the-fold story, declared that "the network is in shambles" and that its "overall finances are crumbling" (from $1 billion in profit less than a decade ago, to a projected $100 million loss this year), Zucker offered the paper this defense: "We live in a society today that loves a soap opera. Three months ago it was David Letterman. Six weeks ago it was Tiger Wood's problems. Today it's NBC's problems."
Um, sure, Jeff. Tell yourself that. All of us who think you're blindingly incompetent, and have been for years, are just serial bitches and bullies who pick our targets for sport. It's merely NBC's turn, is all; this, too, will pass. Suuuure.

Ad execs blame Jeff Zucker for what they refer to as the "destruction of NBC" and most important what they see as the terrible Jay Leno Show. When it was announced that NBC would move Leno back to his old place, AdAge reported that anyone would be better than Jay Leno at 10 PM.


And MediaLife doesn't pull any punishes either. In a blog post that is a view of NBC from an ad buyer's perspective, Louisa Ada Seltzer writes:

The pain NBC has suffered through its mismanagement of the entire mess will remain a scar on the brand, and in the end it's really accomplished nothing in the way of fixing its primetime problem by moving Leno from the 10 p.m. timeslot, where his weeknight strip had done so poorly.

The post is followed by an unflattering survey and quotes of media buyers telling Zucker to resign or calling him an idiot, and all for his bungling of the Jay Leno Show.

But in fairness, all of this is happening in the storm of a terrible, and just recovering, economy which has been weak for two years. Zucker's actions would have been judged critically in a good economy, but in a bad one, they look like career suicide.

Stay tuned.

Oscar Nominations: Hitler's pissed off about Star Trek

Oscar Nominations: Hitler's pissed off about Star Trek.

Star Trek, Director J.J. Abrams widely acclaimed "reboot" of the popular television and movie science fiction series, was widely expected to be one of ten Oscar "Best Picture" nominees. Instead it was snubbed for the competition, causing a loud, Worldwide outcry from Star Trek fans. The movie was marketed as "Best Picture Material."

Still, it didn't win. Avatar, Hurt Locker, District 9, and the surprise entry, The Blind Side, were named to compete for Oscar, Best Picture.

What happened and why Star Trek didn't get a nominations is anyone's best guess. But one thing is clear: Hitler's not happy. Just as he was unhappy about a number of life's happenings, lets just say he was more than a little worked up about Star Trek's miscue:

Stay tuned.