Thursday, July 20, 2006

Terrell Owens - T.O. On Jimmy Kimmel Live ( Video)

On July 17th, Jimmy Kimmel hosted the appearance of Terrell Owens on this late nigh talk show and so that T.O. could talk about his new book.

T.O doesn't say that he was misquoted, but that he doens't feel that he's a hero compared to the firefighters and police after 911, but more blessed than anything else.

He says he still has Eagles fans and that people respond positively at his book signings.

On Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, T.O. claims that McNabb said "a number of things." He's not talked with him to this date. On the question of if he will make an effort to talk to McNabb, Owens said that "I will make an effort to beat the Eagles."

T.O. has gotten skewered by -- amoung others -- ESPN's Tom Jackson for not keeping his mouth closed and working to fit in with the Dallas Cowboys.

T.O. says that he's not going to have any problems with the Cowboys or Head Coach Bill Parcells. But he said if he does, he'll write a book about it.

I think he should have said that he wants to write a book on winning the Super Bowl with the Cowboys.

Here's T.O.

Stephen Colbert Skewers President Bush On NAACP Visit

Upon learning that President Bush agreed to speak at the annual convention of the National Association For The Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert gave this genius of a presentation on why the NAACP should cut President Bush "some slack."

This is one of his best.

Layne Johnson - A YouTube Watcher Who Bans People; A Case For The FBI

This video is one of the most discussed on YouTube and reveals a person that to me comes off as downright scary.

Given the number of videos on YouTube it's without doubt that he invests too much time in his "banning" practice, but also does so based on his personal view of YouTube rules.

I've not placed any material he's gone after. No reason to do so.

But that written, someone should watch this guy. What if he goes off and tries to harm someone? The FBI should pay attention to this dude.

Rocketboom - Amanda Congdon On Amanda Congdon on MSNBC's "Scarborough Country"

Amanda Congdon -- former Rocketboom host -- appeared on MSNBC's Scarborough Country last week and gave a great interview explaining her side of the story of the breakup of what can now be called "Rocketboom 1.0."

Joe Scarborough, the show's host, played a tape showing Amanda next to the new host Joanna Colan and they look just alike. Then Joe reported Andrew Baron as stating that they could just to the same thing all over again, referring to Rocketboom without Amanda.

Meanwhile, Rocketboom's audience jumped from 200,000 visitors a day to 1.2 million after Amanda's departure and public dispute. While Rocketboom's traffic is better, Amanda still owns 49 percent of it.