Friday, January 02, 2009

I Predict President Obama Will Remove Roland Burris By Executive Order

12challenge: I Predict Obama Will Remove Burris on

This is my prediction challenge: President Barack Obama will remove Roland Burris, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's selection for the Senate, by Executive Order.  It would be a controversial move, but the result would be the order would be passed to Congress perhaps by Burris himself to override the order, then Congress itself would go along with Obama and approve the order under the argument that Burris position and appointment was not by the will of the people of Illinois but done by a Governor who was under indictment for attempting to sell the seat. 

$1 Million In Revenue In 2009: Zennie's New Year Resolution

As bold as that is and as hard as this economy is in general, my objective is $1 million in revenue. With our blogs, online games, and videos and social networks. We can do it. If I get $1 more than 2008, cool. I tried.

Happy New Year! - Zennie Abraham | Zennie62 On ""

Hey everyone!  I just joined this really cool site called "" where you can make a video comment in just, well, 12 seconds.  Here's my first post:

Happy New Year! on

12Seconds is a lot like Twitter, but a video version.   The idea is to give video updates of what you're doing or the news, or whatever.  It's push button easy to do and perfect for on-the-go vlogging.  Check out my channel! (Don't know what's up with my photo not appearing, though!) 


More at New York Post: “A weeping Mia Farrow tenderly placed a hand on the coffin of adopted daughter Lark Previn yesterday after services at a Brooklyn church for the mother of two who died Christmas Day.

Previn, 35, adopted as an orphaned Vietnamese infant by Farrow and her then-husband, conductor Andre Previn, in 1973, died at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. No cause of death was given.

Farrow, 63, and Previn, who also adopted daughters Daisy Previn from Vietnam and Soon-Yi Previn from Korea, and had three biological children, divorced in 1979.

Andre Previn, 79, was among mourners saying a final goodbye to Lark yesterday at St. Saviour's Church in Park Slope.

Although the cause of her death was not disclosed, in 1998, then-husband Christopher McKinzie claimed to Star magazine that Lark became infected with the AIDS virus from a tattooist's dirty needle.”