Friday, October 03, 2008


This, to me is a crazy. I'm not saying O.J. Simpson was not stupid for not calling the police in Las Vegas and filing a stolen items report, but given the complexities of the overall case, and the assertion that the Las Vegas law enforcement people wanted to score a big arrest of O.J. Simpson, it's shocking to even hear of the final verdict.

But also consider what could be grounds for filing an appeal: that none of the jurors were Black -- zero. That's stupid and for the judge to allow the formation of such a jury is criminal in itself -- or should be.

Plus, O.J. Simpson himself never had a gun. Plus, the person -- an obviously questionable man called Thomas Riccio -- who Simpson for some god-awful reason asked to help him, ended up recording Simpson and selling it to the media for $210,000.

Wild and not right at all.

There's reason to believe Simpson will be released on appeal of the makeup of the jury. That's crazy to even think that a fair trial was had with an all-White or at least non-Black jury. Plus, the judge , Jsckie Miller, didn't release information on the juror questionaire. Why? I don't know.

All I know is this fish stinks and it's being thrown back into the water.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants $7 Billion Loan For California

The long term impact of Proposition 13 and the changed economy have produced a situation where California finds itself in a cash and credit crunch of historic proportions. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants a $7 Billion loan for California otherwise thousands of teachers in the state will be laid off.


Senator and Democratic VP Candidate Joe Biden basically ate Governor and GOP VP Candidate Sarah Palin alive at the "first and only" Vice Presidential Debate. I had the pleasure of watching the debate at a special event held by The Bay Area Democrats at the offices of McKinsey and Company in the Bank of America building in San Francisco.

I will share video of the impressions of viewers, but my firs take is that Palin came in with well presented canned lines that more often than not did not match the question that was asked. But the fact that the words were well-presented seemed to be enough for some people, leading me to a great concern for America's collective desire to want to think critically about anything.

Biden gave an awesome and commanding performance. His 36 years of Senate experience came to bear on the debate and he presented himself well, giving a civics and foreign policy lesson to America.