Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Campaign of Deparation - Fear Of Losing To Obama Makes Her Nuts

Hillary Clinton's Campaign of Deparation - Fear Of Losing To Obama Makes Her Nuts

Senator Hillary Clinton's running a campaign that makes her appear constantly deparate. She gets on "Meet The Press" and talks mostly about Barack Obama in the negative, not her message in the positive. She's so desparate not to lose to Obama, it makes you wonder what the problem is. I think she does not want to be seen as losing to him because he's Black. Yes, I think she's that terrible in this campaign.

How do you explain her behavior, with the crying and anger and whining? Do you want a president like that?

She fails to point to several problems of her own. She has a near 40 percent negative approval rating in her own state of New York, according to She also has a below average legislative record. According to,...

"Hillary Clinton has sponsored 350 bills since Jan 22, 2001, of which 304 haven't made it out of committee (Very Poor) and 2 were successfully enacted (Average, relative to peers). Clinton has co-sponsored 1706 bills during the same time period (Average, relative to peers)."

Which means she doesn't have the relationships necessary to even think of being an effective president. Senator Obama's record is much better. And why do you think the majority of U.S Senators endorse Obama?

CloverField Movie Called A Landmark Genre Film

Ok. After months that seemed like years of anticipation and speculation, all caused by a terrific Alternative Reality Game marketing strategy, the pet movie J.J. Abrams has produced through his "Bad Robot" production company, Cloverfield has been seen and under tight security, by Harry Knowles of "Ain't It Cool News."

Now Harry seldom gives a bad review, but in this case he wrote a review that makes me think this flick's going to be an instant classic.

I'm not going to give away Harry's review, I'm just going to link to it here and post the video I made a while back that said Cloverfield was going to be the best movie ever.

..And this, the newest trailer that gives you a great idea of what this movie's all about.