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Dear Perez, Bloggers are not Columnists by: Nikky Raney

I turned on my television and saw Perez Hilton hosting “The Bad Girl’s Club Reunion” on Oxygen. . He then introduces himself as a “celebrity gossip columnist. My jaw dropped and I could not believe what I heard. Hilton of writes news about celebrities on his blog and uses digital paint to draw things on celebrity photos. He occasionally posts the link where he found the article and he always inserts his opinion. Ironically, he will always post the link where he obtained the images he defaced, but he is not as concerned with posting the link where obtained his news. Hilton is one of the many bloggers on the Internet claiming to be columnists and citizen journalists. When is blogger considered a journalist?
Most bloggers, like Hilton, obtain news from other sources and then put in their own comments and analysis. I would consider that as someone doing a review of the news and relaying the news to others, which is something that many people do in order to let other know about the news. This is done verbally without the person calling him or herself a columnist, but when Hilton creates a blog, copy and pastes news from a source, and then gives his opinion, he considers himself a columnist? Wouldn’t that make anyone who has ever showed an article to someone else and then given commentary about the article a columnist?
Michael Lewitts of the Huffington Post has created the web site . The site patrols hundreds of blogs daily in an effort to separate then fact from the fiction. The site exposes Hilton for his inaccuracies which include his reports on: Cuban leader, Fidel Castro’s death, Brad Pitt purchasing his children an extravagant gerbil run for $82,000, and Charlie’s Angel star Jaclyn Smith’s suicide; all of which were proven to be false.
Contemplating between "bloggists" and "journaloggers"
Contemplating between "bloggists" and "journaloggers"

Lewitts’ says he hates what Hilton has done to journalism; “He routinely reports rumors as if they are real stories without bothering to fact-check them. Consequently, because of his tremendous reach, inaccurate gossip becomes gospel.” According to a study released by PR Week and PR Newswire, 52 percent of bloggers surveyed consider themselves journalists.
If Hilton were hired as a columnist for a web site or paper his false reports and constant defamation would certainly not be tolerated. Stephen Glass was a reporter for The New Republic , until he was fired for fabricating his articles. Glass had his stories published in numerous publications as a paid journalist, but what if Glass had made a blog and published these stories. Would the movie Shattered Glass, based on his deception of journalism, still be made? If paid journalists are responsible for adhering and following the ethics and standards, then shouldn’t bloggers calling themselves journalists also be held accountable?
The Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics entails that journalists always test the accuracy of information prior to publishing, never plagiarize, be objective when reporting news, make it clear before inserting an opinion, show good taste, clarify and explain news coverage, admit mistakes and correct them promptly, etc. Although this is not legally enforceable, journalists embrace it. created a “Bloggers’ Code of Ethics” based on modifying the Code of Ethics I mentioned previously. The code includes many of the previously mentioned guidelines reworded for the purposes of the web. It is recognized that bloggers are not the same as journalists, but “should recognize that when publicly publishing on their blogs they have ethical obligations to their readers, the people they write about, and society in general.” is also agrees that bloggers cannot ignore basic journalism ethics. If those who call themselves bloggers are being held accountable, then why wouldn’t bloggers identifying themselves as journalists also adhere to the guidelines? Just because someone writes a blog with links to credible news sources does not make that person a journalist. writes, “The blogging community has often given the impression that they are totally separate from professional journalists and in some sense not subject to their ethical standards.”
Joshua Brown runs the blog The Reformed Broker, . He, as a blogger, recognizes that he is not a journalist and wants to make that clear to other bloggers, “There are journalists and there are bloggers. And then there are journalists who blog, there are also bloggers who turn in a piece of journalism here and there. But the two terms are absolutely not interchangeable - and that's not a slight against either camp.”
Brown defends his claim by stating, “Journalists are responsible for the originality and truthfulness of what they put out. Bloggers may feel that they are and in many cases try even harder to maintain journalistic standards, but at the end of the day, they simply don't have to.’” He ends his entry with, “So no, I don't pretend to be a journalist, even though I've written some journalism-worthy articles on this and other sites. You shouldn't either - it's just not the same thing yet.”
The title of Brown’s blog entry, “Sorry Bloggers, You Are Not Journalists,” makes me feel better. It’s great to see that someone else out there understands my argument, but that won’t change the fact that there are bloggers who are still going to label themselves as journalists.
Hilton will continue to call himself a columnist, and bloggers everywhere are going to continue to consider themselves journalists, but what matters the most isn’t the title. What matters is that the audience is able to acknowledge that what is presented on a blog may not be accurate. As long as the majority of people aren’t looking at as a primary source for news, he can call himself whatever he wants. Journalists will continue to produce news for bloggers to duplicate and comment upon, but ultimately it is up to individuals to choose what source to obtain news from, and hopefully they make the right one.

EDIT: For those who do not know, I was a paid freelance columnist for Foster's Daily Democrat in 2008, so I do know a thing or two about being a columnist.

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Avatar NYC the good bad the ugly - Suzannah B. Troy

There is so much to tell you and I felt the love and beauty of such a diverse group of New Yorkers from poverty level to rich, the  super spiritual, from black to Asian to the pink haired.   

Before I get to the happy thoughts I wanted to take a moment to remember those that died from violence here in NYC and they were mostly females from babies to grandmothers .... Has Nyasia Pryear's murderer been caught yet?   She was murdered the night before President Obama's inauguration.  Instead of her family celebrating, they grieved. 

By the way I wrote President Obama asking him to help us because the East Village has been mega-dormed to death and they use the term "community facility" to bust through zoning and they exclude the community.  Here is my YouTube with my letter to the President asking for his help to get us community outreach resource center in every one of those buildings that are called "community facilities" but exclude the community and actually help to displace the community and small businesses. I also asked the mayor on the John Gambling Show  Hear me confront Mayor Bloomberg on the John Gambling show about the tsunami of community crushing development and the need for community outreach resource centers. pick the top option for "archived link" which gives you the stream with out down load move the cursor to 29 minutes (almost the end!!!) OCTOBER 19, 2007 . If these community outreach resource centers were in every mega dorm, the college kids would be forced to recognize the people are struggling and get involved in helping the community rather than being involved in the push out.  Let us face it, John Sexton, the president of the evil empire aka NYU, the purple reign of terror needs to find another job preferably in Nantucket where I think he lives and I am still wondering if he can even vote in NYC considering he rushed down to testify we needed king Mike, the developer's mayor or is he like so many rich people here that can't vote because they refuse to declare NYC their home for tax reasons.  They call Florida, Vermont, Virgin Islands, Conn., anywhere but here their real home but rush to say we need Mike Bloomberg for a third term. Watch my YouTube review on Avatar for more on NYU, Cooper Union, Columbia University and any U. with a mega dorm in the East Village including The New School, NY Law, SVA so get insight on how the people feel.  

NYU mega dormed the East Village to death and has helped every university possible to follow NYU's community crushing lead confusing the East Village, Bowrey, Lower East Side Bowery with dorm fodder.   Click here to read the latest and it is from Crain's about 3 Universities banding together to occupy a big dorm on the Lower East Side on Delancey Street not far from where my Grandfather was born in 1904. The only thing worse than the mega dorms is The Red Square with Lenin on the roof (Mike Red Square Rosen's rich man's toy) looks like a pro-type of the mega dorms with balconies.   Please remember that developer Mike Red Square Rosen demands you call him a community activist!  

Actually NY Law mega dorm on 3rd Street has balconies just like the Red Square and when the Hell's Angels were raided the college kids stood out on their balconies in their pajamas watching the NYPD in action as well with Ron Kuby giving a stunning performance in a lawyer working the media very effectively.  I can't tell you who won the Oscar this year for best actor but Kuby's performance was unforgettable.   The tax payers will be paying dearly as usual but I don't think the "balconied would be lawyers" will be doing anything much but corporate law or maybe real estate. Clearly the community is an inconvenience and the only thing they have not done is provide NYU buses and trolleys to bus us out. 

The tenants of Stuy Town meant to be affordable housing way back when and by the way NYU has student housing there as well and Peter Cooper Village are trying to find an ally to buy the property. Good luck and Blessings!  

The FBI made some raids today but I do not think they made arrests although they did get yelled at.  

True or false?  I contacted the FBI about issues closer to home...?  I am learning more and more about the NYPD and special units they have? Not true.  One is true.  All are true.  I will let you know if you guessed correctly. Never a dull moment.  

Just to hit the rewind button.  Betty White is proof that some people age better with dignity and a sense of humor as she achieved monster ratings for her presence on Saturday Night Live and people loved her Super Bowl commercial.  She is sizzling hot.  

Oh by the way, I saw John Thain today getting in to a chauffeur driven mercedes on Central Park South...ho hum.  I bet a meg-million he is happy he is not chair of GS right now although he had his share -- not talking about a mother load of shares -- but share of trouble,less than golden after leaving Goldman Sachs, right?  He sure looked smooth today.  

Prediction -- major fall-out over Steve Rattners pension fund scandals -- that scandal"s" with an s coming and splish splash it is going to splatter on king mayor Mike Bloomberg, just a little.  Mike Bloomberg, what is the name of Steve Rattner's new firm he created just to manage you 5 billion dollars.  Mayor Mike said Steve should not have to step down from his job at The White House and clearly Mike Bloobmerg still is supporting his good friend Steve Rattner.  All is quiet on this front for now but get ready for more head lines on this....  

Apparently President Obama has a fan that thinks he is sizzling hot.  I don't find the Pres. sizzling.  I am not sure he is doing a great job but I do think he is a nice guy and compassionate.  I can't say New York is feeling any of his benefits.
For Giuseppi Loagn fans -- Time and Place
Time:Tomorrow at 9:00 pm until Sun May 16 at 9:00 pm
Venue:5/14 IPR 5/16 Brecht Forum
2 chances to roll with brother Giuseppi Logan May 14th at the Issue Project Room (G plays around 10,.headlining) May 16th at the Brecht Forum (G plays around 9,.headlining) with Matt Lavelle,Francois Grillot,and Dave Miller.. *special guest Chris Forbes 5/16 and remember my YouTube series To follow Matt's booking for Giuseppie join his facebook page Remember my YouTube I posted when people thought he was dead and long gone.... so follow my YouTube documentary series and now his son's.  I will have more information on that soon.   I spoke with Giuseppi Logan tonight.  I told him his son is returning which of course made him happy.  I asked him to play "Suzannah" a song he composed.  I told him I would see him very soon!

Tila Tequila: Army Of One by: Nikky Raney

Tila Tequila, who recently changed her name to "Miss Tila," spent months promoting her Celebrity Gossip Blog before its release.

Tila made sure that everyone knew that her army was behind her, and her blog would "dethrone Piggy Perez." Branching out from her other site,, Miss Tila claims her new site will have all the secrets from celebrities who messed with her.

Tila went on KTLA (image to the left)and when questioned about the 800 thousand followers she has (he was
clearly referring to Twitter followers, but that would also be inaccurate as she currently has less than 30 thousand followers), she announced that her page had received 800 thousand hits within its first days of launching.

Web Information Company, Alexa, shows Tila's daily traffic trend compared with that of Perez's blog., "Miss Tila Queen of All Media LOLOL," is filled with day old stories as exclusive news, photos of people her paparazzi take for her, news about herself, criticism of others and reader comments.

The reader comments on her gossip blog may be the most popular aspect. Expectations for the comments to be filled with love from the "Tila Army," were surprisingly not met. Page after page of comments are filled with hatred and death threats toward the self proclaimed mogul.

Every comment providing positive feedback toward Tila has numerous "thumbs down" counters next to it. While the comments with negative feedback has triple as many "thumbs up." Commentators that are frequently rated receive user reputation (positive/negative based on thumbs up &downs per comment). The lowest rated commentator, ironically, is MissTilaOmg aka Tila herself.

A comment made by "Really?" received over 20 thumbs up:

"For those of you who claim that haters need to get a life, please notice that she called Rihanna "Ri-Herpes". She's never backed up her claim on going "innnnnnn" on Rihanna about having an STD and I'm sure when she does it's going to be my friend who's a trusted source saw her medicine. Tila is just a hater, hates on Rihanna, hates the Kardashians, this blog was just created for her to hate on people, self promote herself, and all around be a boring twat."

With regards to dethroning Perez Hilton, Tila's biggest rant against him was that he has his sister update his blog for him, but recent posts on Tila's blog from "TILA STAFF" has been linked back to Terri Ngyuen, Tila's sister. But Tila's updates aren't limited to her sister and her, but there are also others on her staff.

Let's hope that the Tila Army shows up soon enough, because right now she's losing her own war.

AC Transit Bus Rapid Transit: Berkeley council vote is confusing

Berkeley AC Transit Bus Rapid Transit
The latest phase of the AC Transit Bus Rapid Transit issue is that Berkeley's City Council's 4-2-2 vote that effectively reject the kind of study that AC Transit wanted to do in connection with the environmental report for a dedicated-lane Bus Rapid Transit Route was confusing.

The vote, which got 4 yes decisions, just one less than five needed, reflected Berkeley's overall lack of understanding of what Bus Rapid Transit was and the many ways that it could be done.

There was concern about a hypothetical loss of parking spaces when BRT becomes a reality. However, AC Transit did make it very clear that any parking spaces that are displaced to mark off the dedicated bus - only lane would be mitigated.

AC Transit told the East Bay Express that it is ready to build parking lots and to work closely with these people who are concerned to find solutions that work for them. Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland’s At-Large member of the City Council, also puts the myth of lost parking to rest when she expressed her confidence to the East Bay Express that the final plan will include any and all necessary mitigations.

There are so many ways to do Bus Rapid Transit that the Berkeley City Council could have come away with a unanimous vote.

Perhaps more importantly than the unfounded concerns about parking is that the East Bay is paralyzed in traffic jams right now. BRT is the best solution to free up the gridlock and provide a speedy and affordable form of public transportation. In fact, it could be up and running as soon as 2013, and fully implemented in 2015.

Given that the lanes are in the middle of the road, that concern is confusing at best. But AC Transit needs to deal with the misunderstanding before it becomes an issue that clouds the improvement program its embarked on.

Meanwhile someone explain how delivery trucks are going to be stopped in the photo above? The fact is that BRT is good for business, and this decision is puzzling to me. Leaving things the way they are now should be a non - issue, and Oakland's elected officials said that by expressing their unanimous support for BRT.


Matt Lauer and Annette Roque cheating scandal: Today show in view

Matt and Annette
Long time NBC Today Show host Matt Lauer now has something in common with colleague New York Giants Legend Tiki Barber, both were allegedly cheating on their wives and both were reported to have done so at The Winter Olympics.

Matt is also now mentioned with Tiger Woods and Jesse James, along with the term "sex scandal."

Someone should check the Canadian water because at the same time that Tike Barber was spotted with his girlfriend Tracy Lynn Johnson at the Winter Olympics, Matt Lauer was flirting with female Canadian broadcasters at the same Vancouver venue according to The New York Daily News.

Meanwhile Matt's wife Annette got word of his alleged behavior and reportedly confronted him when he returned home. Annette Roque and Matt have been married for 12 years.

Moreover, both Tiki Barber and Matt Lauer have massively hot wives. But what this blogger has learned is in New York's Manhattan, one wife or husband doesn't seem to be enough to quench the sexual thirst of the busy and successful in the finance and media industries. Affairs are rampant from what reports come to this space.

Not to say that some couple's don't manage a great relationship or have enough sex to keep them happy with each other. But for those with heavy schedules and not enough of it, there's a lot of temptation.

To his defense, Matt Lauer denies the stories but he's also moved out of his house as the NY Daily News reports from The National Enquirer.

Stay tuned.

Lawrence Taylor denies sex do condoms lie? post Suzannah B. Troy

Lawrence Taylor is in deep trouble because in the State of New York it doesn't matter if he did not know the woman he had sex with was under age.   He says he did not have sex with the under age prostitute but just pleasured himself.  This could all get down to a condom and lab results based on what investigators gathered from the hotel room.

In the mean time a supposed friend of the underage prostitute says she is lying.  Some friend.  She lived with the pimp and underage prostitute and was in the car when the underage woman allegedly bragged about earning the money without having sex with the john aka Lawrence Taylor.

Is this supposed "friend" who is basically calling the underage prostitute a liar telling the truth or doing damage control?   Is the friend the one lying?  If she is, did someone put her up to it and if so are the people involved in damage control doing this and are they being given some incentives?

Maybe the answers to whether Lawrence Taylor is pulling a "Bill Clinton" as in I did not have sexual relations with that woman strategy,  are in the contents of the  condom.  The underage sex worker said she was worried about getting pregnant because of "condom trouble"....that is my term not hers and Lawrence Taylor she claims reassured her she had nothing to worry about because he shoots blanks meaning he had a vasectomy.   If he does shoot blanks, how would she know that?  Why would that have come up in conversation?  She did not even know it was LT.

It is understandable that a professional player might enjoy a promiscuous life style perhaps having sex with groupies that would follow the players from hotel to hotel  would get a vasectomy because as I recall,  I saw an Oprah segment where it has been documented that women preying on these athletes go to extreme measures to get these guys' sperm and get inseminated one way or another without their consent to get pregnant and  have DNA proof for financial gain and connection to these pro-athletes.

Lawrence Taylor might be right he was  set-up and so was the underage sex worker as well as beat up.  Now she is called a liar by a stripper slash friend.  Sounds like "the friend"  may has been motivated to come forward to save Lawrence Taylor because she is a fan or who knows for other reasons but it ultimately comes down to LT saving LT and he may be figuring out how to do that behind bars.

Lawrence Taylor and his team have every motivation to do damage control.   LT has already been hit with major financial fall-out and he does not want to go to jail so he has picked a "self loving" defense and witnesses  aka "friends" can say what they want but people following this story will have to wait for the evidence to speak and the contents in the latex are key.   There are I am sure some men that put on a condom to pleasure themselves but  in theory if he is shooting blanks.   How did the underage sex worker know?   The contents of the condom will tell the truth.

A sympathetic jury may let him walk what ever the evidence and if that happens if LT doesn't get his act together he will get in more trouble yet again.

Lawrence Taylor was blind sided by Lawrence Taylor.