Tuesday, March 14, 2006

NFL Free Agency Roundup

Man. Gone a few days and the NFL turns upside down. To find out who-went-where at a glance, I went to NFL.com. This is what I learned:

Mike Anderson signed with Baltimore away from Denver.

Egderin James is now with the Arizona Cardinals! (I guess he doesn't want a Super Bowl ring after all!)

John Kitna bolted Cincinnati for The Detroit Lions, leaving the Bengals in the hunt for a quaterback to spell the healing Carson Palmer.

The Bengals signed Super Bowl XXXIV MVP Defensive Back Dexter Jackson away from the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Drew Brees is now a New Orleans Saint, which eliminates their need to draft a quarterback.

The Oakland Raiders have done nothing on the free agency market -- yet.

Why Am I Readng About Clay Aiken?

I noticed this over at Technorati today. What's the deal? As I read the psts, he's done nothing newsworthy at all! Someone tell me?