Saturday, December 06, 2008

Rachel Maddow For Meet The Press Moderator

Rachel Maddow's the best choice to replace Tom Brokaw and the late Tim Russert before him. She would carry on Russert's tradition of fairness. As I stated earlier, she's a better choice for the role than NBC News Correspondent David Gregory.

Barack Obama Tabs Eric Shinseki to Lead Veterans Affairs -

Obama Picks Shinseki to Lead Veterans Affairs - “President-elect Barack Obama today will introduce retired Army Gen. Eric K. Shinseki as his nominee to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, bringing to his Cabinet a career military officer best known for running afoul of the Bush administration by questioning the Pentagon's Iraq war strategy.”

Paul Nawrocki New York ex-executive seeks work with almost homeless sign -

Wearing 'almost homeless' sign, ex-executive seeks work -

Report: South a big exporter of guns used in crime

Report: South a big exporter of guns used in crime Summary: West Virginia, the center of the "Bittergate" controversy during the campaign, is the largest exporter of guns.

Barbara Boxer's $620 Million Air Freshener for Harry Reid

Chuck DeVore's runnning against Barbara Boxer for Senate. OK, good luck. This video is amusing, but if this is the best he can do, he should prepare for a Boxer landside victory. I remind DeVore that Republicans voted for this too.