Monday, June 13, 2011

LeBron James Falls Mark Cuban, Jason Kidd, Dallas Mavs NBA Champs

Dallas mavericks 105, Miami Heat 95. The Dallas Mavericks are the

The title - "LeBron James Falls Mark Cuban, Jason Kidd, Dallas Mavs NBA Champs" - says it all. Fair or unfair it may be, but the simple fact is that the 2011 NBA Finals will be remembered more as the opportunity LeBron James lost, much more than the series the Dallas Maverick's won.

But before we dive deeper into the many reasons why that opinion is the best one, congratulations to Dallas Maverick's Owner Mark Cuban, and the legendary Cal Grad Point Guard Jason Kidd.

Cuban, known more for his outspoken words that pissed off NBA Commissioner David Stern, and his love for blondes, blogging, tech, television, and the good life, now Cuban will be known as the owner of a successful NBA Champion organization. That position, alone, gives Mark a level of new respect he's not enjoyed before, but for which he more than deserves.

The truth is that Mark Cuban didn't get to where he is by being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He got there by hard work and something he will readily tell you: luck. Cuban is ready with stories of his failures as well as his successes, and now being able to hold his first NBA Bill Russell Trophy is a just reward for all that he has done.

Something that can be said for Cal's Jason Kidd.

Toiling with the NBA's New Jersey Nets in the NBA Finals, but losing, in back-to-back games, it seemed Kidd would never get that ring. But his will to win never waned, and now, in his 38th year of age, the oldest point guard in the NBA, he's a champion.

A champion is something LeBron James wants to be thought of, and this corner really believed James would will a title with the Miami Heat this year.

It didn't happen, and that was because, as teammate Chris Bosh said "They wanted it more than we did." That can be said for LeBron - for King James.

Frankly, there were times in this NBA Finals Game Six, where LeBron played more like a queen than a king. He just didn't seem to have that killer desire to rise up and fight through the Dallas defense to make that jaw-dropping dunk that changes the game. In fact, Mr. James looked like he was afraid to dunk when that was the shot called for.

Now, LeBron will have the rest of the Summer to think about how to dunk and what could have been.