Tuesday, April 22, 2008


According to Tim Russert, but not his words exactly, a group of RACIST KOOK REPUBLICANS IN NORTH CAROLINA LED BY Linda Daves, who's the state Republican Party Chair, and Chris McClure who's the organizations Executive Director, are going to come out with a racist press campaign against Senator Obama on Wednesday, which is tommorrow.

Want Chris McClure's -- who's the Executive Director -- email to ask them to stop? Here it is:

mcclure@ncgop.org -- for Chris McClure

Obama Still 150 Delegates Ahead of Clinton; Can Erase PA With Indiana Or North Carolina Win

The final PA numbers are coming in and it looks like Senator Clinton will pick up 87 delegates versus 71 for Senator Obama. But with that difference, Senator Obama still has a comfortable 150 delegate margin -- for pledged delegates -- and can erase Pennsylvania with a small win in Indiana and North Carolina, or a big win in North Carolina, according to the handy Slate Delegate Counter.

Meanwhile, Senator Clinton runs out of money. She's $10 million in the hole and this $100K raised in 20 minutes is nothing. Meanwhile Obama supporters like myself are already chipping in money at a amazing rate, and that's after the PA loss.

Watch Out For Racist Republicans

According to Tim Russert on MSNBC, the North Carolina Republican Party is going to issue a racist statement regarding Barack Obama on Wednesday. Well, that plays right into the hand of this culture war; they will be marginalized as kooks.

Clinton Gets Expected Win; Obama Comes Out Of Racist PA With Good Numbers

The polls have closed and the votes are cast, and what we expected has come to pass, a Clinton win in Pennsylvania. But considering that Barack Obama was down by as much as 27 points and survived the Rev. Wright Issue and "Bittergate" with what seems to be just now a 8 to 6 point loss to Clinton and 300,000 new registered voters, it's a win for Obama, too.

Hillary Clinton Projected Winner In Pennsylvania

Although Hillary Clinton was outspent by a significant margin and performed exceedingly poorly time after time in campaign events, she prevailed by a small amount this evening in Pennsylvania over frontrunner Barack Obama.

Seahawks expected to make announcement about Alexander

If the former MVP is released by the Seahawks, it would be important for him to make the shrewd decision to retire, while still accumulating large sums of money. Alexander had a prolific career from 2001-2005, playing in every game and accruing 1175-1880 yards every season with fourteen or more touchdowns each year.

By GREGG BELL, AP Sports Writer

SEATTLE (AP)—The long-anticipated separation between the Seattle Seahawks and former MVP running back Shaun Alexander appears imminent.

Alexander’s agent, Jim Steiner, told The Associated Press Tuesday that “an announcement is pending” about Alexander’s future with the Seahawks. Reports surfaced Tuesday morning that Alexander was about to be cut by the team, but not until after he passed a physical. Alexander had surgery after the season on his left wrist, which he broke last season, and must pass a physical before Seattle could release him, otherwise Alexander could file an injury grievance.

The 30-year-old running back is scheduled to earn $4,475,000 in 2008. He has received $18.8 million in base salary so far on his $62 million, eight-year contract, which Steiner at the time said was the richest ever for an NFL running back. Alexander has also received about $13.5 million guarantees through signing and other bonuses.

Alexander has had two injury-filled and ineffective seasons since signing his deal, including last season in which he ran for just 716 yards in 13 games. That was his lowest total since 2001. So his trade value is lower than ever.

Seattle has remodeled its backfield this offseason, signing Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett.

PA Voting Machine Problems and Fraud With Clinton's Name Not Obama On Ballots!

Is this how Clinton's planning to steal the election? This is from the blog of Philly.com today and is terrible! The Obama campaign should be on the lookout to file a lawsuit.

We continue to hear reports of broken machines. This tale was reported to the Daily News by a very patient voter:

"I just came from voting. Finally got my vote in at 49 ward, 07 division....after waiting for (the only) 2 voting machines to be repaired.

"I was able to cast my vote for Obama after waiting 1 and 1/2 hours. During that time at least 100 voters left without voting.....possibly not to return.

"I immediately called every News channel I could get through to. Persons who answered at the stations informed me that my ward was not the only one with broken machines and 'Paper ballots (as an alternative) without Obama's name on it. These provisional ballots did have Hiliary's name on them."

Now, voting machines malfunction every election. The worry today is that a high turnout will compound those problems -- forcing voters to wait, as in the case above, or turn to provisional ballots (the paper ones) which will take much longer to count.

We'll keep an eye on this today.

Auntie Jan Talks About The Hon Rev. Jeremiah Wright

My Auntie Jan has been a member of Trinity United Methodist Church for years. After some proding, she sat down to talk with me about a man she admires so much, the Hon. Rev. Jeremiah Wright. She explains that he's been misunderstood -- and deliberately because one of his parishioners, Senator Barack Obama, is running for President -- and that America does not understand much of its history. I would add that America does not understand its own culture.