Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dennis Kucinich Asks For NH Vote Recount With Impact On Obama, Clinton, and Media - Video Report

At approximately 7 PM EST, U.S. Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich wrote a letter to New Hampshire Secretary of State William M. Gardner asking Gardner to start recounting votes from Tuesday's hotly contested New Hampshire Primary. That Tuesday even saw Senator Hillary Clinton shock the media by pulling out a close vote, 40.1 percent to 35.7 percent for Senator Barack Obama, and about over 16 percent for John Edwards.

But trouble started the very next morning when voter watch-dog groups like The Citizen's for Legislative Government and a vast number of angry Ron Paul supporters poured over the hand ballots count data, and discovered a major difference between what they got and what the "official" Secretary of State numbers were. The hand count numbers are these: Obama 38.7, Clinton 34.9 percent, with Edwards, Richardson, and Gravel each picking up a higher percentage of the total vote. My video below shows this.

But the big news is that in the hand count Barack Obama comes out on top. Obama wins NH. And this news can throw not only the entire election into chaos, but the way the mainstream media has covered the results, with organizations like CNN and Pew Reseach saying the Obama lost because he was Black.

Well, how does one explain this hand-count result?

Well, we would have to go back to the initial story of the Obama magic. It's still there. I don't believe race was an issue this time around and the numbers do prove it. Also, this problem of the chance of a NH vote count mistake with the Diebold machines was known for several months; it's not sour grapes.

I'm going to update this story in a few.

Tata's Nano - I Want One! Inexpensive Auto Takes World By Storm

This car you're about to see in this video is just $2,500 and has already taken the World by storm. The timing of the car's introduction -- just on the heels of a recession here in America -- could not have been more perfect.

I want one of these, except the rear trunk space is small, but you know what, so what!

If this is successful, and it already is, the Tata Nano will force American firms to make cars at prices that are competitive with this. But by the time they catch up with Tata, the Nano will have been a World hit.

As for "what is Tata Motors?" It's not a small company, although I'd not heard of them before. But their website expains that.."Tata Motors is India's largest automobile company, with revenues of US $ 7.2 billion in 2006-2007. With over 4 million Tata vehicles plying in India, it is the leader in commercial vehicles and the second largest in passenger vehicles. It is also the world's fifth largest medium and heavy truck manufacturer and the second largest heavy bus manufacturer.",

Let's keep an eye on this car as the month's progress. I'll check to learn when it is to hit America!

John Kerry Endorses Barack Obama; Sends Email To Me

Senator John Kerry just sent this email letter to me explaining that he's endorsing Senator Barack Obama. As a 2004 Kerry supporter who ran to be a convention deligate, I'm excited by this clear victory for the Obama campaign. Here is the text and link to what Senator Kerry wrote to me about Barack Obama:

Hi Zennie,

Martin Luther King said, “The time is always right to do what is right.” So I'm choosing this time to share an important decision I've made, one I believe is right for this country.

The community has been very important to me and very important to the Democratic resurgence over the last couple of years, so I wanted to let all of you know my decision before I confirm it with anyone else. I want to share with you my conviction that in a field of fine Democratic candidates, the next President of the United States can be, should be, and will be Barack Obama. Each of our candidates would make a fine President, and we are blessed with a strong field. But for this moment, at this time in our nation's history, Barack Obama is the right choice.

Please join me in supporting Barack Obama’s candidacy.

I’m proud to have helped introduce Barack to our nation when I asked him to speak to our national convention, and there Barack's words and vision burst out. On that day he reminded Americans that our “true genius is faith in simple dreams, an insistence on small miracles.” And with his leadership we can build simple dreams, and we can turn millions of small miracles into real change for our country.

At this particular moment, with our country faced with great challenges in our economy, in our environment, and in our foreign policy, and with our politics torn by division, Barack Obama can bring transformation to our country. With Barack, we can build a new majority of Americans from all regions who can turn the page on the politics of Karl Rove and begin a new politics, one worthy of our nation's history and promise. We can bring millions of disaffected people – young and old – to the great task of governing and making a difference, child to child, community to community.

Please click here to give what you can to Barack Obama’s campaign for President and help build this future for our country.

The moment is now, and the candidate for this moment is Barack Obama. Like him, I also lived abroad as a young man, and I share with him a healthy respect for the advantage of knowing other cultures and countries, not from a book or a briefing, but by personal experience, by gut, by instinct. He knows the issues from the deep study of a legislator, and he knows them from a life lived outside of Washington. His is the wisdom of real-world experience combined with the intellect of a man who has thought deeply about the challenges we face.

History has given us this moment. But we need to decide what to do with it. I believe, with this moment, we should make Barack Obama President of the United States.

Please join me in supporting his campaign.

Thank you,
John Kerry

Mike Bloomberg Lacks Enough Experience To Be President

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who's reported to be "exploring" a run for president, simply lacks enough experience to be President of The Unted States in my view. Bloomberg may have built a company in his name and ran for Mayor of New York and won, but he's never had to deal with the complex politics of Congress and getting a bill through the process in Washington.

I don't know what's going on, but what's it with these New York mayors who think they can run the freaking country? Look, I love New York. I've got great friends there. But America's not that city and thus it's not the perfect testing ground for a presidential candidate.

Mike? Look. Be an effective leader. Back Barack Obama!

Kelly Tilghman's "Tiger Woods Statement Stupid and Institutionally Racist

Well, by now, Kelly Tilghman's learned her lesson regarding making statements that Tiger Woods should be "lynched in a back alley" regarding how to best play against him. She's got a two-week suspension. A perfect punishment. Now, I'm sure she intended no harm and even Woods says she's a friend. But the simple fact is that one has a right to ask why -- of all of the words in the English language -- she had to pick that one. That one!

It's just not good judgement. The meaning of the term is forever linked in America to Black men. The trouble is that the next generation has not been properly educated that using words like that is not appropriate. Lynching is considered a hate crime in America.

Time to wake up.