Saturday, March 21, 2009 - The Facebook Page

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What Is New Media To You? - WISE-SF Panel Intro From 2008

I created this video to open the panel discussion on "Blogs, New Media, and You: Managing Your Digital Identity" at the WISE-SF Panel Discussion held a year ago Monday, March 30th 2008 at The Hotel Kabuki, at 1625 Post St. San Francisco, CA.

It's interesting to look back and review the video. What strikes me is that the basic theme is "expression" in that New Media allows one to express a view.

BART Shooting: Rockridge BART Protest 3-19-09

I exited Rockridge BART Station and walked into a protest of the New Year's Day shooting of Oscar Grant by BART Police Officer Johannes Mehserle. I talked with onlooker, protesters, and BART Spokesperson Linton Johnson. According to the protester I talked to in the video, there are a series of these events pre-scheduled at

President Obama On The Tonight Show

I missed this but thanks to YouTube, I'm able to see his performance. I give him an A- minus and that is only for a comment I almost missed on the Special Olympics, but it was a throw away line. He did not disparage it, or say anything against it, and really it was just the two words regarding what was a self-deprecating comment. Now, I'm surprised no one got after him about his Hollywood comment. I do think people tend to really micro-manage stuff, and Gov. Palin has so many gaffes she's got no reason to talk at all. Can you imagine if she were Vice President? Yikes!