Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oakland Raiders Should Fire Tom Walsh - Offense Is Terrible

When Art Shell was named the Raiders new (returning) Head Coach, there was speculation regarding who he would select as his offensive coordinator. Some journalists pointed to a person "lurking around" Raiders Headquaters named Tom Walsh, and whom has not coached NFL football since 1994.

Shell hired Tom Walsh (pictured), who ran a bed and breakfast and was mayor of the Iowa town it was in.


It's this long time away from the pro game that made Tom Walsh-Not-Bill a big question mark for the Raiders. I immediately wondered if Walsh was brought in because he would faithfully install the old Raiders offense of the 70s and without question -- or the desire to place in new ideas all his own. Only time would tell.

Well, time's talking and what it's saying isn't good at all. It's saying that Tom Walsh's system -- even in its watered down pre-season fashion -- is a failure and the weakest link of the team.


Well, take a look at this video summary of the Oakland Raiders this year, and pay attention to the passing game:

Watch how the Raiders offensive line pass blocks in plays that don't have play action -- where run-like blocking is used. The Raiders linemen retreat, read, then hit. That's not the style that's considered "in vogue" in today's NFL. The league's full of o-line blocking techniques where the line actually fires out as if the play were a run, when it's a five-step or even seven-step pass. Fomer Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons line coach Alex Gibb is best known for this style of blocking. A variation of it was used as far back as with Don Coryell when he coached the San Diego Chargers. And it's a basic part of Bill Walsh's offense.

The point of this style is to create separation between the quarterback and the offensive line and thus keeps the defenders off the QB. The idea is simply that the defenders don't get that running start they're used to.

Well, not so with the 2006 Oakland Raiders.

Watch the video and you will see example after example of Raiders offensive linemen retreating and having defensive line people crash into them -- and collapse the pass pocket, resulting in hurries, sacks, and interceptions. It's the reason why Raiders QB Aaron Brooks completed 2 of 9 passes and Raiders Second QB Andrew Walter was intercepted twice.

Also watch the video and you'll see the Raiders force-feed a steady diet of deep passes to the Vikings, with only the occasional pass to the running back in the flat, and even then after the wide receivers have been scanned by the quaterback. All the Viking have to do is play their zone six-yards deeper than normal -- just as opponents did against the Raiders and the LA Rams in the 70s.

It's these aspects of the Raiders offense that need to change, and before the season starts. I will go a step beyond that and assert that the Raiders need to fire Tom Walsh and hire someone like Hue Jackson, whom I've written about.

My call for Tom Walsh to be fired is not popular with some Raiders fans , (well, not all of them) but as the season wears on, I'll have a lot of voices joining me, including that of Randy Moss, himself. In fact, Adam Schefter of the NFL Network has already commented on what others in the league are saying about Walsh.

Just watch and listen.

"Macaca" - Senator George Allen Brings A Shameful New Word To American Culture

With the mere mention of one word, "Macaca" Senator George Allen introduced a new and terrible word into American Culture -- and a new personality in S.R Sidarth, the man he insulted (pictured) -- and as much as Mel Gibson will be associated with anti-semitism, Senator Allen will be joined at the hip with this new term. It's a terrible contribution to American Culture by one who should know better. Given the video, and the ease with which Senator Allen made the remark, and the fact that he's a politician, it's fair to ask if Senator Allen had a few cocktails before he got up and ran off at the mouth.

It certainly seems so.

Senator Allen issued this statement to CNN:

"I'm concerned that my comments at Breaks Interstate Park on August 11th have been greatly misunderstood by members of the media.

"In singling out the Webb campaign's cameraman, I was trying to make the point that Jim Webb had never been to that part of Virginia -- and I encouraged him to bring the tape back to Jim and welcome him to the real world of Virginia and America, outside the Beltway, where he has rarely visited. I also made up a nickname for the cameraman, which was in no way intended to be racially derogatory. Any insinuations to the contrary are completely false.

"Yesterday, I apologized to anyone who may have offended by the misinterpretation of my remarks. That was certainly not my intent. On every stop on my Listening Tour -- I have talked about one of my missions for this country -- to make it a land of opportunity for all. I have worked very hard in the Senate to reach out to all Americans -- regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity or gender. And I look forward to continuing to advocate this important mission for America's future. I never want to embarrass or demean anyone and I apologize if my comments offended this young man. Even though he has signed onto my opponent’s campaign, I look forward to seeing him on the trail ahead.

What Senator Allen doens't explain is just how he came to use the term Macaca. I'll bet he got it from someone else at a party, and I will bet that someone was using the term in a racist way. The question of what Senator Allen knew about this term and when he knew it isn't going away anytime soon...

Well, just as I wrote that, I went over to the Daily Kos and learned that George Allen's own Mom may have used the term.

Here's a taste of the over 300 comments on this matter over there:

"There's some good authority around that American good ole' boys of a certain class, such as one indubitably can find in Virginia, have been using the term privately for several centuries. Do not fall for the mush-mouth act (or assume it had to be the exotic mother). Allen took a chance in order to send a signal, thinking the plusses beat the minusses and that crypto-racism is the new order of the day. We shall see."

If Allen was doing it to "shore up his base" then why doens't that work for Mel Gibson?

Just a question.

Senator George Allen's Case Of "Mel Gibson" - Video and Washington Post

Senator George Allen may have hurt his chances for the post of President of The United States, when he decided to pick out the only person of color at one of his rallies and insult the guy, using terms others say are racial slurs. I write that because I've not heard of the term he used before.

The man at the party who was filming Allen is of Indian decent and an American. Allen pointed to this person and called him a "Meccau" and said "Welcome to America" -- and then says, "Well friends, we're in a war on terror."

What bothers me is that I know what happened: Allen got around a group of older Southern White people and thought it was ok to let his hair down. The result: another Mel Gibson style meltdown done without the aide of drink.

Have a look for yourself:

This is CNN's report on the George Allen problem:

Carolina Panthers v. Buffalo Bills Game Highlights - Video

The Carolina Panthers won this preseason game 14-13

Clinton Portis Out For Season - Questions Logic Of Preseason - Miami Herald


Portis out rest of preseason
From Miami Herald Wire Services

Washington running back Clinton Portis is out for the remainder of the preseason and his status for the Redskins' opener was uncertain Monday, one day after he partially dislocated his shoulder in an exhibition game.

Portis flew to Alabama for another MRI exam and further examination of his right shoulder.

Coach Joe Gibbs said Portis' shoulder was sore, and that the back, who ran for a club-record 1,516 yards last season, would begin rehabilitation once the soreness has abated. The coach essentially ruled out the possibility of Portis playing again in the preseason and instead focused on the Sept. 11 game against Minnesota.

Gibbs also defended the use of Portis and his starters against the Bengals.

After the game and again Monday, Portis questioned why he should have been playing in the first preseason game. The starting offense was on the field for 13 plays.

''If you back off that, you hurt the preparation for your team,'' Gibbs said. ``It's the toughest thing in football. It's a balancing act.''

Portis was hurt when he launched himself into an upper body tackle of Keiwan Ratliff, who had run 52 yards down the sideline after picking off a pass from Mark Brunell.

After the game, Portis criticized the NFL's preseason. Portis said that four exhibition games were too many and that if there's one good thing to come out of his injury, it's that it ought to keep him sidelined until the regular season.

San Diego Chargers Phil Rivers Passes Against Green Bay Packers

Phil Rivers started at QB for San Diego in his first game as starter last weekend. This video is a highlight clip of his passes -- but notice the timing of the passes and the offensive line blocking. Rivers gets the pass away and there's always a good space between he and the pass rushers -- a nice pocket that does not collapse due to timing problems.

That's not something one can say for the Oakland Raiders.