Monday, October 01, 2007

Barack Obama Rally and Hillary Clinton Rally In Oakland

Sunday September 30th 2007 was a day that featured an event I seriously doubt will ever be replayed in my lifetime, or yours. On a day where Senator and Presidential Candidate Hilliary Clinton was expected to be the host of a rally in Downtown Oakland, California, local and state organizers with the Obama for America campaign held a rally of their own to open the new Northern California field office. An office located not just in Downtown Oakland, but only two blocks from where Senator Clinton was to speak.

The Obama people blocked off a one-block stretch of land between 14th and Broadway and 14th and Franklin, and erected a stage for bands, then opened the doors of their new Oakland home at 436 14th Street, Suite 305.

For a time, it seemed as if there were more Obama supporters than Clinton supporters, and that was because there were. As time went on, many of the estimated 5,000 people that came to hear Senator Clinton seemed to be causal attendees.

Each one of which was greeted by the smiles and waving signs of Obama supporters. It was a total circus that was a peaceful, fun Democratic Party fest, where everyone was actually quite happy to see the friendly competition for attention – from people and the media.

What this says about politics today is simple: people are energized and will turn out to vote in large numbers. What's striking about today's event was how excited people were to be involved and to debate and talk about issues. In the video that comes with this, the opinions expressed are not of the minority. There was no one unhappy with the proceedings, there were no fights of any note, and you'd have to be a proctologist to find any.

This is certainly the most exciting Presidential race I've seen, and it's good for the City of Oakland to have another day in the spotlight during this contest. Moreover, it showed the best of the Obama campaign in how they conducted themselves, as they outnumbered the Clinton die-hards and could have been rude and nasty, but were anything but.

At the end of the video, a Clinton volunteer said she wanted to see both Obama and Clinton on the ticket. I agree. I think everyone wants to see that, judging from today's events.