Monday, December 17, 2007

TRANSPORTS' Beverly Uses Sex; Race As Weapon For Her Own Pleasure With Co-Worker

Yep. That's a weird title, but as readers to my blog know whenever there's a weird something that happens in my life, I'll report it and this is certainly up there.

As of this writing -- things change -- I'm not dating anyone. So as it happened I was at a cool lounge in Oakland with an interior that looks like you've walked into a Polynesian hut. Awesome place called The Tiki Lounge. Anyway I'm hanging out and chatting and eventually started talked to the woman seated next to me, who was attractive to be sure and quite interested in my name.

Her name's Beverly, which she seems to think is a boring name, but it's not. That and the occasional "I'm Asian" comments were a bit annoying but I could deal with it.

After a good time of talk, it seemed we were both interested in each other, except I had one question, which I'll get to. But then at that point, she starts to involve this guy who seemed all of about 20 years old next to her. He was also with a group of people that, as it turned out, all worked for Beverly.

To make a long story short, Beverly basically tried to use my interest in her to attract this guy who's also her direct employee at a store in Oakland called Transports. I said to her during this difficult period in our talk, "Say, aren't you considering that you are his boss?" She said she's known him for three months and also said that he never did anything in the way of an advance until I expressed an interest. She said this. I'm not kidding.

That's lame.

I also wondered quietly to her if part of her problem was that perhaps she had a preference for White guys. At first, she said I was playing "the race card" -- but then just five minutes later admitted to him, but within earshot of me, that she "was used to White skinny guys." To which I politely called her on it, and you could see her wheels turning as if to say "I got caught."


Then I asked Bev about the ring on her finger. It turns out that by her own admission, she's still married, although she says she's in the middle of a divorce. If that's the case, take off the ring.

With all this, and I told her, I lost interest. Plus, the guy was a total dweeb who makes snide remarks and is constantly looking for drama and controversy. and Beverly was egging him on, saying to him "Don't you get into bar fights?" Because she was trying to pit him against me. To which I remarked, "I don't get into fights; I call the cops." At that point, I though Beverly lost it. She would blame the cocktail; I blame her judgement.

Beverly and he also said that "no one would find out about this" -- meaning their planned romance, and using that term is a stretch at best. And they were dumb enough to say it before me, even though I said "Hey, this is so weird I could blog it." To which the guy said "Oh, who reads the blogs! No one reads the blogs."


They -- she and he and his friend Dan -- finally left, thank God.

The point here is that no one should play games involving race and sex with anyone. Also, I find a number of women seem conflicted in choising a mate based on race. The bottom line is this: you should not do it. The reason is that if you try to segregate your romances racially, you must -- by default -- be racist to maintain that segregation. Better to judge the person as an individual rather than a type. I find that more men don't seem to care what color the woman is as long as they're hot and nice.

Also, if you're working for a company, don't take up relations with the person who works for you and right under you and you're still married, and it's in front of co-workers!

That's not smart and Beverly was certainly not being smart or nice.

Finally, never ever assume that people don't read blogs and don't tell that to a blogger!

L.I. Couple Guilty In 'Modern Day Slavery' Case- Horrific

Victims Were Beaten, Burned, Forced To Eat Their Own Vomit

A jury found a wealthy Muttonstown couple guilty Monday of enslaving two Indonesian women who they hired as housekeepers, before treating them in a torturous manner with painful physical and psychological punishments.

The millionaire couple, Mahender Murlidhar Sabhnani, 51, and his wife Varsha Mahender, 45, were each convicted of all charges in a 12-count federal indictment that included forced labor, conspiracy, peonage, involuntary servitude, and harboring aliens.

Mr. Sabhnani immediately began stroking his immediately stunned wife and holding her face as the verdict was read.

Mrs. Sabhnani and her daughter Dakshina then both collapsed in the courtroom after the verdict was read and were taken to an area hospital, prompting the judge to postpone remaining court proceedings until Tuesday

The Sabhnanis, who have three other children and who operate a worldwide perfume business out of their Muttontown home on Long Island's Gold Coast, could face up to 40 years in prison, although attorneys predicted the punishment would be considerably less.

During the trial, the two Indonesian women detailed the horrific acts of abuse they were subjected to for even the slighest errors in their ways. Those punishments included being victimized with umbrellas, knives, and brooms.

One of the victims, a 51-year-old woman identified only as "Samirah," claimed that at the hands of Mrs. Sabhnani, she was scalded, sliced, clubbed, cut, and pinched. She said her ears were pulled, fingers bent, body taped, and she said she'd even suffered a broken hand.

As for Mr. Sabhnani, Samirah testified that he and some of the couple's four children at times saw her naked, when "the Missus" ordered her to remove her clothes as humiliation.

The Indonesian servant said for small mistakes such as if she slept late or was tardy when beckoned, Mrs. Sabhnani would use "a club to hit me in the mouth til my teeth fell off," she said.

She added that she would be starved at times and forced to take food from the trash. "I got up at 4 a.m. to scrub and cook for the Missus. I only ate at noon, two slices of bread," she said. And she maintained that she was scalded with boiling water -- if she complained -- until "the skin was cooked."

The visibly distraught woman seemed to claim most of the torture was at the hands of Mrs. Sabhnani, who another time made her vomit when she was forced to eat 100 hot chili peppers.

"Not satisfied that I wasn't dead yet, she ordered me to swallow six spoonfuls of chili powder, mixed with salt and water," she said. After she vomited, she claimed Mrs. Sabhnani made her eat the vomit.

When asked if she fought back, Samirah said: "No, I asked the Missus for forgiveness."

Court observers wonder why Samirah didn't run away sooner, after she was found inside a Dunkin' Donuts in May in an apparent daze, leading employees to call for help. She, along with another Indonesian woman identified as Enung, were taken into custody by police where they told of the alleged abuse.

But defense attorneys contend the housekeepers engaged in witchcraft and may have abused themselves as part of an Indonesian self-mutilation ritual.

The Sabhnanis spent nearly three months in jail following their arrest before a judge signed off on a bail package that required the couple to post $4.5 million and pay an estimated $10,000 a day for round-the-clock security monitoring while they were kept under house arrest.