Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BART Shooting: Carol Ward Allen Informs Keith Carson

At the BART Community Meeting held Sunday January 11th Alameda Co Supervisor Keith Carson criticized the BART Board for the timing of the meeting, BART Board's Carol Ward Allen to issue this response explaining timing.

Barack Obama Issues First Veto Threat To Congress

More from Huff Post: “President-elect Barack Obama made his first veto threat Tuesday in a closed-door meeting with Senate Democrats. Obama told his former colleagues that if Congress passes a resolution blocking release of the second half of the financial bailout funds he will veto it, said Sen. Joseph Lieberman after leaving the caucus meeting.”

Hillary Clinton Confirmation Presentation Gets Rave Reviews

Proving that she's more than ready for her "3 AM phone call" President-Elect Obama's Secreatary of State Designate Hillary Rodham Clinton gave a great presentation at today's confirmation hearing. Clinton presented the objective of using "smart power" diplomacy: a combination of tools from economic to military as a last resort.


More at New York Post: “A publicist for Howie Mandel says he's out of the hospital and plans to return to work Wednesday.

Mandel was in Toronto taping his new show "Howie Do It!" when he was taken to the hospital for an irregular heartbeat Monday, said Lewis Kay, publicist for the 53-year-old comedian and game show host.

Mandel was conscious and breathing when police officers responded to a report of a man with a medical condition at a downtown hotel Monday evening. Family members went with him to St. Michael's Hospital, police said.”

Carol Bartz: Former Autodesk CEO Bartz to head Yahoo

More at SFGate.com: “(01-13) 12:17 PST SUNNYVALE -- Yahoo Inc. plans to name former Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz as its new chief executive, according to a published report, ending a two-month high-profile search for the struggling Internet giant.

She will replace Jerry Yang, Yahoo's co-founder, according to a Wall Street Journal article published online today. Yang said in November that he would step down after 17 months at the helm.

Yahoo declined to comment. Autodesk said it had no information. Bartz could not be reached.”

Welcome to Congress, YouTube

Congress enters the 21st Century! This is what is written at "HouseHub", the YouTube channel:

"The leaders of both the Senate and the House announce that Congress is now in session, on YouTube. You can now find your Representatives and Senators' YouTube channels on two new special platforms:

The House Hub: http://www.youtube.com/househub

The Senate Hub: http://www.youtube.com/senatehub

This is your backstage pass to your government - so connect with your elected leaders on YouTube today.

BART protesters in SF: Video From Solaraqua

Solaraqua writes:

"On January 12, 2009 a group of demonstrators gathered at the United Plaza, in San Francisco to protest over the fatal shooting by a BART police officer of Oscar Jullius Grant, an unarmed young Afro-American man,. The incident occurred on New Year's Day at Fruitvalle BART Station, in Oakland and it was witnessed by standing bys and others BART commuters from a distance. Fortunately it was captured by multiple eye witness cell phone's cameras.
BART completed the investigation and now Oakland District Attorney takes over to determine the charges regarding this case."

Ann Coulter on The View 01/12/09 (3 of 4)

Ann Coulter gets on The View and does what she does best -- run her mouth. That means she doens't know what she's talking about.
More on this in my own video, but watch this one.

Kate Winslet WINS the Golden Globe for Best Actress Drama

Kate Winslet was just amazing here because she was so honest in her reaction. It's nice to see someone like what's given to them.

Golden Globe ratings: worst since '96 - LA Observed

More at LA Observed : “Americans who watch TV don't watch the Golden Globes any more, even if the newspapers, blogs and celebrity cable channels continue to insist they are a big thing. An average of 14.6 million viewers nationwide tuned in over three hours, down 26% from two years ago in the 18-49 niche and the worst audience since NBC took over. The Globes's did a little better than "Desperate Housewives" and "24," but only a little better — and "24" is on Fox.”

Do Black Women Support Black Female / White Male Relationships But Not Black Male / White Female?

More at Racialious: “Most Black women who I am close with approve of, and even cheer on, a Black female/White male interracial relationship. But one that’s the other way around evokes a feeling far less warm and fuzzy. For example, if Obama had been married to a White woman… eek. I’m sure we wouldn’t have been as quick to embrace him (and actually, I’ve talked with men and women of every color about this hypothetical situation, all of whom expressed a similar “cringe” - perhaps a topic for a different post).”

-- A great column. As one who's dated inter-colorially (I hate the term race) since I started dating, I predicted this years ago. What bothers me is that television shows more Black female / White Male pairing than for Black male / White female. Why? These images impact social development.

BART Police Gary Gee; BART Website No Oscar Grant Apology

BART Board's Lynette Sweet said BART Police did not explain that they talked to Officer Johannes Mesherle until Sunday. What Gee said is here. BART also has not posted an apology to the Grant Family on its website.

Keith Carson - Alameda Co Supervisor Pissed With BART Board

At Sunday's BART Board Committee Meeting, Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson took the mic and let lose, expressing his frustration with the BART Board and the slow pace of the investigation into the matter of the murder of Oscar Grant.

Carson was particularly upset that the meeting was held on a Sunday at 2 PM, when community religious leaders were either in church or just getting out of church.

Indy Colts Coach Tony Dungy Announces Retirement Today

Tony Dungy is my all time favorite NFL head coach. Today, after really about three years of thinking about it, he actually did it. He retired.

Dungy was the modern day Tom Landry, with a stern demenor on the sidelines and a keen football knoweldge. He was first the young star defensive coodinator who's talents were first mentioned by John Madden. Then he became head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and had what to many was his signature game in 1998, when his team upset the San Francisco 49ers, sacking quarterback Steve Young eight times.

But an inability to craft an explosive offense there did him in, and he landed with the Colts. There he built the team into the modern force it is and rallied the community behind them.

Tony's unshakable faith in the Lord is a guide for me. I hope one day U get the chance to meet him.