Monday, May 19, 2008

Darren McFadden - Marketing Team and Mom At NFL Draft- Video

We meet the marketing people behind promoting the Oakland Raiders' new running back Darren McFadden. We also talk to Darren's Mom -- all at the NFL Draft.

Unifying after a fractious fight, or: Being Appolonian Is Not Appeasement

The voter unity the Democrats will seek to support either candidate foreshadows (and mirrors) the unity the entire USA needs to support the next president. It may be trickier if Clinton prevails given Obama's broad support OUTSIDE his own party, but... Here's an audacious non-political formula to get there regardless. We can allow ourselves to grow apart, isolated and increasingly vulnerable, or we can decide to grow together. We must respect each other, and exhibit that respect even when we disagree, because despite disagreements what was true in 1776 is still true today: we are still seeking to form a more perfect union, and we flourish by unifying the myriad diverse strengths of individuals into a synergistic, unified democracy. It's a work in progress. Of course, it's easier in theory than it will be in practice, and we may have to oust the ratings-hungry sound-biters to succeed. (Oh darn.)

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