Thursday, March 26, 2009

MN Senate set to siphon stimulus money away from education

If you wanted a regulator - say of banks, for example - to issue an unbiased report on the performance of the bank, would you make it possible for the regulator to earn money from the bank’s ongoing operation? The MN legislature - dominated by elected DEMOCRATS - is redirecting money for charter schools away from the schools and districts in a flagrant conflict of interest that harms the districts, teachers, and children. Get mad.

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Sarah Palin Says McCain Campaign Lacked People She Could Pray With

In a long and stemwinding speech before the Alaskan Republicans, Governor Sarah Palin let loose with a comment that's sure to contribute to the slow erosion of the Republican Party.  According to the Huffington Post , which broke the story, Palin said of the McCain Campaign there was no one around she could hold "hands and pray with" when she needed support.

Wow.  What she's saying is she questions their Christian faith.  That's a hard blow if you think about it.  I'm going to wade through the rest of her speech soon.  It's a doozy, it seems.

State of the Franchise: Oakland Raiders

The NFLTA crew talks Tom Cable, JaMarcus Russell, and what to expect from the Raiders in '09.

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The White House is Open for Questions - President Obama

From The White House - The President introduces a new tool on, "Open for Questions," which will allow you to submit your questions on the economy and vote on those submitted by others. The President pledges to answer some of these questions during an online town hall on Thursday, March 26, 2009.

New Media: You May Not Need Cable Anymore - Paul Colligan

You've got to take time - an hour - to watch this. Paul Colligan uses New Media as his job. Colligan teaches New Media and explains how you don't need cable TV and how he did an experiment getting all of this content via the Internet -- no cable.

Here's the video description:

Google Tech Talks
June 10, 2008


The disruptive technology of new media is far more accessible than most realize. The impact of new media is far more impressive than most report. The mavericks of new media are slowly taking over - quietly, but with a shadow that dramatically changes the Internet's role in media (delivery, creation and consumption). At this point in time, these mavericks aren't effectively in anyone's index. Will that ever change?

Speaker: Paul Colligan
Paul Colligan is CEO of Inc. and manages several popular Internet properties that include Podcast Secrets, Automate Sales, FrontPage World, and

Paul produces a number of Podcasts that include (but are not limited to) Marketing Online Live, Podcast Tools Weekly Update, Paul's Profitable Podcasting Podcast, Electronic Marketing Interviews, and Big Seminar Live. He is also the author of many books and magazine articles about Internet marketing and is co-author of The Business Podcasting Bible with Alex Mandossian.

Mr. Colligan has played a key role in the launch of dozens of successful Web sites and Internet marketing strategies that have seen tens of millions of visitors and millions of dollars in revenue. Previous projects have included work with Peak Potentials, Heritage House Publications, InternetMCI, the Oregon Multimedia Alliance, Rubicon International, Microsoft, the Electronics Boutique, and Pearson Education.

He is also a popular speaker on Internet technology topics and frequently speaks online, on the air, and before audiences about his passions. He has presented at events around the world that include The Podcast And New Media Expo, The European Business Podcasting Summit, Internet World, Linux World, Mac World, Commission Junction University, Big Seminar, the X-10 Seminar, and Microsoft Tech-Ed.

Paul's Blog at , is a great place to keep up with his latest efforts and current speaking schedule.

Paul lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughters and enjoys hiking, theater, music, fine dining, and travel.

Oprah On Lesbians Dating Straight Women: Time To Talk

More at Jezebel So apparently I missed an Oprah episode I've got a lot of say about. She talks about why some straight women date other women later in life. And for that, here's my answer: there's a growing culture that simply hates men and there's a lot of reasons for this that have built over the years, but for the first time we have a full generation of women without the idea that they need a man to succeed, even though our system is still set up to favor marriage between a man and a woman.

It seems that women and men now -- to some degree -- think that if they can more easily communicate with the same sex why not date them too.

Personally I think that's institutionalized silly behavior because the main challenge of men is to figure out how to communicate with women for the purpose of reproduction and vice-versa. So what are we doing, killing the process that leads to it?

Men and women need to get back to appreciating each other and wanting to mix, though i think it's still more the norm than the media lets' on. Nothing against same-sex anything, but I love women and fear if we don't encourage male-female pairings, women could wind up on a even shorter end of the economic stick in the future.

Now if you think I'm saying women should go back to just picking the richest man, not so.  I'm stating that if we continue a trend of more and more same-sex pairings, the end result will be an even greater degree of male-female income disparity than we have today.   We have the emergence of all -Gay-male firms, which gives a new reason not to hire women in the workplace.  No matter what the rationale, that's still discrimination. 

Gay men make more than their Lesbian counterparts. Without a male-female pairing the woman would not have a means to greater income, whereas in the past women simply married men. That's the kind of future same-sex advocates threaten to create for themselves. Indeed, I argue that such segregation gives men another reason to discriminate against women in the workplace.

I know some people will come away from this thinking that I voted for Prop 8 -- I did not. But the reason I take this stance is too many young women are coming out of college not knowing how to work with or deal with anyone but the meekest and most passive-agressive of men because they would see them -- mistakenly -- as non-threatening just because their testosterone level may be lower. Then they wind up hating men, which leads to all kinds of terrible results in society.

Lou Dobbs Says The Dumbest Things On CNN

I've got to admit Lou Dobbs finds new ways to stick his foot in his mouth everyday. Why CNN has this blowhard on is a wonder, but his presence is a good reason for the network's ratings challenges of late. Dobbs is back to his race-batting ways, airing racist comments from viewers like "I don't want Mexicans driving trucks, Americans should do it."

The trucks he was talking about carry drugs into America.

I wonder when CNN's going to show real courage and let me debate him or just take him off the air.

Vlogger's Mean Mug At SXSW Austin

SXSW People 2009, originally uploaded by stevegarfield.

I wish I'd attended SXSW but here's to hoping I can be there next year. This is an interesting montage of faces, all well-known video-bloggers: Zadi Diaz, Steve Woolf, Clintus McGintus, Lan Bui, Casy McKinnon, Bre Pettis, Jonny Golstein, Scott Stead, Schlomo Rabinowitz.