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Kat Stacks will do anything for attention By Nikky Raney

Kat Stacks is famous for exposing all the hip hop and rap artists that she has had sexual relations with. She is known for "putting them on blast" and publicly releasing their phone numbers over the internet asking those who are watching to harass them.

Courtesy of The Insider
Stacks is only 20-years-old, but she is always bragging about how drunk she is. She also has a son, but she doesn't spend much time with him.

She is known for her loud mouthed posts and her constant profanity. She prides herself on how many celebrities she has slept with and makes sure that everyone else is aware.

Earlier this summer she was slapped at a bar by a friend of one of the rappers she had slept with. This was caught on Youtube.

Her most recent action is a video she posted while she was in Soulja Boy's hotel room. While he was in the shower Kat video taped Soulja Boy's stash of cocaine. To prove she was really with him she hides the camera while having a conversation with him in his car, and then again when they are laying on the bed with one another.

She posts the video onto Youtube and exposes Soulja Boy's drug problem. She is two-faced in the way that during all this she convinces Soulja Boy that he should trust her and that she really does care about him.

Soulja Boy tweets:

Kat is very popular on Twitter and once tweeted, "Who do I have to f*** to get verified?"

Some of her most recent tweets include:

IHateKatStacks: "Dear Wives, if Hoes didn't exist your marriage would be over."
IHateKatStacks: "I hate n***** who DM me to retweet them something but they never asked before if i was still alive smh F*** YOU"
IHateKatStacks: "The only man that could ever get to me is my babydaddy SMH & he knows that, that's why I don't open the text messages I just delete them"

Tweets courtesy of The Urban Daily
This girl craves this attention, and she keeps getting it. Even now in this blog post. Eventually these celebrities will learn their lesson and stop sleeping with her, because they should realize that it will most probably lead to their number being leaked and a rant from Kat Stacks.

The most recent video is below of her showing how Soulja Boy is a "druggie." The video is not the official one she posted - it was taken from another source who had re-posted it.

If that doesn't work click here
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Oakland Mayor's Race: CBS Poll Of Likely Voters Leaves Out Info

Senator Don Perata
Seeking to help define The Oakland Mayor's Race, KPIX Channel Five elected to conduct a poll of 591 "likely voters" in Oakland.

The poll, of which this blogger has not seen the actual questions but may square with anecdotal reports, says that Former Senator Don Perata got 41 percent of 1st choice votes, Oakland City Councilmember Jean Quan got 26 percent of 1st choice votes, and Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan got 14 percent of 1st choice votes.

The other candidates combined earned 12 percent of 1st choice votes.

When asked for a second choice those who picked Kaplan went Perata, and those who went for Quan picked Kaplan. But the CBS report never mentioned the 3rd choice results.

What this means is that CBS has some weird interest in not mentioning the names of the other candidates. In other words, their poll reporting is either sloppy, lazy or fixed.

Why in hell would Channel Five have any interest in the Oakland Mayors race to the degree of conducting a poll? It's not as if they pay property taxes here.

Congrats to Don Perata for being ahead, but the Channel Five poll and its reporting is not to be trusted.

Oakland City Council Race: Pat Kernighan Sends Hot Email About The Race

Councilmemer Pat Kernighan 
Just about an hour ago this blogger posted the news of Oakland City Council District Two  (Glenview, Chinatown) Candidate Jennifer Pae picking up a valuable endorsement in the form of Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson.

In the blog post, I offered the view that perhaps the backing of Carson "may be the beginning of the end."


Even with that, and with the overall tone of communicating that Pat was in a battle, I got this hot email from Councilmember Kernighan:


Perhaps you are jumping to conclusions about the "beginning of the end" for moi. Would you like to report the facts that I have the endorsements of Attorney General Jerry Brown, Supervisor-elect Wilma Chan, Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker and Council President Jane Brunner, among others? Do you know that the leader of every NCPC and neighborhood group in my district supports me because I have worked hard every day for the past five years advocating for the needs of their neighborhoods and delivering results? While Ms. Pae was running around hustling endorsements this spring, I was working 60 hours a week doing the job I was elected to do. Why don't we let the voters decide.


As I wrote back to Councilmember Kernighan, that's a great point, I'll print that. And so I did.

But I remind her and everyone that I'm a blogger; thus I write my view of the World and in a media-and-Internet-friendly way. I'm not, nor do I wish to be, a journalist. However, I do insist on giving everyone running for office in Oakland their platform within this space. 

I have never refused anyone who has asked to be included here.

In closing, Pat's far from dead, but it's worth reminding her that she should not say she's not dead yet, because the last time that was said was by "The Black Knight" in Monty Python and The Holy Grail. And we know what happened there...

As stated, this is going to be interesting. Gotta like that Pat's fiesty.

Marin General Hospital To Sue Sutter Health On Thursday

Marin General Hospital
Breaking news.  

The nasty and long-running feud between The Marin Healthcare District and Sutter Health is allegedly going to spill into the courtroom (court location not known at this time) tomorrow, Thursday, when the attorneys for Marin General Hospital are scheduled to announce they will file a lawsuit against Sutter Health for its management of the hospital since 1995.

According to sources, James J. Brosnahan of the Morrison and Forrester law firm (and who, if I'm not mistaken, was at the same birthday party for U.S. Assistant Attorney General Tony West this blogger attended in 2009) will announce the lawsuit on behalf of the publically elected Marin Healthcare District Board of Directors.

The healthcare district is seeking more than $100 million it says Sutter wrongly took out of the coffers of Marin General. Sutter has said all along that it has followed the agreement between the District and itself which was approved by the court and allowed Sutter to retain the monies during its administration of the hospital.

Nonetheless, some Marin residents have wanted to control the hospital themselves and oust Sutter from management of Marin General. But, many - including Marin's own Grand Jury - have doubted the ability of the publically elected board of the Marin Healthcare District to be able to run the hospital and others have been quietly critical of the leadership of Marin General's new CEO Lee Domanico.

Already, this week, the Marin United Taxpayers Association wrote in a letter to the editor in the Marin Independent Journal that, under Domanico's leadership:

"Here we go again. No kidding, it is business as usual at Marin General Hospital. We now have a similar private board that isn't accountable to the public, like the previous one that allowed $200-plus million to go to Sutter, and big money to exclusive contracts with large doctor groups (oncology, cardiology, hospitalists, radiologists, pathologists, etc.).

"Now we have the same setup that is not transparent to the public, meets in private, and pays its CEO, a public employee until now, $800,000, and the doctors will still get their exclusive contracts because their representatives are on the board. MGH, another Bell, Calif.

"MGH did come back to the public, momentarily.

"On June 30, the transition date, the incumbent directors on the publicly elected board had already arranged to give it away to another private board immediately. That private board can have 49 percent of members with financial conflicts, meaning they can facilitate their own exclusive, expensive deals with the hospital, and the public won't be able to see the sweetheart deals; all paid with revenues from the public hospital.

"Worse yet, they will ask the taxpayers for a $300 million bond and another 30-year contract with this private corporation, to rebuild MGH, with no accountability to the public for what it does, and no lawsuit against the last "community" board members to get back the last, lost $200-plus millions. And just watch these rich contract doctors post office signs touting the incumbents - it's payback time."

There's an old saying: be careful who you chose as your enemy, for they may look just like you.

Stay tuned.

I am going to Burning Man! by Suzannah B. Troy

Well, I wish I was going to Burning Man.   This beautiful woman is going and she took her short blond hair and did a make-over in preparation.  Isn't her hair beautiful?

The woman behind this magical hair make-over is Dana Divine, The goddess maker....

I won't be going to Burning Man and my hair is not in shape to take on extensions but I can live vicariously through this magical woman and dream.   

Anyone willing to babysit my senior citizen handicap cats because I want to jump on a plane asap and go to Burning Man too!

What is Burning Man?   I can't explain but click here and learn or better yet attend...I wish I was going.

Elin Nordegren People better seller than Sandra's by Suzannah B. Troy

The new issue of People Magazine due out this Friday will leave the Sandra Bullock cover in the dust in terms of sales.

Speaking of this Tuesday, Sandra Bullock will be on Matt Lauer's tv show but she won't talk about baby Louis or Jesse James; she will only talk about Hurricane Katrina.

Back to Elin and People....apparently she had a lot to say.  Sad thing is is Tiger Woods still doesn't get it and when asked about her thoughts he said "I feel the same way."  Wake up Tiger.  You are not capable of feeling the same way.  Here is the video of Tiger posted on TMZ.

Elin Nordegren tells people, "I feel stronger than ever."

She does talk about insomnia, weight loss, hair loss and any one going through trauma or mourning a death whether of a person or a marriage can relate.  (I have been through that when I had to leave my home of 20 years and it was not spousal abuse.)  About half of Americans will get divorced and there are plenty more that want out so this caught people's attention but also because Tiger Woods was such a liar and lead such a dark double life so it will be interesting what happens now that he is free to do what he pleases as long as he doesn't jeopardize his relationship any further.  As these kids get older they will need parenting tips about how to deal with kids taunting them about Woods shocking behavior while married to their Mom.

The People Magazine due out this Friday will see like the Iphone4.  Well not as hot as that but it will be a hot item.  People want to hear what she has to say and what she will do.  How about becoming a model for Adidas?

Here is an article from The New York Times about the Elin Nordegren ending her silence.

I would not want to endure what Elin Nordegren did and I feel sorry for the kids.  It is hard to believe she did not lay a hand or a golf club on him.   She has lived the American Dream starting as an au pere and ending up a mega-millionairess.  Good luck and Elin, I just got my nails done.  My nail polish "I am PeaceKeeper" and all the money for Peacekeeper products go to helping abused women....Please do something to help people that are not as lucky as you that can't walk away and take the kids when they need to.

Pride on,
Suzannah B. Troy artist, NYC

Greg Camarillo Replaces Vikings Sidney Rice ; Rex Ryan and Tom Brady Feud

A busy day in the NFL. While the NFL Owners state their interest in having an 18-game season, but only as part of a new labor deal, the Miami Dolphins send Wide Receiver Greg Camarillo to The Minnesota Vikings, and NY Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan feuds with New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.

The Vikings traded for the efficient receiver Greg Camarillo (50 catches for 550 yards in 2009) to make up for the loss of Sidney Rice, who's out due to a hip injury. Indeed, the Vikings needed more depth at wideout not just because of Rice's problem, but Percy Harvin's headache issues. Now they have Jevon Walker, Greg Camarillo, Harvin, and Bernard Berrian. In turn they gave up Cornerback Benny Sapp.

Tom Brady and Rex Ryan Feud

Nothing spices up an NFL rivalry like an old fashioned feud, and we've got one going between Rex Ryan and Tom Brady.

According to EPSN, Tom Brady started the talking by saying he didn't the Jets, and would not watch their how Hard Knocks: "I haven't turned it on," Brady said. "I hate the Jets, so I refuse to support that show."

Coach Ryan didn't make it any better. "Hell, he knows we hate the Patriots," Ryan said. "So what's the difference? ... I don't like Tom Brady. I respect him, but I don't like him."

If you think about it, that's the way it's supposed to be: one rival team's suppose to hate the other team. So, it's really not news except that Ryan and Brady are football celebrities.

Alicia DeBolt's body may have been found By Nikky Raney

Alicia DeBolt, 14, was last seen on Saturday, August 21 and has been reported missing.

She was last seen leaving her home in Great Bend, Kansas around 11 p.m. with a 19-year-old man on their way to a party. The two were supposed to be meeting up with another friend at a gas station near by - but the two never showed up.
Image taken from CNN

Tammy Conrad, Alicia's mother, called the police later that night after missing her curfew.

On Tuesday, August 24, police found a dead body and are determining if the body is that of DeBolt. The body has ben sent to Wichita for an autopsy and positive identification.

Anyone with information on her disappearance is urged to contact the Great Bend Police Department at 620-793-4120. Alicia is described as 5-feet-4-inches tall and 118 pounds.

Oakland City Council Race: Jennifer Pae Gets Alameda Sup Keith Carson's Backing

Jenn Pae
A slowly developing challenge to Oakland City Council District Two Councilmember Patricia Kernighan now has the magical look of an upset effort. Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson has announced he's backing Jennifer Pae as the next District Two Councilmember for Oakland.

"I am honored to have the support of Supervisor Keith Carson," said Pae. "Supervisor Carson has a long history of protecting working families and I look forward to working with him on ways we can invest in Oakland."

Jennifer Pae is a 28-year-old Korean American community organizer who has been involved in a number of grassroots political efforts in Oakland.

Pat Kernighan
It's not the only bit of news from Jenn's campaign: she's also out-raised the incumbent Councilmember Kernighan by (according to the last reporting period) over $10,000, or $36,638 versus $20,393.

While Pat reportedly has raised $47,000 overall, and before her last cocktail-oriented event, for Jennifer to beat the pants off Pat over the last period should come as a wake-up call for the incumbent.

If it didn't, then Keith's backing of Jenn should tell Pat that this may be the beginning of the end. At the very least, it's interesting.

Stay tuned.

ESPN's Tim Cowlishaw Panned : Darrelle Revis Fails To Sign WIth NY Jets

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 14:  Darrelle R...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Darrelle Revis will not appear on HBO's Hard Knocks, at least for now.

Well, this space was rooting for ESPN's Tim Cowlishaw's bold tweet to materialize into reality, but as of this writing at 3 PM EST, it hasn't. New York Jets Cornerback Darrelle Revis has not signed with the New York Jets today, Wednesday.

This just happens to be the very same Wednesday that Cowlishaw, the Dallas Morning News Columnist, and ESPN Around The Horn star, predicted Revis would come and sign with the New York Jets.

But, as Mike Florio reports at Pro Football, New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson said that the Revis situation remains "status quo." Which in turn means Tim's got egg on his face.

Tim Cowlishaw's bold Twitter tweet was met with a lot of derision from New York Jets beat writers, who both feared that Tim scooped them and believed they better knew the situation with the Jets and what Revis was or wasn't going to do.

Now that the deal hasn't went down, Tim Cowlishaw's reputation's taking a whipping online, and especially on Twitter. Here's some choice items:

Hern_Quin - @aroundthehorn Is it true @TimCowlishaw won an Emmy for "Revis and Butthead" the Lost Episode? @WoodyPaige @BillPlaschke

MikeD713 - @TimCowlishaw quiet are we ? #liar
19 minutes ago via ƜberTwitter

nick_dimi - @TimCowlishaw Hey Tim, how's your day going?
31 minutes ago via TweetDeck

You get the idea.

Stay tuned.

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USC AD Pat Haden Thinks Reggie Bush Should Give Back Heisman

This just in: on The Dan Patrick Show this morning, USC Athletic Director Pat Haden said that if he were New Orleans Saints and former USC Running Back Reggie Bush, with Pat Haden's soul, he would return the Heisman Trophy he won in 2005.

"If I were Reggie Bush with Pat Haden's soul, I would say yes. Reggie Bush was a great player, an exciting player. But the NCAA report says that we must disassociate ourselves from Reggie."

This is USC officially throwing Reggie Bush under the bus. Now, it's all over the place with ESPNs Erin Andrews blasting the news out on radio.

To recap, Reggie Bush won the Heisman in 2005, but with USC suffering from severe NCAA sanctions including a 2-year postseason ban, loss of football scholarships, and the vacating of wins in the 2004-05 championship season, in the wake of alleged improper gifts to Bush, much has changed. Mike Garrett was fired as athletic director at Southern Cal, and replaced by USC Football Quarterback and NFL Analyst Pat Haden.

Pat Haden has waisted no time in trying to disassociate USC from Reggie Bush, a totally impossible task.

More on this today.

Elin Nordegren in People on Tiger Woods Divorce and family

No More  
In an online teaser to sell their offline magazine on Friday, (they should have done a video as well), People Magazine shares what Tiger Woods now-ex-wife Elin Nordegren says after her divorce from Tiger Woods last Monday.

Elin said this:

I have been through the stages of disbelief and shock, to anger and ultimately grief over the loss of the family I so badly wanted for my children. I also feel stronger than I ever have. I have confidence in my beliefs, my decisions and myself.

She should also add that having a lot of money helps.

Tiger Woods' World Ends

To recap, over the time of their marriage Tiger Woods had sex with as many as 14 different women. All of this slowly came to Elin Nordegren's attention starting Thanksgiving night 2009, when Woods had to explain a phone call from one of his mistress friends, in that case Rachel Uchitel.

In trying to take a late night drive to escape arguing with Elin, an ambien-drugged Woods crashed his car. That set in motion a wild chain of events, marked by almost every one of his women using the situation for their own benefit, or trying to.

Remember Porn Star Holly Sampson?

Seeing all of this and being all the more hurt by it, was Tiger Woods wife Elin Nordegren. Now, after working to stay out of the public eye and sending a message by not appearing anywhere with Woods, her divorce (that as it turns out she sought when he elected to return to Golf when she wanted him to quit for her) is final.

It's the reason, the real reason, Tiger Woods' golf game is terrible: he lost what he probably believed he would always have: Elin Nordegren.

In a way, Tiger Woods is starting to remind me of Charles Foster Kane. He, of the movie Citizen Kane, believed he could just buy things and people. Until, in the end, he lost all of them and passed away alone.

Of course, it's too early in Tiger Woods life to write that kind of story. I hope.

Mike Bloomberg flushes democracy away again by Suzannah B. Troy

Note:  I am a very tired artist and activist -- so I am writing stream of consciousness -- my art and it is important to read the last paragraph first if need be about how Mike Bloomberg flushed democracy down the toilet yet again.  Perhaps he is using the mosque to distract the people from what feels like a crime.

While king Mike Bloomberg is busy being a hero to the Muslim world from moderates to extremists that all share his view that we must have a mosque by the World Trade Center site despite the enormous pain it is causing the victims families still not done burying their dead as more body parts have recently been found and who funds their mosque is none of our business -- and folks Mike feels that way about his Cayman Islands investments as well....

and Mike Bloomberg champions yet another unwelcoming sky scraper blotting out more sun and Mother Earth --  that would over shadow the Empire State Building and push more reckless development that I characterize as greedy and stupid.  Why?  Our infrastructure is shot to hell, Bloomberg and his socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden are responsible for mass displacement and we have a city council were many get kick backs from developers called campaign donations....  Amanda the mega-millionaire city planner goes to the American Indian Museum of all places to pat herself on the back for her mass displacement aiding and abetting NYU, Cooper Union and for Columbia University she supports the abuse of eminent domain displacing an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville.....

but that is not even why I am writing this piece today..

Mike Bloomberg does not want you to know or pay attention to the fact that he and his minion have successfully flushed democracy down the toilet yet again.  Bloomberg with the help of his mini-me Christine Quinn and many believe a back room deal -- where she aids and abets him in denying us a referendum and pushes through a third term -- in return king Mike will place his queen Christine as mayor of New York and perhaps he can run the city for a fourth term via Quinn from the golf course!

Read what I wrote about what Bloomberg does not want you to know about a "deal" or a decision made my people he appointed who decided to give city council a third term.  When you get to the posting on my you will see I list posting after posting of how city council members have abused their position and some like Miguel Martinez would voted to extend term limits admitted he was stealing tax payer money.   I don't have time to give you link after link how investigation in to city council members and staff stealing money where either they plead guilty, some how weaseled out -- sorry to insult weasels or the investigations are still open as in Larry Seabrook as just one example but all the city council members guilty of slush and nepotism, etc. all voted to extend term limits and they get to stay on yet again for a 3rd term without the people of New York City getting to vote on it!!!!!!

Read my piece....



King Bloomberg DOB law suit round 2 NY State Society for Professional Engineers vs. DOB

King Mike has a habit of throwing out the proper requirements for commissioners in city government.  Commissioner Ray Kelly of the NYPD may be the only long standing commissioner that actually worked as a police officer.

Mike Bloomberg tossed out the requirement that the commissioner of DOB have an architectural or engineering degree.   The NY State Society for Professional Engineers took king Mike and DOB to court and lost the first round.

Round two begins September 7th when the case will be appealed in the appellate division.

Stay tuned..

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski Losing To Joe Miller In Alaska GOP Primary

If Lisa loses, she may go fishing for Sarah
U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski is behind by 2,000 votes, 45,909 to 43,949, to challenger Joe Miller in the Alaska GOP Primary.

 If Lisa Murkowski loses, it will be viewed here as a win more for Sarah Palin than for the Tea Party Movement.

Look, Lisa Murkowski has a seat Palin felt should have been hers long ago. But Lisa's daddy, Frank Murkowski, picked his daughter to be Alaska Senator in 2002. Then Palin beat Frank Murkowski in the Alaska Gubernatorial Race in 2006. Over the course of time, Palin has made it known she felt that Senate seat should have been hers.

This isn't about the Tea Party; this is a catfight.

And I don't care if you bring up a Black Conservative from out of state and tell people a Black Conservative is stumping for Joe Miller and how great it looks, as the so-called American Thinker (smoking a GIANT bong in the process) presented. This is still about Lisa and Sarah.

But, yeah, some brother named Lloyd Marcus was trucked up to Alaska by the Tea Party Express to stump for Joe Miller! Why in God's good name would the Tea Party Express send a black guy up to Alaska to help a white GOP candidate? To show that the Tea Party Express and Joe Miller really do have black friends.  (Meanwhile CNN gives the racist Tea Party guys airspace, painfully reminding the Tea Party Express of its real roots.)

What's more shameful is Lloyd Marcus allowed himself to be used in this way.  If you look at the American Thinker (LOL), Mr. Marcus looks like he should play the Sheriff in Blazing Saddles.

Now a fair bet is  Lloyd Marcus is a beautiful man.  He has to be just to put up with all of the "what you doing here" looks he's certainly getting.  OMG!!

But I digress. I really had to, though.  Back to Lisa, er Senator Murkowski.

As she was watching the election returns, Lisa Murkowski remarked that when Sarah Palin left office she vowed to help the people of Alaska. Instead, she served "in her own self-interest" as Senator Murkowski said to The Anchorage Daily News.

Democrats, don't you just love this GOP self-eating process? This massive cannibalization? Isn't just so cool to watch this Murkowski vs. Palin catfight writ large?! This blogger's having a ball.

Because once the smoke clears in Alaska, the GOP will have to face the clear Democratic choice, Scott T. McAdams.

Boy, kick GOP butt in Alaska's going to be so fun!

CNN Gives Home To Racists - Turn To MSNBC or FOX News

As pointed out over at The Daily Kos, CNN gave airtime to Mark Williams, a person who was kicked out of the Tea Party Movement for an awful and awfully racist blog post and set of communications involving blacks and the NACCP earlier this year.

In this case, CNN, for some reason, asked Williams to come on and give his take on Park51, so he said this to CNN's Jeff Simon (who's also at fault for having this person on):

In an interview with CNN's Jeff Simon, [former Tea Party Express spokesman Mark] Williams said he's on a new mission when it comes to the Cordoba House -- he told Simon he will "personally commit myself to coming up with funding" for what he called a "mirror image" of Cordoba built in Mecca "that would be dedicated to showcasing American values."

"How about we reinforce the peaceful, moderate nature that Islam claims to be and how about we have an Uncle Sam center to introduce people to the understanding of human rights?" Williams told CNN.

The right to build such a building would be all it takes for Williams to "drop his opposition to Park51," he told the network.

Now, I echo Barbara Morrill of Daily Kos here. Who gives a big rats butt what Williams thinks?

 CNN's giving air time to people others view as racists, like Mark Williams and Erick Erickson, and is why I've been driven to turn the TV channel to MSNBC or FOX Business.

Yeah, it's to the point where FOX News is more tolerable than some of CNN's shows. And what's more disturbing is I like the people at CNN a lot. But I can't watch this train wreck unfold in slow motion.

CNN President John Klein needs to knock this crap off before he wrecks Ted Turner's baby.  This is costing CNN ratings points and money.  No one wants to see this, and given CNN's performance, one has to ask what the hell Klein's up to?

The answer for CNN is to expand the CNN iReport - a lot. This has been said again and again in this space. John Klein needs to wake up.  Fast.  Before he finds himself out of a job.

I'm just saying.

People talk.

Twitter Hashtag Art - Add Your Tweet

Someone spotted my Twitter Tweet of my blog post on Jeff Pulver and the roving 140 Conference that's called RoadTrip Tweetup, and elected to add this blogger to something called the Twitter Hashtag Art site.

Now, even if they were just being an obnoxious ass, it's a cool end result. Twitter Hashtag Art takes your tweets and puts them into some kind of work of art.

Give it a try yourself at

Road Trip Tweetup : Jeff Pulver Talks Social Media in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Represents on Road Trip, originally uploaded by prblog.

If you don't know who Jeff Pulver is (who's head is in the foreground) you should. He's the founder of the Twitter Convention called The 140 Conference and is as this is written completing the Road Trip Tweetup.

What he's doing is traveling from city to city, bringing social media advocates and addicts together. In the process he's helping businesses learn the value of social media.

Right now, in this photo I mean, he's at the Cadillac Ranch, a restaurant and bar in Cincinnati (there was once one in San Francisco on Minna Street), and..

"The final stop on Day One of the Road Trip Tweetup found @jeffpulver and team in Cincinnati.

Here Jeff talks about the background behind #140conf and its focus on studying the impact of real-time communications on business."

...Yeah. That's it.

Road Trip Tweetup : Krista Neher and Jeff Pulver

Krista Neher and Jeff Pulver, originally uploaded by prblog.

Don't ever let it be said that 140 Conference Founder Jeff Pulver doesn't have an eye for the ladies. Traveling as part of the Road Trip Tweetup, Jeff stopped to take a photo with Social Media Expert Krista Neher at The Cadillac Ranch.

Both are in Cincinnati on the final stop of the Road Trip Tweetup

What Is The Road Trip Tweetup?

Road Trip Tweetup is a tour from city to city, taking the #140conf idea on the road and helping people connect via wha Jeff calls exploring the state of now.

You can follow the events and actions past and present at 140 Conf Daily.