Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recalling an excellent salmon salad at the Capital Grill across Broadway and 1/2 down 50th from Radio City in NYC
Recalling an excellent salmon salad at the Capital Grill across Broadway and 1/2 down 50th from Radio City in NYC

What the NFL and the Homeless Have in Common

doc gurley, health journalism, health reporting, traumatic brain injuryWith a traumatic brain injury, as can happen in the NFL, you feel yourself slipping away. You can't remember things that used to come easily, things like how to find the grocery store - acts and details that live, mocking, at the edges of your thoughts, just outside your grasp.

You know there's something wrong, but you have a sense that it's all your fault. Rage bubbles and pops to the surface, the only emotion that seems to escape the thick stew of depression that dulls your days.

You make lists and lists, trying to get your life under control. But two days later, you stare at pieces of paper, trying to remember what the scribble meant, which thing it is that you were supposed to do next.

Chronic pain is there all the time, and you try to plan and wait and be patient and stick with a process, but then you find yourself sitting, head in hands, unable to remember what's next. All you know is that something's wrong. And the rage squirms and writhes, trying to bubble up again.

The behavioral changes and impaired functioning caused by post-traumatic brain injury aren't poignant science fiction. They're real.

Traumatic brain injury, especially from repeated concussions, has become a pivotal topic in sport, particularly in the National Football League. Watching a game on TV, it used to be easy to scoff at the concept, as you watched players collide a million times and heard the dull thud of plastic against muscle, bone against bone. You've seen players get up and walk it off. How could it be life-damaging? And even if it is, didn't they kind of ask for it?

Background red color represents the proportion of homeless people by supervisory district in San Francisco. Individual dots represent reported assaults to SFPD during three weeks, April to May, 2011.


Disclaimer: Identifiable patients mentioned in this post were not served by R. Jan Gurley in her capacity as a physician at the San Francisco Department of Public Health, nor were they encountered through her position there. The views and opinions expressed by R. Jan Gurley are her own and do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the City and County of San Francisco; nor does mention of the San Francisco Department of Public Health imply its endorsement.

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Google I/O More Than Just Updates: Special Samsung Tablet Given

Google I/O is in its second day, of three days of events at San Francisco's Moscone Center, and surrounding Google's interest in bringing together developers to create the "next web."

The agenda consists of some interesting "breakout sessions," like "Best Practices for Accessing Google APIs on Android," "HTML5 Showcase for Web Developers: The Wow and the How," "ClientLogin #FAIL," and one going on now, and on live online "Don’t just build a mobile app. Build a business," by Wayne Pan, a former AdMob engineer, now Front-End Lead for Mobile Display Advertising at Google.

In it, Mr. Pan talks about how to "business on mobile apps so you can quit your day job." In the live stream, he talks about cross-promoting apps, and even how to calculate expected ad revenue from an app. Here's Mr. Pan, live:

The event is one that was not expensive to attend, considering the wealth of information, with prices as low as $150. Plus, attendees got something of expense as swag they couldn't buy: a Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Here's Morodroidlife to show what you and I missed getting:

Google also has these widely-reported news items about the growth of Android in just two and a half years:

100 million activated Android devices
400,000 new Android devices activated every day
200,000 free and paid applications available in Android Market
4.5 billion applications installed from Android Market

Stay tuned for more from Google I/O and a focus on Google Music.

Bay To Breakers - 100th Zazzle Bay To Breakers This Sunday In SF

The 100th running of what is now called The Zazzle Bay To Breakers is this Sunday. And if you're wondering what all the fuss is about, the Bay To Breakers started as something called the Cross-City Race, and to lift San Francisco's spirits in the wake of the 1906 Earthquake.

Now, 100 years later, it's become San Francisco's largest party not connected to a holiday. This year, the event set an online registration record with 50,000 registrants, and the last 20 of them signed up while this blogger was making this video of the office and an interview with Bay to Breakers Director Angela Fang:

On top of the 50,000 officially registered runners, expect another 50,000 people at various spots along the course, and some running or walking it too. And look for the costumed participants, from the Elvis look-alikes to President Obama, and of course folks in just their birthday suits. The Bay To Breakers is never a dull moment.

Bay To Breakers Week Specials

As this is the week of the Bay To Breakers, a number of events are planned for this special series of days leading up to the Zazzle-sponsored run. According to the Bay To Breakers website, the happenings are as follows:

The 2nd Anniversary Bay to Breakers throwdown called "Damn Gina! It's at The Ambassador and features $2 Drink Specials and $125 Bottle Service, with Guest DJ Niros, DJ Fox and Kool Karlo. The Ambassador is at 673 Geary St in San Francisco.

The Beauty Bar has new wave, no wave, and "other oddities." The establishment also has Bay To Breakers drink specials. The Beauty Bar is at 2299 Mission Street in San Francisco.

Club Trigger at 2344 Market Street has Ladies Night.

Mission Mini, at 3168 22nd Street, has a special Bay to Breakers cupcake all week.

El Burrito Express has the ZOMG Cinco Burrito, that comes with chips and salsa, for $5 all week at 1601 Taraval Street.

Transportation To The Bay To Breakers

BART and MUNI announced expanded Sunday service for the Bay to Breakers. BART is opening at 5 AM because Bay to Breakers has an earlier start time of 7 AM, not 8 AM as in years past.

CalTrain will have four express trains, departing at 5 AM. NBC Bay Area explains that "The Special A train will depart the Mountain View Caltrain station at 5:10 a.m. The Special B train will depart San Jose's Diridon station at 5:20 a.m. The Special C train will depart San Jose's Diridon station at 5:25 a.m. The Special D will depart at 5:30 a.m."

Stay tuned for more details.

Jerald D. Kittle and 30 million Americans WANT TO WORK

In spite of the GOP lies spread daily to disparage the chronically unemployed in America, Jerald D. Kittle and 30 million Americans WANT TO WORK.

I received this message on my Facebook page today with the request I publish this JOB WANTED ad on behalf of Mr. Kittle. I thought it was worth a shot and thus:

I am Jerald D. Kittle And I Want TO WORK! I have a "Whatever It Takes" Attitude. I have that Drive that make others say:“what’s with this guy He just wont slow down!”
Load Trucks? I'll Do It! Sweep Floors? I'll Do It! Come in Early And Stay until The JOB Is DONE no matter how long It takes? I WILL DO IT! I am A State Certified Forklift Operator With 6 Years Experience. I have over 20 years Experience in Warehouse and Manufacturing Operations from Military Contracted Facilities to Green House and Plants experience. You Got it? I can Move it, stack it, load it, unload it - What Ever It Takes To Get The Job Done! What Are YOU Waiting for? Call Today!
If you have a job for Jerald D. Kittle please message him on his Facebook page.

With reaching the end of my 6 months sponsorship by a generous benefactor - who helped keep Paladinette afloat to continue my Job Zealot activities for the past 6 months (while I continued in vain a futile job search in the Job Desert of California), I too have need of a paying job and have decided to post my abbreviated resume here:

Cover Letter: Attached is my resume, covering my employment objectives and includes a review of my recent experience.

In this difficult economy, I have found myself unemployed longer than I have ever been in my entire life. I have spent months on end searching for work and fighting for the unemployed in America. During this time, I have kept my computer skills sharp and supported myself through various blog jobs on the internet, as my 401K savings dwindled.

In the past 2 years, I have connected with fellow unemployed Americans across the US to form a lobbyist group called the 99ers, was able to get 2 letters hand delivered to President Obama, started my own Blog Talk Radio show, created my own website (which has nearly 500,000 hits in less than 4 months time), bring the cause of the long term unemployed major media attention on 5 networks and force Congress to create several pieces of legislation to assist the unemployed at this difficult time in our country.

Unfortunately, most of the above are unpaid endeavors. However, if I was able to accomplish all the above from my home computer, (still looking for work 40+ hours per week) without the incentive of payment, just imagine what I could do for you.

Thank you, in advance for considering my qualifications.
Objective: Looking for immediate employment with an organization where I can contribute my skills and talents to your overall success and prosperity.

✪ Proficient in computers and operation of office software

✪ Fast learner who needs little supervision

✪ Dependable, hardworking individual possessing a strong work ethic

✪ Flexible as to hours and days required of the position

20+ years of work experience of various sorts including: professional commercial driver, customer service, detailed records auditing, office operations, financial management, and legal compliance along with Managerial & Supervisory experience

✪ Productivity oriented and self motivated multi-tasking high energy employee who takes pride in a job well done

✪ Excellent addition to any team and great independent worker as well

Recent Work Experience:

2009 through present: Paid political blogger/Activist Published expert on Unemployment issues in the USA.

San Diego Unemployment Examiner for Examiner.com

Blogger for Zennie62.com

Host of my own BlogTalkRadio show Jobless Talk

Creator/administrator of Jobless Unite website: http://joblessunite.yolasite.com

2008: Full time Hospice Nurse fro my Dad until his death

2002 - 2007: Working in the sub prime mortgage industry as a Loan Processor, Data, Legal Compliance and Operations Specialist until the recent collapse of that profession. Writing technical specs for legal compliance issues, data base failures and numerous special projects.

1999 - 2002: Working in the temp employment industry for various agencies helping meet the short term labor needs of several companies. Jobs for employers like Calaway Golf, Cox Cable, Webtrend Graphics, UPS, Penny Saver, Gateway Computers, Sony and Morgan-Chase to name a few.

Prior to 1999, I spent 6 years in the Auto Industry specializing in Fleet Sales & Leasing, winning several county wide awards for performance and sales excellence! Other work experience includes call center, merchandising, bookkeeping, cash register, coking & food service, construction, manufacturing and fiber optic applications.

Recently published an e-book: - My Miracle #Migraine Cure
Looking forward to discussing what I can do for you and your company.

[If you like what I write please donate so I can keep on fighting for the 99ers! Thank You!]

SPome Things And Other Things: The Post NFL Draft Edition

Some Things and Other Things: The “Post Draft Hangover” edition
By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Executive Editor-Football Reporters Online/Pro Football NYC
(Photos By A.F. Chachkes for Football Reporters)

This years’ NFL Draft was so different from the 26 others I have covered because of the continued presence of the labor dispute between the owners and the players. Nowhere was it more present then on the first night of the Draft when most of the fans in the balconies booed Mr. Goodell , and chanted “We want Football” at the top of their lungs for over 5 minutes…

That made for a very unusual draft the rest of the way, which we will chronicle in an upcoming 2 or 3 part series, now that we have had time to “digest” it all (and get our main computer back and get all of our media loaded onto it from our laptops).

Some of the notable and not so notable news the last two weeks ….

The Lockout was lifted, and then re-instated in a little over 1 day’s time. This probably marred this draft for all of history as ”the Lockout Draft.” I’d like to sit here and type this, telling you in three months that it won’t matter, but now that the courts are deeply involved, I can’t tell you where this is going or for how long.

If nothing else, the NFLPA is winning the social media war. They have engaged the public just about every day since late last year, and their “Rookie Debut” party was broadcast live over their “You Tube” Channel. Try telling the NFL Network they have to make room for three guys with a Few Microphones, a 4 channel Mixer and an HD camera.

One commentator with ties to the league was rumored to have been calling around to college coaches telling them to tell their players “if you go to any of the NFLPA events it will hurt your Draft status.” Well Rahim Moore of UCLA was in a Presser with us Friday Morning and he was still drafted by Denver in the second round Friday night….

Lots of players and players to be are trying to get out in front of what is going on by hiring PR firms (or using the ones they already have contracted with via their agents) to get their stories out to the media and fans on what they are doing to cope with the lockout. The Redskins’ TE Chris Cooley found a two year old box of fan mail in his garage and went through it, answering each letter. I asked him about it at the NFLPA Media access event that Friday morning, and he told me he found about a dozen wedding invites, but he has no plans to be in the sequel of “wedding crashers.”

We are already hearing about some teams disregarding the current lockout rules by contacting their drafted players, so it’s only a matter of time before those same teams’ personnel will start having the coaches call players who were under contract to come to “secret” workout locations…The Question is, how many will come in, and how many will stick by the Players Association and stay away.

Several of the teams’ QB’s are running “mini” passing camps, like the Saints Drew Brees, and the Cardinals ‘ Larry Fitzgerald. The Jets’ Mark Sanchez is running his “Jets West” camp in a more advanced state then last off-season, even running film study sessions. Indeed, Dallas Cowboys’ New Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan can’t be too thrilled these days, as he was cited by the league for a violation of the lockout rules. Ryan was accused of contacting his players to get them a copy of his defensive scheme. Next we’ll hear that some team issued pre-paid “Burn Phones” to coaches to make contact with players to give out study Dvd’s.

If nothing else, the NFL lockout has become a plus for other pro leagues, most notably the Arena Football League because they won’t loose nearly as many players to NFL camps this summer, and the United Football League, who continues to show fans the love by keeping the prices to their games low, while putting a high quality product on the field. Several players who would have been Priority Free Agents in the NFL after they weren’t drafted instead were drafted on May 2nd by the UFL.
Several others are actively pursuing UFL tryouts this month as well…

Our last few stories come from the College football ranks…

We hear Blaine Gabbert’s little brother Tyler is fed up with the University of Missouri after getting bumped back to second string after the spring football game. He’s decided to transfer, but to where is the current hanging question of the day…

We’re also told a certain “Training Program Company” for college athletes will no longer be offering it’s trainees a trip to the Bahamas as part of it’s “coursework” for NFL Combine readiness due to “Improper Conduct” of some trainees the last few years. My suggestion: the Marines have several small sandbars just off Paris Island that they no longer use for amphibian training….

This writer is hoping that one of his favorite small college conferences, The Colonial Athletic Association, will be able to come up with some new teams to replace the ending of programs at Northeastern & Hofstra back in 2009, and the defection of UMass to the MAC conference after this season. We also keep hearing unsettling rumors of Villanova leaving for the Big East. One team beginning play in the CAA this year is Old Dominion. Big Ups to ODU’s Ronnie Cameron, a native Long Islander and former Holy Trinity H.S. Standout who this writer saw dominate in the Outback Steakhouse Empire all-star game a few years back before he spent his first few years playing college ball at Hofstra.

With the Pride football program slowly fading into memory these days, that leaves only one Division 1-AA (I know I know, I’m supposed to say FCS) program left on Long Island, Stonybrook, and only one other school on the Island, CW Post (In D-II) playing ball.

I hope in my next Installment of ST&OT I will be able to bring you some better news….
Microsoft Acquires Skype for 8 billion! I remember when Skype was a small startup with a handful of users.

GOP Rather GUT Unemployment than Help Hurting America

Legislation offered by Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) would gut unemployment benefits for millions of displaced workers, according to Barbara Lee’s and Bobby Scott’s Press Release on HR 589 today.

WASHINGTON, DC – Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA) released the following statement today in reaction to legislation offered by Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) that would gut unemployment benefits for millions of displaced workers. Representatives Lee and Scott have requested that Chairman Camp support their bill, HR 589, to extend aid for unemployed workers who have exhausted their benefits. HR 589 currently has 80 co-sponsors in the House.

“Instead of acting on our bill to extend aid to unemployed workers who have exhausted their benefits, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Camp wants to gut unemployment benefits and deny millions of jobless workers the means to help make ends meet. As we face an unemployment rate of 9 percent nationwide, an unemployment rate for teenagers three times as high as the national average, and an economy where there are 4.4 unemployed workers for every available job opening, it is simply wrong to propose a bill that would further penalize unemployed workers across the country.”

This is just the latest proof that the GOP members of Congress (who control the House and all committees) seek only to work hard for wealthy and Corporate America and further penalize the jobless for the crimes of Congress.

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