Saturday, February 19, 2005

"Lord of The Rings" Peter Jackson Remakes King Kong - Where Are The Black Folks?

Hey, I was checking out the videos reporting the progress of the production of Lord of The Rings Director Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong and came away quite impressed with everything from the way they're recreating the New York of the 1930s, to the development of an environment totally devoid of African English, African American, or just plain black folks.

Before you -- if you're White (or black, but such is rare) and are about to scream "race card" please don't -- get into a defensive stance to protect Jackson, consider this question:

Weren't there blacks in New York in the 1930s? It's just a question.

Look at the site:

Click around and tell me if you can count more than five blacks? I counted zero. I do hope that all of "us" (blacks) are not going to be relegated to playing natives on Skull Island. GEEZ!

Look, what's the answer? For blacks to go out and make movies with just blacks? No.

I think this, and I'll write it: people who think in "racist" or "race-exclusion" terms are automatically less than intelligent. Why? Because to think this way means that the person can't see in detail, and thinks in boundaries. It also means that person is not insightful because insight requires that they think beyond their own mental boundaries.

A person who sees diversity wants to recreate the New York of the 1930s as it was, representing the mix of people that continues today. Blacks held a number of jobs in the New York of the 1930s.

Hey, will someone pass this on to Peter and tell him to faithfully represent America. Tell him that America and the New York of the 1930s was more than just white.

We've got to stop this crap, otherwise we'll raise a generation of people with weird and skewed views of history.

What? We're doing that already? Well, all the better reason to sound the alarm!!!