Tuesday, June 09, 2009

North Korea: Free Journalists Or Face Military Action

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As I write this, video journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee have been sentenced to jail for 12 years of hard labor. While they're charged with 'tresspassing" into North Korea during a project where they were reportedly covering the story of the trafficing of women. Interesting that North Korea would not want such a story covered, eh?

I've thought about this and now recall the ideas of my professor Robert Scalapino at Berkeley, who advocated a nuanced way that America could cause this Leninist state to move toward Democracy. But that was 1989; these current moves show a country that has little interest in personal freedom and every interest in power.

Kim Jong-il has assesed the World's economic situation, rightly determined it terrible, and estimated this time was the best to make his move. He wants desperately to be considered the leader of a nuclear power and over the last three weeks alone has made moves that are certainly so provacative as to flirt with the very idea of war.

Why else would he basically kidnap - forget the kangaroo court - Euna Lee and Laura Ling? It was a stupid move to say the least and not just because they're American, but Asian. Kim Jong-il's now managed to piss off everyone not in North Korea, and moved the war clock pretty close to a possible scenario of bombing the hell out of the military installations there, should any harm come to those Americans.

Look, what I think President Obama should do is negotiate with Kim Jong-il even as the U.S. Military and the CIA are planning and executing a strategy of getting Euna Lee and Laura Ling out of jail.


There's got to be a way we can get a radar-invisible helicopter over that area, drop troups in an isolated place nearby at night, shoot anyone who comes to attack them, make way for more troup drops, get over to that prison, break in, and get them. Then as they're out, have the helicopter land, get them on board, and get them out. As they reach altitude, they would be joined by our stealth bombers which would protect them as they fly out and over to South Korea.


Look. I know this is risky, but frankly I'm totally sick of Kim Jong-il's behavior toward American and the World and North Korea's gone too far. Plus, he's got to answer for interrupting an investigation into female trafficing along his boarders. If Kim Jong-il's trying to test President Obama, he forgets that American citizens will back whatever agressive decision Obama makes.

There's a growing feeling that we're being pushed around because of the perception that our economy's in the tank. First, we had the Somali Pirates, which ended with some casualties but it was necessary. Now this, and it seems miliary action's needed again.

Enough already with North Korea. As The Thing would say, "It's Clobberin' Time!"