Saturday, May 07, 2011

LA Lakers Should Be "Blown Up" - Magic Johnson On ESPN

Ervin "Magic" Johnson, the LA Lakers legend and former part-owner of the NBA Franchise (he sold his interest in the organization, October 2010), said, just 10 minutes ago on ESPN's KIA NBA Show, that "it's time to blow up the Los Angeles Lakers" and "start all over" with "the resignation of Phil Jackson.

The statements were the harshest given by a former Laker and come in the wake of their 92 to 98 Friday night loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Playoffs Western Conference Semifinals, putting the storied organization and two-time defending champion just one Sunday game from total elimination.

Magic Johnson wasn't coy about his feelings, stating that the Lakers lack leadership, and because of that, the finger-pointing has continued through the Dallas series without a person to step in and take charge.

Johnson also says that one of the first people to go is, ironically, the man who played well Friday night, Andrew Bynum. Johnson also agreed with fellow panelist and ESPN Personality Michael Wilbon, who said the key addition to the Lakers should be Orlando Magic Center Dwight Howard.

Let's see how the current Lakers respond to Magic's blast.

Stay tuned.

Kentucky Derby 2011: Drug Use Questions?

Today's the day for the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby, and for this year, 2011. And while this blogger's still sticking with his picks, which will be reiterated below, the Christian Science Monitor has a provocative online article about "drug use questions."

According to Mark Gaurino of the Christian Science Monitor, a diuretic drug called Lasix is injected into horses just hours before the start of a race, and is used 95 percent of the time. That means it's a good chance Lasix is used before the Kentucky Derby 2011.

Gaurino writes that the drug... meant to mitigate a condition that causes a horse to bleed internally while under extreme physical pressure. But the drug also causes a horse to urinate profusely, lightening its weight by up to 27 pounds and making the animal more nimble in a race. Hence, critics say, Lasix is being used to enhance performance - and to get around rules against using performance - enhancing drugs.

He reports that the drug is banned "everywhere" except the United States and Canada. The lengthy post is worth a read, if you're not at a Kentucky Derby 2011 party or headed to one, that is.

For those of you headed to one, here's my pick, again. I'd play an exacta of Dialed-In, Archarcharch, and Comma To The Top. Here's my video explaining why:

Good luck! Oh, more at the Christian Science Monitor!

No Virgins: Osama bin Laden's Song from The Grave (Osama bin Laden Dead ...

A YouTuber with the channel name of SpencerKindaFunny created this hilarious song about Osama Bin Laden created to the tune of Madonna's "Like A Virgin." He creates the scene of an Osama Bin Laden totally surprised to learn that the break-in to his giant compound isn't really a surprise party that consists of virgins.

That's a reference to reports that Bin Laden was caught in bed with a wife described on several news accounts as "much younger" than he. Indeed, Amal Sadah, the woman who has been questioned in the wake of the raid that occurred last weekend was 29, but married Osama Bin Laden one year before 9-11, when he was 43 and she was just 18.

CNN reported that during the five years they stayed at the compound, she never left once.

Bin Laden has had five wives.

Unemployment Slogans WANTED! “Tell It Like It Is”

Unemployment Slogans WANTED by U-Cubed in their latest ‘Tell It Like It Is’ campaign!

Got something to say about being jobless? How about our leaders’ apparent lack of interest in the plight of the jobless and creating JOBS now? Say it (in seven syllables or less).

“New unemployment numbers show our nation’s leaders still don’t get it,” said UCubed Executive Director Rick Sloan. “There are more than 28 million people without work. It is up to the jobless to tell it like it is.”

The grassroots organization for the unemployed and underemployed (U-Cubed) is designing a bumper sticker to remind folks that America needs JOBS Now. The website, via an ongoing Facebook ad campaign, is asking the jobless masses to help.

So unleash your creativity and submit your idea for a new UCubed bumper sticker in the comments section using this link. The winning slogan will be produced and distributed to all U-Cubed members for free.

Remember, your slogan has to fit on a bumper sticker. So, keep it short!

Show your support by clicking “Like” on UCubed’s page on Facebook!

UCubed is a community service project of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) designed to assist the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans, and to provide them with a structure that allows them to take advantage of their growing numbers. For more information, visit Ur Union of Unemployed.

Paladinette has submitted several of my own and you can see those and all other submissions at this link.

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