Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tila Tequila Attacks Nikky Raney in Twitter Updates - Nikky Raney

I would like to allow the tweets to speak for themselves.
I have made it clear I do not hate her, and she has decided to personally attack me.
Which, would count as defamation of character because she is maliciously attacking me.
And continues to call me fat.

Anyone who has read any of my posts about her will know that all my posts are backed up with facts, screenshots, and other posts. I have not posted any lies or any attacks toward Tila Tequila. It's unfortunate that she has chosen to attack me and call me fat, but her attention proves that I have done something of an impact. I am still not a hater, I don't hate her and will not attack her. I will continue to expose her, and hopefully I will get her to stop lying. Seriously.

If my twitter gets deleted I will be disappointed, but at least I will know that my point has gotten across. Now, as for me being fat

I must admit I do feel honored that Tila Tequila, the mogul, took time out of her busy celebrity life to make over 20 tweets about me. Let's see if she makes a blog post about me. This will be interesting. *yawns* Looks like my work here is done. There's nothing left to say about her. For a 28 year old to attack and defame and maliciously post those things to a 20 year old that has never said she hated and has never attacked her, quite immature and shows what kind of person she really is.

Tom Hanks films Larry Crowne; Larry Crowne script draft is excellent

Tom Hanks working on Larry Crowne
On Twitter, Skyline High Oakland (Class of '74) Graduate Tom Hanks posted a link to a recent June 18th photo of the actor reviewing playback on his movie, the comedy Larry Crowne. It's the first movie Hanks has written and directed for in 14 years, the last one being That Thing You Do in 1996.

Larry Crowne, played by Tom Hanks and starting Julia Roberts is described in this way on

After losing his job, a middle-aged man reinvents himself by going back to college.

While that sentence may read as simple, it invites some interesting assumptions of how Larry Crowne "reinvents himself."

Whatever the case, the cast is an interesting combination of new and established stars: Julia Roberts, Taraji P. Henson, Nia Vardalos (who's also co-writer with Hanks), Pam Grier, Maria Canals-Barrera, George Takei (from Star Trek), and Cedric the Entertainer are just some of the names reported to be in the movie.

Slated for 2011 release, Tom Hanks' assistant Bo Stevenson posted a Facebook note that "This film is different than most of the ones Tom has been a part of in the past - it's independent, it's low budget (well, ok low budget for Tom but still...).

The full story of Larry Crowne is about a popular but middle-aged team leader and 22-time "Employee of The Month" at a store called "Unimart" who loses his job due to corporate restructuring. Crowne's the highest paid employee, so the corporate execs feel they have to "make up a reason" to get rid of him.

Larry does not have a college degree, which the corporate execs say he must have to advance up in the firm's management ranks, so they say they have to release him. That, even though Larry served in the Navy, and all of this just as he's named Employee of The Month for the 22nd time.

What follows is a story of a normal every-man being turned away by his bank and picky, potential employers in the middle of this credit-crunch economy. It's a well-written view of what Americans of every stripe have experienced.

Frustrated, Larry enrolls in college.

For the rest, you'll have to read the script. I have and while it has it's funny moments, it's also one that has a perfect read on American Culture. It' feels like every story you've seen and in a way is a Norman Rockwell painting turned Tom Hanks.

The Larry Crowne Script is online

A copy of the 139-page, November-2009-Draft of the Larry Crowne script was placed online and turned up in two places: one a pay-for-access script page, the other a Julia Roberts fan website. Turning it into a document for placement on Scribd was easy. Here it is:


Tom Hanks has another hit on his hands with Larry Crowne, and it's not due for release until 2011. I don't think the script, at 139 pages, is exactly what we will see in 2011, because, at one minute of screen time per page, it's over 2 hours long. Getting it down to 120 pages, and thus 2 hours, is something I'm sure Hanks has done.

Stay tuned.

World Cup Soccer 2010: Heart and Dagger Saloon in Oakland, CA has it

Not soon after this space blasted Oakland for not having enough bars and restaurants showing World Cup Soccer matches, and slammed Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums for not hosting an Oakland City Hall outdoor viewing party for World Cup Soccer, did an email fly in from some where in Oakland. This one:


With as much as you follow Oakland business, I find it hard to believe you aren't following the Heart and Dagger Saloon on Lake Park Avenue. Since you didn't list it in your post and lamented how Oakland isn't with it, let me fill you in. Heart and Dagger is opening early on weekends (11am) for the games and are offering drink specials. Follow them on Facebook, they post about it all the time.



The Heart and Dagger Saloon is located at 504 Lake Park Ave, where the quirky Seranader bar was located, which is that little street that starts where the Grand Lake Theater is at Grand and Lake Park and extends to Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland.

Here's a map:

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I paid my first visit to Heart and Dagger Saloon Friday night and ended up watching the movie Zombie Strippers with Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund.

I'm not kidding.

It's a fun place. Check it out!

World Cup Soccer 2010: New Zealand shocks Italy 1-1

Maybe Italy needed Koman?
Defending World Cup Soccer champion Italy came in with so much promise, but so far has miserably failed to live up to its billing. Italy Azzurri battled the New Zealand All Whites to a 1-1 draw, making kiwis happy on Father's Day, while causing the World to scratch its head over Italy's performance.

Italy has not won a game in World Cup Soccer as of this writing. They have two matches and two draws. Not bad if you're the USA, but this is Italy, the assumed juggernaut of World Cup Soccer.

New Zealand, the 78th ranked team, tied the 5th ranked Italy Soccer team.

Much of the credit goes to New Zealand coach Ricki Herbert's bold move to aggressively attack Italy with three strikers to open the game; the result was the match's first goal, scored by New Zealand.

And were it not for a penalty on Tommy Smith for grabbing and pulling down Daniele De Rossi, thus leading to a successful penalty kick for Italy, the New Zealand team would have won.

It's clear Italy was outplayed, but if it was by one of the lowest ranking teams in the World Cup, what's next?

Stay tuned.

World Cup Soccer 2010: few TV watching chances in Oakland, CA

For all of its claims to be moving ahead as a city, Oakland, California is still light years behind it's neighbor, San Francisco, and other cities like Atlanta and Seattle in World Cup Soccer viewing opportunities.

If you don't have a television or happen to live with roommates who don't care about World Cup Soccer 2010 (boring people they must be), you're almost out of luck in Oakland.

There are only eight establishments showing World Cup Soccer, and spread out between North Oakland and the Claremont District of the Central Oakland Hills. The one I most recommend is Barclay's at 5940 College Avenue.

Why this blog post? I just got this email:

Hi there,

I just came across your video shot right after the game on Friday, and I noticed you were in Oakland. I'm originally from Germany (another lucky team that day...), and none of my roommates give a damn about the World Cup, so I was hoping you could point me in the right direction, as to where in Oakland one can watch the games, both, USA and Germany, that early in the morning.

Name not published

Oh if you're wondering what game, this game's outcome:

San Francisco has scores of World Cup Soccer viewing places

San Francisco's unique brand of urban party town is such that you can see The World Cup matches at cafes like The Steps of Rome in North Beach, or bars like Kesar on the corner of Cole and Stanyan. Why, the City and County of San Francisco even had a live broadcast of the France v. Mexico match in the middle of City Hall Plaza on Friday!

Seattle is mad for World Cup Soccer

Seattle, a city that has a professional soccer team, is teaming with places to watch World Cup Soccer. So many that Seattle Weekly has a directory of them. From The George and Dragon Pub to Azzurri and scores of other establishments, you can't miss a chance to watch World Cup Soccer with others in Seattle.

Atlanta has events around World Cup Scocer

The Atlanta International Soccer Fest, a giant contest featuring 20 teams representing international organizations based in Atlanta, was timed with the start of World Cup Soccer. And bars from downtown to Buckhead have World Cup Soccer viewing parties and special times.

Oakland must wake up to The World Cup

What does Oakland have? Well, a lot less. I have a television set and a good one, but it's fun to watch the World Cup with others. My good friends invited me to watch the epic USA v. Slovenia match in San Francisco at The Steps of Rome, but as I needed a day close to home, I elected to stay in Oakland.

Then I got the urge to go out and see it, really to capture how others were reacting to it on video, only to learn the hard way that in Adams Point, no bar or cafe had World Cup Soccer. The one place I'd expect to have a morning game, the bar Smitty's at 3331 Grand Avenue, had some guy watching it for himself behind a looked screen door and saying to me "we're closed." I didn't want to drive all the way over to Rockridge because there wasn't enough time left in the game.

So I went to the gym, Gold's Gym, to watch it. But by then it was over. No talk. No anger expressed by patrons other than me. Nothing.

Meanwhile, my friends in San Francisco were calling and texting me about the World Cup Soccer game.

For a city that tried to bid to host the World Cup, you'd think it would be easy to find places showing it in Oakland. It's not so easy but as I wrote, there are eight places showing the World Cup matches on a regular basis in Oakland.

The first place you should go is Barclay's at 5940 College Avenue in Oakland's Rockridge District and just up the street from Rockridge BART, as they have a great soccer crowd. Their website reports they will be open for all games at 6:30 AM.

Oakland North's Jill Replogle wrote a great, if not widely seen, article on this subject, and unearthed a few more Oakland places showing the World Cup games, but not all on a regular basis (she recommends you call first). They are:

Commonwealth Café and Public House at 28th and Telegraph Ave
Oasis Food Market on 30th and Telegraph
Kerry House on Piedmont near 41st
Dareye Hide A Way Ethiopian Restaurant: 6430 Telegraph Ave.
The Grand Tavern: 3601 Grand Ave (way up the street from Smitty's)
Luka’s Taproom & Lounge: 2221 Broadway
McNally Irish Pub: 5352 College Ave.
La Calaca Loca: 5199 Telegraph Ave.

But that's still a small number compared to the places in Oakland that should be showing the game. First, as much as I love the place, it's a total shame The Lake Chalet doesn't have a television set, and two TVs hanging iconically near the two ends of that long bar, to watch the World Cup matches would be perfect to draw crowds. Crogan's in Montclair should be showing all the World Cup matches. The Oakland Marriott downtown should have viewing parties. Max's City Center should open early for the games. Pican just next to Luka's has great TV sets and should show all of the World Cup matches.

Come on Oakland! Get with it! I don't care that you don't want to be known as a sports bar, and such concerns are for neurotics anyway. The World Cup is once every four years! Mayor Ron Dellums should get his head out of where ever it is and open Oakland's City Hall Plaza for a World Cup viewing party.

This is awful. This town needs an enema, and fast before The World Cup is over!