Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bloomberg Introduces Obama's Economic Speech

So, the dark horse in the 2008 campaign seems to have hitched his fortune's to Obama's momentum - what will it spell in the long run? Is the NYC Mayor now ahead in the VeePstakes? Granted that other luminaries endorsed and commented on the Obama positions, it was Michael Bloomberg there on the podium at Cooper Union. The Senator's entire presentation is available via his web site. This surely comes at a time when voters are worried about the growing storm of foreclosures on main street while troubled about the administrations evident focus on helping out those on Wall St.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign has accused the Obama folks of keeping the Theft of Valor story of her not exactly dodging sniper fire in Tuzla in the news to distract people from the "Wright scandal." Now I know Bill didn't inhale, but what of Hillary's staff? After all, the more people learn about Jeremiah Wright the better it has worked for Obama! The latest polls, taken before the rebukes from military vets would have had much if any negative impact on Clinton's numbers show Obama bouncing back nicely from a slight dip, and the interpretation is that Wright won't be a negative factor while the Tuzla story, which has been lively on the web for 24-48 hours, is still gaining traction in the traditional media and hasn't yet been reflected in polling data.

Is the Clinton campaign hoping that they can resuscitate the Wright story to eclipse the sequence of increasingly tall tales the Senator spun about the risk of sniper fire, or simply mis-speaking yet again? Are the Clinton's Bosnian Chickens coming home to roost?

Sarah Lacy Is A Cool-Ass Chick At Valleywag Happy Hour

Sarah Lacy Is A Cool-Ass Chick At Valleywag Happy Hour

If you read my blog on a regular basis, or if you read Valleywag, or if you attended the Facebook SXSW event, or all of the above, then you've probably heard of Sarah Lacy. You've also undoubtedly formed an opinion about Ms. Lacy without meeting her; a common habit in today's media-driven culture. But you've also certainly not met Sarah Lacy.

Well, I did, and she's one cool chick.

For some background, Sarah Lacy's the person who interviewed Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook at SXSW and got panned for what some said was a "softball" set of questions. Sarah took the entire event in stride.

As a seasoned writer for Businessweek and a tech-finance video reporter for Yahoo!, Sarah's used to mean comments and controversy. She even tossed water on TechCrunch's Michael Arrington. (No kidding.) But you never know who a person really is until you meet them and talk with them, and listen, and get a feel for who they are -- not the whole deal, mind you but a good part of it.

I met Sarah at Owen Thomas' Valleywag Happy Hour event last Friday at what is called, but is soon not to be referred to as, Moose's in Washington Square in San Franciscos' North Beach. Sarah, my friend and business colleague Paula Storti, and I enjoyed oysters, tea (for me), and cocktails and just talked about whatever came up.

That's off the record.

But I can report that Sarah Lacy's fun, smart, opinionated, interesting, and just plain cool.

So the next time you tech-heads go off on her, consider that it may be because she's cooler than you are and you just can't admit it.