Monday, March 19, 2007

Fox News "In Focus" A Love Fest For Barack Obama - Telecast Gives High Marks To Senator

I'm watching Fox News "In Focus" where they ask the question "Will Wall Street Back Barack Obama." What I expected to be a conservative bashing of the Senator was anything but.

All of the panelists, including Steve Forbes, the Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine gave Senator Obama high marks for being a fresh face on the poiltical scene. And at least two of the panelists were quick to bash the idea that Senator Obama would be too liberal for Wall Street. But all believe that it's time for the Senator to address specific economic policies. Steve Forbes thinks that he will have to be more specific here at some point.

They also focused on Hillary Clinton and how she would react to Senator Obama's popularity. The Fox panelists observed that her campaign is "ruthless" and a "machine" and would take its shots at Senator Obama, but one panelist said that Barack was tough enough to take it and keep on going.

But that aside, it was a refreshing Fox newscast. I'm really excited that the Senator can win the Presidency. The campaign should get a clip of this telecast and have it copied.