Sunday, April 03, 2011

Charlie Sheen Detroit Bomb: He Should Have Taken 'Afro Sheen'

The reviews are in and the first show of legendary Two-And-A-Half-Men star and Hollywood Bad Boy Actor Charlie Sheen's sold out My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour was a total bomb. According to this Detroit News telecast and US Magazine, Sheen's event was so terrible, people walked out of it.

Moreover, some Detroit patrons paid a reported $300 to see a bad comedian, then Sheen's "goddesses," and Sheen himself going off on one of his mindless rants, and finally telling someone "I already got your f___ing money dude!"


Sheen would have done better to take 'Afro Sheen' on tour with him. 'Afro Sheen' is a comedian sho surfaced at WonderCon claiming that he's Charlie Sheen's long lost brother. Here's Afro Sheen:

'Afro Sheen' would have been a hit, if only because he would have been on the Detroit stage, in a way, making fun of Sheen's personality.

WonderCon SF Update, MAD Magazine's Sergio Aragonés, And More

MAD Magazine's Sergio by zennie62
MAD Magazine's Sergio, a photo by zennie62 on Flickr.

As this is blogged it's 3:40 PM and the 25th Anniversary WonderCon SF is slowly winding down. This day, the objective of capturing ordinary people and talking to cultural icons continued. Among them, I met MAD Magazine legend Sergio Aragonés, Bobby Clark, who played The Gorn on Star Trek TOS' "Arena" episode, and many others in this brief post before I go back to interview Enter The Dragon's Jim Kelly (yep, for those who remember my 2010 video, this is a follow-up.)

Observations and News

As for what I think about my 10th WonderCon, and second as press, it's amazing to see more women and people of color than ever before. That, plus the comic book legends and movie properties here, has caused attendance to set a record over 2010.

In my interview with David Glanzer, Comic Con International Director of Marketing and Public Relations, he said not only that a record would be set, but that plans were to expand to the North side of Moscone Center.

That's evidence of the growing hunger to consume the brand of pop-culture content presented at WonderCon; a desire that extends to man, woman, and child. It's the kind of event that binds families together.

It's normal to see the elderly, babies in strollers, and whole families walk around the floor here, many letting their pure excitement over seeing their favorite comic book producer or movie personality (as up close as they're going to get), pull them along in combat agains their own fatigue.

Ok, times' up. Kelly awaits.