Monday, February 18, 2008

Sacramento Kings Cheerleader Photo Scandal - Kings Cheerleader Calendar Now Hot Property

As you may have heard, the Sacramento Kings Cheerleaders have decided to take photos of themselves that are simple, racy, and soft-core porn at best. All good reasons to take a bit of a time out from politics -- after all, Bill O'Reilly did. What led to these photos being taken and distributed is a good question. I've not found the answer.

The photos are a year old and I'm interested to know as they came out after Valentines Day. Was a jealous ex-boyfriend behind the Sacramento Kings Cheerleader scandal? Did he decide to "out" the group as a whole? Or was it an angry ex-cheerleader who didn't make the cut this time around?

Regardless of the culprit, it's clear that there are at least two groups happy: the Kings fans and Carl's Jr, who's logo is on the dance team photo on the website. If Carl's Jr. is smart, they'll find a way to link this to hamburger sales!

Whatever the case, man, they sure do have great legs!

Big Head DC Getting Lesson In Blog Law | Big Head DC Bullying Stopped By Zennie

Big Head DC is a respectable publication on politics in DC. I enjoy reading it. But I did not like one of Big Head DC's blog articles where he -- the "he" is Rob Capriccioso (pictured) who's the editor of Big Head DC -- accused ABC News anchor Sam Donaldson of being a client of a DC madam named Deborah Jeane Palfrey and basically just because his name happened to be in her phone book and even though Deborah Jeane Palfrey who's the escort, explained to Rob that she had just called him to explain a phone mix-up, and not to offer services.

Plus, Jossip explained "Except all Palfrey had to say to Capriccioso was that she made a single call to Donaldson — to explain a phone call mix up, not to offer her services...Not that it stopped Capriccioso’s report.."

Rob went ahead and wrote an account that in my view smeared Sam Donaldson and left out that the matter seemed to be a total misunderstanding. I wrote that Big Head smeared Sam Donaldson. That's my view and I'm sticking to it.

Now, Rob, who thinks he can bully people, has threatened to sue me. HA! This is what Rob wrote to me:

To Zennie:

It has come to my attention that one of your blog posts contains factually incorrect information about Big Head DC and our reporting:

Sam Donaldson's number does indeed appear more than once in the records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, which is exactly what Big Head DC reported. By you saying that "Rob Capriccioso Smears Sam Donaldson With Wrong News" and "this blogger got it wrong," you are libeling the reputation of Big head DC. As the editor of Big Head DC, I ask that you remove or edit your post to accurately reflect our reporting.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



To which I showed Rob how the Internet had rose up against him. For example, let's take the website i linked to in the orginal story, and the one that was the basis for my assertion that Big Head DC smeared Sam Donaldson, the one called Radar and apparently one where Rob had a relationship with the writers there -- not any more.

In Radar, D.C. CONFIDENTIAL explained that "Capriccioso found out about Donaldson's involvement from Radar. We were looking into the Donaldson rumor and stupidly asked Capriccioso, who claimed to have a relationship with Palfrey, to talk to her about it. We decided not to pursue the item for reasons explained below, so he picked it up for himself without so much as a "thank you" or heads-up."


"After receiving many calls from Sam Donaldson leaving pleasantries for his releative [sic] on her personal cell number voicemail in the mid-2000s, Palfrey herself decided to give him a call to relay what she assumed to be a mistake. 'Would you please tell your relative to give out the correct phone number?' Palfrey recalls asking Donaldson. 'I was sick and tired of getting these phone calls from people all over Washington asking for his relative.' When she talked to Donaldson, he was immediately panicked and asked how she got his number (she says she didn't tell him that she ran an escort service). She explained the whole story to him about her receiving messages that were obviously not intending for her."

When Radar expressed skepticism, Capriccioso wrote back: "I pushed her hard on that—asked her if she had an affinity for Sam for some reason, and told her that many people would think it was such an odd coincidence that he dialed the wrong number ... she insisted that that was the truth."

The only parts of the above story that made it into Capriccioso's post are the parts about Palfrey confirming a call to Donaldson and Donaldson panicking at the call. The innocent explanation Palfrey offered apparently wasn't relevant.

Radar eventually dropped the item after being waved off of it by a source close to Larry Flynt, the porn magnate who outed Vitter and has been poring over the list. The source insisted that if there was anything to the Donaldson rumor, Flynt would have reported it. Given that, and Palfrey's insistence that Donaldson was not a client, we couldn't sully the man's name in the absence of any other evidence—even if we think Palfrey's story is bullshit. Capriccioso, who didn't return a call for comment, apparently didn't have that problem.

Wow. Which means that DC CONFIDENTIAL didn't even want to run with the story that Rob ran with. Why? Because it makes Donaldson look like he did something in hiring an escort that it's not clear he did at all. Plus, not even Larry Flynt reported the story because he considered it baseless.

Thus, Rob's actions are a real defamation of character in anyone's book, and certainly mine. But Rob thinks he has a case to threaten me. Let's check his claim for fun.

What Rob does not understand is that several bloggers don't back his story, thus leaving it fair game for attack. It's impossible to make a defimation claim stick if the plaintiff does not have a good reputation to start with and in this case of this story, Rob is toast -- he looks bad, indeed.

Moreover, I can state my opinion and I did that. Too bad for him. Moreover, Rob -- by virtue of his blogging and his terrible reporting being all over the Internet on the Donaldson story -- has become a public figure who can be criticized and that's what I did.

And here's the smoking gun: Blogactive has written that Big Head DC's story was so not credible they considered never linking to his work again! Here's what they wrote:

More discrediting

I've taken some heat in the comments of my last post. Please note that I never said it didn't happen. I simply said that it APPEARED that BigHeadDC was hustled by a hustler.

I contacted Rob at BigHeadDC and asked him specifically about the information he posted with regard to Sam Donaldson's number appearing in the DC Madam's, Jeane Palfrey. Once the story was discredited by Radar, I decided to dig a little deeper. It was only about five minutes before I was able to put my shovel down on this angle to the story.

I happen to know Jeane Palfrey. So, I wrote a note last night:

From: Michael Rogers - PageOne
Date: Nov 27, 2007 3:21 PM
Subject: Jeane...

Can you let me know if this article is accurate and whether you have any on or off teh record comments about it?

In less than 12 hours, Jeane wrote back:
From: Jeane Palfrey
Date: Nov 28, 2007 12:32 AM
To: Michael Rogers

Mike… the Radar article is correct.

This exchange, along with numerous friends in the media telling me about other other stories that were wrong on BigHeadDC, has initiated a review with Nick Langewis, the associate editor of PageOneQ, over whether BigHeadDC will ever be linked to from Q again. If we decide not to link there again, it will be the first time a site has been permanently banned from PageOneQ.

In this business, accuracy is everything.

It sure is, right Rob? Even Jossip has exposed Rob's tendency to TRY and bully other bloggers into compliance with his biased reporting. Check what Rob wrote to a Leigh Ann Boutwell , who's Jossip's managing editor.

From: Rob Capriccioso
Date: Nov 13, 2007 11:02 AM
Subject: From Rob Capriccioso / action requested
To: Leigh Ann Boutwell
Hi Leigh Ann,
What John Cook wrote yesterday in his Fresh Intelligence update is
exceptionally unprofessional, and riddled with errors. To clarify, a
Big Head DC staffer received more confirming information regarding the
“DC Madam” / Sam Donaldson story, and we ran with it. Neither I, nor
Big Head DC, had any obligation to run this story with Radar Online.
Apparently, John Cook felt differently, and published a story that not
only misspells the name of Palfrey in a couple of different ways, but
also makes it seem as if the story isn’t true, which it is.
Cook also quoted several off the record e-mails between myself and
Tyler Gray, which, as you know, is very unprofessional. I find this
quite odd, since Tyler, too, has shared much off the record
information with me via e-mail that he has asked me not to publish.
Cook also says in the item that I didn’t return requests for comment,
which is not at all true, as you will see from the e-mails below,
which Radar had in its possession before the update story ran.
To resolve this issue ASAP, I am asking that Radar remove, or amend
with this added information, Cook’s false Fresh Intelligence piece.

Rob Capriccioso | Publisher & Founding Editor | Big Head DC | | | AIM: bigheadrob007

Action requested? Geez. Gimme a break. Matt Janovic said it best in a comment over at Radar:

Again, what happened between Radar and Bighead? They wanted the SMUT, but Ms. Palfrey wasn't going to confirm it to Mr. Capriccioso, so he went and submitted the story anyway. But there was a problem of confirmation: Deborah Jeane Palfrey. She's not going to confirm it because there was never a story to begin with. Her assertions are true, while those of Radar and Bighead are not. They wanted a story that was an easy fix, didn't get it, and went and ran it anyway. Now they have to do the clean-up.

The End Of American Hegemony - AntiWar

AntiWar, the website against the Iraq War and violent conflict in general, has an article worthy of note called "Can The US Brace Its Fall?" It asks if America is ready for a world where it's no longer the most influential nation. My response is that it depends.

I think we are if we elect leaders who recognize America's new, more complex position in the World. Senator Barack Obama does; Senator Clinton and certainly Senator McCain far less so. If we can get the "hawk" element of U.S Government under control and adopt a more intelligent and less "cowboyish" and power-hungry approach, we can do this.

The 2008 Presidential election will tell much for the future.

Larry Sinclair UPDATE - Admits He Has Texas Speeding Tickets!

The evidence is here above. That's "Larry's" message to me. I don't believe that's his real name.

Larry Sinclair, the Obama hater spreading false claims about Barack Obama , has admitted personally to me that he has speeding tickets in Texas. This flies in the face of his claim that he lives in Minnesota, even giving an adress that turned out to be an assisted living center called Gateway Assisted Living.

Sinclair is on YouTube as am I -- his channel is larrysinclair0926. I found his channel and informed him that I'd determined that he was really in Texas and not Minnesota and that he had an outstanding warrant in Texas (ok, I lied).

But he fell for it! Sinclair wrote back this to me:

"As for your statement that I have an outstanding Texas warrant, that is news to me, but I will look into it. I do have speeding tickets."

So he's in Texas and a faker to boot.

Hillary Clinton Uses Obama Words Without Attribution - "Fired Up And Ready To Go"

According to The Politico's Ben Smith , Senator Hillary Clinton said the words "Fired Up And Ready To Go" -- a tagline constantly used by Senator Barack Obama and the Obama for America campaign. Clinton does not credit Obama for the original use of the term, nor does Clinton know why Obama came to use it.

That's a clear theft of a term used by Obama, who's opposing Clinton in the 2008 Presidential race.

Smith reports Clinton saying, "We are fired up and we are ready to go, because we know that America is ready for change," Hillary said moments ago in Davenport, melding Obama's signature line into one of hers in a sort of campaign slogan medley.

She's also got a radio ad out casting her as the candidate of "hope," TIME's Mark Halperin reports.

The term "Fired Up and Ready To Go" came from a small group of Obama supporters in South Carolina.

Larry Sinclair Is A Texan Obama Hater / Liar Who Supports Ron Paul

UPDATE Larry Sinclair admits he has TEXAS speeding tickets!

There's a major sicko liar of a person named Larry Sinclair who's making claims about Obama I will not discuss here. But I will report that Sinclair, who was stupid enough to post his fake adress as 600 W Superior St Duluth, MN 55802, which is an "assisted living" facility called Gateway Assisted Living!

Then this totally terrible man proves how bright he IS NOT by making a YouTube video I will not link to, wearing a -- get this -- "Everything Is Bigger In Texas" shirt!! Now, how likely is it that a young guy in an assisted living facility in Minnesota would even wear a shirt with Texas on it? First, assisted living facilities are for the elderly.

And he's speaking with a Texan drawl, in a room with a Mexican Flag (!) in the background and a fan -- a freaking fan -- running. Which means it's hot and he's somewhere in South Texas which is where it's around 80 degrees on February 5th which is when the video was posted, and South Texas is near the boarder!

He's a fake!

Dear Murray has shed light on Sinclair's Ron Paul ties, which is logical not only considering Murray's evidence, but Sinclair's own Texas clues he's stupid enough to offer in his own video.


What an idiot!

Bill Clinton v. Heckler | Was Heckler A Clinton Plant?

The real question is why would President Clinton take time to lower himself to take on a heckler? That's the disturbing part about all of this. Now, Bill's temper is front page news -- again. Of course, the guy could have been a plant by Clinton.

He also got "excited" at this rally after being heckled by anti-abortion people. But it makes you wonder if this sort of thing is staged because you know and I know that Secret Service people have checked the area more than once. I'm suspicious.

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli

CANTON, OH -- Robert Holeman came to Timken High School here today with a message to deliver to Bill Clinton. He did -- and he said the former president wasn’t happy about it.

Clinton spoke to a capacity crowd in this Northeast Ohio town, the third of five events today in the Buckeye State. He told voters that the contest was “the power of speeches against the promise of solutions by a world-class change maker.”

Throughout the event, as Clinton made his case for his wife, Holeman’s dissenting voice could be heard. At times he simply shouted Obama’s name. When Clinton would set up a sure applause line, Holeman could be heard heckling. As soon as Clinton finished speaking, the Canton native made a beeline to the ropeline to give Clinton a piece of his mind.

“I asked the president to please stop the bickering between the campaigns,” Holeman said in an interview afterwards. “All this name calling is like the bully in the yard. He can’t get his way, he can’t get nothing done.” Holeman said he thought Clinton was “gasping for air.”

“This is the last hurrah. After March 4, Hillary Clinton will be out of the race for good, and Obama will take the commanding lead,” he said. “She should back him with her delegates immediately. That’s what I’m asking them to do.”

Holeman said that Clinton responded by saying Obama came after him first. Holeman also described Clinton’s reaction to him as “irate.”

“I think he even hit me in the face with his hand,” he said. “He did give me a little pop. It was okay, because I understand his tenacity for his wife.” Clinton did engage Holeman for a few minutes, at times pointing directly at him. It was unclear whether he did make physical contact, however.

Holeman said he did support Bill Clinton during his campaigns, but that now the country wants a “new perspective.” “I think the president’s trying hoodwink us, bamboozle us, put us back in the okie doke,” he said. “He had eight years to do what he was supposed to do. All the things he said that she’s gonna do, he had the same authority that he wants her to have. Now if one Clinton, the male Clinton can’t get it done, how is Ms. Clinton [going to].”

Several Clinton supporters who saw the exchange came up to Holeman after to -- shall we say delicately -- express their disapproval for his actions. More negativity, Holeman said. “Hillary Clinton has started the most negative campaign I have ever seen, other than what the Republicans can launch,” he said. “I think we need to come together on those issues.”

*** UPDATE *** Obama spokesperson Ben LaBolt said Holeman was "absolutely not" a plant by the campaign. And a spokesperson for President Clinton who was near the president said there was no physical contact.