Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Michael Vick, PETA Wants Your Brain Scanned, What About The Rooneys?

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Michael Vick, you've spent two years in the slammer for running a business that revolved around dog-fighting and harming our furry friends. Now, you're confined to your home and reportedly a $10-per-hour construction job. Think you're going to be forgiven? Ha! Michael, you're going into a harsh United States of America, with far less religious people than there used to be. Think I'm kidding; just check out the Pew study that reports more people than ever don't declare a religion.

That's a bad thing because it means they don't subscribe to the concept of forgiveness, Michael. I don't care what anyone tells you, a person who has no religious background or interest is a person to be feared because they don't have a moral compass to guide them. (And if they tell you otherwise, run, don't walk, to the nearest exit!) So forget winning 20 percent of America over, they're long gone. That group has to have someone to hate to make themselves feel alive, and they're going to pick you as their target.

Oh, and PETA wants your brain scanned to see if you're a psycho. I'm serious.

PETA? You know them. PETA stands for "People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals," and their cause is certainly just and it's a great organization to be sure. But PETA has failed in its history to really get vocally involved in curbing dog racing, and remained silent when it was revealed that The Rooney Family, which owns the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers were owners of a dog racing business.

What? You didn't know that? Yep. They owned, ah, excuse me still own, the Palm Beach Kennel Club. And while PETA has expressed its displeasure with dog racing, it never mentioned the Rooney's activity or asked Steelers President Dan Rooney (and Ambassador to Ireland) to take a brain scan.

What? Folks tell you dog racing's less violent than dog fighting, so that's ok? I'd like to meet those people; yeah, right. According to PETA - yep, PETA - dog racing culture selectively breeds such that dogs who don't make "the cut" are killed. Just like the kind of activity you were punished for, right Michael?

Yet where was PETA when the NFL worked with the Rooneys to restructure their ownership agreement with investor partners and all of this dog racing business was revealed? Silent. Quiet.

And what did NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell say? Well according to ESPN and the Associated Press he said:

"The initiative frankly was that they had changed their business operations, and the gambling operations had gone more into gambling," Goodell said. "It was of greater concern to us than the original horse racing and dog racing. That initiated some discussions, and it really just had to get resolved for the club."

So let me get this straight: gambling was more deemed more problematical than dog racing? Now, I love the Commissioner - he's a treasure and a smart political operative - but maybe he should have said "gambling, dog racing, and horse racing are all activities we're concerned with and want the Rooneys to get out of as soon as possible," don't you think?

Me? What do I think? I'm outraged! I really am.

Where's PETA? Where were the calls for a brain scan of the Rooneys? And why the hell isn't anyone on their tail about this?

Michael, people will offer all kinds of reasons: they're rich; you're not. They're white; you're black. They're connected; you're not. Whatever the reasons it's not right. And while it's not just that they go unpunished for their activities and you get raked over the coals, you also can't point a finger at them. That would be wrong and you're not the right messenger. Keep your head high and pray to God for all the strength you're going to need to navigate through the sea of clowns and jokers you're about to deal with.

PETA wants your brain scanned. Do it. Get it over with, then visit Oprah. Then maybe, just maybe, someone will put the ball in the Rooney's court.

Just pray baby.

"Never is a man so tall..." A young man wondered if his haircut felt like the President's

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I believe most political decisions are made on the basis of an emotional affiliation to one or the other major political party, even if we're all very good at rationalizing about this or that issue to justify it "logically." I believe, too, that there are all too many elected to serve in Washington who lose their way and become more interested in lining their pockets than in working on behalf of the voters.
family visit to the Oval Office May 8, 2009 - Pete Souza
I believe I have seldom seen a more decent gesture by any sitting President than the one pictured above. I wonder what Steven Colbert, the man who promised to feel the truthiness of the news at his viewers, will feel when he considers this image from May 8th, making its rounds now on the internet.

There's nothing here about federal intervention in state's rights; there's no judicial activism on display; there's nothing about unfair executive compensation, overpriced health insurance, CIA briefings, weapons of mass destruction, or environmental protection in the picture. There's just a young man, curious if his haircut feels like the President's, perhaps the most powerful man on the planet - and the President of the United States bending down to indulge the curiousity of somebody else's son.

In my gut, this is evidence of the confidence and priorities of a great leader who respects everybody he meets. Today, the world is dealing with a very different sort of President in the United States than they have ever had before. This is a man who not only values children, and families, but who has the willingness and courage to show the world his unscripted compassion.