Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tom Bosley: Happy Days Star Dies At 83

Tom Bosley, Happy Days, star dies at 83 and just two days after the passing of Barbara Billingsley, the star of Leave It To Beaver. According to TMZ.com, Tom Bosley was suffering from lung cancer and his death came from a staph infection related to it.

The Chicago-born Tom Bosley will always be remembered as Howard Cunningham, America's Father, as much as Barbara Billingsley was America's Mother in her day. Happy Days created a number of stars who are household names today: Tom Bosley, Ron Howard, and Henry Winkler foremost of all. People Magazine reports that Henry Winkler, who played The Fonz, sadly told listeners at Los Angeles's KNX-1070 News Radio, "I'm in shock, I really am. I spoke to him just a few weeks ago and he seemed to be getting his strength back."

Ron Howard, who played Richie Cunningham, Bosley's on screen son, told People Magazine that Bosley was a "wonderful Happy Days dad" who was "A great father and husband, and a wonderful artist, Tom led by example, and made us all laugh while he was doing it. My last conversations with Tom reflected the love of life and peace of mind that he always maintained throughout his full and rewarding life."

The show aired between 1974 and 1984, for ten years, and came to define the American Culture of the day. It went from being considered a conservative show to one that loosened up with the more socially-liberal 80s. But Tom Bosley's character always remained true to his principals.

Heidi Montag "Not Addicted" To Plastic Surgery, Pushes Pre-Boob Job Video,

Heidi Montag's Boob Comes Out (Pacific Coast News) 

Singer, Actress, Dancer, and Would-Be Reality TV Show Star Heidi Montag says she's not addicted to plastic surgery. This is the wake of her ten boob-job surgery fixes by the late Dr. Frank Ryan. But why this is news today is weird because Montag had the surgery done a while ago, not recently. Still, a couple of news and blog sites are wondering if Heidi Montag is addicted to surgery.

That would not be the case if Montag had another plastic surgery treatment done this week or this month. But she did not.

All of this is media created to take advantage of the name draw that Heidi Montag is online. Blame MetroNY.com's Jen Locker for that. What's wrong with Heidi Montag getting attention for her boobs.

Meanwhile, on the subject of boobs, Montag used Twitter to promote videos of her pre-boob-job singing self online. The one problem with the videos like the one above is the closeup on her eyes. It makes her look like a drug addict, because her eyes are darker than they should be and look just terrible up close.

Instead of using Twitter to promote those videos, Heidi needs to have post-boob videos done of herself and relax using the eye makeup.  Or, maybe she's gotten better at using it.  Whatever the case, photos, like the one in this post, do reveal a better looking Heidi Montag.

Chilean Miners Cartel, iPod Gifts, Queen Presented With Souvenir Rock

Chilean Miners cartel gets tested.

After their successful and historic rescue from a mine 2,700 feet below the surface of the Earth, the 33 Chilean Miners find their cartel is being tested.

The Chilean Miners took a pact not to talk about what happened those 17 days they were trapped before they were first discovered.   It makes you wonder what happened down there, and ask if they can not only do that, but share equally in the profits they get from their new stardom.

Steve Jobs Gives Miners iPods

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has given $100 iPod Touches as gifts to each of the 33 Chilean Miners.  It's the first major large gift given to the group of survivors since they returned to normal life.   The next question is what will the Chilean Miners do with the iPods.

The Queen Gets A Chilean Miners Rock

Chilean President Sebastain Pinera visited The Queen Of England to deliver a souvenir rock from the Chilean Miners ordeal. According to the Telegraph UK, the Billionaire and his wife Cecilia Morel visited Buckingham Palace and reportedly told the Queen about the tragedy.  The President then presented the rock on a specially-made black box.

The rock was brought up by Chilean Miner Mario Sepulveda, who had it in a bag with what's said to be a dozen rocks. When he got out of the Fenix capsule, Sepulveda handed them out to a number of individuals, including President Pinera.

The Queen's meeting with President Pinera was a private one between equals as heads of state. The two talked for over 40 minutes. Then President Pinera was presented with an autographed photo of the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.

Later in the day, President Pinera gave Prime Minister David Cameron a souvenir rock.

Taylor Swift's song to John Mayer

Taylor Swift previously wrote and sang a song about Kanye West (and he returned the favor) at the Video Music Awards, and Swift has decided write a song about another celebrity - John Mayer. Swift is on a roll with her songs of dedication about well known celebrities - she even has one about Taylor Lautner.

In Swift's new song "Dear John," it is quite obvious that the song is dedicated to Mayer (wonder if he'll write one back). Mayer used to be thought of in a more positive light, but then he started tweeting & talking about his sex life with the high profile celebrities that he dated. Mayer has proven that he isn't the sweet guy that he portrays himself to be in his songs like "Your Body is a Wonderland."

Yahoo! Music includes an interview with Swift where she tells Chris Willman:

"Every single song is like a roadmap to what that relationship stood for, with little markers that maybe everyone won't know, but there are things that were little nuances of the relationship, little hints. And every single song is like that. Everyone will know, so I don't really have to send out emails on this one."

"Dear John" is more of a confrontation than a dedication.

Mayer bragged about hooking up with Swift back in January 2010 - according to the not-always-reliable InTouch Weekly. The tabloid must have had something right since Swift clearly fights back. The two did spend time and dinner together when at the recording studio, but after the rumors of the hook up Mayer's retort was, "How do you think it went?"

"Dear John" is about an older man, and if there were any questions as to whether or not Mayer and Swift truly did hook up or not - Swift exploits herself on this one.

The song is over six minutes long.
The official lyrics and song in its entirety has not yet been released, but the lyrics that have been made public are:

Dear John
I see it all now that you're gone
Don't you think I was too young
To be messed with
The girl in the dress
Cried the whole way home
I should've known.

My mother accused me of losing my mind
But I swore I was fine...
"You'll add my name to your long list of traitors who don't understand
And I'll look back in regret I ignored what they said
'Run as fast as you can'

Maybe Mayer can make a cameo in the music video.

By Nikky Raney
Journalist & Blogger

ESPN's Lindsay Mccormick, Not Jenn Starger, With Jets Mark Sanchez?

Lindsay Mccormick, a New York sports reporter and ESPN Personality, and not Jenn Starger with New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez? Interesting, but who's Lindsay Mccormick and what about Jamie-Lynn Sigler, the former star of The Sopranos who was linked to Mark for much of the year?  Moreover, has Mark met Jenn Starger, who's part of the Brett Favre Sex Scandal?

Lindsay Mccormick is a "reporter and college football analyst from Houston, Texas," according to her website LindsayMcCormick.com. The Long Island Press describes "Lind Mc" as a New York sideline reporter who's rumored to be dating Mark Sanchez.  But her website has more about her ESPN Personality work, than "New York" sports reporter work. She's been on ESPN.com's Streak for The Cash, ESPN.com's College Pick'em, and MTV-U's The Dean's List.

New York Post Page Six broke the story, but it's source is not known. In other words, just what happened that caused the source to think Lindsay Mccormick and Mark Sanchez were dating is not known. The title is that Sanchez made a pass for Mccormick, and that he "has eyes" for her. Moreover it reads that they have been "seeing each other" for a few weeks now.

But Mccormick told NY Post Page Six this:

"I have known Mark for a number of months, and he is an acquaintance/friend, and anything reported as more than that would be false. Not to mention, I would never hear the end of the smack talk from my dad, who is a diehard Texans fan .¤.¤. So, as an avid sports fan, let’s allow Mark to place the focus where it should be — on the Green Bay defense"

According to The NY Post, Mark Sanchez has been "linked" with Jennifer Mueller, a USC track star from New Jersey; bartender and model Ariana Madix, 21, supermodel Hilary Rhoda and actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who's he's most recently reported to have been dating.

As for Mccormick, she does get around New York, though in a less obvious way than Sanchez. Her Facebook page reports that on July 27th she was making her comic debut at the Gotham Comedy Club.

Crystal Cathedral files bankruptcy

The Crystal Cathedral Ministries filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday, October 18, 2010. The cathedral owes unsecured creditors over 7 million dollars, according to The Seattle Times online.

The Southern California church was founded by Robert H. Schuller, a popular television evangelist. The Seattle Times includes a statement issued by the church's leader, Senior Pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman which explains that the cathedral had no choice but to file bankruptcy after creditors chose to file lawsuits and refused to extend a moratorium to allow continued talks about a payment plan.

The Orange County Register reports that Jim Penner, a church board member, says that the church's debt is at 44 million dollars - which is a much higher number that what the Seattle Times reported.

A very popular program that takes place in the cathedral is "Hour of Power." The show has since had to cut its air time, send home its orchestra and professional choir singers; the choir is now composed of church volunteers.

The Orange County Register includes an interview with Kristina Oliver, who supplied the church with many props and such for the yearly Christmas pageant. Oliver is still waiting to get paid from the church. She was less than thrilled with Penner's attempts at negotiation saying:

"He offered to pay us 100 percent over the next 12 years. What kind of an offer is that?"

Crystal Cathedral's web site has a press release that asks members to donate money to help pay for the debt.

A follow up post will be made when more information is released.

By Nikky Raney
Journalist & Blogger

Tylenol recall

U.S. News online reports in its health section that there has been a Tylenol recall as of Monday, October 18; the report states that nearly 128 thousand bottles of Tylenol eight-hour caplets included chemical combinations producing a mold-like odor.

US Post Today online said that the chemicals causing these smells were called 2,4,6-tribomoanisole. The company Johnson and Johnson has issued several recalls in 2010 throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

The recalled pills with the unusual odor when taken caused nausea, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

By Nikky Raney
Journalist & Blogger

'The Rent is Too Damn High Party' Strikes a Chord with Voters During NY Gov's Debate

It’s gonna be hard to watch a gubernatorial debate and not have some one on the panel as outspoken and as colorful as Jimmy McMillanfrom the ‘Rent is Too Damn High Party

As I was watching this debate the other night for governor of New York at Hofstra University, I was glad to see that they opened up the event to all 7 candidates. This needs to be done more and we as a voting public we need to demand this..It would’ve been a oh hum affair just to see Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino. Well lemme take that back.. Paladino and his outbursts of ignorance can be entertaining until you realize folks are actually voting for him. But normally speaking, too many debates are corporate driven exercises where everything is scripted down to the questions. Very rarely do we have fireworks and real conversation. The excuse given by debate organizers is that there are too many characters who don’t deserve to be on the stage with the ‘real’candidates.

When you stop to think about the so-called front running ‘real candidates’ who belong to the Republican and Democrat party are often characters. They play the role of being elusive, overly cautious and staying on message. The viewing public is left trying to figure out what’s truth and what’s spin. There’s never anyone else on the stage who can raise other perspectives and challenge scripted assertions. This needs to change.

Former Black Panther & NY City Councilman Charles Barron is running for Governor under the newly formed Freedom Party

What was good about the NY gubernatorial debate we got to see everyone. We got to see Brooklyn City Council member Charles Barron who was repping for the newFreedom Party. many didn’t know he stepped out and has tried to get traction for a much-needed third-party that doesn’t have to compromise. In short he gave folks something to vote for.

As noted earlier we also got to see Jimmy McMillan from the ‘Rent is Too High Party‘. He was the breakout star who was funny and provided comic relief of sorts but was at the same time, so right on point with his issue. In the age of Youtube we get to see how a debate should unfold and how a candidate should have passion for an issue.

It was also interesting to note how the NY gubernatorial debate was covered nationally. However in many places outside of NY the focus was only on Cuomo and Paladino. This goes to show how a script is already written and being followed by Mainstream media.

Here’s some highlights..



I think people should check out the Freedom Party. Here’s a good interview with Charles Barron..After Barron answers the first question there’s about 45 seconds of down time as camera person reposition themselves to get a one on one interview I wish someone had recorded and posted up Barron’s remarks from the debate. I couldn’t find anything on Youtube.



Steve Jobs: Apple CEO's Five Minute Anti-Google Android Rant

Apple CEO Steve Jobs (photo at left) surprised the business and tech World with an unexpected Apple Third Quarter (Q3) earnings call to challenge the popular idea that Apple has a "closed system" versus Google's "open system."

It's described as a "classic rant" that's less that and more a calm, reasoned explanation of Apple's product differentiation from Google Android in the smartphone wars.

Some highlights:

First, Steve Jobs says that "Apple has activated 275,000 IOS (IPhone Operating System) devices per day average for the past 30-days with a peak of about 300,000 IOS devices on a few of those days. Unfortunately, there is no solid data on how many Android phones are shipped each quarter. We hope that manufacturers will soon start recording the number of Android handsets they ship each quarter, but today that isn't the case."

Then Jobs focused on the "open versus closed" argument: "Google loves to characterise Android as ‘open’ and iOS and the iPhone as ‘closed.' We find this a bit disingenuous, and clouding the real difference between our two approaches. Android is very fragmented. HTC and Motorola install proprietary user interfaces to differentiate themselves from the commodity Android experience. The user’s left to figure it all out. Compare this with the iPhone, where every handset works the same."

Jobs then included Twitter's known issues with Android "Twitter clients, Twitterdeck recently launched their apps for Android. They reported they had to contend with 100 different versions of Android on 244 different handsets. The multiple hardware and software iterations presents developers with a daunting challenge."

Ouch to Google. But Jobs didn't stop there. He then deconstructed the Android platform fragmentation problem, where some Android apps work on some Android phones, but not others: "Many Android apps only work on selected Android handsets, running selected Android versions. Compare this with iPhone, where there are two versions of the software, the current and the most recent predecessor, to test against.

Here's the video containing the "Five Minute Anti-Google Android Rant:"

Oh, you're not seeing an error; the video was created with an upside down photo of Steve Jobs and the iPad.

San Francisco Bus Transportation News: Bauer’s Serves SF To Fremont, Milpitas, Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa

In San Francisco Bus Tranportation News, Bauer’s Transportation has a new service called "Wi-Drive." "Wi-Drive" is a bus transportation service that goes round-trip between the city of Santa Rosa and San Francisco and between the cities of Fremont and Milpitas.

Here's the details from Bauer’s Transportation:

Bauer’s IT (Intelligent Transportation), the Bay Area’s leading provider of chauffeured, eco-friendly individual and group bus transportation, today announced that two new routes have been added to the acclaimed Bauer’s Wi-Drive! program. 
Beginning Monday, October 12, the eco-transit commuter service will expand to include round-trip routes between Santa Rosa and San Francisco and between Fremont and Milpitas.

Bauer’s Wi-Drive! current routes include: San Francisco to and from the North Bay (as far as Santa Rosa), San Francisco to and from the South Bay (as far as San Jose), and Fremont to/from Milpitas. Wi-Drive! plans to expand its fleet to Sacramento, Stockton, Fairfield, Napa, Santa Cruz and beyond in accordance with consumer demand.

Offering paramount comfort and convenience, the fleet is equipped with plush leather seats with Corian® work tables, high-speed Wi-Fi, flat screen LCD monitors, iPod hookups, phone and laptop power ports, CD and DVD systems, bike racks and restrooms. A Ride Host is onboard at all times to offer food and drink service, which can be purchased onboard or pre-ordered through the Bauer’s Wi Drive! online ordering system.

Bauer’s Wi-Drive! operates Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Fares can be as low as $5 for a one-way ticket depending on location, with 10 percent discounts offered for monthly passes. Bauer’s Wi-Drive! memberships and individual passes can be purchased online. A variety of payment methods, including commuter checks, are available. For detailed information on pricing, schedules and pick-up and drop-off locations, please visit www.BauersIT.com or call 800.546.6688.

Note: Bauer's Transportation is a Zennie62.com sponsor. The blog post is the original creation of Zennie62.com.

Eliza Dolittle: Miley Cyrus Look-Alike Wows UK, Gets Ready For Australian Shows

Eliza Dolittle
Miley Cyrus look-alike 22-year-old singer Eliza Dolittle (real name Eliza Caird) is taking the UK by storm.

The star nicknamed the "Perky UK poppet," and who's dating UK Hip Hop Rapper LIL SI, who she's performed a remix with. Here's her bio courtesy of the BBC:

"Eliza Doolittle (born Eliza Sophie Caird, 15 April 1988), is a British singer–songwriter from London. She is signed to the Parlophone record label. As of July 2010, Doolittle had released three records. Her debut, self-titled album, Eliza Doolittle was released on 12 July 2010. 
On debut , it was Number 3 in the UK charts. Since the album's release, Doolitte has had another two of her records hit the top 25 charts, including her single "Skinny Genes". Doolittle's second single, "Pack Up", has debuted in the Top 20 for the Single Top 100 and Irish Singles Charts, and in the Top 5 in the UK Singles Chart. Her third single, Rollerblades is yet to make an impact on the charts. She also has a remix for Rollerblades with UK rapper LIL SI, this has been causing a buzz in the dubstep scene."

In a recent chat interview, Dolittle said that she fell in love at an early age, and have performed on concert tours since the age of 15.  According to ILikeMusic.com, Eliza's on course to become one of Britain's hottest young stars.

Mad Men: Don Draper Is A Twitter Trending Topic

John Hamm as Don Draper 
After an unexpected Mad Men Season Finale called "Tommorrowland" where Don Draper did the unthinkable and propose to his office assistant Megan, "Don Draper" is a trending topic on Twitter.

"Tommorrowland" was interesting in that it seemed to reveal a Don Draper who wanted to turn his "player card" in for a more normal life with one woman, albeit his office assistant.

But why Megan? What makes her different from the other women Don Draper's been with? Jessica Paré, who plays Megan, answered that question over at the Mad Men Blog:

"I think she's more modern, in the sense that she has a secretary job for now but she fully expects to do something more with her career. I think she sees this job as the right place for her to be at 25 [years old] in New York. It's not like she takes it for granted that she's going to move up, but I think she doesn't necessarily see it as an obstacle so much as someone just a few years older than her might."
Paré thinks they're a grea match, too:

"I think she's got a really natural, nurturing warmth to her, and I think he responds to that because, as he says in the finale, I feel like myself when I'm with you, but the me that I want to be. And that's a really good place to be with a partner."

The Twitterverse Ignites

On Twitter many of the tweets expressed surprise at Drapers decision, and met it with sarcasm:

MadMenTweets Mad Men Tweets by SeanPatin
RT @steveohville This season of #MadMen began with the question, "Who is Don Draper?" And it ended with the answer, "Tiger Woods".

gooalice gooalice
Jane Lynch to Steal Don Draper's Identity‎ -- "I'm going as Don Draper from Mad Men. I love Jon Hamm and I love his performance and I got

johngibbons10 John Gibbons
Don draper is such a pimp

gooalice gooalice
Jessica Pare, from AMC's “Mad Men” says that people on the set joke that once you become involved with Don Draper, you're days are number...

SlimShaezy Shaezy Pepperoni
You can't spell Don Draper without "raper."

empod Emily
Ahhhh I hate that don draper & madmen are trending on twitter. I'm like 3 episodes behind. I WANT THE SEASON FINALE.

You get the idea. But once again, the genius of Mad Men sucks its viewers into an alternative universe where people are concerned for and interested in the life and decisions of a middle-aged alcoholic, racist, sexist, 1960s Ad Man.