Thursday, December 10, 2009

Liu Bolin thinks President Obama's setting World on fire

Chinese artist Liu Bolin thinks President Obama's setting the World on fire - making rapid change in many ways. And to express his view, Liu Bolin's created a sculture of Barack Obama that's on fire. In a sculpted image that renders Obama in the guise of The Human Torch, flame intermittently rises up over the head of Obama.

Liu Bolin made the sculpture to celebrate Obama's visit to China and is an admirer of the President. Liu Bolin said, “Obama is a very interesting and perspective leader. He is so hot now that I decided to impress this in “Burning Man Obama” work. Here's the work in this video:

I like the work, but others have issues with it.

Stay tuned.

Obama Nobel Peace Prize Speech one of President's best (video)

Always able to deliver an address that's the measure of the moment, President Barack Obama did so again this morning with a speech that CNN's David Gergen said would "stand the test of time."

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, I now contend, was given not for keeping America out of war, but for this unique person at this special moment in time. Obama is doing what I thought was impossible: turning the unjust act of war into a just action of necessity. Here's Obama's speech:

Holly Sampson Tiger Woods Video: porn star talks sex

New Tiger Woods video!

The latest in the ongoing Tiger Woods scandal has Porn Actress Holly Sampson talking about sex with Tiger Woods in a video created for the website online show Naughty America and originally aired May 26, 2009. But the video - which I have in my video-blog talk above - has Holly giving information that the media has not as of this writing touched on.

Holly Sampson

Holly Sampson mentions that she was at "Tiger's bachelor party", which means Tiger Woods was not married at the time. That's an important fact to remember because Tiger Woods has been painted as one who ran around with all of the alleged mistresses after he was married. But the real story is Holly Sampson was part of what I now call the "Entertainment Culture" Woods was already caught up in.

Holly Sampson gets around. In the video she mentions sleeping with celebrities like Kevin Costner and Stephen Dorff before she talks about Tiger. But when she does mention Woods, she talks at length about him.

I f—– Tiger Woods... Me and my girlfriends did a bachelor party for Tiger and it was amazing. A friend of mine Brent Bolthouse - he runs a lot of nightclubs. He used to be a friend of mine and he was good friends with one of Tiger Woods' assistants. So me and my girlfriends we did a bachelor party for Tiger and uh it was amazing. And so he picked me to go into the room...I have to say he was really good. He and Kevin...I've got juice...I think it’s pretty amazing. He’s (Woods) like the whitest black boy you’ve ever met. His teeth are perfect and he’s the perfect gentleman. He’s beautiful.”

Holly Sampson also said that Tiger Woods practiced safe sex as did she.

I've got to take an aside and crit on the "whitest black boy" comment.  Holly Sampson talks as if she thinks every black guy's a rapper and has never been with an African American gentleman.  That's what we call "institutionally racist" where she would say 'I'm not racist' then say racially divisive things like that.  Calling Rush Limbaugh! 

But I digress.  

Now what's interesting aside from the matter of where they met being a bachelor party, is the role of Brent Bolthouse. I did some online checking and Brent Bolthouse has become of some note in the LA Entertainment Culture. He's been in the business for 19 years and  he owns four nightclubs (two of which are visible on his MySpace page), hotels, is the producer of the MTV television show "The Hills", and is an event planner.

(Indeed, the New York Post reports that another alleged Tiger Woods mistress Jaimie Grubbs was at a recent party thrown by Bolthouse in LA.)

What we're getting is a bigger picture of Tiger Woods life in this culture of parties, athletes, celebrities, and women. It's a scene that I now contend he got addicted to before he married Elin Nordegren and never got out of his system.

But it's clear also that Tiger Woods Management needs to, again, get control of what's an out of control media circus. It's like a giant PR amusement park with the World's longest indoor roller coster: one never knows what's around the corner.

But Tiger Woods does.

Stay tuned.