Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat Robertson - Thanks for The Lesson!

On Tuesday, Pat Robertson stated that if Venezualan President Hugo Chavez thinks the US is going to assasinate him, we might as well do it. There was no mistaking that.

Now, I like Pat and have watched his show on many occasions, particularly when I was small. But even then I felt like he was trying to mold me into a Republican. I've watched Pat long enough to be able to tell when he's serious. It's when he shakes his head slightly but rapidly from side to side as he talks. He did that on Tuesday. He meant what he said.

Man, I didn't even know who Hugo Chavez was until today! Thanks Pat.

Also, Pat got it wrong: Chavez is not a dictator. He was recently reelected. The problem is many of his viewers will not investigate that fact, they'll just eat it hook, line, and sinker. ...and become Republican. Geez.

My Trip to EA Sports for the IGDA meeting

I orignally shared this with my good friend Jody (check out Ms. May's site!), but I thought it was cool enough to present here..I returned from EA Sports Headquarters in Redwood City. Who are they? EA Sports makes Madden NFL 2006, Tiger Woods Golf, The Sims Online, and other games. I was invited to a meeting of The Silcon Valley Chapter of the International Game Developers Association.


IGDA is a large worldwide group of people who make, market, finance, run corporations that make, or just are interested in computer and video games --- I'm in it now. I collected about 23 business cards! I also met people who can totally help me inprove my simulation games. The groups is about what you'd expect: mostly men, and mostly nerdy, and mostly Stanford grads. (We were only 5 miles from what we locally call "The Farm")

But what I didn't expect was the racial diversity. That was so cool! It's also a GREAT window into "what's coming next" in other words, the folks at this party are working on a lot of games and devices you will see in the very near future, and mostly on cell phones and PDA's (Personal Data Assistants, like Blackberry). A very cutting edge group. I was really jazzed to be a part of it.

I even met a person who's with a firm that does "motion capture." That's where they record your movements to create an animated character, like in Jurrasic Park or Lord of The Rings. She said I could sign up for free time!