Friday, March 30, 2007 - An Innovative Webcam Born In San Francisco

If you haven't heard about well, it -- and he -- are here. I'll let the SF Chronicle tell the rest of the story.

S.F. startup puts camera on founder's head for real-time feed, and a star is born
Jessica Guynn, Chronicle Staff Writer
Friday, March 30, 2007

Just call him Air Justin.
Eleven days ago, 23-year-old Justin Kan was just another no-name startup guy with big dreams of the small screen. Then he and his friends launched , an Internet reality show chronicling their adventures as young San Francisco entrepreneurs that, at least for now, is proving to be a smash hit with online viewers.
Kan calls it "lifecasting." The concept is simple: Using technology his team developed, Kan has strapped a camera to his head to capture every moment of his existence in live streaming video on the Internet. Viewers literally see the world through Kan's virtual eyes, which broadcast his life onto the Web 24/7. He interacts with his audience through 21 chat rooms and hundreds of e-mails each day. He even took their calls on his cell phone until he got overwhelmed.
The show's slogan says it all: "Waste time watching other people waste time." And that's what tens of thousand of folks around the globe are doing, turning Kan into an online phenom by tuning in to his irreverent and uncensored world. That sudden explosion of peeping onlookers has caused so many technical difficulties that had to recruit volunteers from the audience to keep the show rolling.
Viewers seem to delight in playing along with their new online idol, cramming chat rooms and pulling pranks on him, first calling 911 to report a stabbing in the group's apartment (prompting some friends to give Kan a bullet-proof vest for the next time officers burst in, guns drawn), then reporting a fire there. San Francisco emergency dispatchers, leery of any more false alarms, now call to confirm there's an actual emergency before responding. So fans moved on to different sorts of pranks, such as ordering $63 worth of pizza to be delivered to's door.
Instant fame has had some pretty dramatic results. Kan's inbox overflows with praise ("please go off the air, you're ruining my life with your addictive site") and questions particularly of the personal nature, such as what will he do when he masturbates or has sex on-screen.
Meanwhile, Emmett Shear, 23, and Kyle Vogt, 21, who comprise the technical team, have barely slept in a desperate effort to keep up with the ever-increasing traffic. Michael Seibel, the show's 24-year-old producer, appears to have a cell phone permanently attached to his ear.
Kan jokes that he should hire a full-time assistant just to accept all the new friend requests on MySpace and Facebook. He's already getting noticed on the street. And he is getting flattering attention -- and even his first onscreen kiss -- from his most coveted demographic: starstruck young hotties. (He has lined up three blind dates this weekend). Coming in a close second: Fans who treat him and his cash-strapped gang to dinner. Those fan get an on-air shout-out.
"Eventually my ego is going to be the size of the planet Earth," Kan said.
The business model centers on product placement. Already corporate sponsors are lining up to plug their products alongside Zipcar rentals and Bawls energy drink, both of which have posters on the walls of's headquarters in North Beach. The apartment is four blocks from where the movie "Ed TV," in which a video clerk agrees to have his life videotaped for network TV, was filmed. And Hollywood producers, charged with figuring out new strategies for delivering shows to viewers, are looking to get a piece of the action even though the production values are as crude as the vocabulary.
Of course, is a new twist on an old idea, piggybacking on earlier hits such as MTV's "Real World" and Jennicam, an Internet site run by a young woman who in 1996 became one of the first to install webcams in her home so viewers could observe every aspect of her private life. Kan hopes his show's budding success will power a network complete with a lineup of shows, including a "Sex and the City"-inspired tale to be filmed in Manhattan.
"We want to find people far more charismatic and attractive than me to go out and do this," Kan said.
All the runaway hype begs the question: Will be fad or flop?
Andrew Keen, a sharp critic of the self-broadcasting movement whose book "The Cult of the Amateur" comes out in June, says this brand of digital narcissism not only will fail, it will be recalled with shame in more sober economic times, just like the dot-coms of the late 1990s.
"This is the last gasp of the Web 2.0 boom," Keen said. "People are going to look back at this and say, 'This makes Second Life look like the BBC.' I think even Justin will look back on it and be embarrassed.
"This (show) attracts people who are profoundly bored with their lives and are waiting for the next media fix. They will go on to the next thing when they get bored of this thing. It has no legs."
Months ago, when The Chronicle first met the crew as they were in the early planning phase, the show certainly seemed like a gamble. Would people with lives of their own sit around and watch Kan live his, even when he's just spending face time with his laptop or going to the bathroom with the camera discreetly pointed toward the ceiling? is more than ready for prime time, insists Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, which provided seed money for the company. The business incubator usually gives the companies it sponsors about $5,000 per founder.
"Of the 39 startups we've funded so far, Justin.TV might have the most potential," Graham said. "Ultimately their plan is to have hundreds of people with these cameras. Each would be a channel; viewers would watch whichever was most interesting at that time. With hundreds of people, there would always be something interesting. So why would anyone even switch on their TV?
"If this doesn't scare the s -- out of TV networks, it's only because they don't understand it yet. TV is moving to the Internet especially for the 18- to 35-(year-old) males the TV networks can barely hang onto now."
Kan's concept is another step in rewriting the script for programming, said John Furrier, CEO of, a Silicon Valley podcasting network. "It's not about what it is today but what it will turn into. A lot of people will be quick to dismiss the quality of his programming. And it will be crude at first. But it will evolve very quickly."
To get an idea of what is all about right now, picture four guys gone wild in a two-bedroom apartment littered with disheveled furniture, empty beer cans, remnants of pizza crust and randomly strewn socks and shoes. On a giant white board is the show's apparent goal: Jay Leno, 30 days or less. On another smaller white board is a long list of possible activities for Kan, from going to a shooting range to making a deposit at a sperm bank.
Advertisers' banners adorn the walls. Even Hearst Castle is an unofficial sponsor. The crew, frustrated that the castle was closed during a recent road trip, "borrowed" one of its flags. Kan is fixated on getting Budweiser as a sponsor, which would help with the drain on the thirsty startup's budget.
Kan, who says he grew up a shy introvert in an upper-middle-class family in Seattle, has a bona fide exhibitionist streak. A Yale physics and philosophy grad turned high-tech entrepreneur, he once posed lathered in shaving cream for a college pin-up calendar to raise money for tsunami relief, and he sold his first Internet company in an attention-getting stunt on eBay.
Now his average day alternates between a blur of antics and long spells of boredom. Kan never takes the camera off unless he's sleeping. That's the only time the camera actually films him instead of his perspective on the world. Viewers, tired of waiting for him to rise, like to egg his roommates on to wake him. On a recent morning, they poured a glass of water on him.
Kan likes to think and talk about himself as a man of the people, so he gets out in the world when he can. Highlights from earlier this week: a walk to pick up coffee -- Kan started drinking it a month ago to get more pep earlier in the day -- a flurry of media interviews and lunch in South Park with his No. 1 fan, friend Seeyuen Lee. Lee began watching before it launched. "Now that they have thousands of viewers, everyone wants to be Justin's No. 1 fan, but I am squatting on the title," she said.
Later, Kan headed for the Museum of Modern Art to meet with the folks at Podtech, then to take his friend and neighbor, Steve Huffman, who became a millionaire by selling his startup Reddit to Wired Digital, shopping for a Corvette at Ellis Brooks Chevrolet.
No errand is ordinary when you have a camera strapped to your head. Kan, who ran out of clean socks, walked to Fisherman's Wharf to buy some more at the Gap but was kicked out when he refused to stop shooting. Soon he got an e-mail from a viewer: "Hey Justin I gave a call to that Gap store hah. I told the guy you had 1,000 people watching the camera live and he just looked like a dick to the whole Internet."
Rather than return empty-handed to the apartment, Kan wandered across the street to watch breakdancers as the sun set on the bay. As he took in the booming music and acrobatic moves, he became still for the first time all day, and, for a moment, appeared alone in the crowd. "It's nice to watch someone else perform instead of me," he said.
Kan realizes there are downsides to so much notoriety. He and Seibel have to instant message each other with phone numbers and other sensitive information they don't want to go out on the air. And, despite all the attention, Kan has never before been so isolated. He spends far more time interacting with strangers than his own family.
With a show that runs more on impulse than inspiration, Kan has considered banning his parents' IP addresses from accessing the site. He doesn't want them to see him acting "like an ass," he says.
Then the moment passes, and he's off again, drawn to the glow of an evening spent with friends over pizza and poker. When some of Vogt's friends from MIT show up, they can't believe the show is for real. So Kan tells viewers that if they send 100 e-mails in 20 minutes, the entire gang will dive into the swimming pool completely clothed. Kan clocks 300 messages.
With that kind of response, Kan says he has no intention of turning off the camera anytime soon.
"We will keep going as long as it's fun and as long as it's relevant," he said. "I figure that will be for a long time to come. ... If I wasn't starting this company, I would be starting another company. It's my job. It's my life."

George Clooney - Barack Obama Supporter - LA Times

Clooney steps cautiously into Obama's camp
Actor-activist fears a Hollywood connection might hurt candidate's chances in the heartland.
By Tina Daunt, LA Times Staff Writer
March 30, 2007

George Clooney can't decide what role he'd like to play.

This has nothing to do with his flourishing movie career and everything to do with the 2008 presidential campaign, where the involvement of even a widely admired star can be the subject of a serious dilemma.

On the one hand, the actor said in an interview, he would love to throw himself into campaigning for his friend, Sen. Barack Obama, a politician he compares to President Kennedy.

But Clooney is too shrewd a political observer to discount the negative effect celebrity can have on a campaign, especially in a red state. (Look what happened last year when industry favorite Rep. Harold Ford Jr. ran for the Senate in 2006. The Tennessee Democrat's foes called him "Fancy Ford" and portrayed him as a habitué of Hollywood's decadent soirees. It might have been what cost him the election in a close race.)

At the moment Clooney is playing it close to the vest, waiting to see if he can play a part without become a distracting sideshow. His quandary is a measure of Hollywood's growing political sophistication; celebs are beginning to understand that their support can be a double-edged sword.

Clooney points to a deeply personal example of Hollywood backlash: His father, former television anchorman and game show host Nick Clooney, lost his congressional race in Kentucky in 2004 after his opponent blasted him for having "Hollywood values."

"It became an issue of Hollywood versus the heartland," said Clooney, who opted not to publicly campaign for his father. "I believed I could only do him more harm."

So when Obama, an Illinois Democrat, told Clooney last year that he was thinking about running for president, the actor was excited but cautious. "I told him I would do anything for him, including staying completely away from him," said Clooney, speaking recently on his cellphone from the South Carolina set of his latest movie, "Leatherheads."

Obama, however, welcomed Clooney's involvement and support. They got to know each other a year ago while attending a rally to raise awareness about the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan and have stayed in touch. When asked about Clooney at a recent event, Obama broke into a smile, gestured expressively and said simply: "He's a good friend."

There's a kind of nostalgia that runs through Clooney's politics. Anybody who saw his 2005 film "Good Night, and Good Luck" has a notion of where his sentiments run. Though he was only a boy growing up in Kentucky when Kennedy was assassinated, he looks back on that era with a sense of political idealism. (Edward R. Murrow, the protagonist in Clooney's film, left broadcasting to serve in the Kennedy administration.)

When you talk with Clooney and the subject turns to politics, it's like a light going on. He loves the game and the interplay of ideas. "It's like a chess game," he said. "Even after Watergate, we had this feeling that it all involved the greater good."

He subscribes to two newspapers and can quote the top political columnists. He remembers the dialogue from old political debates, and he does a great impersonation of Democratic strategist James Carville.

Unless Clooney is working on a movie, he'll consider most invitations to attend events in Washington. He's a popular guest at the White House Correspondents' Assn. dinner, where even hardened journalists line up to shake his hand.

He's friends with the Clintons. He knows Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). "I like him very much, and I think he's a nice man," Clooney said. "But I disagree with him politically." He admires former Vice President Al Gore. "I sat on a train with him, my father and I. We talked for three hours."

But Obama, clearly, dazzled him.

"We were at a rally on Darfur," Clooney said. "People were standing around backstage. All of a sudden, Obama walks out and steps onto the stage. Everyone stopped to hear what he had to say…. I've never been around anyone who can literally take someone's breath away."

Although the actor may not be campaigning publicly for Obama at the moment, he is certainly working for him behind the scenes.

"I spend a lot of time talking with other people, and I tell them, 'You really have to educate yourself on Obama because the guy is real,' " he said. "He fascinates me. People say, 'Oh, he's too young,' you know. But you cannot learn or teach leadership. You either have it or you don't."

"Everyone says the country isn't ready for a black president. I think that's ridiculous. Is he going to lose Illinois? Is he going to lose New York or California because he's black? No. And maybe he makes some inroads into other places, and maybe, for once, he could get young people to show up and vote."

Despite his caution over participating, a national Obama campaign would be hard for Clooney to sit out. Like others in the entertainment industry, he is trying to figure out how to write a political part that will get good reviews in Middle America.

"Fox News Live" Irresponsible Journalism On Senator Barack Obama - Telecast Full Of Lies - News Hounds

From News Hounds

Fox News Live with Jon Scott (12 p.m. to 1 p.m. est) took a joke from the president at the Radio and TV Correspondance Dinner to launch an attack on Barack Obama, asking, has Barack Obama already made mistakes in the Presidential campaign?

The joke by the president was not laugh out loud, he said, "I'm not sure whether or not Senator Obama is here. Last I heard he was not coming to the Radio and TV Correspondant's Dinner, not enough press."

Scott (smiling and laughing) said he got a big laugh at that line when he mentioned "the little dig at Senator Obama, there." Scott went on to say that there "is a little truth behind every joke, though." He added, "Some say he has already made more than his share of mistakes." He brought on Fred Malek, who was the campaign manager for the first President Bush in 1992 and Joe Turnham, Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party.

Scott asked Turnham if the mistakes that are being attributed to Obama's campaign were made just because he was under the microscope. (Comment: He didn't mention what mistakes, only the 'some say' ones) Turnham said he thought so because he was a contender, raising money and he was becoming a target. He added that he was running a bit as an outsider which made him a bigger target. He said that the gaffes that people wanted to attribute to him didn't rise to the level of deal busting.

Scott then gave Malek an example where Barack Obama had said his parents had gotten together because of what happened in Selma, Alabama. This was in 1965 and Barack was born in 1961. Scott said, "It suggests that the guy makes up stories to sort of suit the audience." (Comment: The guy? This is as much respect a presidential candidate gets on Fox? And just because he may have gotten a date wrong doesn't suggest he's making up any stories)

Malek commented that there are some inconsistencies in what he has said and written and this is never helpful to a candidate. (Comment: Except for the Selma remark they weren't giving any examples) He said that people shouldn't focus on single gaffes that are made by candidates, that people should go on the Senator's experience and accomplishments. Malek said that was where Obama was going to be most challenged, in showing that he had the executive capacity, the leadership capacity and the experience to be the president at a time when he's going to be the leader of the war on terror.

Scott asked Malek if he was saying to cut him some slack on some of these other issues. (Comment: Again, he's referring to the some say and other issues when only one example was given) Malek said he hasn't seen anything too serious the real question was does he have the experience, the leadership and the proven successes to be the president of the United States.

Scott asked Turnham if it was because he was getting so much media attention and people like to shoot down the frontrunner or was he really stepping in it? (Comment: Again, stepping in what? Where are all these mistakes that Scott is talking about?)

Turnham said that the press are coming to the Obama functions because the crowds are coming. Turnham said he had been in several events where Obama and Clinton had been present. He said that there was a certain celebrity status and that he agreed with Malek that leadership qualities and public policy positions would become more tantamount moving into next January and February. He said Barack was for real, the race was for real and the debate was on in America. Turnham added that he didn't think that getting dates wrong or misquoting what magazine you read from even rises to the level of a gaffe.

During the segment the banner read Obama Mania, 'Has Barack Obama Already Made Mistakes In Presidential Campaign' in case you could forget what the segment was about.

Comments: Completely unprofessional and misleading segment by Jon Scott. Going so far as to use the Fox standard 'Some say' when supposedly reporting a news story. And then to continue this ruse suggesting Obama was 'stepping in it.' Scott also referred to Senator Obama as 'this guy' and suggested with no back up that Obama made up stories to suit his audience.

The Top 100 Players available for the 2007 Draft(part 1-#1-#50)

The top100 players available for the 2007 Draft (pt 1)
Every year more and more scrutiny goes into the evaluation of talent for the draft. Every year someone always asks me "why did so-an-so" drop down on people's draft boards, or why didn't he get drafted he had such a great college career. The fact is that not even the people running the teams war rooms themselves are willing to explain why an individual drops or rises on someone's board, because it's based on many factors. So when you read this now, take heed. A few of these names might not get called the first day.

1) Calvin Johnson-WR-Georgia Tech 6'4"-235-4.35
Johnson is typical of the "new wave" of heavier, almost tight end bodied wideouts. His size and physical tools make him stand head and shoulders (no pun!) above the rest of this year's class. He will be able to fight off taller DB's to get to the jump balls over the middle, but has the amazing burst of speed off the line of scrimmage as well. It would be a surprise to see him selected later then 1pm eastern on draft day.

2) Joe Thomas-OL-Wisconsin-6'8"-314-4.92
Thomas surprised everyone at the combine by doing almost all the drills, including twice running a sub 5 second 40 time. Amazing flexibility at the key joints will make him one of the best linemen in the pro game some day, his upper body strength was questioned earlier in his career at Wisconsin, but worked hard the last two off seasons to make improvements. If he falls out of the top five on draft day, it will be because of the depth of the skill player pool in the top ten.

3) JaMarcus Russell-QB-LSU-6'5"-261-4.83
Some people will be surprised that Russell moved up past both Quinn and Peterson, but the improvements he made from the combine to his pro day were noticeable. Still, he ran only one 40, and did position drills. He did throw to his receivers. He dropped almost 20 pounds in just over 2 weeks, surprising many who thought he needed time away from the steam tables. Wherever he goes, Russell will bring a Howitzer-like arm and very good skills.

4) Adrian Peterson-RB-Oaklaholma-6'2"-212-4.39(varies)
Despite his injury (broken collarbone) last year, this young man is ready for the brighter lights of the NFL. He reminds some (including me) of a slightly faster Eddie George in his running style, simply hard to bring down by one man alone. The first Runningback off the board, he will have a short adjustment period in the pros. He would benefit by going to a team that doesn't need him to carry the whole load right away.

5) Brady Quinn-QB-Notre Dame-6'4"-233-4.73(best)
It's sad that Quinn is only the second best QB in this draft, although after him the talent pool drops off tremendously. In any other draft, he might be the #1 at his position. He has matured well as both a player and a person under head coach Charlie Weis, and will be astute with his next coaching staff as well. Weis worked hard to cure Quinn of his difficulty seeing past the first option.

6) LaRon Landry-DB-LSU-6' 2"-186-4.35
Landry wowed the scouts at the combine with his great workout numbers, runing as fast as 4.29 seconds in the forty. The best DB in the draft class, Landry can play both the run and pass equally well, allowing the front seven to blitz out of multiple schemes. Another player who would surprise me if he fell out of the top 10 selections. Can also blitz quite well in situations. Could find his way up a spot or two depending on how the first hour works out on draft day.

7) Marshawn Lynch-RB-Cal-5'11"-218-4.45
Not the most explosive runner you'll ever see, Lynch compares favorably to some one like last years late 1st round surprise pick of the Colts, Joe Addai. Runs with a low to the ground style and is hard to tackle. Just the second player in school history to gain 1,000+ yards in consectuive seasons. Hits the hole without stalling and cuts well. A northern Califorina prep star who played his H.S. Ball at Oakland Tech. has three younger family members still on the Golden Bears team.

8) Gaines Adams-DE-Clemson-6'4"-262-4.71
A game changing playmaker, Adams will be a tough one to block for NFL offensive linemen. Has tremendous physical power, benching 21 reps at Clemson's pro day. Shows great moves both to the inside and outside on tape. Looks very much like a young Michael Strahan, maybe only a half step faster. Could have more of an impact then anyone at the position from last year's draft class if he can add some bulk and muscle to his frame. A bright and engaging personality, Gaines already has his eye on life after the NFL, earning his degree in sports management in December of 2006

9) Alan Branch-DT-Michigan-6'6"-329-4.79(short shuttle) 5.22(40Y.D.)
While Branch has fine numbers physically, he showed up to his pro day out of shape. Still, Branch was the main reason that Michigan went from 41st in run defense in 2005 to #1 in 2006. Can run out of gas early if he has too many consecutive plays, but if he's rotated as part of a 4 man line, or gets help in a 3-4 defense, he will make opponents sorry they lined up across from him. Played 37 games for the Blue, started 16 at the nose and 7 at DE.
Noted for engaging multiple opponents to allow teammates to pressure the offense.

10) Greg Olsen-TE-Miami (Fla.)-6'5"-252-4.51(40Y.D.)4.41(short shuttle)
Olsen was the surprise of the combine at his position, running every drill, some faster then a few wide receivers! In the mold of Previous U of Miami Tight Ends' Winslow and Shockey, Olsen is a good underneath, in-traffic pass catcher. We believe that his Football DNA (his Father was his H.S. Coach) plus his upside potential and combine and pro day workouts signal his rise up the draft board. Also a good blocker, Olsen has good balance. 26 starts out of 33 games played. Led the Hurricanes last season with 40 catches(for 489 yards & 1 TD).

11) Leon Hall-CB-Michigan-5'11"-193-4.41(40Y.D.-combine)
A 2006 Thorpe award finalist, Hall is a consummate defender. While not as tall as others, has decent speed to stay with wide receivers. Had at least 1 pass deflection in his last 26 games, with 43 in his total of 50 career games. Could be a triple threat for the team that selects him, as he also caught 24 passes for 520 yards as a part time Receiver his senior season. 12 career interceptions, 180 Tackles(141 solo). Some teams might shy away from him because of his size, but they would be mistaken to do so based on his big play ability.

12) Jamaal Anderson-DE-Arkansas-6'6" 280-4.79(campus)
Anderson played receiver as a High School player, shattering many of former Packer Keith Jackson's records at Parkview High in Little Rock. Made the transition to Defense as a freshman for the Razorbacks. Looks very flexible when he gets low against opposing tackles, able to shed their blocks most times. Could bulk up a bit with no severe loss of agility. Good Pursuit skills in the open field. Even though he only started 19 of 36 games played, has 17-1/2 career sacks. Very bright student who did well in classes. Majored in Sociology at the University's Fulbright school of arts and sciences.

13) Dwayne Jarrett-WR-USC-6'5" 212-4.55(campus)
A prime example of the trend in taller wide receivers who can stretch for the ball. Another 10 or so pounds and he really does look like a young Plaxico Burress. Can behave poorly with a Keyshawn Johnson like personality. Gets frustrated when he isn't the main target. Set the record with 41 career TD catches and 216 total in three seasons, and was #2 all time in receiving yardage (3,138) behind Johnnie Morton (3,201). Moving up because of a good Bowl Game, but could also slide back down because of his work ethic.

14) Levi Brown-OT-Penn St. 6'5" 328-5.3(campus)
A standout two-way lineman in high school in Virginia, Brown already has issues with his left knee (sprained in '04-torn meniscus in '06) which bears watching. Started 44 of 45 games over his PSU career despite injury. Punishing blocker who stops people in their tracks. Gets lazy at times in practice, but PSU's Tackles and Tight Ends Coach Bill Kenney says Brown is every bit a quality player as his predecessors.

15) Ted Ginn Jr.-WR/SP-Ohio St.-6'0"-180 4.28(campus-2006)
The issue here is Ginn's middle foot sprain, which has kept him out of both the combine and the OSU Pro day. A converted DB who only first played WR in the 11th grade. Ginn was coached by his father Ted Sr., One of the most well known H.S. coaches in the country. Played his entire H.S. and college career with OSU teammate Troy Smith. Ginn also played RB and QB in H.S. As talented as he is, teams will shy away from his lack of recent workouts.

16) Patrick Willis-ILB-Ole Miss-6'1.5" 239-4.51(combine)4.39(pro day)
Willis has had to deal with adversity his whole life, helping his father take care of two younger siblings after his mother walked out. It's only fitting that he led the Rebels through their rebuilding years of late. Has incredible skills, great pursuit of the center of the play. Sheds blockers with ease. His great Pro day numbers just about assure him of being the top LB selected in what is a weak overall class.

17) Amobi Okoye-DT-Louisville-6'2.25"-286-4.97(campus)4.88(combine)
Like Elvis Dumerville last year, Okoye is smallish for a DT at just over 6"2", but has so much of what it takes to play the position. He is explosive off the line, able to get the better of the center in front of him. Has good hands and puts them to good use, forcing opposing OL's to hold him or lose him. Very young (19) and didn't play football until the 9th grade(age 13), he will be 19 when drafted. Very Intelligent (Mensa Level I.Q.) Psychology major with a high GPA. Would be great with a defensive teaching coach. Could still grow an inch, and lost 20+ pounds from last year until now.

18) Lawrence Timmons-OLB-Florida St.-6'3"-232-4.62('06)4.66(combine)
Not as good a class of OLB's as last year, Timmons is rising up on draft boards and could be the best of the group. Although he could stand to add a few pounds, he wouldn't loose much if at all in footspeed. Good body movement. Good in passing situations as both a rusher and in coverage. Plays faster then his numbers. Very good work habits.Very coachable. Many feel he was given the short shrift by the Polls in '06. Sometimes he reminds me of another Lawrence.

19) Chris Houston-CB-Arkansas-5'11.5"-181-4.49('06)4.32(combine)
Houston is the kind of player most NFL teams want: a quality shutdown cornerback. Also plays specials as a gunner on punt plays. Had good games against Tennessee's Meachem and USC's Jarrett, but the Trojans were training a new QB and Meachem did take one of his two catches Vs. Houston for a TD. Did well at position drills on his pro day. Sometimes will lock in with a WR and get turned around, but overall a solid player.

20) Jon Beason-OLB-Miami (Fla) 6'0.5"-236-4.63(campus)
Beason is thick bodied, has great range on the field and is a very good tackler. He looks more like a Middle Linebacker everyday. Started his career at Miami as a Fullback, but only carried 1 time for 3 yards when a shoulder injury earned him a medical redshirt. Has been compared to the Panthers Dan Morgan. 22 starts in 38 career games with171 tackles(104 solo). Would do well in any scheme.

21) Dwayne Bowe-WR-LSU-6'3"-214-4.48(campus)4.40(combine)
Bowe benefited from two things last year. The offense at LSU shifted to more of a downfield passing game without Joseph Addai, and that allowed QB JaMarcus Russell to throw more deep balls. While he is fast for a big man, his actual footspeed is deceptive at times. Not that explosive off the line, he prefers to use his upper body power to jam defenders at the line. Had 65 catches for 990 yards in '06 with 12 TD's. Good downfield blocker as well. Nice hands. Hard to bring down after the catch.

22) Jarvis Moss-DE-Florida-6'6"-258-4.63(campus)4.76(pro day)
Moss is a project who is recovering from a Pelvic injury that became infected and took almost 3 years to heal. He missed just about all of his freshman and sophomore seasons due to the injury from high school. After having a decent 2005 season as a reserve in 11 games, he earned a starting spot in 2006, playing all 13 games. Still needs to gain another 10-12 pounds to keep from being contained by opposing offensive linemen. Could still be a quality DE/OLB depending on weight situation.

23) Aaron Ross-CB-Texas-6'1" 190-4.45(campus-'06) 4.54(combine)
Ross is another of those lighter weight corners who should gain a few pounds before playing an NFL game. Only started full time last year, and was academically ineligible to play in 2003. Good tackler (205 career with 145 solo) but needs work just about everywhere else. Can run with receivers without getting locked up, but easily bites on QB pump & fakes. Decent return man in similar mold of Devin Hester, he would be better suited to nickel back then as a coverage corner, but could be taught with time.

24) Paul Posluszny-OLB-Penn St. 6'1.75"-238-4.65(campus)
Another future NFL standout from "linebacker U", Paul changed his # to 31 from 39 to honor Shane Conlon from the '86 national title team. Great physical tools, but could stand to gain a few pounds via the weight room to avoid getting hammered by opponents. Played all three LB spots in 44 career games with 37 starts (20 at LOLB, 11 at ROLB, and 6 at MLB). Had one career Int for a TD. 372 career tackles(210 Solo). Having watched much tape on this young man it's safe for me to say he is a sturdy player who will forge a long history at the next level.

25) Adam Carriker-DE-Nebraska-6'6" 295-4.85(campus)
Carriker excels at everything he does, from the classroom (deans list 3.7GPA) to volunteer speaking, to sports (Played QB and DE in high school in the state of Washington, as well as baseball and track). While he lacks the explosion off the line, he has great technique, and overpowers opposing offensive tackles. Also has good pursuit skills to the ball, would convert well to the nose tackle in a 3-4 scheme, as he can get very low to the ground for a player of his size. Massive wingspan.

26) Darrelle Revis-CB-Pitt-6'0"-202-4.54(campus-06)
Revis is another standout two-way player as both a cover corner and a Punt returner. The nephew of former Pitt and NFL star Sean Gilbert, Revis played QB, RB,WR, and KR during his senior season in H.S. He also played Basketball, and could have been drafted directly to the NBA. All-Big East, All-Planet earth. 34 starts in 35 career games. 8 career Int's with a pair of TD's. 129 tackles(101 Solo). So why is he so far down the list? It's a good solid year for DB's in general, and he may actually move ahead of Aaron Ross between now and draft day.

27) Reggie Nelson-S-Florida-6'1"-178-4.35 (combine) 4.37(campus'06)
Nelson has a good skill set and several physical tools to play the game.
A strong tackler against the run for his size and weight with good explosion off the ball. If he has one fault is his trouble with tackling pass receivers downfield after the catch. Does show ability to make plays while the ball is coming down. Might also have trouble learning a difficult playbook due to academic issues. Needed two years at the Juco level to make it to Gatorland. In his defense, he had trouble dealing with the loss of his mother to breast cancer. Another late mover before draft day, Nelson could become a nickel back.

28) Charles Johnson-DE-Georgia-6'2"-270-4.68(campus) 4.75(combine)
Johnson was the other half of the defensive end tandem with Quentin Moses that destroyed opponents the last two seasons. Because Moses drew major double teams, Johnson was able to get penetration to the tune of 9.5 sacks and 19 tackles for loss last season. 13 starts in 35 games with 73 career tackles(54 solo). A squat, square shouldered body type, he is able to get low to the ground when he must stop a play. Not a bull rusher but good power, but can get closed out by bigger linemen. Might not be more then a pass rush specialist.

29) Robert Meachum-WR-Tennessee-6'3"-210-4.4(Pro day)4.47 (Combine)
This young man is probably the best wide out from the South Eastern Conference in quite some time. Rangy with long arms, he is gifted with several gears on his transmission. He can shift in the open field, and doesn't get jammed by defenders easily. Possesses great hands and very good field and ball awareness. Had 1,298 receiving yards, led the conference with11 TD's, 71 receptions (5.46 per game) and 99.8 yards per game over13 games, all starts. If he has only one negative is that he should improve his overall blocking skills, but shows promise even there as well. Poised to move up on the board based on great Combine and Pro Day numbers.

30) Ryan Kalil-OC-USC-6'4"-291-No 40 Time
This is an interesting young man with lots of skills. In a year with a weak Center class, Kalil will be the first one chosen. His Body type, and ability compares to a Tom Nalen or Frank Winters. Naturally strong with good lateral movement, he has been the anchor of the Trojans offensive line the past two and a half years. Team averages 500 yards of offense per game with him in the lineup. Can tie up two defenders consistently. Marches to a different beat, likes to sing Sinatra tunes.

31) Zach Miller-TE-Arizona St.-6'5"-259-4.79(campus)
Considered the best tight end in the nation by most scouts and observers, Miller was a stand out both in the classroom and on the field in high school. Great on field vision and awareness, Miller caught at least one pass in all but two games (33 out of 35) in his college career. Looks much like his predecessor, Ravens TE Todd Heap. Had some Ankle trouble in 2005, but seems to have healed up. 144 career receptions for 1,512 yards and 14 TD's. Chose to stay local and go to school with his older brother Brent.

32) Joe Staley-OL-Cent.Michigan-6'5"-302-4.7.1(campus) 4.72(combine)
Joe started out his College career as a tight end who weighed only 225 pounds in 2003. A local Michigan product who chose to stay home, Staley was also a track star who bulked up to play both right and left tackle. He has emerged as one of the best pass protectors in the nation with few rough spots if any. Had 39 starts in 46 games and gave up no sacks in 2005 or 2006.
Has the fastest 40 time of any OL in this class.

33) Eric Wright-CB/RS-UNLV-5'11"-190-4.47(campus) 4.36(combine)
Such a shame this is such a troubled young man, or else he'd be moving even higher on the board. A medical hardship in 2003, he transferred from USC amid various off the field "incidents" after the 2004 season. Sat out 2005 and only played in 9 games with 6 starts in 2006. 10 starts over 22 games played for the two schools. A Good tackler for someone without punishing power, he moves well in open space. If he can get past his baggage he has tremendous upside as both a defender and a return man.

34) LaMarr Woodley-DE-Michigan-6'2"-4.62(campus'06) 4.74 (Pro Day)
A fearsome pass rusher, Woodley is adept at either rush end or outside linebacker. Although he was at the combine, he did not partake in workouts until his pro day march 16th. He and Teammate Alan Branch helped the Wolverines lead the nation in rush defense. Works best in free space as a pass rusher, but can do well in traffic, getting low to the ground to keep offensive linemen from rolling over and pushing him out of the play.
Amazing upper body for a man of his height and weight. 33 starts in 49 games over 4 years with 177 tackles (129 solo) and 25 sacks(2nd in school history) can get dinged up at times.

35) Brandon Merriweather-S-Miami (Fla.)-5'11"-196-4.52(campus)
4.56(combine) Known as the man who broke Bennie Blades' record for career solo tackles (182) and total stops(293). A 5 year player because of injuries in 2002 and 2003, he played 52 games (3rd in school history). Played all 5 positions in the defensive backfield over his career. Has a wiry framed body structure, but gained 35 pounds in 5 years. A team leader who stood up to critics after the brawl against Fla. Int'l last season. Will have to overcome critics with regard to his durability.

36) Justin Harrell-DT-Tennessee-6'4"-305-5.08(campus)
Another firey team leader, but also injury prone or else would be ranked higher. Has a think upper body and can make plays downfield or in the pit, but does not have the best ball awareness at times. Could develop into a steady player if he can stay healthy for an extended period of time. Played 35 games with 25 starts, and had 82 tackles (46 solo) with 4 sacks.The Number of injuries bears watching.

37) Brian Leonard-FB-Rutgers-6'2"-230-4.52(campus)
Started his career as a Tailback, but switched so the team could add Ray Rice into the offensive mix. Played 47 games for the scarlet knights and caught at least one pass in each game (45 starts). Also a great pass catcher. Trying to get his weight back down to his pre-Fullback days with the help of a private trainer (was 228 at the combine). Has good quickness and cuts for a man his size. Also an excellent pass receiver, he has nearly 6,000 total career yards. Will make someone's 2007 roster.

38) Brandon Siler-LB-Florida-6'2"-239-4.52 (campus) 4.58(combine)
Quiet and unassuming, this young man reminds mea bit of Ex-Giant Harry Carson. He just goes about his business on and off the field. Was ranked 4th best overall ILB in the country in high school. A classic 4-3 middle linebacker with a well developed body, good acceleration to the heart of the play, very good agility, and good ball awareness. Very bright student, Criminology major, member of school's leadership team, would like to be a politician someday.

39) Sidney Rice-WR-South Carolina-6'4"-202-4.49(campus)
One of the best receivers to come out of the state in quite some time, Rice sat his first year after only one game due to a knee injury. Also had an injured finger in the summer of 2005 forcing him to miss the 1st game, he then played the next 24 strait! Produced back-to-back 1,000+ yard receiving seasons in 2005-2006. Tall with good body control, he is a good downfield route runner with good speed and hands. Decent crack blocker, but needs to improve strait ahead blocking skills. 23 starts in 24 career games with 142 receptions for 2,233 yards and 23 TD's.

40) Anthony Spencer-DE-Perdue-6'3"-266-4.63(campus)
If Penn St. is Linebacker U, then the same can be said for defensive ends and Perdue! Another 5 year man, Spencer's only action in 2002 was with the scout team. In 2003 he missed 3 early season games with torn ligaments in his foot. After a banner 2004 season, he fell off again in 05 due to illness and injuries, but bounced back to all planet status in 2006. His moves and foot speed remind me of Shaun Phillips of San Diego, but he doesn't have the physical size to overpower opponents. At times played as much as 10 pounds lighter (in 2005) due to the flu. Not an every down player, but a good pass rusher both out of the stance or standing up.

41) Marcus McCauley-DB-Fresno St.-6'1"-195-4.39(campus) 4.48(combine)
A solid open field hitter and tackler who also has the coverage skills against speedy receivers. His performance slipped somewhat after a concussion early in 2006. Could also play receiver, since he played both ways in high school. Might need some more weight on his frame to stay durable in the pros. Was an aggressive player before his injury, and would need to regain that spark to have success at the next level. Sadly, he had only a so-so combine and pro day. Could be sliding down unless he gets a good private workout.

42) Arron Sears-OL-Tennessee-6'4"-328-5.44(campus)
Wow is all I can say when looking at tape on this young man. A leader of the volunteers offensive unit, he is the prototypical offensive left tackle. Only missed 2 games due to injury in four years, and started as a true freshman midway through the 2003 season. Has played both Tackle and Guard, and could play on both sides of the Center. Not the best footspeed even for a lineman, but has an explosive jump out of his stance. Would be a perfect OLT if he were an inch taller and lost a bit of the babyfat , but still pretty close. Because of his work ethic and willingness to learn from coaches, he could be around a long time.

43) Quentin Moses-DE-Georgia-6'5"-255-4.72(campus)
Played with fellow end Charles Johnson, and drew the double teams that allowed his teammate to prosper. A bit undersized, Moses will have to gain some bulk (at least 15 pounds) to play in a down stance at the pro level. Has played both left and right end. Played behind and learned from both Jumpy Geathers and David Pollack before coming intro his own in 2005. Would have had better tackle and sack numbers last year if he wasn't double teamed 50 times a game. Great lateral movement much like Miami's Jason Taylor. 26 starts in 51 games, recorded 137 tackles (93 solo) and 25 sacks.

44) Drew Stanton-QB-Michigan St.-6'3"-230-4.8(various)
As much as some might rate Stanton higher then this (or lower!), we won't fold to the pressure. While Stanton does have a some quality skills, and was all world coming out of high school, there are a few pieces missing out of this puzzle. At the top of the list, his numbers from the 2006 season are a bit of a disappointment (17 TD's, 10 Int's, 1,807 Yds) even if his overall career stats look much better. Has a tendency to play sloppy at times, and can be injury prone. If he can develop some leadership skills, he could have a decent career at the next level, but I'm not sold on him just yet.

45) Tony Ugoh-OT-Arkansas-6'5"-304-5.16 (combine)
Ugoh lost 10 pounds while preparing for the combine, but did not work out at his pro day. Tony got better with each season, and was at his best the last two years. A Powerful, thick-bodied player with good movement, good position and balance, he finishes his blocks 8 out of 10 times. Might not be fast, but doesn't get out positioned by faster pass rushers. Spent too much time away from the game as a track and field man until '05. Might not have the footwork to be a Tackle, but could become a quality Guard. Honor roll student who started 25 of 35 games over his career, including 24 in a row in '05 and '06

46) Tank Tyler-DT-N.C.State-6'2"322-5.24(Pro Day-3/20)
In 2005 Tyler played with "super' Mario Williams and John McCargo, and the defense was ranked in the top ten in the nation in several categories. After they departed, Tyler had to step up and assume the leadership role, and was not able to fill the void of two men by himself. Tyler did do a solid job in '06, registering a career high 49 tackles. His issues with weight gain and maturity are well documented, and he served a 1 quarter suspension for spitting at an official. A better strait ahead rusher then coming off the edge, could improve his foot speed for his size. Could be a force at the next level if he gets his issues dealt with.

47) Anthony Gonzalez-WR-Ohio St.-6'0"-197-4.29(campus)
A 4 time academic all American, Gonzalez benefited from having Ted Ginn on the other side last year and Santonio Holmes in 2005, Truly a fast, long stride runner, Gonzalez will stretch the field to opoen up lanes for other teammates. Very soft hands and good footwork, with good upper body definition. Uses his quickness to gain seperation off the snap from defenders. 17 starts in 33 games played at OSU, he has 87 career receptions for 1,286 yards and 13 TD's, and has never fumbled. Will donate a portion of his off the field income to charity.

48) Trent Edwards-QB-Stanford-6'3"-220-4.82(campus)
Has only played one full season (2005), so why should we think he'd stay healthy now? Has some tools, but never got to show them long term. Can throw the short routes and deep down the middle, but has trouble with deep corner routes. Has "game" smarts. Had 26 career TD's vs. 20 Int's. Only reason he is even this high is a nice private workout in the rain (3/20) where he threw 60 passes with only 3 inc's. Could be someone back-up, but would have to prove he can stay healthy before becoming a long term starter.

49) Marcus Thomas-DL-Florida-6'3"-295-5.23 (private-3/29)
A bit bigger then most nose tackles, Thomas could have been one of the best ever to play the game until two failed drug tests last summer and fall wrecked that for him. After being dismissed from the team, he sat home while the gators won the national title. Still has the tools to succeed at the next level if he behaves. 41 career games with 31 starts, 157 tackles (93 solo), 14 sacks, and two blocked kicks. If his one big night last summer was just that, he's capable of redeeming himself.

50) Kenny Irons-RB-Auburn-5'11"-203-4.51(campus)
A transfer from South Carolina, Irons wanted to play with his older brother CB David Irons. Like Jerious Norwood of the Falcons, Irons isn't a power rusher, but has quickness to the point of attack, and can wiggle out of tacklers if he keeps his legs moving. Good low center of gravity makes him hard to wrap up. Enough agility to change direction on the fly, but not in the same mold as predecessors Williams or Brown. Minor injuries slowed him some this past season, but would be a quality addition to any team.

Well there is part one of our top 100(whew!)