Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Oakland Sideshow Still The Happening In East Oakland

Unless you've had some doubt, let this blog post put to rest the idea that the Oakland Sideshow is dead. It's not. It's alive and well on International Boulevard, as this video, made during the East Bay Dragons event, and uploaded today on YouTube by wbr510, shows:

The East Bay Dragons are the same group linked to sideshow activity, and were the focus of the murder of a San Leandro man on Sunday night. But But Phil Baker, the East Bay Dragons vice president, told the San Jose Mercury News that "the clubhouse was closed early in the evening and all their members had gone home or elsewhere."

That would seem to exonerate the Dragons from the Sunday night shooting, but the video above points to the Dragons as the producer of this sideshow.  And care must be taken not to associate that video with that incident simply because the SJ Mercury News account points to a night-time sideshow - the one captured in this video below.

Second Video Shows Dragons Sideshow at Night

The third video, below, uploaded May 31st, which would be Tuesday, shows the East Bay Dragons Party, which appears to have occurred indoors, in a large room, and by association connected with the sideshows of that Sunday.

The videos point to a sideshow that did occur on the East Bay Dragons watch.  Oakland Sideshows are associated with the rash of murders and violence in East Oakland, even though there have been fewer of them than in the past.

Stay tuned.

Springfield, MA Tornado Hampers Boston Weather In Year Of Deadly Twisters

Whatever the reason, it seems America's facing a number of lethal tornados in 2011, the latest in Springfield, MA, which is hampering weather conditions in Boston.

Here are two videos which shows the tornado itself as it makes its way through Springfield.

And in this video below, the camcorder operator, recording the action from his office window on Bridge Street in downtown Springfield, says "it's frikin' tearin shit apart. Oh my God."

According to a new Wikipedia page specifically created to track tornados, there have been 1,415 such events in the United States in 2011, and 1,007 of them confirmed.

Moreover, this year was described as an "exceptionally destructive and deadly" one for tornados, as 519 fatalities have been recorded in America alone. That's the largest number of deaths since 1936.

Springfield Tornado Causes "A Lot Of Damage"

This latest tornado struck at 4:30 EST this afternoon, and has, according to WTNH News 8 of New Haven, Connecticut, caused "extensive damage," with windows blown of out of cars and buildings.

An eyewitness, Carlos Alamo, explained to News 8's Sara Welch, that "strong winds started shaking the house." So he told his wife that they should "get into the bathroom" because there was no shelter. Here's the video from WTNH's YouTube page:

Stay tuned.

Paladinette’s Jobless Talk Takes June Hiatus - 99er EXLAX Attack Building Momentum

Last month it was announced that Paladinette’s Blog Talk Radio show “Jobless Talk” will take a June hiatus after this Friday’s broadcast, meanwhile the 99er EXLAX Attack is building momentum on the social networks.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely any real MOVEMENT will take place in Congress (re: Unemployment issues, benefits or jobs) during June anyway. Hopefully, the unemployed masses will hop on the band wagon and flood Washington DC with tons of laxatives, coupons, emails and post cards in the 99ers “EX-LAX ATTACK, sending Congress and Obama a clear message.”

We have a Facebook Event created PLEASE RSVP: EX-LAX ATTACK on Washington DC

You can find printable post cards at: and


#99ers: EX-LAX ATTACK - Print on card stock and mail to Washington

#99ers: Mail EXLAX 2 Congress. GET THEM MOVING on HR 589!

Post cards you can print and send to congress for the Ex-LAX attack:

It is suggested that the emails, faxes, post cards, laxative mailers, etc. begin on June 6, 2011 [D-Day] and continue through Father’s Day or even the July 4th Holiday. The important thing is that as many people as possible participate. You do not need to be unemployed or even a 99er to help Washington GET THE MESSAGE: Get your constipated butts moving on HR 589 and a REAL Jobs Bill NOW! We cannot wait!

I suggest you Twitter bugs out there tweet these to all your media & Political contacts lists, celebrities and activists. Post all this information on your social networking sites and try to get as many folks as possible to join in this important effort.

By now we should have a willing army of advocates to step in and overwhelm Washington with tons of messages whenever the need arises. This would be proof of our political clout - but even with an estimated 7 million or more UI exhaustees out there, sadly the dedicated “show of force in numbers” has been sorely lacking during most of the past year. Exactly HOW BAD do YOU want to SURVIVE?

It is time to step things up Nation! August is right around the corner (and you know every August Congress takes the entire month off). July has yet another recess for a holiday and with Labor Day approaching - after this month (June) Washington DC will be in session maybe 15 days between mid-July and mid-September. Do you really want to go another winter with NOTHING?

It is really up to you. ‘You have NOT because you demand NOT.’ If you would only visibly and vocally swarm Washington by constantly pestering them to demand better - even from your own home town streets - we’d have had our solution by now and could be benefiting from that new job, paid training program, or benefits extension instead of dying a slow, painful desperation as we wait in limbo for poverty to consume our dreams as Congress lives the “GOOD LIFE” on the American Tax Payers’ money.

[Please donate so I can keep on fighting for the 99ers! Thank You!]

NBA Finals - Lebron James Was Right About The Miami Heat

Game One of the 2011 NBA Finals is history,  the Miami Heat prevailed 92 to 84, and this blogger's still shocked the Heat are even there, let alone winning over The Dallas Mavericks.

Look, the decision in this space was to root for LeBron James, because last year, when Mr. James was making a big media show of his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavs, the word here was to go to the Chicago Bulls.

James selected the Miami Heat, saying he was going to South Beach, and making it sound like a vacation in the making. I wrote off LeBron at that point, figuring he was more interested in the honeys in the sand than getting a ring.

And LRMR Marketing's clients list potential in Miami? I really wrote that off. Chicago, with its incredible list of major corporations and marketing talent, is a hot bed for marketing companies - a perfect place for LRMR Marketing.

But what did I know? LRMR Marketing remained in Cleveland, not moving to Miami. And while LRMR exists, James, needing more fire-power, is with CAA.

Meanwhile instead of chlling on South Beach, LeBron put in hard work on the court. The result is not just the 2011 NBA Finals, but today's win. I'm rooting for him.

There's nothing wrong with wanting the best for yourself, and that's all James wanted for himself. James had the right idea in making a show of his decision to leave Cleveland, failing only at capturing the resultant web traffic revenue from the occurrence. Then James and the Heat caught hell for a flashy, smoky party to celebrate the merger of The Big Three.

I saw nothing wrong with it.

Then, Miami started out 9 wins and 8 losses, and this corner wrote them off for dead. But that's where the team found itself and its character, eventually playing better, and ultimately vanquishing the bully on the block, The Boston Celtics.

Anyone who can't like this story has something wrong with them.

Still, it's too early to crown the Heat. It's just Game One. But win or lose, at least applaud LeBron James for a job well done this year.