Sunday, December 21, 2008

Biden To Chair White House Middle Class Task Force - Huff Post

See Huff Post for more: “WASHINGTON — As vice president, Joe Biden will oversee an Obama administration effort to find ways of building up the ranks of the middle class, that ambiguously defined segment of society most Americans identify with.

The task force will include four Cabinet members as well as other presidential advisers, the Obama transition team announced Sunday.”

Rahm Emanuel Cleared - George Stephanopoulos, ABC News

George's Bottom Line: “Sources tell me that the Obama team's review of contacts with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich will show that Rahm Emanuel had only one phone conversation with Blagojevich.

The contact, described as a "pro-forma" courtesy call, came as Emanuel was named Chief of Staff for Obama.  Most of the discussion concerned Emanuel's Congressional seat (which had previously been held by Blagojevich), with only a "passing reference" to the Senate vacancy, according to these sources.  No deal for the Senate vacancy was discussed.”

Rod Blagojevich - Holly Madison Sex Scandal Helps Blago!

On Friday, December 19th, Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich stood before the cameras and said he would address the charges against him. What would help is a sex scandal with ex-Hugh Hefner girlfriend Holly Madison!