Sunday, March 12, 2006

Vanity Fair: Bush Had Ties to Abramoff

Here's the report on what Vanity Fair's releasing next Month. Wow.

"Janitor Jack" Spills The Beans in The April Vanity Fair

Wow. I've got to get a copy of the April Vanity Fair. Jack Abrimoff's ratting on everyone in the GOP, according to Arriana Huffington.

Another "Tapestry" Episode Tonight

Without going into length or detail, I'll explain that I went out to work at this cafe and in the process of getting dressed after my gym visit Saturday, realized I was wearing basically the same combination of clothes I had on when I went to that party I blogged about.

I thought, I'd I run into the people from that party.

Well, I did. All the ones I wrote about.

There was one person I sent the link to the blog to, and I did it in part because I knew he'd pass the information on one way or another. He played true to form, and I know this without physical evidence, just my hyper-sensitive feelings.

Part of me feels good this happened-- very good -- the other part of me is puzzled why this weird combination of interwined events and people keeps happening each day. I mean, Wednesday I meet a person -- the African American woman who seemed just plain not interested in meeting the only other black man in a group of people we both knew -- who's at the event I attend the next day , and who knows other people that I know through different people. But all in the same room.

There's also some reason for the occurence of actions that cause me to know more about some people than I really wish to know.

There's some reason for it. This "tapestry" event happens and lasts sometimes for days, or with breaks, or in 2004 it was 60 unbroken days long. 60 days where I met someone one day who knew someone I knew and that person came up in conversation and then I saw that person or the person we were talking about the very next day in another setting where I didn't plan to see them, and with yet another person I knew that they didn't know I was acquainted with.

60 straight days.

But for the first time I think I may be aware of how to get at the reason. I will have to pray more to get it, but I feel I know that some message is being sent to me. Either from my late father and stepfather and God -- something.

I think what gets me is that after years on Earth of really doing a lot of interesting things, there's this spritual push that is telling those who would cause me to feel "invisible" that I'm here.

But also it's a push that says "These folks may not be the people who will be friends to you." It goes with the overall lesson I've gained since the death of my father and stepfather last year. It's this:

There are two kinds of people: the ones you want to be your friends, and those who really are your friends. Sometimes, the people who are your friends may not look the way you want them to, or have this or that, but they do possess kind hearts and are there for you. That's what matters the most.

Cherish them.

This is something my mother has been trying to tell me as well. I hear it loud and clear.