Monday, December 29, 2008

Three NFL Teams Fire Head Coaches - Eric Mangini Gone?

From the AP: The Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns and New York Jets wasted no time in firing their head coaches just one day after the 2008 NFL regular season ended. (Dec. 29)

-- I'm surprised that Eric Mangini got the axe after just three years. I think one more year would have been in the offing. The Jets are just building a good nucleus of talent, but I'm also not one who was in favor of Chad Pennington's being traded to the Dolphins.

Who gains from Gaza crisis?

From Russia Today:

"Israel has pledged to fight Hamas to the death. Defence Minister Ehud Barack has said that the ongoing air strikes on Gaza are a war to the bitter end against Hamas militants. Four Israelis and 360 Palestinians have been killed since the attacks began on Saturday. Many in Israel are asking why now. Hamas, they say, has been firing Qassam rockets at them for eight years.

Questions are now being asked about whether the war is linked to Israeli elections, due to be held in six weeks. The early poll was called after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was charged with corruption."

-- Wow. If all of this was a political stunt it was one of the dumbest most self-serving acts in World political history. The act of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert could light the fuse for a small World War and destablize our economy even more. All for a stupid Israeli election? You're kidding.

Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton - DNC Memories

This is a video of the moments leading to the historic speech of Hillary Rodham Clinton and includes First Lady Michelle Obama next to VP Elect Joe Biden.