Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stabbing at Comic Con 2010 - Man stabbed in face with pen at Resident Evil panel

Comic Con 2010 had a criminal act that closed a big show on Saturday, July 24th. The Marvel Comics presentation of Thor and Captain America motion picture cast and production teams and set for 6 PM PDT was cancelled because a man was stabbed in the face with a pen and during the Resident Evil movie panel just before it.

Just as this blogger was waiting to get into Hall H for the Marvel Comics presentation, and texting with friend and social media expert Krystyl Baldwin, there was a rumor going around, but not confirmed that Hall H was closed. Krystyl told me that it was closed, but to me "closed" meant it was already shut and people were in it, and then it would reopen.

But then, as she and I were texting, it became clear that Hall H was closed, but no one knew why, or at least we didn't.

Photo by Krystal Baldwin 
Then, as we walked out of the line, a group of police officers walked by us with a man in a "Harry Potter" shirt in handcuffs, but Krystyl and I did not know why.  The people standing in the line knew something because they were booing him.  Since we were further into the line, the news of what happened had not trickled to us at that time.  Krystyl said the Hall H was being closed for "health reasons."

A woman, walking in the other direction, explained to us what happened: that a man was stabbed during the Resident Evil panel, and by the person in the photo here that was handcuffed.

According to the blog, the issue was described as "a seating squabble."

UPDATE from YouTube commenter:

55 minutes ago
I was in Hall H when it happened. They didn't let anyone in and there was only an hour delay. Police were they and they questioned witnesses, thats all. Problem was all 6,500 people were standing on their chairs to find out what happened, lol. It was kinda a side show.

All we know is as of this writing, the events set for Comic Con, at least for Hall H, have been cancelled for Saturday.

Comic Con is not known for crime problems. Indeed, the Comic Con environment is described as "chill." For this to happen is an indication as much of Comic Con's rapid growth.   While 125,000 badges were issued, there have been estimates of as many as 200,000 people in San Diego, many looking for badges to get into the San Diego Convention Center.

Comic Con is coming back to San Diego for 2011, but the future of the event in San Diego rests with what the city does to fit an event that's growing faster than it can keep up with.

Yes, fighting over a seat is childish, but it's also a byproduct of a very crowded event, the size growth potential of which is not known.

Stay tuned.

Henry Hill Goodfellas cement shoes Theatre 80 by Suzannah B. Troy

Check The New York Daily News tomorrow or early this week for an article about Henry Hill making a guest appearance at Theatre 80. Clayton Patterson showed up and The NYDaily News needed a photographer so hopefully Clayton's photo will run with the article  which should be a lot of fun!

Above see Henry Hill getting a pair of cement shoes! 

Actually Lorcan Otway the proprietor of Theatre 80 came up with the idea to get Henry Hill's foot prints and his signature in cement.  I am sure Hill has many other fans that would like the idea but are not Quakers like Otway!

I have to say that Henry really was very nice but I had to reprimand him for using too much white in his paintings.  He stated he is not an artist.  I said I know.   He paintings go for 50 dollars and they sell.

He has fans and Scorese's film Goodfellas is a masterpiece.  Of course the real live harsh realities of his story is beyond most people's scope and disturbing yet perfect for the museum of the American Gangster at 80 St. Marks Place here in NYC.

There was a big enthusiastic turn out to meet Henry Hill, get autographs and watch Goodfellas at Theatre 80 tonight!

The Museum of The American Gangster has moved upstairs from Theatre 80 but still connected literally and with amazing new items; a must to visit while in NYC or pretending you are a tourist!

I gather this Cadillac made an appearance in Goodfellas!

Bill Cowher's wife Kaye Cowher dies of skin cancer at 54

It's so easy to get into Comic Con 2010, that one forgets about the outside World. This news is shocking: Bill Cowher's wife Kaye Cowher dies of skin cancer at age 54, on Friday.

Too young.

Bill Cowher is the former head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers and current analyst for CBS Sports. This blogger remembers attending Super Bowl XL in Detroit, where the Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks and Bill Cowher being surrounded by not just his players, but his wife Kaye Cowher and their daughters. What a really close knit family.

Prayers and sympathy to Bill Cowher and his family on the loss of his wife Kaye. A really sad day in the NFL.

Danielle Harris of Hatchet 2 at Comic Con: contest and vagina talk in limo

This video called Comic Con 2010 - Danielle Harris of Hatchet 2 - contest and vagina talk is just the first video in a series I made after being with the cast and crew of the upcoming movie Hatchet 2, the Chicago-based Dark Sky Films production which is due for release October 1, 2010. (Comic Con trip sponsored by The Kings Inn Hotel in San Diego.)

Before I continue, I must add that Hatchet 2 is going to be a classic cult film that people will talk about for years to come. I've seen a number of clips, which were presented at the Hatchet 2 panel Friday evening at Comic Con, and I was impressed.

But I was more taken with the cast and crew of Hatchet 2. They are some of the nicest, most down-to-earth people you'd ever want to meet and spend time with. And I was with them from 1 PM to around 8 PM, and then we ran into each other at the USS Midway and wound up catching cabs together at 11 at night. Great people.

Jen and Danielle
Danielle Harris and The Limo

The day started with a ride in a stretch Hummer limo you're going to see more of in the days to come in this space. In it was Hatchet 2 actress Danielle Harris who plays "MaryBeth" (also known for Halloween and H2: Halloween), her good friend Jennifer Blanc (from Party of Five, Dark Angel, and the upcoming The Victim) who's married to the actor Michael Biehn, Kene Hodder, who's plays "Victor Crowley" in Hatchet 2, and has played "Jason" from the Friday the 13th movie series four times, R.A. Mihailoff, who's in Hatchet 2 and was in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, and film director Tom Holland (joined by his wife), and AJ Bowen, both in Hatchet 2.

Frankly, when you're in a limo with people you're just getting to know, the experience can be either really good or really bad because you're in close quarters. This experience was really good. Between Kane Hodder calling me "Century 21" (my new nickname because of my mustard blazer) and Danielle Harris asking for people to explain what "MV/SI" on her Comic Con badge stood for, I've not laughed so hard in a while. But out of that, came a new contest by Danielle Harris. It's called "Name My Badge."

What happened was that Danielle Harris - who should be on FHM Magazine's Top 100 Sexiest Women List for 2011 - was asking what "MV/SI" stood for on her badge. That led to a number of wild responses, all in the video, from "My Vagina Smells Indifferent," to, well, a number of variations on the "My Vagina" theme.

(Danielle wants her fans to come up with a name for  "MV/SI" that's not used here or in the video, and the best one will win a video shout out from her and the badge itself with her autograph, though I think she should include one of her hot photos.  She's on Twitter and called @HalloweenGal.)

R.A. Mihailoff broke the pattern with "My Virtue Seem Intact" to which Jennifer Blanc said "That's so not her," as Harris shot back that she was just "trying to throw her under the bus."

Fun People = Fun Movie

All of the people associated with Hatchet 2 are just plain fun, and that's a product of Hatchet 2 creator Adam Green's style. He's an energetic, engaging, brilliant man who, as one person said "Has a really fucked up imagination."

You've got to see Hatchet 2 to get what that person means. In the movie we see two men lifted in the air and cut in half between their legs with a giant buzz saw used by Crowley; as this happens, blood is gushing everywhere and you can guess what bloody objects fall out.

Wild old school American Horror at Comic Con 2010.

Stay tuned.

Comic Con 2010 - Human Target star Mark Valley gets boss and tools

Comic Con 2010 is full of artists who created amazing graphic novels (and this visit is sponsored by The Kings Inn Hotel in San Diego). And in this digital age, combined with Hollywood's hunger for story content, some of those graphic novels become hit TV shows, and fuel the growth of Comic Con. One of those shows is FOX Television's Human Target, starring Mark Valley as Christopher Chance.

Mark Valley 
I talked briefly with Mark about the upcoming season and as he was being mobbed for pictures by fans after his appearance at William Shatner's show about at TweetHouse on The USS Midway. Valley said he just arrived at Comic Con, but there were "more people this year," and the ones present love him in Human Target.

Human Target is the story of San Francisco-based private detective and bodyguard Christopher Chance, who embeds himself in the lives of clients seeking protective services to become "the human target." In the first season, Christopher Chance did things more by the seat of his pants without any real supervision. In the second season, all that changes.

Asked what's new for season two, Valley said "Well, I get a new boss." That person is reported to be English actress Indira Varma, who according to plays Iisa, his team leader, a who is "sophisticated, driven and principled. She is a widow with a vast fortune that she uses to help better the world. Ilsa finds Chance’s [Mark Valley] lethal methods and his past deeds unacceptable, but she will learn to appreciate (slowly) the altruistic benefits that he has to offer. Ilsa is witty, sexy, clearly in charge and doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone. Chance has met his match."

How Valley will take to his new boss is the mystery, because when I asked Valley, jokingly, if he "can do boss" he responded, "well, we'll see."

But beyond Ilsa, Valley told me he gets new gadgets to play with, of various types. But no new car. I suggested a car, and Valley said "Yea. A car. A talking car?"

It's clear Human Target and Mark Valley / Christopher Chance are moving more in the direction of James Bond. Let's hope the show keeps its quirky style in the process.

NY Post dishonest cover Deputy Goldsmith by Suzannah B. Troy

Deputy Goldsmith is an inarticulate guy who thinks he can reform Albany and he would have more luck getting the Mafia to become vegetarians! He was introduced as a Jane Jacobs just like Mike Bloomberg's mini-me Christine Quinn was at the Jane Jacobs Street signing even though Quinn has gotten kickbacks from developers as in campaign donations for smoothing their way crushing our communities. I don't like Rudy but Goldsmith doesn't have an ounce of his "rudi-ness". When asked about gay marriage he went on and on for way too long than saying he did not want to answer questions that were political social aka he is anti-gay marriage AND HE WANTS TO CLOSE FIREHOUSES. He did not seem to understand the difference between a engine and a ladder and why we need them both in a firehouse. YouTube search engine type my name and his name to see two YouTube - mine and an activist showing him his embarrassing inarticulateness and cowardly non-speak. Bloomberg is nuts to bring in a republican especially now and I believe just like hiring his campaign staff burdening tax payers to the tune of 2 million and going national w/his donations = eye on Presidency. Watch the YouTube and see someone awkward, a disaster for the people and NYC which he is clueless about as well as how the press is not reporting the real news on this guy.

Read more:

Listen to him say "thank you" when I tell him about NYC's infrastructure is shot and that I hope he will help the people of NY and again he says thank you translated in to "F-you" you are dismissed.

Watch him on this YouTube and hear his non-speak, his cowardly non-answer which I interpret as he is anti-gay marriage and there doesn't believe in equal rights.

Please explain how straight people get off denying gay people equal rights to marriage when straight people are marriage gluttons, getting married 2,3,4,5 times?

Some anti-gay people are closeted gays.

Special note:  Goldsmith could not handle questions from 2 white male reporters.  He was out of his league and does not belong in New York politics.